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Some of my favorite parts of Twilight, stuff that made me wanna cry, stuff tht made me laugh, stuff that made me angry: (I no i'm a freak for actually like putting page numbers and stuff down lol. i posted-noted my fave parts lol)

Page 25: (Talking about Mike) But as we were entering the gym, he asked, "So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I've never seen him act like that."

Page 35: (He in this paragraph=Charlie) "Hey Dad, welcome home."
"Thanks." He hung up his gun belt and stepped out of his boots as i bustled about the kitchen. As far as I was aware, he'd never shot the gun on the job. But he kept it ready. When I came here as a child, he would always remove the bullets as soon as he walked in the door. I guess he considered me old enough now not to shoot myself by accident, and not depressed enough to shoot myself on purpose.

Page 88: (Edward and Bella in the Cafe.) "They'll survive." I could feel their stares boring into my back.
"I may not give you back though," He said with wicked glint in his eyes.

Page 92: "Just one theary--I won't laugh."
"Yes, you will." I was positive about that.
He looked down, and then glanced up and me through his long black lashes, his ocher eyes scorching. "Please?"He breathed leaning toward me.
I blinked, my mind going blank. Holy crow, how did he do that? "Er, what?" i asked, dazed.
"Please tell me just one little theory." His eyes still smoldered at me.
"Um, well, bitten by a radioactive spider?" Was he a hypnotist, too? Or was I just a hopeless pushover?

Page 92: "What if i'm not a superhero? What if i'm the bad guy?"

Page 163: (Edward and Bella in Edward's car after he saved her from the guys in the streets.) "Are you all right?" He still didnt look at me, but the fury was plain on his face. "Yes," I croaked softly. "Distract me, please," he ordered. "I'm sorry, what?" he exhaled sharply. "Just prattle about something unimportant until I calm down," HE clarified, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. "Um." I wracked my brain for something trivial. "I'm going to run over Tyler Crowley tomorrow before school?" He was still squeezing his eyes closed, but the corner of his mouth twiched. "Why?" "He's telling everyone that he's taking me to prom--either he's insane or he's still trying to make up for almost killing me last... well, you remember it, and he thinks prom is somehow the correct way to do this. So I figure if I endanger his life, then we're even, and he can't keep trying to make amends. I dont need enemies and maybe Lauren would back off if he left me alone. I might have to total his Sentra, thought. If he doesn't have a ride he can't take anyone to prom...," I babbled on.

Page 181: (Edward and Bella when Edward tells Bella about his mind reading ablities) "Why do you thiink you can't hear me?" I asked curiously. He looked at me, his eyes cigmatic. "I don't know," he murmured. "the only guess I have is that maybe your mind doesnt work the same way the rest of theirs do. Like your thoughts are on the AM frequency and I'm only getting FM." He grinned at me, suddenly amused. "My mind doesnt work right? I'm a freak?" The words bothered me more than they should--probably because his speculation hit home. I'd always suspected as much, and it embarrassed me to have it confirmed. "I hear voices in my mind and you're worried that you're the freak," he laughed. "Dont worry, its just a theory..."

Page 200: (Talking about Jess wanting details about the night Bella left Angela and Jess with Edward.) "She wants to know if we're secretly dating. And she wants to know how you feel about me," he finall said. "Yikes. What should I say?" I tried to keep my expression very innocent. People were passing us on their way to calss, probably staring, but I was barely aware of them. "Hmmmm." He paused to catch a stray lock of hair that was escaping the twist on my neck and wound it back into place. My heart spluttered hyperactively. "I suppose you could say yes to the first...if you dont mind--its easier than any other explanation." "I dont mind," i said in a faint voice. "And for the other question...well, I'll be listening to hear the answer to that one myself." One side of his mouth pulled up into my favorite uneven smile. I couldnt catch my breath soon enough to respond to that remark. He turned and walked away.

Page 213: (edward and bella talking about their car trip.) "That wouldnt be a problem." He was very confident. "It's all in the leading." HE could see that I was about to protest, and he cut me off. "But you never told me--are you resolved on going to Seattle, or do you mind if we do something different?" As long as the "we" part was in, I didnt care about anything else. "I'm open to alternatives," I allowed. "But I do have a favor to ask." He looked wary, as he always did when I asked and openended question, "What?" "Can I drive?" He frowned, "Why?" "well, mostly because when I told Charlie I was going to Seattle, he specifically asked if I was going alone and, at the time, I was. IF he asked again, I probably wouldnt lie, but I dont think he will ask again, and leaving my truck at home would just bring up the subject unnecessarily. And also, because you driving frightens me." He rolled his eyes. "Of all the things about me that could frighten you, you worry about my driving."

Page 232-233: "It's twilight," Edward murmured, looking at the western horizon, obscured as it was with clouds. His voice was thoughful, as if his mind were somewhere far away. I stared at him as he gazed unseeingly out the windshield. I was still staring when his eyes suddenly shifted back to mind. "It's the safest time of day for us," he said, answering the unspoken question in my eyes. "The easiest time, But also the saddest, in a way...the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, dont you think?" He smiled wistfully. "I like the night. Withought the dark, we'd never see the stars." I frowned. "Not that you see them here much."

Page 255: (Edward talking to Bella.) "Are you so depressed by Forks that it's made you suicidal?"

Page 267: "So what you're saying is, I'm your brand of heroin?" I teased, trying to lighten the mood. He smiled swiftly, seeming to appreciate my effort. "Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin."

Page 274: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...," he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word. "What a stupid lamb," I sighed. "What a sick, masochistic lion." He stared into the shadowy forest for a long moment, and I wondered where his thoughts had taken him.

Page 279: "Will you turn into a bat?" I asked warily. He laughed, louder than I'd ever heard. "Like I haven't heard that one before." "RIght, I'm sure you get that all the time." "Come on little coward, climb on my back."

Page 281: (after Edward takes Bella on the little trip on his back) "How do you feel?" he asked. I couldnt be sure how I felt when my head was spinning so crazily. "Dizzy, I think." "Put you head between your knees." I tried that, and it helped a little. I breathed in and out slowly, keeping my head very still. I felt him sitting beside me. The moments passed, and eventually I found that I could raise my head. There was a hollow ringing sound in my ears. "I guess that wasnt the best idea," He mused. I tried to be positive, but my voice was weak. "No, it was very interesting." "Hah! YOu're as white as a ghost--no, you're as white as me!"

