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Author has written 25 stories for Kung Fu Panda, Great Mouse Detective, Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black / Riddick, Secret of NIMH, Ninja Turtles, Mighty Ducks, X-Men: The Movie, Epic, and Batman.

Update since September 2015... I don't know about the blogspot. People haven't really been using it. I'll still keep it up here so you can go and see what's going on but I might not post as often just because people don't really seem interested.

My fanfic sisters :) (or just people I think are cool) :P

IceCreamPopStar - my first fanfic sister. Been there since the beginning. through thick or thin I could tell her anything... and everything. (and I do mean... everything) we use each other's ideas with stories yet somehow manage to set them apart enough so nobody really notices. That takes true sisterhood and talent. Love ya so much sis! and thanks for being there for me.

TMNTLuckygirl - Just recently added to the sisters but she's got an ear like dolphin and an imagination like mine. Quite literally. I imagine it, never bother to write it and yet somehow she manages to copy down my own childhood dreams. That takes a true fanfic sister to write what you think. Thanks for listening to :) it helps.

Drusilla52 - The most amazing story writer ever, not to single anyone out here. Just recently added as well :) Everything she writes I can see so clearly and, *blush* I kinda put myself into her main character's shoes sometimes when she's with Raph :P Can't help, he's a sexy ninja turtle! Anyways, keep up the good work sis! Love your stories.

everfaraway - Mostly on Deviantart, but we have our moments on here too :) She's got an ear on her too just as well as a strong heart and mind. Never let anyone make you think you're worth nothing. Remember, (in the words of pink), you're fuckin' perfect. :)

White Hunter - ever faithful with my Mighty Duck stories. There was never a moment where she wasn't anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Thank you for keeping me motivated and furthermore being with me for over two years or so. I enjoy your reviews and enjoy your company. Whenever I open my email and see that you have reviewed a story my heart jumps for joy :)

And now... my favorite quotes! obviously, this is a work in progress but as I go through websites or just different places in general, I will put down my favorite quotes here :)

Random quotes through everyday life

some people were dropped on their head as a baby, but you were clearly thrown at the wall, hit a fan and flew out the window- anonymous

Sierra be nimble, Sierra be quick, Sierra trip over rock and die in fire... - my best friend Sierra mimicking "Jack be Nimble" lol. We were having a bonfire and she was talking about how she wanted to jump over the fire. I said she'd probably trip which led to this wonderful creation :P.

Sierra's mom- we all know that men think with one thing.
Sierra- yeah, they're using the wrong head.
Sierra's mom- Sierra!
Sierra- what... I guess two heads aren't better than one... (great discussion held around the same bonfire Sierra be nimble was created...)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Donnie- The perimeters quiet.
Leo- Yeah, a little too quiet.
Donnie- *after he takes out two foot ninjas* well that was easy!
Leo- Yeah, a little too easy.
Donnie- look! It's Raph!
Mikey- yeah, a little too Raph! *gets slapped in the head*

Mikey- *sleeping and Donnie's foot slides into his face* Ugh, what died!

Leo- You take the ugly one...
Raph- No, you take the ugly one!
Donnie- I'll take the ugly one!
Mikey- Which one's the ugly one!!!

Raph- you know what they say... the bigger they are... *runs up and kicks Toka but just falls without hurting Toka*
Mikey- The more bones they break...

Mikey- "Hey Donnie! Looks like these guys are suffering from shellshock!"
Donnie- "Too derivative"
Mikey- "Well I guess we can really shell it out."
Donnie- "Too cliche"
Mikey- "Well, it was a shell of a good hit!"
Donnie- "I like it! Step up!"

Evil foot ninja- Drop your weapons or else. my arm's getting tired *holding Casey over a whirlpool in the sewers*
Casey- Don't do it guys! I'm not worth it!
Donnie- You know, he's got a point.
Leo- Careful Don, you're starting to sound like Mikey.

