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The Profile Of Destiny!;

Name: My names Emma, Emz, Emza, Squeaker. Whatever ya feel like. If you want you can squeeze in a EMMA-LOU! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW!?... Although this name is frowned upon by me

Age: 16

Gender:Now this is just getting personal! XD I'm she-male

Species: The monster from under your bed! Rawr!

Height: I'm tiny. Tiny and proud of it!

Weight: Good god man! Are you serious!?

Located:Under your bed, mwhahaha!

Appearance: Well if you take the time to look at the thing hiding under your bed you might know.

Likes: Anime, Manga, Doctor Who, Harry Hills TV Burp, Never-mind The Buzz-cocks, Mock Of The Week, Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, Blood and gore, Horror films, Comedies, Not being stuck in the house on a sunny afternoon on a Saturday (where I am now sulks), Basketball (Lol, yes I'm a midget who likes basketball, so what!?), Chocolate, Tea, Fencing (Tis awesome!) and some other stuff.

Dislikes: Maths (Ughhh. Especially with my teacher who thinks that my class is a group of 3 year olds. Seriously...), Silk (that material makes me cringe. I don't know why though), Wasps (They are me arch enemy after I was stung by one and was crying with a large amount of people staring at me like I was insane... Obviously they didn't see how freakin' big the wasp was!)

Personality: Childish, hyperactive, quite careless, can't hold a grudge for too long, forgetful (at times), quiet (meh, depends on situation really), not too great at giving advice (although I do have my days when I can), creative, always in a land of dream (wooooo), morbid, random and yeah. I hate talking about me. Blah, blah, blah.

Fav Manga/Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, When They Cry, Lain, Strawberry Marshmallow, +Anima, Pita Ten, Elemental Gelade, Tokyo Mew Mew, Gauken Alice, DNAngel and She The Ultimate Weapon. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Fav TV Show: Doctor Who, Casualty, Casualty 1907, CSI Miami, CSI New York, House, Mock Of The Week, Never-mind The Buzz-cocks, Harry Hills TV Burp, Al Murray, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Fav Movies: Batman; The Dark Knight, Carrie, 13 Going On 30, The Golden Compass, Signs, Sweeney Todd, POTC, Saw 1, Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, Dantes Peak, Titanic, Accepted, John Tucker must Die and some other movies which I can't think of right now. REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA! MOST AWESOME FILM, YES! WATCH IT! :) Push

Fav Characters;


FMA- Edward, Alphonse(sp?), Lust, Roy, Envy, Hughes, Armstrong (Lol, he reminds me of my big brother), Russell, Fletcher, Wrath, Scar and Ling Y.

Elfen Lied- Lucy and Nana.

When They Cry- Rena, Rika, Satoko and Shion.

SM- I like 'em all!

Anima- Corro, Husky, Nana and Senri.

Pita Ten- Misha and Shia.

Elemental Gelade- Rowen, Cisqua, Cou, Kuea(sp?) Ren, Grayarts, Cocovet, Lonble and his Sweet Angels.

TMM- Pudding! Kish, Tart and Mint

Gauken Alice- Natsume.

DNAngel- Daisuke and Dark.

She The Ultimate Weapon- Chise(sp?)

Lain- Lain and Alice.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro- Neuro, Yako, Sai(X), pretty much everyone in it really...


Doctor Who- The Doctor, Rose, Donna, Micky, Ricky, The Empty Child, The Ood! And Captain Jack! AND THE MASTER!

House- Why, House of course!

Batman; TDK- The Joker and Harvey Dent

ST- Sweeney, Mrs.Lovett(sp?) and Toby.

TGC- Everyone

Saw 1- Doctor Gordan

COATD- Lola (Mary)

POTC- Captain Jack, Mr. Gibbs, Lord Beckett(sp) and Davy Jones.

Signs- The aliens

Carrie- Carrie

REPO! - Nathan, Shilo, Blind Mag, Graverobber, Pavi Largo, Amber Sweet and DJ Granny!

Push - Cass, Nick, Pinky, Kira, Henry and Victor (he reminded me a lot of my brother's friend)

(Looks up at profile)

I guess thats all you need to know right now. Not unless you are a monster hunter out to get me.