Page 284: (Bella and Edward fighting over who shuld drive) "Bella, I've already expended a great deal of personal effort at this point to keep you alive. I'm not about to let you behind the wheel of a vehicle when you can't even walk straight. Besides, friends dont let friends drive drunk," he quoted with a chuckle. I could smell the unbearably sweet fragrance coming off his chest. "Drunk?" I objected. "You're intoxicated by my very presence." He was grinning that playful smirk again. "I cant argue with that," i sighed. There was no way around it; I couldnt resist him in anything. I held the key high and dropped it, watching his hand flash like lightning to catch it soundlessly. "Take it easy--my truck is a seniour citizen."

Page 294: "Dont be self-conscious," he whispered in my ear. "If I could dream at all it would be about you. And I'm not ashamed of it."

Page 302: "I'm trying," he shispered, his voice pained. "If it gets to be...too much, I'm fairly sure I'll be able to leave." I scowled. I didnt like the talk of leaving. "And it will be harder tomorrow," he continued. "I've had the scent of you in my head all day, and I've grown amazingly desensitized. IF I'm away from you for any length of time, I'll have to start over again. Not quite from scratch, though, I think." "Dont go away, then," I responded, unable to hide the longing in my voice. "That suits me," he replied, his face relaxing into a gentle smile. "Bring on the shackles--I'm your prisoner." But his long hands formed manacled around my wrists as he spoke. He laughed his quiet, musical laugh. He'd laughed more tonight than I'd ever heard in all the time I'd spent with him.

Also Page 302: "You seem more...optimistic than usual," I observed. "I havent seen you like this before." "Isnt it suposed to be like this?" He smiled. "The glory of first love, and all that. Its incredible, isnt it, the difference between reading about something, seeing it in the pictures, and experiencing it?" "Very different," I agreed. "More forceful than I'd imagined."

Page 306: I could feel his cool breath on my neck, feel his nose sliding along my jaw, inhaling. "I thought you were desensitized." "Just because I'm resisting the wine doesnt mean I cant appreciate the bouquet," he whispered. "You have a very floral smell, like lavender...orfreesia," He noted. "It's mouthwatering." "Yeah, its an off day when i dont get somebody telling me how edible I smell.

New Moon:

Page 4: (When Bella is having the birthday dream with her 'grandmother.') Well, Gran, you might have noticed that my boyfriend glitters. It's just something he does in the sun. Don't worry about it...

Page 18: (While watching Romeo and Juliet.) "I'll admit, I do sort of envy him here," Edward said, drying the tears with a lock of my hair.
"She's very pretty."
He made a disgusted sound. "I don't envy him the girl--just the ease of the suicide," he clarified in a teasing tone. "You humans have it so easy! All you have to do is throw down one tiny vial of plant extracts..."

Page 26: (Emmett talking to Bella at her birthday party.) "You haven't changed at all," Emmett said with mock disappointment, "I expected a perceptible difference, but here you are, red-faced just like always."
"Thanks a lot, Emmett," I said, blushing deeper.
He laughed, "I ahve to step out for a second"--he paused to wink conspicuously at Alice--"Don't do anything funny while I'm gone."
"I'll try."

Page 52: He frowned at me in the darkness. "Try to sleep Bella."
"No, I want you to kiss me again."
"You're overestimating my self-control."
"Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body?" I challenged.
"It's a tie." He grinned briefly in spite of himself, and then was serious again. "Now, why don't you stop pushing your luck and go to sleep?"

Page 71: (When Edward is leaving. I like this one because even though Edward is telling Bella that he is leaving he still shows affection by telling her to stay safe...even though he says he's thinking of Charlie. Such a lie! lol) "Don't do anything reckless or stupid," he ordered, no longer detached. "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Page 96: (When Charlie is suggesting Bella get help.) I didn't know much about psychoanalysis, but I was pretty sure that it didn't work unless the subject was relatively honest. Sure, I could tell the truth--if I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a padded cell.

Page 139: (Quil, Embry, Jake and Bella in Jake's garage fixing up the bikes.) "Bella and I are going to fix up these bikes," Jacob explained inaccurately. But bikes seemed to be the magic word. Both boys went to examine Jacob's project, drilling him with educated questions. Many of the words they used were unfamiliar to me, and I figured I'd have to have a Y chromosome to really understand the excitement.

Page 148: Despite the path, we were both tripping over our feet in the darkness. So we were also both laughing when the house came into view. The laughter did not go deep; it was light and superficial, but still nice. I was sure he wouldn't notice the faint hint of hysteria. I wans't used to laughing, and it felt right and also very wrong at the same time.
Charlie was standing under the little back porch, and Billy was sitting in the doorway behind them.
"Hey, Dad," we both said at the same time, and that started us laughing again.

Page 169: (Jacob.) "Cool! I'm middle-aged now."

Page 179: He patted my head. "You're like a little doll," he teased. "A porcelain doll."
I rolled my eyes, taking another step away. "Let's not start with the albino cracks."
"Seriously, Bella, are you sure you're not?" He stretched his russet arm out next to mine. The difference wasn't flattering. "I've never seen anyone paler than you...well, except for--" He broke off, and I looked away, trying to not understand what he had been about to say.

Page 192: "Nothing. I just hadn't realized before. Did you know, you're sort of beautiful?"
Once the words slipped out, I worried that he might take my impulsive observation the wrong way.
But Jacob just rolled his eyes. "You hit your head pretty hard, didn't you?"
"I'm serious."
"Well, then, thanks. Sort of."
I grinned. "You're sort of welcome."

Page 197: (Jacob and Bella hiking.) "I would have figured you for a trail kind of girl."
"Not me." I smiled bleakly. "I'm a rebel."

Page 200: "I hope we see the bear tomorrow. I'm sort of disappointed about that."
"Yes, me, too," I agreed sarcastically. "Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow and something will eat us!"

Page 202: (Valentines Day.) Jacob shook his head with mock sadness. "You can be so out of it sometimes. Yes, it is the fourteenth day of February. So are you going to be my Valentine? Since you didn't get me a fifty-cent box of candy, it's the least you can do."
I started to feel uncomfortable. The words were teasing, but only on the surface.
"What exactly does that entail?" I hedged.
"The usual--slave for life, that kind of thing."

Page 205: (Mike and Bella discussing movies.) "I want to see Crosshairs," I insisted. "I'm in the mood for action. Bring on the blood and guts!"
"Okay." MIke turned away, but not before I saw his maybe-she's-crazy-after-all expression.

Page 206: (When Mike is pulling into Bella's driveway to see the movie.) "I remember this guy," he said in a love voice as Mike parked across the street. "The one who thought you were his girlfriend. Is he still confused?"

