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Ah, hello there fellow reader/writer/fangirl/whoever-you-are. Welcome to my profile! I have no qualms about giving you my first name, which is Lauren, but don't ask for the last name because you won't get it. I have nothing to say really since I'm not too terribly swell with introductions. I just hope that you enjoy my stories! I enjoy talking to other people on this site: I may not message other people first because I have to admit I am a little shy/wary with strangers but that doesn't mean I'm a bitch. Happy writing and have a look around!

I noticed it seems like the links for story art isn't showing up on my profile page and it's pretty annoying. If you are interested in seeing it, PM and I will give you the link to the work. Thank you!

Also, I started to post my works on Archive of Our Own but it didn't work out the way I hoped so it's likely I'm going to delete everything I posted on that account. My intentions were to expand my audience but it ended up being the exact opposite so I really see no point in posting anything from this site onto there. It's rather discouraging and disappointing but it is what it is. Newer, future stories may get posted there but that's all. If you're curious about visiting it, my pen name for AO3 is TrashqueenofAngmar91. But beware, that site will make you wish you'd rather pour lemon extract infused bleach into your eyes than read some of the stories on there.


I decided to make some policies known on this profile for the heck of it just so you guys know what I'll be exactly writing and whatnot:

1. I will not, under any circumstances, write slash so please don't attempt to encourage me to do so because I simply will not do it. I think it's asinine to put it very kindly. I won't acknowledge it unless if it's concretely and explicitly canon. Calling me a homophobe due to my preferences won't work either. I personally despise yaoi and it's pretty much not my cup of tea at all. It never made sense to me and it never will. If you ask me, it only ends up fetishizing gay people as well. To each his own, I suppose. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions!

2. I also will not publish any lemons/smut since I don't feel comfortable posting them. I don't mind reading that stuff every now and then but it gets nauseating and ridiculous at times as well. Sometimes I get second hand embarrassment from reading some of that stuff. I may refer/imply to sexual activity in my stories but you won't actually see any in it. I prefer to not sear people's brains with the mental images.

3. My updating schedule can be very sporadic, random and doesn't really follow a particular pattern. However, when I do update, I will try to do it on either Friday or Saturday. I work five days a week and my schedule changes from week to week. Also, life in general gets in the way of me writing at times. I try to make time for writing my fics but sometimes I suffer stubborn writer's blocks, spend time with family, get swept up in work or everyday things or some days I'm lazy and want to relax rather than write. I understand my lack of consistent updates may frustrate some but please understand I'm busy and fan fiction doesn't rule my life.

4. I've changed the information regarding this entry. Earlier, I noted I would try to update three stories at once but I think I will revise that and post a chapter whenever I get it done and not wait for the others to be completed. Some various factors may affect certain stories to be updated more swiftly than others. If I have more ideas with one story, then I will focus on that one and try to get it done as quickly as possible. If I am having writer's block with a story, I will put it on the back burner until I have more luck and ideas. This period may be indefinite. I also may not reply to PMs right away and it may take a few days to reply due to my schedule and to the fact I forget I have stuff in my inbox too.

5. My stories will primarily focus on AUs and some romance. I am an absolute sucker for exploring the unknown bits of my favorite characters' backgrounds and trying to interpret and expand on them. I also love writing and imagining them in hypothetical scenarios and trying to keep them in character as best as I can. I am also unashamedly a huge fan of the trope of the "human woman and monster/alien man" romance. I always loved it and it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, I'm a filthy sinner.

6. Typically, my stories will revolve mainly around General Grievous, Cell, Blitzwing and the Witch-king of Angmar. I adore them and they are amongst some of my favorite characters of all time. I have some heroic and "good" characters I love as well but I prefer writing the villains. It seems I've always had an easier time writing them as well.

7. My main fandoms I will write for are Star Wars, Transformers, Lord of the Rings and Dragon Ball Z. Those are my core fandom interests but there are also other fandoms I dabble in and like. I may post something out of the blue from those other fandoms I'm a more casual fan of but it's not likely.

8. I love creating and placing OCs into stories. I honestly find OCs fun and they can present all kinds of fun and interesting twists and scenarios in the stories they're in. I'm guilty of pairing OCs with canon characters and I think there's nothing wrong with it as long as those canon ones are in character and the OC is written well and isn't a painful and obnoxious Mary Sue. I've created some myself when I was younger but I've realized and bettered myself over the years and I admit, I physically cringe when I think about my older works LOL. With age comes wisdom and betterment!

Thanks for understanding and reading!