Tommy- Look guys! I grabbed a toaster!
leader of robbers- I love your work ethic, Tommy. It's an inspiration to us all.

Casey- you may have everyone else fooled, but you haven't fooled me Raph.
Raph- Look pal, I... ugh, How'd ya know it was me. *takes helmet off*
Casey- it wasn't hard man, I mean. You look like a big metal turtle.
Raph- That obvious, huh?

Happy Feet

Lovelace- There's not enough love in the world. Turn to the penguin next to you, put your flippers up, fluff him up a little bit and give him a great big hug!
Raul- What you huggin me for!?
Ramon- he told me to.
Raul- Get away!
Ramon- No, you like it.

Ramon- *after hearing Mumble 'attempt' to sing* Yeah, I once heard an animal do that, but then they rolled him over, he was dead.


Robin- If I knew it was gonna take this long I woulda brought my homework. Are you sure bout this extortion ring?
Batman- uh huh.
Robin- It's been four hours!
Batman- uh huh.
Robin- Still think they'll show?
Batman- uh huh.
Robin- *sigh* lucky for me you're such a good conversationalist.
Batman- there's the slime.
Robin- alright!
Batman- These are contract saboteurs Robin. Let's take it by the numbers. Nice and easy.
Robin- yeah, time to kick some butt! *shoots a grapple and jumps off the roof*
Batman- good thing we had that little chat... *follows him*

Batman: Wanna be my sidekick?
Dick: Okay.
Batman: Wanna be Robin?
Jason: Okay.
Batman: Wanna be Robin?
Tim: Okay.
Batman: Wanna be Robin?
Damian: Okay.
Batman: Wanna be Batman?
Terry: Okay
Other Robins: The f*k?! - Yoyomom (commented on an awesome pic done by *The-BlackCat called Batman and Sons. It's great... lol. This comment just made me laugh but also made since. The other robins are just like, "Oh sure, future kid got batman, but we got to wear green tights and be the 'sidekick'. LOL)

Stories of mine to rewrite:

Times of Change : LOTR reason why: I want to write a lord of the rings fic, I just don't know where I would begin or end. I have an idea in my head, it's really weird, twisted, and needs to be thought through and with all my other incomplete stories, I just can't focus on this one. I plan to rewrite it when I get my other stories written (that may be a couple of ye- um, centuries :P)

The Wonderful World of Disney: Oh, I wonder! XD Duh! reason why: I want to send a character from the real world into the disney world I just don't know how to do that and have too many stories to write in the first place, as I said up there... anyways, I know I want her to enter a non animated film first and then ease into the animated section... so I might start with Enchanted or Sorcerer's apprentice. Not sure yet. But it will come!

Kung Fu Panda rewrite : Again, I wonder... duh!! It will have a different title as well... Kung Fu Panda rewrite is just retarded... :/ lol reason why: this is my first story so I will most likely keep this one up as well as a reminder of how much I have progressed... but that's just it. Now that I've written more complex stories, this one just seems retarded and pushed out there... but don't worry... this one is still up and I've recently seen the sequel so look for the second story of this as well...

Twin Winchester : Supernatural reason why: again, not very well thought through... so, I'll give Sarah a better plot to the story and hopefully this one will be up again soon.

The Joker, the Mobster, and the Little Girl: My most recent rewrite... I'm actually in the process. Again, wasn't thought through very well. I seem to do that a lot with my stories. With this one, the case was that I was reading through it to see where I left off and realized that I had missed a perfect opportunity... and left a few plot holes. I mean, for example in the last story, a sniper took out a cop on the roof. And gordon ushered everyone inside and DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! You can bet that if it were the real Gordon and not just the one I was writing about, he would have been barking orders all over the place to go look for the sniper. Especially since a cop was killed in the process. So, I'm hoping this rewrite will be more realistic and more intense...

