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Hello everyone! There's not really much to know about me exept that I live in a small town in Kentucky, I'm a bit of a tomboy, I'm literally a "Coal Miner's Daughter", and I absolutely LOVE to read. I'll read anyhing from fantasy to romance and even historic books and literature. So, if you would like to discuss what you like to read then PM me because I would love to hear what you like to read and recommendations are definately welcome. I have also written/writing two stories that you should check out. I'm not the best writer ever but it could still amuse you. I have to admit that one of my greatest weaknesses is spelling (as you may have noticed).

Some of my favorite books are listed below. However, they may or may not be in that particular order:

~The Bible~ (it has action, adventure, mystery, romance, suspense, and horror all wrapped up in 66 books. Don't believe me just read it for yourself :D)

~Gone With The Wind~ (I love the classics!)

~Mrs. Frisby and the Rats Of Nimh~ (childhood favorite)

~A Walk to Remember~ (my fav. by Nicholas Sparks)

~Parchment of Leaves~

~The Coal Tattoo~

~Clay's Quilt~

~The Twilight Saga~ (enough said.)

~The Hobbit~ (it's sad that it was never made into a movie)

~Lord of the Rings Trilology~

~Eragon~ (I already love it even though I'm not even half way through reading it)

~Work of Wolves~


~Secret Life Of Bees~

~The Mortal Instruments~

~The Pit and the Pendulum~ (one of my favorite short stories by Poe)

~Annabelle Lee~ (sorry guys, but I like this even better than The Raven)

That's all I can think of right now but if I find something new I love I'll let you know. I reccomend all of those writings and books to you!

The link below is a picure of what Leo looks like from my story Renaissance of a Heart


If you're under the age of 11 or shouldn't even read this,
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