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Author has written 5 stories for StarTrek: Voyager, Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica: 2003.

So the only reason I write at all is because I bring my laptop to all my classes and alternate between taking notes and writing stories. I've come to find that I am most productive when i'm supposed to be doing something else. Yes I am that person with the glazed look in the eye during lectures- but don't think my mind is shut down, its when I do the best thinking too, that and long car rides.

Anyways, I don't update as often as I'd like becuase I do have a pretty busy life, I take college seriously, I am on varsity Track & Field (yay throwers!), tennis two nights a week, and I have some great friends and good books I like to hang out with. I also set aside much more time then I should for drawing and painting.

All my stories are for fun and if anyone reviews them, please keep that in mind. I'm not looking for advice on how to write or anything, just drop me a line saying if you liked it or not.

P.S. you can find me at under the penname briteshineyobjects

Hey everyone, maybe it's time to get back to writing fanfiction? I came up with some new Voyager plotlines I'm considering writing;

EX I: K and T shuttleing to planets surface for supply talks with gov't there. Can't communicate with Voyager cuz of strange emmissons coming from nearby sun. Gov't offical takes liking to KJ. KJ uncomfortable and mad goes to leave. G-man gets mad and shoots their shuttle down over uninhabited jungle/forest. Alone, injured(?), they have to survive animals and gov't ppl looking for them until Voy realizes somethings wrong and comes to their rescue. by then they're half in love and begin sneaking around "trying to make relationship work"

EX II: In middle of first contact, KJ and TP get beamed off the bridge (aliens assume TP is KJ's mate cuz XO isn't on bridge at time) They're locked up by paraniod aliens thinking they are a plot sent against them by their enemies (again thinking by taking the alphas, they are crippling Voy's ability to fx properly). KJ and TP bond from their expierence/close quaters (maybe aliens just take their clothes or something) Voy is working on a rescue misson but nothing is working; paraniod aliens, being paraniod as they are, have hidden themselves well. KJ gets sick of waiting for a rescue and launches an escape plan (maybe getting injured in the process) and saves they day and gets the guy.
*I know this one isn't really traped on a planet kind of thing, but trapped on a ship is pretty much the same thing

EX III: while on shore leave, KJ and TP (who "happens" upon her) are captured by slave traders and sold to miners or farmers on a nearby moon. They're implated with a device that forces them to stay with in feet of each other and meters within the compound or get zapped by device. At slave compound women usually sell their bodies for more food or better treatment from guards. TP won't let KJ do that and has to protect KJ (an interesting role reversal of sub and dom) enventually KJ figures out a way to turn off zapper device for awhile =short time period for a dramatic escape. once bk on Voy KJ distances herself from TP but finds after X amount of weeks in compound, she can't sleep without him.

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