Page 209: When we got to the theater, Jacob handed me a ten-dollar bill.
"What's this?" I objected.
"I'm not old enough to get into this one," he reminded me.
I laughed out loud. "So much for relative ages. Is Billy going to kill me if I sneak you in?"
"No. I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence."

Page 267: (Jacob talking. This was SO mean!) "You asked for it," he growled at me, eyes glinting hard. "If you want to blame someone, why don't you point your finger at those filthy, reeking bloodsuckers that you love so much?"

Page 174: (Charlie on the phone with Billy. I love Charlie! You can tell he really loves Bella.) "Don't you put this on Bella!" Charlie suddenly shouted. I jumped. When he spoke again, his voice was careful and lower. "Bella's made it very clear all along that she and Jacob were just friends...Well, if that was it, then why didn't you say so at first? No, Billy, I think she's right about this...Because I know my daughter, and if she says Jacob was scared before--" He was cut off mid-sentence, and when he answered he was almost shouting again.
"What do you mean I don't know my daughter as well as I think I do!" He listened for a brief second, and his response was almost too low for me to hear. "If you think I'm going to remind her about that, then you had better think again. She's only just starting to get over it, and mostly because of Jacob, I think. If whatever Jacob has going on with this Sam character sends her back into that depression, then Jacob is going to have to answer to me. You're my friend, Billy, but this is hurting my family."

Page 279: (Jacob when he's coming through Bella's window.) "I'm trying to keep"--he huffed, shifting his weight as the treetop bounced him--"my promise!"
I blinked my wet blurry eyes, suddenly sure that I was dreaming.
"When did you ever promise to kill yourself falling out of Charlie's tree?"

Page 293-294: (When Bella realized Jake is a werewolf.) What kind of place was this? Could a world really exist where ancient legends went wandering around the borders of tiny, insignificant towns, facing down mythical monsters? Did this mean every impossible fairy tale was grounded somewhere in absolute truth? Was there anything sane or normal at all, or was everything just magic and ghost stories?

Page 294: But Jacob? Jacob, who was just Jacob, and nothing more than that? Jacob, my friend? Jacob, the only human I'd ever been able to relate to...
And he wasn't even human.
I fought the urge to scream again.
What did this say about me?
I knew the answer to that one. It said that there was something deeply wrong with me. Why else would my life be filled whit characters from horror movies? Why esle would I care so much about them that it would tear big chunks right out of my chest when they went off along their mythical ways?

Page 306: (Bella and Jacob.) "You're such a hypocrite, Bella--there you sit, terrified of me! How is that fair?" His hands shook with anger.
"Hypocrite? How does being afraid of a monster make me a hypocrite?"
"Ugh!" he groaned, pressing his trembling fists to his temples and squeezing his eyes shut. "Would you listen to yourself?"
He took two steps toward me, leaning over me and glaring with fury. "Well, I'm so sorry that I can't be the right kind of monster for you, Bella. I guess I'm just not as great as a bloodsucker, am I?"

Page 308: "Your really, honestly don't mind that I morph into a giant dog?" he asked, his voice joyful in my ear.
"No," I gasped. "Can't--breathe--Jake!"

Page 323: (Bella about to meet wolf friends!) I cowered into Jacob's side, my eyes scanning the forest for the other werewolves. When they appeared, striding out from between the trees, they weren't what I was expecting. I'd gotten the image of the wolves stuck in my head. These were just four really big half-naked boys.

Page 327: (Embry, Jared, and Bella when Jake and Paul ran off fighting.) "Totally shredded," Jared said. "Billy said this was the last pair he could afford--guess Jacob's going barefoot now."
"This one survived," Embry said, holding up a white sneaker. "Jake can hop," he added with a laugh.

Page 139: (Embry/Jared making a bet.) "That's fine. I got a weak stomach. I don't want to be in there when she blows."
"I bet she's tougher than that. She runs with vampires."

Page 332: (Emily and Bella.) "Leave it to Jacob to find away around," Emily murmured. She stared at me, and neither half of her once-beautiful face was friendly. "So, you're the vampire girl."
I stiffened. "Yes. Are you the wolf girl?"
She laughed, as did Embry and Jared. The left half of her face wamred. "I guess I am." She turned to Jared. "Where's Sam?"

Page 333-334: I was grateful for the distraction when Jacob and Paul came through the door, and then shocked when I saw that they were laughing. While I watched, Paul punched Jacob on the shoulder and Jacob went for a kidney jab in return. They laughed again. They both appeared to be in once piece.

Page 335: With stunning speed, Jacob yanked a can opener from the counter and launched it at Jared's head. Jared's hand flicked up faster than I would have thought possible, and he snagged the tool just before it hit his face.

Page 342: It was Spring Break in Forks again. When I woke up on Monday morning, I lay in bed for a few seconds absorbing that. Last spring brea, I'd been hunted by a vampire, too. I hoped this wasn't some kind of tradition forming.

Page 343: (Bella and Mike.) "I know," I sighed. "Life is complicated."
"And girls are cruel," Mike said under his breath.

Page 349: "We're a pretty messed-up pair, aren't we?" Jacob said. "Neither one of us can hold our shape together right."
"Pathetic," I agreed.

Page 379-380: "Bye, Bella," he called back over his shoulder. "I really hope you don't die." He sprinted into the darkness, shaking so hard that his shape seemed blurred; he disappeared before I could open my mouth to call him back.

Page 383: (Bella first sees Alice in her house.) "It's my own fault. It's been too long since I hunted. I shouldn't let myself get so thirsty. But I was in a hurry today." The look she directed at me then was a glare. "Speaking of which, would you like to explain to me how you're alive?"

Page 387: "There's nothing wrong with werewolves," I grumbled, stung by her critical tone.
"Until they lose their tempers." She shook her head sharply from side to side. "Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would be better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find."

Page 389: "Alice," I sighed. "What did you think you were going to find? I mean, besides me dead? Did you expect to find me skipping around and whistling show tunes? You know me better than that."

Page 415: Alice's voice was very hard and her lips were pulled back from her teeth. "It's a bit late for that, Rose. Save your remorse for someone who believes it." Alice snapped the phone shut with a sharp twist of her fingers.

Page 419: (Alice.) "So if they agree to grant his favor, we're too late. If they say no, and he comes up with a plan to offend them quickly enough, we're too late. If he gives into his more theatrical tendencies...we might have time."

Page 431: (Alice.) "I doubt they've ever had a situation quite like this," she muttered, disgusted. "You don't get a lot of suicidal vampires."