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Daughter: Okay, I seriously had no idea that this was gone... I went searching for this story and realized I must have taken it down, was ashamed by it or something. Or it just wasn't going anywhere. So, obviously, I'm still going to have them have a daughter and I'm still going to name her Adelle, cause I like that combo of Adam and Belle's name... and we'll see where it goes when I write it again.

Favorite characters to pair my oc's up with... (hotties ;) Basically my list of who I would pair up with if I just happened to live in that world. lol)

Brooklyn from Gargoyles

Duke L'Orange from Mighty Ducks

Nosedive Flashblade from Mighty Ducks

Thrax from Osmosis Jones

Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet

Jason Todd from Batman: Under the Red Hood

Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(If Anya/Anastasia didn't have him...) Dimitri from Anastasia

Miguel from Road to El Dorado

Tulio from Road to El Dorado

(If Ariel didn't have him...) Eric from The Little Mermaid (he's so adorable! lol)

Dean from Iron Giant

Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Castiel from Supernatural (as you can tell by now, I like supernatural... :P)

Clark from Smallville

Lex from Smallville (yes, I know Lex Luthor is supposed to be the bad guy, but in the first season he was so awesome. He was best friends with Clark, always had Clark's best interest in mind, tried to help their farm cause he knew he had too much money and was willing to help. HE was so nice. Now I need to finish the series!! I think I left on in the third series, but I have up to the fifth series bought! I'll have to finish it while I'm in college, which yes, I most likely will)

Stories I would like to write (movie or title, depending on how far I am...)

Tangled - honestly, fell in love so I'm writing a sequel. Basically Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel have a daughter... does she have the same powers her mother had? And who's the mysterious old woman? It can't possibly be Gothal, she died... didn't she?

Fast Five - Okay, so I did a sequel to the fourth movie and then this one came out and I was like, what? so my story took place in between movies :D if that works... all and all, I'm probably (if I get time and motivation) going to do a sequel to my other fast and furious movie with Keira in it...

Chronicles of Riddick - Been dying to do a sequel after my first story so don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it and hope to type it soon.

Smallville - okay, seriously? You saw those two hotties up there and just knew this was coming... so yes, I would like to do a smallville fic but preferably after I've watched a few more seasons... that way I'm not typing about the third season and some hotshot who has seen all the episodes of every season doesn't say something like "No, that happened a long time ago... this is what happened" and completely ruin it for me... or worse, what if I accidentally write something that already happened... I would feel so stupid... but great minds do think alike... lol

Mulan- I've recently watched it again and since my childhood I think I could take it and write something about it :) You'll see... :P

Cars - alright, seriously? I was so sad watching the second one without Doc. i mean, sure, I understand honoring the voice actor because he died so making up the story that Doc died too seemed good but I need Doc... somehow... Here's sorta my plan, summary thing... A new car's in town... who is she? How is she connected to them? How does she know Doc?

Gargoyles - gave it a shot a few years back but just, sucked it up! In order to write a story you first have to know what's going to happen and I just couldn't figure out if I wanted my character to have a love with Brooklyn or be his daughter... or add a twist, make them almost be in love until they find out they're father/daughter or brother/sister. Anyways, so as soon as I figure out where she belongs I will start writing gargoyles yet again :)

My Character theme songs (giving credit to my best friend on here, IceCreamPopStar because she gave her characters theme songs as well which is where I got this idea. So thanks so much for the idea :D)

(still a tad under construction, but I'm getting there...)

(?) - I liked the song and thought it was fitting, but I'm still not sure that's the charcter's "#1" song.

Johnathon's daughter





Johnathon and Mrs.Brisby- I'm already there (?)

Justin and Emily- Somewhere out there

Johnathon and Emily-

Kung Fu Panda Rewrite








Tai Lung- Til I collapse


Midnight and Tai Lung- Bad Boy

Tigress and Midnight- If we hold on together

Shifu and Po-

Shifu and Tai Lung-

Shifu and Midnight-

Shifu and Tigress-

Po and Tigress- Total eclipse of the heart

Great Mouse Detective 2-8

Basil- In my daughter's eyes (?) (Really, more like a Basil and Liz, so I will probably change this later...)

