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Hi there!

I'm Elisena! You probably don't know how to pronounce that so it goes like this: L (like the Death Note character), La (like what you sing in the shower), Sen (just take the 'd' off of 'send' or it's like the character from the most amazing movie ever Spirited Away), Uh (like what most people say seventy five percent of the time they speak). Put it all together and what do you get? MY NAME.

Sorry about that...my name has been mutilated so I'm scarred for life! ANYWAY. I mostly write about Harvest Moon because that's what I'm obsessed with, but I have written for Beauty Pop and Maximum Ride (I really only like the first three books though). I hope to write for my other favorites mangas/animes like Fruits Basket, maybe Yotsuba, when I finish Imadoki I'd like to write about that, School Rumble, or High School Debut. I'm really picky about books though, so I don't think there is much I'd like to write about in that section. I really only like Nancy Drew (even though it is kinda childish) Daniel X, and the Alex Cross series (but I haven't finished it yet, so that opinion may change).

I won't tell you my age, but I will say I'm a teenager! I was born in California, but we drove across America to get to the east coast where I live now. So I know nothing of California, I've never been to a beach, and I can't swim! Anyway, I've been an artist since I was three and drew circles with crayons, but I didn't really start writing until I was in the third grade. We had an assignment to write a story or something like that, and I spent hours perfecting it. A few days later the teacher said there was one or two she really liked and wanted to read it out loud. It was mine. I was so proud that I started writing little stories that I could never finish.

Things I like: HARVEST MOON- I'll love this video game series until the day I die, and I'll probably request to be buried with one. I ADORE Chihaya/Chase, Luke, Juli, Gil, the Wizard, Roomi/Luna, Kotomi/Candace, Cathy, and the main characters the mostest. I don't like Maya/Mai that much, and she annoyed me even more when I found out who her rival was (Yeah I'm one of those freaks). I also love the characters Chelsea, Vaults/Vaughn, Danny/Denny, Julia, Lanna, Gray, Claire, Ann, Kai, Popuri, Elli, Cliff, and Karen! There are a lot of characters that creep me out too! PAIRINGS: AkarixChase, HikarixChase, YuukixCathy, YuukixCandance, HikarixWizard, ChelseaxVaughn, ChelseaxDenny, GrayxClaire, ClairexKai, JulixLuna, JulixCandance, LukexRenee, JinxAnissa, EllixCliff (weird I know), and probably more I can't think of! I hate most rival pairings, but not all.

Beauty Pop- When I first read the summary for this I thought it was going to be REALLY shallow and all girly. So I read it just to see how awful it was. A few months later I ordered all eight volumes for my birthday! I currently own all ten, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's one of the few stories where I agree with the final pairings! PAIRINGS: NarumixKiri (DUH!) and anyone with an OC. XD

Dorothy of OZ- I'm waiting anxiously for the next volume...I WANT IT SOOOOOO BAD. The action scenes are AMAZING and the story is really funny! I don't think I'll ever write about this one though...and I don't think there are any pairings I'd like to see except MaraxAbee.

Fruits Basket- Ah I once had a love hate relationship with this...BUT I LOVE IT. I'm not too happy with the ending though. I'm glad Kyo and Tohru ended up together, but Kyo and Yuki's personalities switched. I didn't really like that or the girl Yuki ended up with. Akito being a girl was also kind of scary and dissappointing and I'm also one of those freaks who wishes Hatori didn't have to earse Kana's memory! PAIRINGS: KyoxTohru and that's about it.

James Patterson novels- If it has his name on it I'll give it a try! What I've read of the Alex Cross series is amazing, I really love the first three Maximum Ride books but after that it got kind of stupid, and I read the first Daniel X in a few hours it was so good!

Other- SPIRITED AWAY IS THE COOLEST MOVIE THAT WAS EVER MADE IN MY OPINION! Ah how I love this movie! I'm interested in writing a fic about this, and it includes an OC! Any Miyazaki is a-okay with me, and I'd love to write more about his movies! Bands I LOVE are MCR, ETF, PATD, NEWS, The Last Goodnight, Nevershoutnever, Secondhand Serenade, Skilet, and Jack's Mannequin to name a few! I believe Yotsuba is the cutest girl to ever been drawn and Tenma Tsukamoto is the world's funniest airhead. I've fallen in love with Eric Vale's voice (thanks to Fruits Basket and School Rumble) and I think Chowder has the greatest cast ever. I still watch cartoons in my jammies most Saturday mornings and most of my time is consumed drawing, writing, or playing video games!

While I'd like to go on about things I hate I don't think it'd be a good idea! My mother calls me "passionate" on subjects like abortion (I'm pro-CHOICE not pro-DEATH), gay marriage (I'm straight but this hits close to home because I have a family member and friends who are gay/bi. So I believe the should have the rights of every other Americans.), and politics in general (I'm a Demcrat btw). Which means I get pissed off at anyone who disagrees and I LOVE to start arguments with people like that.

Soooooo that's me!

Turn On Your iPod or Mp3, then put it on Shuffle:

Opening Credits: I'll Tell Me Ma ~ Brak

Waking Up: Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor

First Day Of School: Animal I Have Become ~ Three Days Grace

Falling In Love: Holding Out For Hero ~ Frou Frou

Fighting: Holiday From Real ~ Jack's Mannequin

Breaking Up: Takin' it to the Streets ~ Doobie Brothers

Driving: Paralyzer ~ Finger Eleven

Flashback: Another One Bites the Dust ~ Queen

Mental Breakdown: El Brakiachi ~ Brak

Back Together: I Fought the Law ~ Green Day

Engagement: Roxanne ~ The Police

Wedding: Over My Head (Cable Car) ~ The Fray

First Child: California Dreamin' ~ The Mamas and the Papas

Final Battle: Too Late ~ Journey

Funeral: Soup on a Stick ~ Brak

End Credits: Crocodile Rock ~ Elton John

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