Page 436: (On plane to Italy.) "Did I scare you?" she wondered. "I thought that's what you wanted."
"I do!" I gasped. "Oh, Alice, do it now! I could help you so much--and I wouldn't slow you down. Bit me!"
"Shh," she cautioned. The attendant was looking in our direction again. "Try to be reasonable," she whispered. "We don't have enough time. We have to get into Volterra tomorrow. You'd be writhing in pain for days." She made a face. "And I don't think the other passengers would ract well."

Page 439: She eyed me speculatively. "How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?"

Page 441: "Try not to trip," she added. "We don't have time for a concussion today."

Page 452: It aws very strange, for I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instand, I felt well. Whole. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again. My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin. It was like there had never gbeen any hole in my chest. I was perfect--not healed, but as if there had been no wound in the first place.
"I can't believe how quick it was. I didn't feel a thing--they're very good," he mused, closing his eyes again and pressing his lips against my hair. His voice was like honey and velvet. "Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty," he murmured, and I recognized the line spoken by Romeo in the tomb. The clock boomed out its final chime. "You smell just exactly the same as always," he went on. "So maybe this is hell. I don't care. I'll take it."

Page 457: "It's a long story." Alice's eyes flickered toward me and away. "In summary, she did jump off a cliff, but she wasn't trying to kill herself. Bella's all about the extreme sports these days."

Page 486: "I think she's having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her," Alice suggested.

Page 488: I wrapped my arms around his neck--what was the worst he could do? Just push me away--and hugged myself closer to him. "Is it really sick for me to be happy right now?" I asked. My voice broke twice.

Page 490: "What was all that talk about singers?" Alice asked at one point.
"La tua contante," Edward said. His voice made the words into music.
"Yes, that," Alice said, and I concentrated for a moment. I'd wondered about that, too, at the time.
I felt Edward shrug around me. "They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella does to me. They call her my singer--because her blood sings for me."

Page 491: It was heaven--right smack in the middle of hell.

Page 495: (I love Jasper! Totally my second fave Cullen...after Edward of course, lol.) Neither Alice nor Edward was surprised by the reception that waited for us at Sea-Tac airport, but it caught me off guard. Jasper was the first one I saw--he didn't seem to see me at all. His eyes were only for Alice. She went quickly to his side; they didn't embrace like other couples meeting there. They only stared into each other's faces, yet, somehow, the moment was so private that I still felt the need to look away.

Page 496: (Esme.) "Thank you so much," she said in my ear.
Then she threw her amrs around Edward, and she looked like she would be crying if that were possible.
"You will never put me through that again," she nearly growled.
Edward grinned, repentant. "Sorry Mom." (I love hearing Edward call Esme 'Mom' its so cute!)

Page 497: (Rosalie.) "I'm so very sorry, Bella. I feel wretched about every part of this, and so grateful that you were brave enough to go save my brother after what I did. Please say you'll forgive me."
The words were awkward, stilted because of her embarrassment, but they seemed sincere.
"Of course, Rosalie," I mumbled, grasping at any chance to make her hate me a little less. "It's not your fault at all. I'm the one who jumped off the damn cliff. Of course I forgive you."
The words came out like mush.
"It doesn't count until she's conscious, Rose," Emmett chuckled.

Page 502-503: (When Bella thinks she's dreaming.) "I can see where you might confuse me with a nightmare." His short-lived smile was grim. "But I can't imagine what you could have done to wind up in hell. Did you commit many murders while I was away?"
I grimaced. "Obviously not. If I was in hell, you wouldn't be with me.

Page 503: "Charlie?" I asked.
Edward frowned. "Sleeping. You should probably know that I'm breaking the rules right now. Well, not technically, since he said I aws never to walk through his door again, and I came in the window...But, still, the intent was clear."

Page 505-506: "I--" He took a deep breath. "I owe you an apology. No, of course I owe you much, much more than that. But you have to know"--the words began to flow so fast, the way I rememebered he spoke sometimes when he was agitated, that I really had to concentrate to catch them all--"that I had no idea. I didn't realize the mess I was leaving behind. I thought it was safe for you here. So safe. I had no idea that Victoria"--his lips curled back when he said the name--"would come back. I'll admit, when I saw her that one time, I was paying much more attention to James's thoughts. But I just didn't see that she had this kind of response in her. That she even had such a tie to him. I think I realize why now--she was so sure of him, the thought of him failing never occurred to her. It was her overconfidence that clouded her feelings about him--that kept me from seeing the depth of them, the bond there.
"Not that there's any excuse for what I left you to face. When I heard what you told Alice--what she saw herself--when I realized that you had to put your life in the hands of werewolves, immature, volatile, the worst thing out there besides Victoria herself"--he shuddered and the gush of words halted for a short second. "Please know that I had no idea of any of this. I feel sick, sick to my core, even no, when I can see and feel you safe in my arms. I am the most miserable excuse for--"

Page 507-508: "Isabella Marie Swan," he whispered, the strangest expression crossing his face. He almost looked mad. "Do you believe that I asked the Volturi to kill me because I felt guitly?"
I could feel the blank incomprehension on my face. "Didn't you?"

Page 509-510: "A clean break," I whispered throug unmoving lips.
"Exactly. But I never imagined it would be so easy to do! I thought it would be next to impossible--that you would be so sure of the truth that I would have to lie through my teeth for hours to even plan the seed of doubt in your head. I lied, and I'm so sorry--sorry because I hurt you, sorry because it was a worthless effort. Sorry that I couldn't protect you from what I am. I lied to save you, and it didn't work. I'm sorry.
"But how could you believe me? After all the thousand times I've told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me?"

Page 510: (Edward.) "You're impossible," he said, and he laughed once--a hard laugh, frustrated. "How can I put this so that you'll believe me? You're not asleep, and you're not dead. I'm here, and I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I was thinking of you, seeing your face in my mind, every second that I was away. When I told you that I didn't want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy."

Page 514: "I'm not as strong as you give me credit for," he said. "Right and wrong have ceased to mean much to me; I was coming back anyway. Before Rosalie told me the news, I was already past trying to live through one week at a time, or even one day. I was fighting to make it through a single hour. It was only a matter of time--and not much of it--before I showed up at your window and begged you to take me back. I'd be happy to bed, if you'd like that."

Page 514: (Edward talking. I found this soo sweet!) "Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars--points of light and reason...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything."

Page 519: "You do realize that I'll die eventually, right?" I demanded.
He'd thought about this part, too. "I'll follow after as soon as I can."
"That is seriously..." I looked for the right word. "Sick."