I have an account on Tumblr now. I don't go on it much but if you want to see it, have at it:

ART WORK AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thank you Esuerc for creating this pic of Cyndi and Blitzwing in LIAL/TM:

I want to thank einsnewtrigger for making this picture of my main couple in LIAL/TM. Here's the link to the pic if any of you are interested in checking it out:

I also want to thank galaxypa for doing concept art for my OC Celia in my SW fic 'Innocence is Blind'. Here's the link to the picture:

Also, thank you to Zsocca for doing some art of Amanda and Lockdown from LIAL/TM! The link for it is here:

Some random stuff about me:

age: 25

homestate: Pennsylvania.

nationality: 50% Croatian and the other half is a mix of Irish, Welsh, Spanish and German blood. Yup, imma white girl.

sign: Leo

religion: I was baptized Catholic but I don't necessarily agree with Catholicism's doctrines. I find myself becoming a Deist anymore (that God does exist but he no longer interacts with the world much).

favorite colors: Purple, black, blue, red and green.

favorite foods: pizza, french fries, tilapia, salmon, chicken, pretzels... I love junk food unfortunately but I have my healthy foods too!

favorite couples/pairings (from canon to crack and everywhere in between):

1. Dragon Ball Z: KrillinXAndroid 18, RecoomeXBulma, Future TrunksXAndroid 18, GokuXChi-Chi, CellXOC (if done well, can be an awesome ship. Bonus points if the OC is a human!).

2. Star Wars: General GrievousXShaak Ti, General GrievousXRonderu lij Kummar, Obi-WanXSatine

3. Transformers: CybertronianXHuman ships (can either be marvelous or so horrible it makes me want to drench myself in gasoline and set myself aflame), BreakdownXAirachnid, BlackarachniaXOptimus, ArceeXKnock Out.

4. Lord of the Rings: Witch-kingXEowyn, EowynXLegolas, NazgulXOC, GaladrielXGandalf.

favorite characters (of all fandoms!) of all time: General Grievous, Blitzwing, Johann Krauss, Cell, Professor Fate, Almighty Tallest Purple, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Jack Skellington, Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, GIR, Old Gregg, The Chief Blue Meanie, ZIM, Marvin the Martian, Victor van Dort, Emily (The Corpse Bride), Dracula (Gary Oldman version), Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, Frankenstein's Monster (Mary Shelley's book's version), Edward Scissorhands, Severus Snape, Crazy Chocolate Guy, Patrick Star, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Mort Rainey, Alan Fogarty, Count Floyd, Quint (the hardcore badass captain from 'Jaws'), Matthew Hooper, Shaak Ti, Abraham van Helsing, Batman, Optimus Prime, Ardeth Bay and Billy (the guy from 'Predator'), Witch-king of Angmar, Gandalf, Lewis the Ghost, Mr. Freeze, Maxie, Archie.

If you support the Confederacy of Independent Systems, copy and paste this to your profile.

If you think Twilight has more fame than it's worth, copy this into your profile.

If you are mad that they have not discovered Tattoine, Naboo, Coruscant, and Kashykk, and all the other star systems out there, copy and paste this to your profile.

If you are insane but intelligent, put this in your profile!

If you have tripped up the stairs, copy/paste onto your profile.

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

Favorite Transformers characters:

1.Blitzwing (Transformers Animated): He is definitely unique and a most interesting character. Writing him is honestly so fun. He's adorable but he's also more than likely to eat your face off at the same time. It's a shame he wasn't taken too seriously in the show or wasn't given some more screen time. He easily takes the cake for being the best Transformers character in my book.

2. Optimus Prime (G1, Transformers Prime, Bayverse): How can I not put him on this list? He's strong, pure, kind, brave and selfless. An amazing and inspirational character through and through. Without a doubt, he will always be my favorite Autobot.

3. Shockwave (G1, Transformers Prime, Transformers Animated): His design is creepy yet cool. Gotta love that cool, logical, no-nonsense personality of his too.

4. Knock Out (Transformers Prime): Love the sassy and smug attitude that he has. I like how he seems to be somewhat of a more laid back Decepticon too.

5. Lockdown (Transformers Animated): What a neat character. I kinda had high hopes for his portrayal in the Bayverse film being close to his TFA counterpart but boy was I seriously disappointed. But his TFA self is very cool and his design as a whole is very unique and peculiar.

6. Arcee (Transformers Prime): She's a female character who kicks ass and takes names. I love it! Her attachment issues add more depth to her character too.

7. Ratchet (Transformers Animated, Transformers Prime): Who doesn't love a grumpy old grandfatherly character? I liked his character development throughout both series and he also never failed to make me laugh.

8. Bulkhead (Transformers Animated, Transformers Prime): Big, clumsy and sweet! I kinda liked his TFA portrayal better since I liked that innocence he had but I liked his more serious counterpart as well.

9. Wreckgar (Transformers Animated): he's adorable and hilarious, I had to give him a spot on this list.

10. Dreadwing (Transformers Prime): I really honestly thought he was such a fascinating and surprising character. His death upset me way more than Breakdown's did and I really wish he ended up becoming an Autobot. He definitely deserved more screen time and recognition.

Favorite Star Wars characters:

1. General Grievous: the most highly underutilized and tragic BAMF ever in my opinion. His original backstory is what I'll always consider canon, not that new garbage that makes him look one dimensional and petty. His design is amazing as well and he's been my favorite Star Wars character for well over a decade.

2. Darth Vader: my personal favorite Sith Lord. He's automatically gotta be in my top 5 at the very least. Need I explain why?

3. Boba Fett: Cool-ass bounty hunter. Seriously needs more screen time.

4. Darth Nihilus: An amazingly scary and mysterious dude. That voice of his creeps me out and he's easily my favorite Sith besides Vader. I wish he'd make more of appearance in video games or be referenced in future movies.