And in that case you will want my address...

Well you can't have it! I wont let you take me! Rawr!

(Chomps on your leg Mwhahaha!)

OC Profiles (Aka; The moment you all have been dreading)

Name: Sarah P.B. (Psycho Bunny. A evil, pink bunny in a straight jacket I made a few years ago. But shehas now got a human form. Yay! She is'nt really a fancharacter but I'll probably stick her in a fanfiction for the crack at some point) (Note; this is Sarah's profile when she isn't all phsychotic, that profile will be below)

Age: Unknown, looks about 14 or 15. (Why the hell did I put 12 before? She does look younger than this on her good side by the way)

Gender: Female (God! When she didn't have a human form, everyone though Psycho Bunny was a boy... Well she did look like one so...)

Appearance: Short, baby pink hair . Light gray eyes. White skin. Small and thin. Little curves. No chest. Wears a dark pink bunny hat, with long ears that go down to her waist, the eyes on the hat are made from two, large red buttons. A pink top, with sleeves a bit too big for her. Pink underwear. White socks with red string wrapped around them.

Clothing: Oops... I said it above. Te-he. I forgot about this part of the profile. .

Personality: A happy and cute kid really. She is sweet, kind and generous. Although she seems as sweet as sugar, she does have her mischevious traits. She is also a mute and I love her ( snuggles Sarah)

Good/Evil: Good. But for how long? ¬3¬...

Name: Sarah P.B. (Ebul side)

Age: 14 or 15 (still can't understnad why I put 12...)

Gender: Female (Not male damn it!)

Appearance: Her hair is darker pink and is more dry, brittle and messy. Her skin gets a bit more colour. Her teeth become sharper. Her eyes get darker. She seems to have blood around her lips all the time. Small and thin. Little curves and no chest still. Her left arm can morph in to a pink, fuzzy, clawed hand, from her elbow down. (A trait from once being a bunny :) )

Clothing: Same clothes, unless she manages to find her straight jacket from before.

Personality: Still a mute. She is much more alert than before when she seemed more carefree. Her speed and strength have also picked up a bit. She likes to bit down on peoples shoulders a lot and tries to gobble a lot of people up. This form only ever comes as a survival instinct when in danger or when she is very, very angry. Its basically;

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

Say another word and I'll be forced to eat you.

Good/Evil: Uh god... Not really evil... But not good... More like... Wild?

Name: Anthea (No Last Name)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: Small, heavy.

Appearance:White skin with a slight tan to it. Mucky blonde, frizzy hair, that is tied in two poofy pigtails. Thin. Wide hips. Little chest. More curves than most of my characters, but still little on the curves. Freckles dotted on her cheeks. On blue and one green eye.

Clothing: Ugh. Different all the time and I'm NOT going through her whole wardrobe! But, I can say that she is always seen wearing some form of dress or skirt; she hates shorts, trouser etc. she thinks they are too boyish (I beg to differ!)

Occupation(s): Unknown (Only I know! Har-Har!)

Power(s)/Ability(Abilities): She can turn instruments into huge (and little) guns/missile launchers. (Man, I wish I could do that...)

Personality: A bit like Danny, in the deceitful area, as in "I'm so cute! Don't you just wanna hug me!?" -to the- "I'm a hedgehog! Hug me and you will be spiked!" She's a lot more caring than Danny and cannot last in fights as long as her. She is a bit more happy-go-lucky too and doesn't take her job too seriously.

Good/Evil: Meh. In the middle.

Other Info:

-She plays the violin (when it's not a massive missile launcher that is)

-She likes cats a lot.

-She is claustrophobic

-She is allergic to marmalade (Lol, just like me)

-She loves to have hot and bubbly baths, a lot.

-She hates tea, coffee, hot chocolate and any other hot drinks.

-She is prone to getting herself into sticky situations.

-She is prone to getting out of those situations, whilst nearly getting killed.

-She is prone to have found a new place to destroy hit list afterword.

Yeah. I do have a load more to share. But right now, I can't be bothered. So merh!

Anthony is my lastest character who I made up after watching an episode of FMA before going to bed.

Anthea is a character I made up a while ago, whilst listening to some music on the computer.



