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(Your Fic Here) makes Litany a merciless bastard.

Litany of Hate & Intelligo: Fan-Fiction Superheroes.

If I have done something to anger or offend you in some manner, please take the time to fill out this complaint form.

Before you flame Litany of Hate, there is something you should know. If that is too complex, try this or the boxed set.

Notice: To butt-trumpets blowing off steam by submitting my fanmail as unsigned reviews to authors I've flamed: it's my goddamn fanmail and I earned it, pussies. Grow a pair and flame me properly or GTFO.

The Manifesto of Hate:

FFnet is full of far too many sub-par fics with poor writing and laughable plot, which receive glowing reviews from the masses.

I am not the masses...

The mission of the Litany of Hate is to inform the writers of these fics that they are not as good as everyone seems to think they are, and that their unwarranted self-importance and overinflated egos — built up high upon the mountains of lavish praise from the mouth-breathers who read their trash — are completely unjustifiable. Using this name, I will lead a crusade against poor writing and egotism on this site with each and every fic I read... starting with yours.

I do not care about your bruised egos; I do not care how hard you have tried; I do not care to hear your excuses; I care only that you call yourself 'writer'.

Welcome to my domain...

Expect me.


Review of Love Amidst the Darkness by Dragonthunder89

Review of Starting Over by KColl2003

Review of Mizukage by Dragon6

Review of The Knights of Scooby by Perfect Lionheart

Review of Mastermind Hunting by Louis IX

First Review and Final Review of Renegade Cause by Silens Cursor

Review Part I & Review Part II of Wolf by Damon Blade

Requested Review of ANBU by God Amongst Mere Mortals

Review of Naruto Fuujinroku by Daneel_Rush

Review of Slayers: Three of a Kind by Tiberius

Review of The Date by Vlad the Impish

Review of Trust and Betrayal by Itz Rayz

Review of Maelstrom of Konoha Book 1 by Cantor

Review of Wind Lord by DarthValgaav

Review of Breaking the Boundaries by Calatrava

...and the one that started it all: the review of Chunin Exam Day by Perfect Lolcow. His BAAWW and butthurt are legendary (just skim his end-of-chapter notes if you are curious).

Asperger's Corner:

Raddy Retardski ("I offer my condolences to the people of Japan for the recent tragic earthquake. For some of us who love anime, some of the episodes and new manga chapters may slightly be delayed due to the earthquake, since some of the studios there could have been hit by that quake. Let us hope that the seiyus who provide the voices for our anime live through this calamity.") —probably the most self-absorbed and disgusting thing I have ever read. Bravo.

Synica (BRB! Hugbox.)

Lunatic Chaos (Just... lol)


(For great justice!)

alex: unsigned response to review of Renegade Cause

"This story is beginning to tax my patience with the endless degree of
plotlines-within-plotlines. But I just want to point out that the previous tldr reviewer was a
giant twat.

"Hitwizards being cops. Uh, a 'hit' is a murder contract. Therefore, a hitman is a murderer
for hire. Suffice to say it's one of the larger aspects of this fic that annoys me."

This is one of the most hilariously, profoundly stupid attempts at logic I have ever seen.
Hitwizards, whose purpose is undefined in JKR's books, must be murderers for hire because
the word "hit" is in their name, QED. Sweet baby jesus. Holy balls are you in for a surprise
when you turn 13 and find out that engineers don't make engines for a living.

You make me depressed at the modern educational system. Please do not ever write a
review again."

Reply: Engineer: "a person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or
machines." Engine: "any mechanical contrivance." Also? lrn2read. "...hitman is a murderer
for hire." Look it up and stop wasting my time. QED: you fail.

Starfish: unsigned response to review of Renegade Cause

"Sorry but I have to honestly say the best thing about this story was the review by "Litany of Hate"."

Shadow Master: reply to review of A World of Difference

"I'm not going to bother trying to change your mind as you obviously won't listen to reason. Hate after all is the absence of reason. I will simply make four statements and end it with that.

1)I come up with aliases for certain characters either because I don't want to keep repeating their name over and over again or because I don't want to reveal their true identity just yet.

2)The "Vegetable Head" reference to Vegeta was done already by the dubbed version of Dragonball Z. It was not invented by me.

3)I am all too aware that sticking too close to canon can be boring and bothersome to readers. Dragonball Z was simply one of those shows where I could not come up with a better way for events to unfold so I stuck with what worked.

4)Please keep in mind that A World of Difference was one of my first BtVS crossover fanfics and most of it was posted prior to me getting a beta reader to look over my work before posting.

PS-If you don't like my work then don't read it. No one is holding a gun to your head and demanding that you read it."

SGeo in private message titled "HAHAHAHAHA..."

"You're pathetic. If you hate so much, go find another site, pea brain (that's it! a new
screen name to replace your cliched monstosity). :p"

darkie: unsigned response to review (Admin deleted for making author BAAWW!) of Harry Potter and the Veela Bond

"Well said Litany of Faggotry.