Page 521: "This isn't just about you anymore. You're not the center of the universe, you know." My own personal universe was, of course, a different story. "If you're going to bring the Volturi down on us over something as stupid as leaving me human, then your family ought to have a say."
"A say in what?" he asked, each word distinct.
"My mortality. I'm putting it to a vote."

Page 532-533: He and Emmett exchaned a glance and a smirk.
This made no sense. "But they can find you." I reminded him.
"And I can take care of myself."
Emmett laughed, and reached across the table toward his brother, extending a fist.
"Excellent plan, my brother," he said with enthusiasm.
Edward stretched out his arm to smake Emmett's fist with his own.
"No," Rosalie hissed.
"Absolutely not," I agreed.
"Nice." Jasper's voice was appreciative.
"Idiots," Alice muttered.

Page 534: I nodded slowly, and then turned to Emmett.
"Hell, yes!" He grinned. "We can find some other way to pick a fight with this Demetri."

Page 538: "Ugh," I groaned, throwing myself back on the bed and pulling the quilt over my head.
There was no sound, but suddenly he was there. He flipped the cover back so he could see me. He was lying next to me. His hand reached up to brush my hair from my cheek
"If you don't mind, I'd much rather you didn't hide your face. I've lived without it for as long as I can stand. Now...tell me something."
"What?" I asked, unwillingly
"If you could have anything in the world, anything at all, what would it be?"
I could feel the skepticism in my eyes, "You."
He shook his head impatiently. "Something you don't already have."

Page 540: He sighed. "You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it's a joke."

Page 542: He gauged my expression for a second. "Would it be childish of me to hide in your closet, then?"

Page 546: His jaw tightened. "So eager for eternal damnation," he muttered.


Page 8: (When Charlie is reading the newspaper) He ignored me, grumbling at the paper in his hands. "This is why everyone wants to live in a small town! Ridiculous." "What have big cities done wrong now?" "Seatle's making a run for murder capital of the county. Five unsolved homicides in the last two weeks. Can you imagine living like that?" "I think Phoenix is actually higher up the homicide list, Dad. I have lived like that." And I'd never come close to being a murder victim until after I moved to his safe little town. In face, I was still on several hit lists...The spoon shook in my hands, making the water tremble.

Page 31: "We thought the line had died out with Ephraim," Edward muttered; it sounded like he was talking to himself now. "That the genetic quirk which allowed the transmutation had been lost..." He broke off and stared at me accusingly. "Your bad luck seems to get more potent every day. Do you realize that your insatiable pull for all things deadly was strong enough to recover a pack of mutant canines from extinction? If we could bottle your luck, we'd have a weapon of mass desturction on our hands."

Page 41: You're really not that good a mechanic, Edward. Maybe you should have Rosalie take a look at it tonight, just so you look good if Mike decides to let you help, you know. Not that it wouldn't be fun to watch his face if Rosalie showed up to help. But since Rosalie is supposed to be across the country attending college, I guess that's not the best idea. Too bad. Though I suppose, for Mike's car, you'll do. It's only within the finer tunings of a good Italian sports car that you're out of your depth. And speaking of Italy and sports cars that I stole there, you still owe me a yellow Porsche. I don't know that I want to wait for Christmas..."

Page 47: (Talking about the stereo Emmett had gotten Bella for her birthday that she tore out in New Moon.) "What did you do to this?" He asked in a horrorstruck voice. "It didn't want to come out of the dashboard." "So you felt the need to torture it?" YOu know how I am with tools. No pain was inflicted intentionally." He shook his head, his face a mask of faux tragedy. "You killed it."

Page 58: "Okay, Bella. Here's the thing." He got up from the couch and started pacing back and forth across the room, looking at his feet all the time, "You and Edward seem pretty serious, and there are some things that you need to be careful about. I know you're an adult now, but you're still young, Bella, and there are a lot of important things you need to know when you...well, when you're physically involved with--" "Oh, please, please no!" I begged, jumping to my feet. "Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie."

Page 93: Emmett had said, "I'm really glad Edward didn't kill you. Everything's so much more fun with you around."

Page 95: "I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me. Look after my heart--I've left it with you."

Page 119: "You...can't...grow up?" i said blankly. "You're what? Not...aging? Is that a joke?" "Nope." He popped his lips on the P. I felt blood flood my face. Tears--tears of rafe--filled my eyes. My teethe mashed together with an audible grinding sound. "Bella? What did I say?" I was on my feet again, my hands balled up into fists, my whole frame shaking. "You. Are. Not. Aging," I growled through my clenched teeth. Jacob tugged my arm gently, trying to make me sit. "None of us are. What's wrong with you?" "Am I the only one whoe has to get old? I get older every stinking day!" I nearly shrieked, throwing my hands in the air. Some little part of me recognized that I was throwing a Charlie-esque fit, but that rational part was greatly overshadowed by the irrational part. "Damn it! What kind of world is this? Where's the justice?"

Page 143: "Okay," I sighed. "I believe that. But I want you to know something--when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I'm out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are...well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too."

Page 145: "All the boys went, and we're having a slumber party!" she announced in a trilling, singsong voice. "A slumber party?" I repeated, the suspicion finally settling in. "Aren't you excited?" she crowed. I met her animated gaze for a long second. "You're kidnapping me, aren't you?" She laughed and nodded, "Till Saturday. Esme cleared it with Charlie; you're staying with me two nights, and I will drive you to and from school tomorrow."

Page 149: "You are in trouble," I said slowly, emphasizing each word. "Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home."

Page 150: She grinned. "This hostage stuff is fun."

Page 194: He put his lips right to my ear; his cold breath tickled. "I prefer brunettes." "She's a blonde. That figures." "Strawberry blonde--not at all my type."

Page 195: "It's late," he said again, mumuring, almost crooning now, his voice smoother than silk. "Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love."

Page 216: He grinned. "Does my being half-naked bother you?"

Page 218: (Talking about Edward.) He wrinkled his nose again, "Well...I was you...y'know, kiss him?" I laughed, "Yes." He shuddered. "Ugh." "To each her own," I murmured. "You don't worry about the fangs?" I smacked his arm, splashing him with dishwater. "Shut up, Jacob! You know he doesn't have fangs!" "Close enough," he muttered.

Page 224: "Did you two get into a fight?" he asked. "Edward!" I sang, throwing myself at him. "Hi, there." he laughed and wrapped his arms around me. "Are you trying to distract me? It's working." "No, I didn't fight with Jacob. Much. Why?" "I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object." With his chin, he gestured to the knife on the counter. "Dan! I thought I got everything." I pulled away from him and ran to put the knife in the sink before I doused it with bleach. "I didn't stab him," I explained as I worked. "He forgot he had a knife in his hand." Edward chuckled, "That's not nearly as fun as the way I imagined it."