Name: Alice Anderson.

Age: 14 (nearly 15)

Gender; All girl baby!

Height/Weight: 5'1'' (Same height as me!) and shes uhhh... Average weight?

Appearance; Long white-blonde hair that goes down to her butt! Pale white skin, freckles under her eyes and over her nose. Blue eyes. More curvy than my other OCs but not too curvy in general. No too big of a chest, like the last one, she has a bigger chest than my other OCs.

Clothing; Ugh, depends. Mostly she likes to wear kimonos, don't know why... she just does... (Shrugs)

Occupation(s): She wants to be a world famous actress.

Powers/Abilities: I... Don't know yet!

Personality: Hyperactive, energetic, gullible, easily entertained or amazed, act like a spoiled brat at times and sweet. I love her (snuggles).

Good/Evil?: Good.

Other Info;

- She is convinced that Alphonse (shes an FMA OC by the way) is from a haunted mansion.

- She thinks Edward is a robot.

- She points to each and every palm tree she sees and says "Edward look! Its Mr.Envy!", although she isn't joking... She actually does think that it is Envy...

- She adores Winry, a lot.

- She really, really enjoys her sweets.

- She plays the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland

- I would say something about her past, but that would ruin the story "The Abnormality Of Alice" completely.

- Duhhh...

Well, thats it!


22/9/08-- The day when magic happened;

Ah yes. Today was was my best friend, Nicky's, birthday. I got her a pair of pinky fairy wings and a black wand because she said that she wanted to be a fairy princess (bearing in mind that she is now 15 lol, bless her) And today was the day that my dear friend, Emma, practically stood up to Envy.

So, OK heres what happened...

(Emma 1 is me and Emma 2 is the other Emma)

Me: (Reading a part of my fan-fiction to Emma 2) And Envy found that amusing . He loved to see humans suffer.

Emma 2: Why!? We're great!

Me: Do you know what? We are! Stuff whatever Envy thinks, we're awesome!

Emma 2: Yeah! We should gang up on Envy and murder him for saying that!

Me: Yeah, but he can't die and he'd probably kill us first. But still, at least we would prove our point!

Emma 2: Yeah! For the humans!

Me: Because we are the best! Woo yeah!

The conversation was longer, but the two problems are;

A. I can't remember half of it.

B. No one else would really get the rest of it as it is filled with inside jokes me and Emma only understand.

So yeah. I guess that conversation pretty much sums up my day in a nut shell. Now all I have to do is say...

Wish my friend a happy birthday or I'll eat your soul!

Have a nice day



24/9/08--The day when marriages happened;

Today. The day of today. Not yesterday. Not the day before. But today. This is what happened today...

(Me, Alex and other friends on the field at lunch) (Oh, and Alex is a girl by the way)

Alex: Hey Emma! Wanna play dizzy ducks!?

Me: Yeah!

Hannah: Oh no. Remember what happened last time Emma. Neither you or Alex could get up and you both felt sick during theory.

Me/Alex: :)

Hannah:...You're just gonna go ahead and do it anyway, so I'll just leave you be (Goes off to talk to Jenny and Robyn (Robyn is also a she-male ) )

Me: Lets go-o-o-ooo! (Starts spinning around)

Alex:Whhheee! (Spins)

Hannah: (joins in for a moment but then stops. At least I think she did. I don't know. I was too busy spinning)

Alex: Whhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeee

Me: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Alex: --eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Alex: (Stops spinning) Who-Phew... (At least thats what I think she said...)

Me: (Keeps spinning for a lttle longer)

Hannah:Emma! Look out! You're going to crash into a pole!

Me: No! (Stops spinning and falls over)

Hannah/Robyn/Jenny/Alex: (laughing)

Me: (Laughs uncontroably as the world tilts on a side)

Alex: (Comes over, still laughing) Ne-Need a hand, Emma?

Me: He-He-Hee... Please! (Stretchs out arms)

Alex: (Grabs my hands and tries to pull me up, only to fall side-ways over, dragging me across the floor in a semi-circle)

Me/Everyone else: (All start laughing)

Me:(Gets up with the help of Alex and Hannah) Heeeee... I feel sick now...