5. Shaak Ti: She's beauty, she's grace, she'll kick you in the face. Hands down, she's my favorite Jedi. I also ship her with Grievous... Feel free to burn me at the stake. I wish she didn't get killed off in the Force Unleashed and I wish she kinda served as a mentor of sorts for Ahsoka Tano too.

6. Luminara Unduli: Another Jedi I like! I've always loved her design and I wish she had more appearances in the Clone Wars TV show too.

7. Mother Talzin: She was kindly in her own way but undoubtedly sinister as well. I just couldn't bring myself to dislike her. She was definitely one of the more interesting new characters that first appeared in the Clone Wars series.

8. Wat Tambor: My favorite member of the Separatist Council. His whole appearance was very awesome and he always seemed to be one of the more badass members of the Council in my opinion.

9. Whorm Loathsom: Loved this tea drinking fucker, his design and how civil and elegant he was. He always kept his cool until Obi-Wan pissed him off. Very disappointed he didn't appear in another episode or two.

10. Darth Revan: I named my pet lovebird after this guy, no joke. I was obsessed with him years ago but now it's become a more casual thing.

Favorite DBZ characters:

1. Cell: Amazing design and character! I loved all of his forms (yes even his fish-lipped middle form too) and all in all, he's a fascinating and genuinely interesting individual. Easily my favorite DBZ character, it's no contest. Feel free to consider me a Celltard. I believe he has the potential to be the strongest fighter but he's just simply not considering the circumstances.

2. Piccolo: He's just a thorough bad-ass and I love how he's kinda like Gohan's adoptive dad. He's had some wonderful development through the series as well. However I still wanna facepalm whenever I remember him telling Super Buu he could wipe out the human race.

3. Goku: He's so kind, laid back and selfless at times that he's earned my admiration. He's done a few things that made me think to myself "WTF is your problem" but I like the fact he's so ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good and is an oftentimes pure hearted individual.

4. Captain Ginyu: Oh do I love this guy. I really wish he ended up becoming a good guy and in my opinion, he had the most potential out of many villains to become a hero. I really disliked how he was in Dragon Ball Super. Overall, I see him as a nice dude who was just on the wrong side and got corrupted.

5. Android 16: He's a character I feel like I can almost relate to. I loved how he cared about nature so much and he would only fight when it was necessary and he was the most artificial of the androids in the Cell saga. You could say I'm not happy he wasn't revived but sadly he had no soul.

6. Burter: Giant, blue, space lizard-dude? Sign me up! Sucks that Vegeta snuffed him and I do wish he ended up defecting to the Z Fighters.

7. Recoome: He was big and scary and I appear to be a Ginyu Force fangirl... Eh, I still kinda wish he defected but I honestly don't see him doing that exactly.

8. Sorbet: Adorable, blue space koala! Honestly, the first time I saw his character I immediately thought he was pretty neat.

9. King Cold: Such a shame a cool and daunting looking guy like him got killed off so quickly and lamely. I think he had potential to be a really scary and intriguing villain if he was given the chance.

10. Cell Junior: Precious and deadly! They really didn't have much screen time considering thy I were just there as plot convenience and to allow Cell to show off his freaky abilities but now I'm rather disappointed none of them survived or went into hiding only to reemerge later on.

Favorite Lord of the Rings/Hobbit characters:

1. Witch-king of Angmar: My heart aches for him because I legitimately feel horrible for him alongside Grievous. I wish we knew more about him but Tolkien pretty much left so much out about him, including his original name before he fell into Sauron's clutches. He's also horrifying to boot and I really wish there was more information about him.

2. Gandalf the Gray/White: To me, he's like a super awesome grandpa. He was always there to lift people's hearts and be the light in the darkness, literally and figuratively in some cases. Definitely is my favorite wizard from any franchise of all time.

3. Eowyn: She kicks ass, plain and simple. Sure she's got her flaws and still yearned for Aragorn even after she found out about Arwen but she let it go eventually and settled for Faramir. I admire her devotion to her uncle and I will forever admire the fact she took on the Witch-king. The chick has major balls of steel.

4. Treebeard: I liked his portrayal in the movies but I loved his portrayal in the books even more. Plus he's a sentient, walking, talking tree. He's just too cool.

5. Gimli: I loved him in the movies and the books. He definitely made me laugh a few times and he's my favorite of Durin's Folk by far.

6. Samwise Gamgee: In my opinion, I think he's probably one of the most bad ass characters in the trilogy! He tried to fight Nazgûl, handed Shelob's ass over to her, rescued Frodo from Barad-Dûr and remained loyal to his beloved friend through thick and thin.

7. Radagast the Brown: He's kooky and he loves animals! I wish he had a larger role in the books and I was rather amused with his portrayal in the Hobbit movies.

8. King Theoden: By far, he was my one of my favorite royal characters in the series. I liked his portrayal in the books better than in the movie although that version was fine too. To me, he seemed to be very kindly but he also was quite the fierce and fearless warrior king as well.

9. Khamul the Black Easterling

10. Saruman the White

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