Page 230: You don't have to ask my permission, Bella. I'm not your father--thank heaven for that. Perhaps you should ask Charlie, though."

Page 235: (After Edward gave Bella the helmet and padded riding jacket.) "Be honest, how hideous do I look?" He took another step back and pursed his lips. "That bad, huh?" I muttered. "NO, no, Bella. Actually..." he seemed to be struggling for the right word. "You" I laughed out loud, "Right." "Very sexy, really."

Page 268: Amazing," Edward muttered, "How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"

Page 317: "How strong with I be?" He grinned, "Stronger than I am." "Stronger than Emmett?" The grin got bigger. "Yes. Do me a favor and challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. It would be a good experience for him."

Pages 317-318: Then I sighed and hopped down from the counter, because I really couldn't put it off any longer. "I had to cram, and cram hard. Luckily I had Edward's help, and Edward was an excellent tutor--since he knew absolutely everything. I figured my biggest problem would be just focusing on the tests. IF I didn't watch myself, I might end up writing my History essay on the vampire wars of the South.

Page 330-331: (I dont like this part but this is my proof to show wat a perv Jake is.) HIs lips crushed mine, stopping my prtest. He kissed me angrily, roughly, his other hand gripping tight around the back of my neck, making escape impossible. I shoved against his chest with all my strength, but he didn't even seem to notice. His mouth was soft, despite the ange, his lips molding to mine in a warm, unfamiliar way. I grabbed at his face, trying to push it away, failing again. He seemed to notice this time, though, and it aggravated him. His lips forced mine open, and I could feel his hot breath in my mouth.

Page 438-439: "A hand-me-down," he reminded me sternly. HE pulled my left wrist away from my leg, and touched the silver bracelet for just a moment. Then he gave me my arm back. I examined it cautiously. On the opposite side of the chain from the wold, there now hung a brilliant heartshaped crystal. It was cut in a million facets, so that even in the subdues light shining from the lamp, it sparkled. I inhaled in a low gasp. "It was my mother's." He shrugged deprecatingly. "I inherited quite a few baubled like this. I've given some to Esme and Alice both. So, clearly, this is not a big deal in any way." I smiled ruefully at his assurance. "But I thought it was a good representation," he continued. "It's hard and cold." he laughed. "And it throws rainbows in the sunlight." "You forgot the most important similarity," I murmured. "It's beautiful." "My heart is just as silent," he mused. "And it, too, is yours."

Page 455: "He smiled at me until I gave up with an angry humph. "So that's it. YOu won't sleep with me until we're married." "Technically, I can't ever sleep with you."

Page 476: "Does that mean that he's a better kisser than I am?" Jacob asked, suddenly glum. "I really couldn't say, Jake. Edward is the only person I've ever kissed." "Besides me." "But I don't cound that as a kiss, Jacob. I think of it more as an assault." "Ouch! That's cold." I shrugged. I wasn't going to take it back.

Page 491: (Another example of how Jake is a perv.) "Try to relax," he suggested as another shiver rippled through me violently. "You'll be warm in a minute. Of course, you'd warm up faster if you took your clothes off."

Page 614: (After Bella sees her wedding dress.) "Can I see your dress?" I asked. She blinked, her face blank. "Didn't you order your bri9desmaid dress at the same time? I wouldn't want my maid of honor to wear something off the rack." I pretended to wince in horror. She threw her arms around my waist. "Thank you Bella!" "How could you not see that one coming?" I teased, kissing her spiky hair. "Some psychic you are!"

Page 622-623: (Jacob's POV.) "This is making me sick, Jacob. Can you imagine what this feels like to me? I don't even like Bella Swan. And you've got me grieving over this leech-lover like I'm in love with her, too. Can you see where that might be a little confusing? I dreamed about kissing her last night! What the hell am I supposed to do with that?"

Page 623: "If you're upset about gender confusion, Leah...," I said. Slow, emphasizing each word. "How do you think the rest of us like looking at Sam through your eyes? It's bad enough that Emily has to deal with your fixation. She doesn't need us guys panting after him, too."

Page 627: (The wedding invite Edward sent Jake.) Jacob, I'm breaking the rules bye sending you this. She was afraid of hurting you, and she didn't want to make you feel obligated in any way. But I know that, if things had gone the other way, I would have wanted the choice. I promise I will take care of her, Jacob. Thank you--for her--for everything. Edward.

Page 14: (When Bella and Edward are about to tell Charlie about getting married.) "You're pregnant!" Charlie exploded. "You're pregnant, aren't you?"
Though the question was clearly meant for me, he was glaring at Edward now, and I could have sworn I saw his hand twitch toward the gun.

Page 27: (When Bella and Edward are talking about Bella being a vampire and who'll she'll miss.) "I'll miss my friends, too." I smiled in the darkness. "Especially Mike. Oh, Mike! How will I go on?"

Page 29: (Night before wedding.) "If you don't send Edward out," Emmett--still invisible in the night--hissed menacingly, "we're coming in after him!"
"Go," I laughed. "Before they break my house."

Page 40: "No one expects me to be stunning. I think the bigger problem is that I might fall asleep during the ceremony and not be able to say 'I do' at the right part, and then Edward will make his escape."
She laughed. "I'll throw my bouquet at you when it gets close."

Page 56: "I'm going to miss you at home, Bella. I'm already lonely."
I spoke through a tight throat, trying to make a joke of it. "I feel just horrible, leaving you to cook for yourself--it's practically criminal negligence. You could arrest me."

Page 69: (Emmett getting Bella to dance at the wedding.) "You're monopolizing the bride," Emmett said, coming up behind Edward's shoulder. "Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush."

Page 71: Alice growled quietly. "I'll tell her whree you're taking her, Edward. So help me, I will."
He froze. Then he lifted his face from mine and glared at his favorite sister. "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating."

Page 85: (Isle Esme, in the water.) "But I wouldn't use the word beautiful," he continued. "Not with you standing here in comparison."

Page 89: "Why am I covered in feathers?" I asked, confused.
He exhaled impatiently. "I bit a pillow. Or two. That's not what I'm talking about."

Page 96: "I'll never get this all out of my hair!" I pointed to my head, where it looked like a chicken was nesting. I started picking at the feathers.
"You would be worried about your hair," he mumbled, but he came to stand behind me, pulling out the feathers much more quickly.