Hannah: (Shakes head) Thought you would be.

Yes, that was at school today. But what about at home?

Me: (Hugs Emma2) Emma, I love you. Marry me.

Emma2: Heh-heh... Ok!

Emma2: Just wait here for a moment and I'll set up the wedding! (Goes off on to the computer)

Me: (In the kitchen)... Sure?

Me: (Makes a drink in my awesome Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni mug I made in design and print === I also made one with Envy and Maes Hughes on too! ===) Are you ready yet?

Emma2: Yup!

Me:(Comes in the room to find a picture of Dawn French as The Vicar Of Dibley on the screen and the song Crashed the wedding by Busted playing also) OMG!

Emma2: Yeah, you like!?

Me: Like? Like?... Yeah its OK

Emma2: (laughs)

Me: OK then. Whos the bride?

Emma2: (points to herself)

Me:... But I'm smaller then you!

Emma2: Yeah. Well.You are the oldest and therefore take responsibilty

Me:...(Shrugs) Yeah OK.

(We get married)

Yeah. That was a good day. Oh, and about the whole wedding thing, we're not lesbian, we just like to get married for a laugh, just like we do with our friends at school too. (Yes, my two lovely brides Beth and Nicky. Love ya both!)

So yeah. Those two events pretty much sum up my day. So... See you!


I never ever knew that Health and Social Care was so deep about this whole end of the world thing;

Me; (Reading a sheet my teacher gave me in H&S)... Hey Zoe, look at this! (Points at page)

Zoe: What is it?

Me: It says, feeling of impending doom... (looks at Zoe)

Zoe: (Looks at me)

Me/Zoe: LOL.

Then two hours later, in Drama.

Ethan: (Chewing pen lid)...

Miss: Ethan. Take out that pen lid, becuase if you swallow it you will choke... and you could die.

Class: LOL

That was an awesome lesson, you'd really have to be there to get the whole and could die thing, it was the way she said it that made it funny.

Toodle Woodles


Have you ever been so bored that you talk to yourself?

As weird as it sounds, I do it a lot.

I mean, come on! There is good in talking to yourself!

For starters, you wont have an argument, because you already agree with yourself.

No one can insult you, unless you want to insult yourself.

And you can break the laws of physics because there is no one around to tell you that whatever it is, can't be done!

Last night, I was watching episode... Ummm... 22? I think, although I may be wrong... Of Fullmetal Alchemist. Heres how it went;

Al: (Pinned to the wall by Lust's fingernails of impending doom) (To Lust) You really aren't human are you?

Me: (Watching the TV) Well no Al, of course she is human, extendable fingernails just came with the set.

Lol, personally I found that quite funny. It was one of them situations when your mind just seems blank and you say anything, which is probably why I found it really funny and couldn't stop laughing for a good while.

(Yes, I am sad that way. What of it!?)

That'll be all.


For those who want to know:

Meh. Bored. Bored and bored. So I decided to make a D.A account, my second account since I have long forgotten my old one which consisted of Sonic artwork (but I've grown out of that blue hedgehog now. I've moved onto FMA and stuff XD)

So yeah, for those interested;

BOOM! There you go. Take a gander if you want... I don't care really. I like it here a lot. And I'll probably end up forgetting about this account too... I dunno (Shrugs)

Quotes Page (Dedicated to Emma 2 and the old quotes page)

(The old quotes page was a random piece of paper Emma and I used to write random stuff on, but I think it has been thrown away by my Dad, waaahh!)

Doctor who--

"On my signal, make for the door" (Pulls out a banana instead of his sonic-ray-gun-thing) "NOW...!?" Captain Jack
(Doctor pulls out he sonic-ray-gun he stole from Jack) "Go now! Don't drop the banana!" Doctor
"Why not!?" Captain Jack
"Good source of potassium!" Doctor

(Doctor Jack and Rose are surrounded by monsters)
Jack: OK, I got a sonic-blaster, a sonic-canon and a sonic-disruptor, Doc' what you got?"
Doctor: (Pulls out sonic screw driver) I got a sonic... Oh never mind.
Jack: What?
Doctor: Its sonic, OK lets leave it at that.
Jack: Disrutper, cannon, what!?
Doctor: Its sonic, totally sonic, I'm sonicked-up.
Jack: A sonic what!?
Doctor: (spins around to him) SCREWDRIVER!

