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hmmm, bout me:

i am a girl...duh!

as for my age, a lady never reveals her age(:

i first heard bout bleach from my friend, emm-chan

she writes a fanfic titled “ONCE UPON A SAKURA FLOWER”

read & review it, ok?


my fav pairings:





my unfav (hated) pairings:

hitsugayaXhinamori - this is horrible! they're supposed to be friends!

hitsugayaXmatsumoto – how the hell did this come about? hitsu is her captain for goodness sake!

ichigoXorihime - i know lotsa ppl like them together, but just doesnt seem right to me

renjiXrukia - i dont hate renji but i just feel that rukia should be with ichigo. so yeah


hmmm, as you can tell from the user id, hitsugaya toushiro is my fav character & forever he will be! but i do have other individual characters that i like. here they are:

1) hitsugaya toushiro! (well, duh! how many times have i mentioned it?)

2) jushiro ukitake! (he’s damn nice can!)

3) kuchiki byakuya! (although he seems emotionless & cold, i think he’s cool!)

4) abarai renji & kurosaki ichigo! (its so amusing to see them quarrelling!)

5) matsumoto rangiku! (she’s so free-spirited & she always helps to get hitsugaya-taicho to have fun!)

6) retsu unohana! (she’s so soft-hearted & she’s very motherly to everyone!)


but i havent exactly said who i dont like, as in individual characters. so here they are:

1) AIZEN SOSUKE! (wth! obviously the first one i hate is him! because of him, gin ichimaru & kaname tousen betrayed Soul Society! he even tried to kill hinamori momo! not that i care bout her, but she loved him & he took advantage of that. my poor toushiro is the one who suffered!)

2) GRIMMJOW JEAGERJACQUES! (he's retarded!)

3) GIN ICHIMARU! (he not only betrayed Soul Society, but Matsumoto too! HE DESERVES MY HATRED)

4) KANAME TOUSEN! (he betrayed Soul Society!)

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