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ok see ive read tons of fanfiction and your all very good i love detailed stories im a fan of yaoi and yuri so yeah mainly this is yaoi right now ill think of a good yuri someday not sure anyway see ya. Reasons for the name, Mello's one and only matt: 1) they're great for each other. 2) I'm mattish. 3) i love MelloxMatt...sorry, but by god they're so right for each other.

fav. couples: MattxMello, LxLight, arixepros, yohxlen, lysergxzeke...i think thats it...oh wait axelxroxas, soraxriku, demyxxzexion, fredxgorge,harryxdraco.

fav. flower: roses

anyway i guess thats it for now...i will up date if more comes to mind.bye Silent hill, okage shadow king, kingdom hearts 1 c.o.m & 2,spyro games (almost all of them even going back to the ps one), resident evil4(ps2), 2 (for gamecube) outbreak, code vernica X, THPS (tony hawk pro skater) 1,2,3,4, under ground, hamtaro (i know but its cute) frogger, golden sun,dot hack, GTA vice city, GTA san an. i have a lot so i dont know mainly jazz (yaoi) it's bout a doctor who's patient (underaged at the time) falls in love with him and starts to grow a realtionship at the mean time well the doctor doesnt really show feeling for him but he somewhat does care bout him anyway the doctor has to move to america and guess what Noaki does?? (patient) Narusawa (doctor)

pets: baby(cat), eevee(cat and yeah i named her after the pokemon when i was little), and lizzy(bearded dragon)

oh yeah least fav.

least fav flower: daises (I get them all the time on gaia!)

least fav. couples: hm well mikamixnear (i know i dont like near but he doesnt need a pedo) Lxmikami (it's...different) hm i think thats it wait Lexeusx...(well anyone that i think in KH that's ok. im sorry but even Mansex (xemnas if ya dont know) doesnt want that)

least fav game: not sure...i dont know at the moment.

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