Doctor: (To Jack) I like bananas, bananas are good.

The Master: (Zaps Jack with a lazer-screwdriver) Lazer-Screwdriver, who would have sonic? And the good thing is, he's not dead for long, I get to kill him again!

Random-guy-who-I-can't-remember-the-name-of:(To the Master as he is dying from poisonous gas) You're insane!
The Master: (With a gas mask on) :) (thumbs up)

Harry Hill's TV Burp/ Al Murray--

Harry: Fight!

Harry: Lets play tools, alright you go first.
Al:No you go first.
Harry: No you go first.
Al: I'll "no you go first" you in a minute

Al: Cheers!

Harry: Chippy-chips!

Harry: Oh I agree, hard undercooked potatoes are bad and so are cold baths... But which is better?... If you had to choose, there's only one way to find out FIGHT!

Harry: ("Soap warning" across the screen) In soap language, a perfect day means that someone is going down!

Al: It's nothing personal mate, it's general, so it includes you.

Lee Evans--

Lee: Cows, they don't even have any camouflage, they're black and white where do they choose to stand? In a green field!

Lee: Frozen pigs look like frozen goalkeepers! They frozen it just as soon as it was going to save the ball.

Lee: (to the delivery person on the phone) When can I have it?
Lee(being delivery dude): Maybe sometime in the morning... maybe sometime in the afternoon... or maybe not at all.

Lee/Malcom(In the episode of Dr. Who "Planet of the dead"): (On the phone to the Doctor) Not right now! I'm busy! (Hangs up)

Lee/Malcom: (Hugs the Docotr) I LOVE YOU!


Bonekickers: Don't mess with me, I'm an archaeologist!

Ace Ventura: Chitttyyyyyyy!

My Auntie Kim: (To her dog) Alphie (Points at me and my cousins, just as we stepped through the door) Kill!

Uncle Kev: (Whilst driing me, Jess and Harry to Kim's house)...
Jess: We really need a radio in this car...
Me/Harry: Yup.
Uncle Kev: Radio!? Radio!? HA, I am a radio! (starts to sing)

(Around Kim's house) Kim/Me/Jess/Harry/and the three Jacks: Lets do the timewarp again!

Me:(round Kim's, making some crafts for christmas) What you making Jess?
Jess:... Oh, just some picture, I'm sticking mostly snowflakes on it, you?
Me: (holds up a foam snowman with a mustache on it) Hitler snowman!

Jack1(My cousin): (near the end of watching the first American Pie)... Does anyone else get turned on by this film?
Jack2(Jack 3 went home T.T): Yeah.
Harry(who was mile under-aged but watched it anyway, not understanding mostly whats going on, bless):...?

(Everyone is sat down in Kim's living room, watching X-factor)
Jack1: (comes in carrying his bean-bag)...hmmm.(puts the bean-bag in front of me and goes to sit down)
Me: (pulls the bean-bag away)
Jack1: (falls over) Ow! The hell was that for!?
Me: You were sat in front of me, I couldn't see the telly.
Jack1: I was gonna move...
Me/Jess: (shrugs) oh well...

Me/Emma2: Well... If you look really closely!

Me/Emma2(talking to each other in Emma language): Coco pumba shire (Hello, how are you?) Allo! (Hug?) (Hugs each other)

Me/Emma2(talking Emma language again): (Hugs) Shire coco bum (Goodbye) (lets go from hug) Shirely (see you)

Emma2:(Says something that I was gonna say, I can't remember what that was now) OMG... We're telepathic, lets call it (dramatic pose) Emmalepthy.

Priest:What's your name?
Barf: Barf.
Priest:Your full name
Barf: Bartholomew-- Spaceballs

Emma2:Roy Mustache.

Miss Smith(Drama teacher):(Is climbing over lots of tall boxes, looking for a prop for our groups performance) OK, Emma, lesson of the day, don't try this at home.