Elizabeth- Cinderella

Olivia- I hope you dance

Remy- White and Nerdy

Sarah- Tears in Heaven

Basil and Liz- My little Girl/ Butterfly Kisses

Sarah and Liz- In the Arms of an Angel

Basil and Sarah- Unchained Melody

Remy and Liz-At the beginning

Olivia and George- Love is Strange

Basil and Remy- I loved her first

Remy and Olivia- Awfully different (?) (Family guy... I will probably change this later... until then, enjoy! :D)

My Little Girl/Generations to Come

Ryan- Imaginary (?) (Probably won't do this one... but for now...)

Raph- get up

Leo- Blow me away


Mikey- Feel Good Inc.




Ryan to Raph- Skyscraper

Raph to Ryan- Not one of us

Raph and Ryan (after the fighting...)- Kryptonite (?) (again, probably not... but for now...) I'm actually considering taking Raph and Ryan and doing their own little playlist... since they already will have three by themselves by the end of this... :P

April and Casey-

Donnie and Mikey-

Leo and Raph- Awfully Different

The four (turtles)- T-U-R-T-L-E Power

Leo, Mikey and Donnie- Tequila (Or Ninjitsu. I only put these three cause it seemed Raph wasn't too interested in this song when they started playing it on the first movie.)

Ryan and Jong (New Shredder) - Family Portrait.

The Girl from Anaheim/My Time on Earth






Tanya- Call me (?) (I don't know, this song seems to fit her...)

Mallory- Not ready to make nice


Lucretia- sexy, naughty, bitchy



Anna and Duke- Stealing Cinderella (?)

Anna and Dive- shots (lol... probably change it later... but this is a wicked great song and I just happen to be listening to it at the moment. So it's their song for now... :D)

Dive and Wing- Raise me up

Anna and Canard- Somewhere

Wing and Canard-

Duke and Dive- Girls - Beastie Boys

Jake and Jess-

Jake and Anna- Where'd you go

Jess and Dive-

Treasure Planet: Anna's adventure

Anna - Africa (by Toto... probably will change it later, but for now)

Jim- I'm still here




Dr.Doppler and Amelia- Accidentally in love

Jim and Anna- New Day has come

Anna and Amelia- Rush

Amelia, Anna and Mary- My Mother

The Joker, The Mobster, and the Little Girl


Dick/ Robin1-

Jason/Robin2- In the End (?) (Might Change to My time of dying... I will decide later)



Dick and Charlie-

Dick and Barbara-

Jason and Charlie-

Bruce and Dick-

Bruce and Jason-

Bruce and Barbara-

Bruce and Charlie-

2nd Generation (Future tense)




Terry and Dana- Cinema

(Future tense won't happen for a while in this story but at some point Terry, Dana, and Max will come up... or will they? lol)

So, these are the characters, stories and songs. Where there is no song, or a question mark, I am more than open to suggestions... if you have read my stories and have a suggestion, feel free to mail me... remember, I may not choose your song so please do not get angry if I do not... chances are I will though... lol


1. Put your iTunes on shuffle (Or mp3 Player, or whatever you use)
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3. Don't lie and pretend you're cool.4. Don't be a mod-hugging n00b and report this.


The Greatest Man I Never Knew


The Creep


It's Time

Feel Again

Our First Kiss

9) WHAT IS 2X2?

My Goodies

What Hurts the Most



Dancing in the Sheets

Let's Go... as in Travis Barker, Lil John, Twista, and Yelawolf... So romantic

Love Runs Out

You lied

I'm a Monster


Clothes Off

My Songs Know what you did in the Dark

All About Us

Jack Sparrow

My Maria


Your Love is My Drug

My Lips like Sugar


Another One Bites the Dust


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