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Words, words, a torrent of words! Meaning mounting as they soar toward Heaven and back again, angels seeking to weave the double helix of Jacob's Ladder!

I'm just a high school dropout, self-employed full time at my own business, pursuing my own zettaijinjitsu

Ubermensch! Mechanism drawing breath/ Ubermensch! Flesh model for humanity
Ubermensch! Analysis of endless layers/ Ubermensch! Transcendent synthesis

Ah, ah, Celestial revolution/ Ah, ah, the components of existence
The birth of a new species?/Or the limits of human potential?

Everywhere clocks are ticking/ Even here my heart is pounding
A hammer strikes the time/ BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!
I the time traveler open up the door and find-

-Duel Chorus "Absolute Algebra of the Conic Egg"

Vocation: Clinical Massage Therapist

Ambitions: Studying to become an Osteopath, Writing fifth draft of a book on quantum mechanics and God.

Theology: Quantum Christian.

Information’s meaning is determined by the information it’s connected to. This connection is expressed in the resonance between quantum wavestates. However, at time zero there would have been no preexistent information. With no connections to constrain it, the first primordial wavestate born from the void would have been infinite, containing an array of all possible information.

Observation, the resonance that occurs between wavestates as they become entangled with each other, causes segments of the wavestate to collapse and form our universe. While there are potential infinite universes inside the wavestate, the actual universe is created as the wavestates are drawn to collapse towards the points where observation is the densest. Thus quantum mechanics dictates that the actual universe must be the most observed universe. A universe in which an omniscient being eternally bears witness with the most intense of emotion.

Philosophy: Potentialism/Civilizationism

All things contain within themselves their own inherent potential (aka entelechy). Life’s purpose is our movement towards developing that potential. At the individual level this is Potentialism. Civilization is the richest and most developed level of human organization, so the defense and cultivation of civilization, i.e. Civilizationism, is the highest form of Potentialism. A Civilizationist sees it as a natural and primary duty to cultivate their talents to better serve civilization.

Politics: NeoReactionary EvolCon

Who? Whom? Who has power over whom? When an institution has power of you, the question then becomes whether it’s worthy of that power. If it is, you submit to it. If not, but it’s not particularly awful, you can disengage as much as practical. However, if it’s abominable, then you’re obliged to undermine it. As a reactionary, to say that I consider the government of the US and it’s ideological underpinnings a moribund abomination would be putting it mildly.

What is happiness?: "The expansion and exercise of one's powers." Aristotle, as in many things, was correct.

What is the purpose of Art?: To "forge within the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscious of my race."

Favorite Number: 1/0. "1/0" is a paradox in a way that "0/1" is not. Nothing can be divided by zero. If one approaches the formula from the positive side, it would appear that the answer is an infinite positive value. If one approaches the formula from the negative side, the opposite is true. Thus, anything divided by zero is simultaneously positive and negative infinity. "One over Zero" is a paradox in another way too, in a way that transcends mere arithmetic. One is something, and Zero is nothing. The fact that the universe holds something over nothing, that it prefers to exist, rather than not exist, is fundamentally absurd. No being can ever come to deserve its own birth. 1/0 is a cry out against mere logic and efficiency. Stuff exists. All existence, all truth, cannot be ultimately justified: it can only be described, explained, and enjoyed.

1/0 is illogical. 1/0 is irrational. 1/0 is impossible. 1/0 is transcendentally unfair.
1/0 is true. Deal with it." -Tailsteak

Top 10 Favorite Anime Series:

Serial Experiments Lain
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Maria Watches Over Us
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Vision of Escaflowne
Cowboy Beebop
His and Her Circumstances

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In a desperate battle with the Fire Princess, it turns out Katara may be the more ruthless of the two, to both their horror. Neither is left quite the same. Hints of Azutara. Ursa plays a major role later. Reviews appreciated.
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