Callum(Student in drama) (At drama rehearsals after school): I love tap dancing, it's such a beautiful thing
Miss Smith(Drama Teacher): (Laughs) Well, THAT, was very randomly passionate, Callum.

Becca(Friend from Drama) (Dancing with me since both of our partners weren't there or busy): Gah! I don't know how to dance like a man!
Me: Just go with the flow!
Becca: Yeah, with the flow :)

Irene: I mean, you must be furious, I just drop kicked up in the face.
Charlie:(In a neck brace and with a broken nose) (In a cheery tone) Hey it happens

Charlie: (Going to save Irene at the end of the bridge, only to stop when he notices the river beneath): Oh no, water!
Hank: Well, she's pretty much screwed, c'mon I'll buy you a beer

Hank: (Drives car through shop window, breaking just before the men inside) (Gets out the car and throws the keys at one of them who catches it) There you go, Dick, I parked it for you. By the way (spits on a ticket and smacks it onto the window of the car) you got a headlight out.

Hank: (Sees someone drop a cigarette butt on the floor) Oh, fck my ozone

Irene: (Stood by car after being "caught" by the police) Oh, you guys, you could keep me here forever
Charlie: (Spins her around) That's what I plan to (points up into the sky as a plane flies by) Look
Flag on the back of the plane read: "Will you marry me, bitch?"
Irene: (Turns back to Charlie) Oh, Charlie...

Hank: (Glares at a kid who keeps staring at him) What you looking at fcker?
Kid: (Drops his drink as Hank stands up and approaches him)
Dad & Mum: (Both stand up as Hank comes over)
Dad: Hey, what is your problem pal?
Hank: I got no beat with you, this is between me and the kid

Charlie: (To Whitey) Oh and, I'm sorry that you had to kill again, it must really be messing with your head
Whitey: Oh no, I've never killed anyone
Charlie: But... what about your family? They're gone?
Whitey: I never said they were dead, I just said they were gone. They moved to Phoenix, the bastards. I mean look at me I wouldn't last two minutes in the desert.

Charlie: OK, so if you're gonna come along with you we can't be calling you "Milky" all the time, What's your real name?
Whitey: Casper, but my friends call me Whitey

Officer: He put six bullets in a prize cow's head - poor thing's lucky to be alive

-- quotes from "Me, Myself & Irene"

Donny: (Walks in on Leo and Raph hugging) Aw, it's a kodak moment - TMNT - old movie

Splinter: I made a funny! - Old TMNT movie

(Walking to school with Hannah and Beth)
Hannah and Beth just finished talking about something serious: ...
Me:... Today I'm wearing ankle socks

(In Art lesson, me Gabbie and Shannon having a battle of the sexes between Peter, Mikey and Tony)

Gabbie, Shannon and I: (Says a bunch of stuff) And that's why girls are better :)
Tony: Yeah well... well... (Shouts at the teacher) Sir! What can guys do that's good?
Sir:... (Walks out of the room)
Tony: Well he was helpful

(In Art club at dinner with Nicky, Abby, Beth and Simon)

Nicky: (Accidently knocks me on the face with her arm) Oops, sorry Emma!
Me: It's OK Nicky, you just like to hit me in the face that's all
Nicky: Ha, yeah. What was that I hit you in the face with last time?
Me:... It was a chair Nicky...

(In a cave on holdiay with my parents, Mich, Mike and Emma. The lights othe cave have gone out and some ships are sailing across the lagoon, playing gentle music and the audience reamins silent)
Mike: (Leans over to my mam) Watch out, ice-burg ahead... pass it on.

(Me and Emma, bored on the plane)
Me: (Have a sack over my hand) Em-ma-ma-ma, give us your sack, please
Emma2: OK (hands it over)
Me: (Puts sack on other hand and lifts hands up to show the people sitting behind us my awesome puppets)
Emma2: Emma...
Me: (In my element) Yeah?
Emma2: Those people are alseep you know?
Me: (Looks back) Nawww...

(On plane)
Captain: And we'd like to wish a happy birthday to Jodie (can't remeber her real name)
Me, Emma and some other passengers: (Sing happy birthday)
Me: Hip-hip! :D...
Random kid: HURRAY!
Me&Emma2: Yay!

(Me and my older brother watching FMA)
F.Archer:... You'll be working directly under me...
Andrew: Gay
Me:... What?
Andrew: (Points at Archer) He's gay, he said "you'll be working directly under me", so he's gay.

Devon: You know there is nothing more pathetic than a flame retarded dragon? - The Magic Sword; Quest for Camelot

Kayley: Oh, I didn't realise that you were...
Garrett: What? Tall, rugged, handsome?
Kayley:... Blind
Garrett: You know I always forget that one - The Magic Sword; Quest for Camelot

Kayley: Oh look, you're bird has silver wings!
Garrett: Really? I'll have to take your word for that. - TMS

Ruber: I was in the neighbourhood and thought I'd invade - TMS

Ruber: Are you listening!?
Gryffin: Sorry master, my mouth was full
Ruber: Typical, of all the evil creatures I find one with table mannors - TMS

Ruber: You, you and... you, fancy feet! - TMS

Ruber: We're under the oger's butt...
Gryffin: Well master, at least things can't get any worse
(ground starts rumbling)
Ruber: Wanna bet? - TMS

Ruber: (Does his mexican eyebrow wave)
Me: I want one of them holigraphic T-shirts now
Beth: ...?
Me: One with his face on it doing the wave with his eyebrows
Beth: I was gonna say why would you want a T-Shirt, but now I understand.

Beth: (Drops her biscuit in her tea) No!
Me: Oh no, Beth! Those tea-goblins have come to take you biscuits again!
Beth: They have! Emma, get me a spoon!

Garrett: What are you?
Devon: Well, frankly we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry - TMS

Tess: Why don't you susplode him? (looks at troll)
Sera: I don't think they hurt witches
Tess:You sure?
Sera: Nope
Tess: (jumps onto her) FLY ME AWAY, SUPERMAN! -- Serenity Rose vol 1: "working throughthe negativity"

Sera: You're getting a hat?
Tess: (with a cowboy hat on) damn skippy, why shouldn't I?
Sera: Mmm dunno. Because you've never expressed the slightest interest in cowboy culture thus far?
Tess: "Cowboy nothing" Ah'm PSYCHOBILLY baybeh! Gonna bettie page m'bangs and everything I am... But first, I pee -- SR vol 1

Tess: EEEEEYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hello kiddies! It is I, that putrid purveyor of pukeworthy parables, THE CORPSEGUMMER, back from the motgue with another torturous tale of tongue-tearing T-word! Think it'd be fun to flutter thru the clouds like your blue-haired buddy Serenity Rose? Oh ho ho! Well, just lay your served orbs on THIS cadaveriffic caper I call... "WITCH way... TO HELL??" EEYAHAHAHAHA-
Sera: Knock it off, Tess. That whole "E.C comics" thing is so played out.
Tess: No way, man! I got my own special stank on this! Fresh stank! - SR Vol 1

Sera: We only have two pages! Eek! Fourth wall! Fourth wall! - SR Vol 1

DOO LALLY FOR THE WIN EDWARD! -- me speaking to EddyGladders, tis fun, hi Ed.

Nick: Are you drunk?
Cass: (Lifts up bottle) Yeah...! - Push

Nick: (Storms into bathroom where Kira is) Oh, sorry (leaves then comes back in) I thought the bathroom was on fire... - Push

Nick: So... what did I inject myself with?
Cass: Soy souce
Nick: Gross - Push

Me: I am an evil bean don't you know?
Ed: I had an inkling

Me: Oh, don't get me started. I had a hard time trying to explain Sod's law to David.
Emma2: (Laughs)
Richard: Ha... What's Sod's law?
Me: Very funny.
Richard: No, seriously

(Me with my Dad watching trailers before Orphan came on)
Me: (After perfect getaway was advertised) I could have seen that today but noo, I had to watch G-force...

Me: So we've just been kicked out of Perfect Getaway and stuck in G-force?
Emma2: Yup
Richard: Uh-huh
Me:... I was the only one who was actually the right age for it and yet I look the youngest... I hope I get into Orphan tonight...

Me: Mam, there's something different about the firdge...
Mam: It's full?
Me: No, it just feels... :D fresh... Go, stand in the fridge and feel the freshness. (I think that I was stoned or something that day...)