Page 97: I swallowed and then reminded him, "I was asleep. This is really good, by the way. Impressive for someone who doesn't eat."
"Food Network," he said, flashing my favorite crooked smile.

Page 110: "You look so guilty--like you've commited a crime."
"I feel guilty," I muttered.
"So you seduced your all-too-willing husband. That's not a capital offense."

Page 110: "If I don't have a better sense of equilibrium in my next life, I'm demanding a refund."

Page 111: He gave me a dubious look "For this?" he asked, catching my hand as it moved down his stomach. "Sex was the key all along?" He rolled his eyes. "Why didn't I think of that?" he muttered sarcastically. "I could have saved myself a lot of arguments."
I laughed. "Yeah, probably."
"You are so human," he said again.
"I know."

Page 121: "Damn rancid chicken," I moaned.


Page143: LIfe sucks, and then you die.
Yeah, I should be so lucky.

Page 148: I wondered--would a bullet through my temple actually kill me or just leave a really big mess for me to clean up?

Page 151-152: (Quil talking.) "Keep out of the water, Claire. C'mon. No, don't. Oh! Nice kid. Seriously, do you want Emily to yell at me? I'm not bringing you back to the beach again if you don't--Oh yeah? Don't--ugh. You think that's funny, do you? hah! Who's laughing now, huh?"

Page 152: "Sounds like somebody's hit the terrible twos."
"Threes actually," Quil corrected. "You missed the party. Princess theme. She made me wear a crown, and then Emily suggested they all try out her new play makeup on me."
"Wow, I'm really sorry I wasn't around to see that."
"Don't worry, Emily has pictures. Actually, I look pretty hot."

Page 155: "Put that together with the tiara and makeup, and maybe Claire will have a different kind of competition to worry about."
Quil laughed and made kissing noises at me. "You available this Friday, Jacob?"
"You wish," I said, and then I made a face. "Yeah, guess I am, though."

Page 168: (Talking about Edward.) When I finished with him, I'd take as many of the rest of them as I could before they got me. Huh--I wondered if Sam would consider my death provocation. Probably say I got what I deserved. WOuldn't want to offend his bloodsucker BFFs.

Page 177: It took me a minute for the words to sink in. Jeez, she was running true to form. Of course, die for the monster spawn. It was so Bella.

Page 181: What was he saying? That Bella should, what? Have a baby? With me? What? How? Was he giving her up? Or did he think she wouldn't mind being shared?

Page 188: "Did you kno that 'I told you so' has a brother, Jacob?" She asked, cutting me off. "His name is 'Shut the hell up."

Page 191: "Emergency vampirization," I mumbled.

Page 192: My hands shook again. "Oh, I hadn't heard the great news. A bouncing baby boy, huh? Shoulda brought some blue balloons."

Page 215: Stop being so...Tooke me a minute to decide on the right word. Optimistic. It's getting on my nerves.
No problem. You want me to be all down and gloom, or just shut up?
Just shut up.
Can do.
Really? Doesn't seem like it.

Page 215: Maybe we should be thinking something like, "we come in peace."
Go for it.
He called the name tentaviely. Edward, you there? Okay, now I feel kinda stupid.
You sound stupid, too.

Page 247: "You're scared of Leah, but you're best buds with the psychopath blonde?"

Page 265: Thought you were going to make out with him, Leah snickered.

Page 266-267: They are vampires, I guess, Seth allowed after a minute, compensating for Leah's reaction. I mean, it makes sense. And if it helps Bella, it's a good thing, right?
Both Leah and I stared at him.
Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby,
Leah told me.
On his head, apparently.
He used to gnaw on the crib bars, too.
Lead paint?
Looks like it, she thought.
Seth snorted.
Funny. Why don't you two shut up and sleep?

Page 176: (Jacob talking to Alice.) "So how come you're never with Bella anymore?" I asked, making the question and accusation. It hadn't occurred to me before, because my head had been full of other crap, but it was weird that Alice was never around Bella, not since I'd been here. Maybe if Alice were by her side, Rosalie wouldn't be. "Thought you two were like this." I twisted two of my fingers together.

Page 303-304: Silently, I lifted my doggy bowl off the floor. Then, with a quick, powerful flip of my wrist, I threw it into the back of Blondie's head so hard that--with an earsplitting bang--it smashed flat before it ricocheted across the room and snapped the round top peice off the thick newel post at the floor of the stairs.
Bella twitched but didn't wake up.
"Dumb blonde," I muttered.
Rosalie turned her head slowly, and her eyes were blazing.
"You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair."
That did it.

Page 321: She nodded. "Hey Wolf."
"Hey, Shortie. What's going on upstairs?" The big room was empty--all the murmurs were on the second floor.

Page 325: (When Edward discovers he can hear the baby.) "Holy crow, you can hear him!" Bella shouted. In the next second, she winced.

Page 327: "He loves you," Edward whispered, sounding dazed. "He absolutely adores you."

Page 339: (Edward and Jake.) "She's sleeping now. Rose is with her."
So the psycho was "Rose" now. He'd completely crossed over to the dark side.

Page 343: Seth leaned against me, shoving back, and then he galloped into the trees.
"He has one of the purest, sincerest, kindest minds I've ever heard," Edward murmured when he was out of sight. "You're lucky to have his thoughts to share."


Page 393: (Bella and Edward kissing when Bella first becomes a vampire.) "Um...carefully, Bella. Ow."
I yanked my arms away, folding them behind my back as soon as I understood.
I was too strong.
"Oops," I mouthed.

Page 395: He laughed, radiant with relief that it was over--the fear, the pain, the uncertainties, the waiting, all of it behind us now. "It was sort of necessary at the time," he reminded me. "Now it's your turn to not break me." He laughed again.

Page 409: Alice grumbled, "Her fashion sense hasn't improved as much as her balance."

Page 424: "We could go back," he said solemnly, but there was a teasing light in his eye. "Whoever it was out there, if they were men, they probably wouldn't even mind death if you were the one delivering it." His gaze ran over my ravaged dress again. "In fact, they would think they were already dead and gone to heaven the moment they saw you."

Page 429: "Quite well for a newborn. The only parents in the world who don't need sleep, and our child already sleeps through the night." He chuckled.

Page 472: "Why don't you just tell me who wins?" Edward said wryly.
Alice beamed, "I do. Excellent."

Page 490: (Emmett talking.) "So it's still standing?" he managed to get out between his snickers. "I would've thought you two had knocked it to rubble by now. What were you doing last night? Discussing the national debt?" He howled with laughter.

