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Author has written 10 stories for K-ON!/けいおん!, RWBY, and Love Live! School idol project.

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Update: 25/03/14

It's been awhile. I'm sorry for the unannounced hiatus, those who have been patiently (impatiently?) waiting for a word from the seemingly dead author.

No promises on when anything will be updated or published, since I haven't made a dent in progress on any front. But I'll be trying my best to finish up everything I have. It may take months, or even years, but here's hoping.

Update: 23/11/14

Uploaded the mostly un-beta'd version of Anemone Heart, a triangle between KotoHonoUmi of sorts. It was supposed to end in poly, but... it kind of ran away from me. Maybe a sequel?

No progress made on anything RWBY. Sigh.


Update: 9/11/14

Uploaded Chapters 7-9 of Fortune Favours the Bold, un-beta'd and un-proofread. I'll be going on a hiatus of sorts - at least for RWBY. Thanks to certain... influences, I've found a renewed interest in idols. More specifically, school idols. ... LOVE LIVE! Which I may or may not end up dumping un-proofread stories for, provided the muse finally manages to churn out coherent things.

Any questions can be directed to my tumblr. I check it fairly frequently nowadays.

I'll get to replying to unanswered PMs and reviews soon... maybe.

Update: 2/9/14

Dawdling on the next chapter of WFLT because my muse has finally decided to crank out Fortune Favours the Bold chapters. I'll probably start uploading again once I have a few more chapters edited and stockpiled, and then repeat the start-stop process. This way, I'll avoid crazy cliffhangers that stretch on for months at a time if my muse ever gives out on me again; I do this for you! Arrivals and Departures has been released, and I'm honestly quite content with it. Might give writing in present tense another go sometime soon. I'm also still chipping away at a handful of one-shots, which has been great fun.

Update: 23/8/14

RWNCHY has been launched. I... I got bored, okay?

I've been writing stuff that's not at all related to my two current long-term projects; mostly one-shots and things as I experiment with different writing styles and genres. Provided I can get around to editing them to point where I'm satisfied, you might see some pop up in the near future.

As for WFLT and FFTB, good progress has been made on both. The next chapter of WFLT's about 60-70% done, I'd say, and I'm chipping away at Chapter 8 of FFTB. Hopefully they'll be completed soon.

e: 7/8/14

Surprisingly quick update for WFLT, considering how long the past few chapters took. Will try to maintain the momentum, but no promises.

I've also finished the next chapter of FFTB, but I plan on holding it back until I have the next few written, just to ensure the flow's right; it's all plotted out already, but there are bumps that appear regardless, and I'm trying to contain and minimise them as best as I can. My apologies on that front. I'll try to have them completed as soon as I can, because I really do adore this story.

There have been other projects I've been working on, both fanfiction (RWBY) related and an original writey-dooda. Hopefully any of the former that I have will be finished... eventually.

Update: 22/7/2014

Took a bit of a break. Writing's still difficult, especially with how long chapters for both WFLT and FFTB have become. Doesn't mean I've abandoned them yet, though. Updates will just be hideously slow, and I apologise for that.

Released a new series called 'Prosaic'. It'll just be a dump for one-shots that I draft as practice. I figure it's a way to show people I'm not dead, and for me to continue pushing myself in short bursts. I'm hoping it not only encourages others to listen to the songs/artists (pls), but to write as well.

I'm mostly active on tumblr now (though even that's taken a dip).

To reiterate: I'm still working on WFLT and FFTB. I've put too much effort into them to give up right now.

Current Universes:

With Friends Like These: [Relatively canonical; takes place in Beacon Academy]

Chapter 9 (It's technically what, 11 now?) [WIP; currently being scrapped and re-written]

Fortune Favours The Bold: [Hollywood-but-not]

Chapter 10 [WIP]

Chapter 11 [WIP]

Chapter 12 [WIP]

[Hiatus] Some Like It Hot: [Crime-esque world that is more fluff than drama]

Chapter 2

[Tentative one-shot] Dominoes

[Tentative one-shot] Aficionado

Totally Going To Get Written (eventually (or not)):

Non Compos Mentis

Summary: Because if there was one thing they shared, it was a mutual affinity for insanity. AU.

[Where Team RWBY are all patients in a psychiatric hospital... or something. Collab with Tiky (NuclearKitsune on dA)]

Tango [One-Shot]

Summary: The steps were intricate; the game was deadly. It was a fine line they danced between, as cat and mouse. AU.

[Yang/Blake. Police and spy.]

And This I Solemnly Swear [Tentative Title]

Summary: It was only with her that she understood why people made promises they couldn’t keep. Madoka Magica AU.

[Because I love Madoka Magica. Probably a three-shot. Ruby/Weiss]

(Can you tell organisation isn't my thing. I mean, look at this disgusting profile.

I also enjoy being vague, if that wasn't obvious enough.)

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