Jimmy Carr: I'm not supersitious. But this guy fell from the 13th floor of a building. He died. Spooky

Jimmy Carr: Consider the positive... You're never alone with schizophrenia

Jimmy Carr: I'm always thinking, what is it that seperates us from the animals?... Fences

Jimmy Carr: I was very disappointed when I went to Wet n' Wild... it's a water park.

I found out something interesting in Art...
??: I wonder what people taste like when you cook them...
Sir: Bacon probably...
Me and Shannon: Bacon?
Sir: Well, I know someone who is a firefighter and he said that burned corpses smell like bacon. So people probably taste like bacon.

Me: (On the phone to Beth) Oh, I finished that book Nicky lent me
Beth: Oh yeah? Was it good?
Me: Yeah, it was but there was something creepy in it
Beth: What?
Me: Well, there's a part in it where the demon is saying he wants to kill me and theres a part when he says "your midnight is near" or something, I looked at the clock and said "It's 11 though" then in the book the demon said "and I don't care if it's eight in the morning..."
Beth: Lols

Me: (Still talking about the book on the phone to Beth) And all the way through he wants me to burn this book
Beth: Oh right
Me: I keep telling him, I can't, it's not my book, I'd annoy Nicky if I burned you. He won't listen

Me: OMG, Beth, the other day I uncovered something
Beth: What?
Me: Well, we have our own Sweeney Todd
Beth: ...?
Me: We have a butchers that sells pies that everybody loves and what's above that butchers... a hairdressers
Beth: Oh my God, Emma, we do!

Gaul: We Gauls do not battle in the rain! (He and the other Gauls gallop off) - Horrible Histories

Grim Reaper: (Singing) Stupid deaths, stupid deaths. They're funny cause they're true! Stupid deaths, stupid deaths. Hope next time it's not you! - Horrible Histories

Me: (Sticks on the "When you're evil song) ... :)
Beth: (Suddenly slides in singing) :D !!
Me: Lulz.

Han2: (sat next to me in science)You suck cause your house colour is purple
Me: Yeah, well yours is, uh, what house are you in?
Han2: Twickenham
Me: Yours is green and that's the colour of boogies.
Han2: I EAT purple for BREAKFAST!
Miss: (Starts talking)
Me: (Whispers) I eat Cheerio's for breakfast...

Peter: You belong in a test tube.
Darren: (laughs)
Sir: Yeah, Darren will like be the single in a line of very large DNA test tubes. "The DNA of humanity. And this is what happens when something goes very wrong".

Scooby: (Disguised as a woman)>:(...
Shaggy: Scoob, you've gotta be the girl; you've got the legs for it -- Scooby Doo

Sebastian: (With a deer mask on) Sorry, I'm just one hell of a deer
GuyIdon'tremembernameof: Kill him! - Kuroshitsuji

Sebastian: I'm one hell of a butler.

Rhod Gilbert: But goose is much softer than duck sir. Goose is much softer than duck. I said: is it? Is it really that much softer than duck? How much softer than duck can goose be? - Live at the Apollo

Sir: Name something beginning with an "A" that penguins CAN do
Me: Abseiling! - Art Club (literally the first thing beginning with A that came to my mind)

Madame Mim: Cause I'm the magnificant, marvellous, mad-mad-mad-mad-mad, Madame Mim - the sword and the stone

Abby: Emma, what would you do if Grell was at the window with his chainsaw and was going to kill you.
Me: I think I'd ask him for ID - me and Abby watching an episode of Kuroshitsuji

Warning, Warning, Dangerous Threat To Humanity Alert, Dangerous Threat To Humanity Alery!

Actually no, I made a fictionpress account is all... I guess it could still be classed as a dangerous threat but ah well.


Just incase you want to have a gander about on it.

I actually made it a bit ago, but just put up a couple of stories on there so... yeah.


First image you'll be able to see of Elle from "A Mirror Fate", but it's from the back- but oh well you'll get the idea.

Check out my friend's artwork! She's amazing!

Thank you so much Beth for colouring this in for me, love ya always darl' (smoochez)

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