Page 491: "I still say we should go straight to New Hampshire and get things set up," Emmett said, obviously continuing an earlier conversation. "Bella's already registered at Dartmouth. Doesn't look like it will take her all that long to be able to handle school." He turned to look at me with a teasting grin. "I'm sure you'll ace youre classes...apparently there's nothing interesting for you to do at night besides study."

Page 496: (Jake talking about Charlie.) "After a few minutes, he asked, real quietly, if you turned into an animal, too. And I said, 'She wishes she was that cool!'" Jacob chuckled.

Page 511: Charlie recovered, then looked at Emmett over his shoulder. "Florida winning?"
"Just scored the first touchdown," Emmett confirmed. He shot a look in my direction, wagging his eyebrows like a villian in Vaudeville. "'Bout time somebody scored around here."

Page 515: (Charlie holding Nessie for the first time.) "Sturdy is good," Charlie said, seeing my expression. Then he muttered to himself, "She'll need to be tough, surrounded by all this craziness." He bounced his arms gently, swaying a little from side to side. "Prettiest baby I ever saw, including you, kid. Sorry, but it's true."

Page 518: I squared my shoulders. "You. Me. Arm-wrestling. Dining room table. Now."
Emmett's grin stretched across his face.
"Er, Bella," Alice said quickly, "I think Esme is fairly fond of that table. It's an antique."

Page 519-120: "You gonna back down so easy, little sister?" Emmett taunted. "Not much wild about you, is there? I bet that cottage doesn't have a scratch." He laughed. "Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed?"

Page 535: "Suuuure you're not thirsty, Nessie," Jacob answered a little sarcastically, but more indulgently than anything else. "You're just afraid I'll catch the biggest one again."

Page 545: "The Volturi," Alice moaned.
"All of them," Edward groaned at the same time.
"Why?" Alice whispered to herself. "How?"
"When?" Edward whispered.
"Why?" Esme echoed.
"When?" Jasper repeated in a voice like splintering ice.

Page 550: There was a hint of a smile on Emmett's face now. I was surprised no one had hit him yet. I wanted to.

Page 555: The sunlight broke through the back windows, sparkling on Edward's skin. My eyes had not moved from his since Alice's departure. We'd stared at each other all night, staring at what neither of us could live through losing: the other. I saw my reflection glimmer in his agonized eyes as the sun touched my own skin.

Page 592: (Nessie explaining what she is.) "I'm not dangerous at all," Renesmee interjected. I listened to her high, clear voice with new ears, imagining how she sounded to the others. "I never hurt Grandpa or Sue or Billy. I love humans. And wolf-people like my Jacob." She sropped Edward's hand to reach back and pat Jacob's arm.

Page 630: "Why can't we take your Ferrari?" Jacob complained when he met me in the garage. I was already in Edward's Volvo with Renesmee.

Page 631: "How are you?" I asked him as I pulled out of the garage.
"How do you think?" Jacob asked bitingly. "I'm sick of all these reeking bloodsuckers." He saw my expression and spoke before I could answer. "Yeah, I know, I know. They're the good guys, they're here to help, they're going to save us all. Etcetera, etcetera. Say what you want, I still think Dracula One and Dracula Two are creep-tacular."

Page 639: (Max on the phone with J. Jenks.) Not likely. WHat does she look like?
"She looks like..." His eyes ran from my face to my shoes appreciatively. "Well, she looks like a freaking super-model, that's what she looks like." I smiled and he winked at me, then went on. "Rocking body, pale as a sheet, dark brown hair almost to her waist, needs a good night's sleep--any of this sounding familiar?"

Page 660: "The packs will fight with the Cullen's," Jacob said suddenly. "We're not afraid of vampires," he added with a smirk.
"Children," Peter muttered.
"Infants," Randall corrected.

Page 661: "Stupid leeches," he muttered to himself when we got outside. "Think they're so superior." He snorted.
"They'll be shocked when the infants save their superior lives, won't they?" Edward said.
Jake smiled and punched his shoulder. "Hell yeah, they will."

Page 673: I crossed my fingers that--since it was unlikely that his high school offered Portuguese--Jake had at least taken Spanish as his language elective.

Page 680: "The redcoats are coming, the redcoast are coming," Garrett muttered mysteriously to himself and then chuckled once. HE slid one slep closer to Kate.

Page 722: Renesmee reached for Edward, and he took her in his arms. They hugged each other tightly.

Page 723: Edward leaned his hand against the same shoulder where he'd placed Renesmee. "Goodbye, Jacob, my son."

Page 726: It probably wasn't very mature. But I figuredit would take ARo about half a second to guess--if he hadn't already--that my shield was more powerful than Edward had known; I already had a big target on my forehead and there was really no point in trying to keep the extent of what I could do a secret. So I grinned a huge, smug smile right at Jane.

Page 732: "Why don't you join us, Alice?" Edward called loudly.
"Alice," Esme whispered in shock.
Alice, Alice, Alice!
"Alice!""Alice!" other voices murmured around me.
"Alice," Aro breathed.

Page 740: It was very quick. I did not drop my shield.
"Is it really over?" I whispered to Edward.
His smile was huge. "Yes. They've given up. Like all bullies, they're cowards underneath the swagger." He chuckled.

Page 741: I couldn't speak anymore. I lifted my head and kissed him with a passion that might possibly set the forest on fire.
I wouldn't have noticed.

Page 744: "Alice gave Aro the excuse he needed to get out of the fight. If he hadn't been so terrified of Bella, he probably would have gone ahead with their original plan."
"Terrified?" I asked skeptically. "Of me?"

Page 759: "I heard you," he breathed. "How? How did you do that?"

Page 753-754: "Now you know," I said lightly, and shrugged. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you."
"Your almost right." He smiled, his eyes still a little wider than usual. "I know of just one exception."
He started to kiss me again, but then stopped abruptly.
"Can you do it again?" he wondered.
I grimaced. "It's very difficult."
He waited, his expression eager.
"I can't keep it up if I'm even the slightest bit distracted," I warned him.
"I'll be good," he promised.
I pursed my lips, my eyes narrowing. Then I smiled. I pressed my hands to his face again, hefted the shield right out of my mind, and then started in where I'd left off--with the crystal-clear memory of the first night of my new life...lingering on the details.
I laughed breathlessly when his urgent kiss interrupted my efforts again.
"Damn it," he growled, kissing hungrily down the edge of my jaw.
"We have plenty of time to work on it," I reminded him.
"Forever and forever and forever," he murmured.
"That sounds exactly right to me."

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re-writing everything. i twill be much much better. i don't like it right now.
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