No wonder you're so universally hated, even at DLP. You try much too hard, dude.

Watch out FFn authors, Internet Tough Guy (TM) reviewing HARRY POTTER Fanfiction."

Reply: Ha! Oh, the irony...

DrgnMstr: reply to review (erased, for there were tears) of Harry Potter and the Veela Bond

"I just have one thing to say to you:


Thank you,


Azrealean: reply to requested review of Postmortem Ichigo

"Thank you oh king of haters. I appreciate the almost research paperish review
of my work. I have researched the stuff and will be changing the first
chapter soon. While it has nothing to do with the plot, it establishes the
requirements of the story, a dead Ichigo. I also have gotten more information
on the subject and will be starting the next arc soon. Thanx again for the
butt kicking I needed to become a better writer. needs more reviewers like

Rodrick: reply to review of 'Renaissance Nin'

"Heh, you right. My story sucks.

BUT, I never thought of myself as an hotshot so it dosen't matter. :P

I already set out that my first Naruto story, would set out to test my
limits. To see what I needed to expand on. So far I'm doing better than
expected; But I made a lot of mistakes that will hamper the real story I'm
working on. For example, I'll allow my friends to change the outcome because
at first I didn't care, and I added some other thoughts into a plot that was
already worked out from start to finish.

So Renaissance Nin was a Invincible Shinji: reply to review of 'The Gift'

"I dont meant to be an ass, but I think you go too hard on people, maybe Zen
tries because he/she likes to write and share his ideals with other people.
But try to keep in mind, that this is fic, and if thats the way hes wanting
them to be its his business - that refers to his use of honorifics and his
ideals of feminism/lesbianism. Its his/her story and thats how he/she wants
things to be, if the plot and everything else are good, picky things like the
japanese honorific system and ideal of feminsim whether they're done over the
top or not shouldn't take away from it. Now Im not one to talk about typos
since I know make several of them. But also try to bear in mind while we DO
want them to be READABLE that fanfics are not grand novels such as Jurrasic
Park or anything and they dont have to be perfect in the grammar department or
anything and the writers should be given a fair amount of slack and leeway
when it comes to grammer and such. That's all I'm going to say."

(This one doesn't even know the name of the person he's defending)

Agent-G: reply to review of 'Political Alliances'

"I'm just writing it as how Naruto acts, you ever seen him act like anything
else with women? It's part of his character and I do plan to try and have him
more forceful he just needs to get to know her more and get more comfortable.
But if you have such a problem with it, hey I'm not forcing you to read this

But since you're going to be such an asshole don't bother to read any of my
stuff again I can live without people like you."

(Terrible writing is excusable for terrible fandoms, I guess)

LD 1449: reply to review of 'The Void'

"Well now if your simply looking for a rant that shows that you've pissed me
off and frustrated me beyond all measure with your hurtful words sorry to
dissapoint. But quite frankly words mean little to me and even though you say
you are a writer you leave no links in your profile and no titles of stories
you may have actually authored on the internet or otherwise, so yours mean
even less. You did have the courage to leave behind a reply link unlike so
many other of these people who flame and don't leave anything at all to reply
which is indeed frustrating. So I'll assume you wont delete this and will
actually read it.

As for the scythe, its Anime numbnuts they have people wielding 12 foot
swords that weigh like 200 pounds, if yuour looking for realism you're in the
wrong field.

Oh and no one's paying me for this, I do it because its enjoyable but dont
expect me to waste hours on end writing I spend at most 2 hours a day. If you
waste away infront of your comp thats your buisness some of us do have a life
beyond our rooms"

Fan O' Fanfic: reply to review of 'Ascension of the Scorpion Sorceror'

"Yes I agree that there are many, many sub par FanFictions in this archive but
you have to remember, these people (including me, I classify myself as an
abysmal writer and I am sure many will agree) are just amateur writers. We do
this for fun and getting reviews like yours, while refreshing to get a
detailed critisism of our writing, is rather harsh on the pride we have for
our (in some cases it is justified) accoplishments. Posting criique is
absolutly fine but calling someone a 'filthy palgiarist' or other such
degrading names is, in my opinion far too harsh. Calmly pointing out
plagiarism is a very good idea and I implore you to keep doing it as it makes
us better writers but what you are writing will probably upset alot of people.
I personally won't be upset when you write me a harsh reply and comment
nastily on my works because I can take a knock. However some people can't.

I do apologise if this is far too much like a rant for your liking but I felt
i had to point those points out. I thank you for reading this,

Fan O' Fanfic"

showstopper573: reply to review of 'Neo Yondaime Hokage'

"good call on neo yondaime hokage. i really couldnt stomach it after chapter 5
either lol. i made a second attempt at the story since it had soooo many
reviews and even skimmed 10 chapters change but your review on the
chapter that was just to much for me was the only one to actually make sense.
just thought i would let you know that xD. ja ne"

God Amongst Mere Mortals: reply to review of 'