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Well hey there, and welcome to my exceptionally awesome profile (not).

My name is Sarah Wtfasifidtellyoumylastname, and fanfiction truly is my guilty pleasure. I'm totally over twilight now (aagh! they hype! the hypeeee -covers eyes-) but I still love to read/write the fanfictions. Just because Stephenie Meyer can't write the books decently doesn't mean other people can't :P

Dan Bergstein's blogging of twilight and new moon is absolutely amazing! I aspire to be half as great as him one day... seriously, check it out at www.community.sparknotes.com/index.php/2009/07/08/blogging-twilight-part-23/#comments

I'm ridiculously lazy, so if you read my stories, don't get your hopes up too high about a chapter update every twenty seconds. One thing that I read in a lot of profiles is that people are "that girl who reads at the school dance" or that kind of thing, but I don't think that you have to be unpopular and love to read... I mean, look at me! (that was a joke for all you people out there who think my ego is huge) I love hanging out with friends and going out and shopping etc but I also love to read and write- strangely most people on here are either one or the other. hmm.

Music! I don't think that I could live without it. Even though my favourite stuff is mostly alternative rock/pop for the past month or so I've been on a Michael Jackson binge. It's truly awful that somebody so amazing and so often wrongly judged would die so early, and that the truth would only be told about them after their death. You'll stay in our hearts forever, MJ.

I have a female rat called Ben, and she's the cutest most adorable thing you've ever seen. Chances are she's probably smarter than you too. If anybody else has a rat I'd love to chat to you about it (a.k.a ask you for tips on training etc. :))

May I just take this moment to say that I am so Fax it's indescribable. Seriously James Patterson, you should make an entire book of Maximum Ride/Fang moments. He is soo hot :) (I think I have a problem with crushing on guys in my imagination lol)

with the help of my neighbour, I came up with a description that perfectly describes the sad face of the tenth doctor(my current display picture) (if you don't know what i'm talking about- get off my profile now. go on, get out) and here it is- it's like come into my house, put a blanket around you, tousle your hair, make you a cup of hot chocolate with one pink marshmallow, one white marshmallow, give you a great big hug and tell me everything that's gone wrong. If you agree with this description, please pm me :)

My stories-

The Topaz Wolf- Edward has left, and Jacob imprints on Bella. Bella accepts him, but then things get complicated... Jake attacks her. What will be the consequences of Jacob's actions, and what will happen if Edward comes back? yupp suck at summaries- it's my first fanfic and just cos it's been up there for a while, it doesnt mean I've gotten over reviews ;P

Swingsets and Picnic Tables- (thankyou Stenemichele for the name ;)) (new moon) Edward comes back and Bella forgives him. Jacob, meanwhile, imprints on a stranger, but everybody disapproves. Want to find out why? Then read it... haha it gets funny by the second chapter knowing smile please review

The Wedding (it's NOT a one shot I just had major writers block) Leah's story after Sam and Emily's wedding. It's not actually only going to be about the wedding so I should probably change the name... hmm whatever just read it it's only got one chapter how long will it take haha

I am also co-writing the story "Mom won't be proud" with Zombie's run this town and pure.ambition.writing

I'm doing Jasper's p.o.v and loving it. These guys are AWESOME so check out their stuff (you have to anyway if you want to read the story lol)

I am secretly in love with Zombie's run this town's action fingers.

Okay folks- there's a little thing called "traffic" that I can look at- there are so many hits and nowhere near as many reviews! IT'S NOT THAT HARD! and it would make my day if you reviewed my story- I'm not hypocritical, I review every story I've read, cos I know how good it feels!! PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW even if it's just a few words on how bad it sucks :)

Here's a link to my fictionpress page. I haven't written anything, but I will someday soon! http://www.fictionpress.com/u/659585/timetravellingvampirewithawand

Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease feel free to pm me for a chat- I LOVE TALKING... hmm maybe I don't have enough friends... anywho if I review and you review reply and I pm then that means I want to chat. If you review and I review reply it means I want to chat. If you have never even looked at any of my stories and i havent looked at yours- I want to chat. hehe.

also, you can e-mail me or add me on msn at p.s.i.love.you@live.com.au

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Funny. Just read.
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The Topaz Wolf reviews
Edward has left Bella, and Jacob imprints on her. What will happen to her in the dangerous world of werewolves, and what if Edward comes back? Crappy summary. Bad and short for first few chapters c'mon, t'was my first fic but gets better later REVIEW!
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Jacob imprints on a total stranger- but everybody disapproves. Why? Find out-Story gets funnier later on. Just read it, you won't be disappointed. REVIEW please it takes five seconds
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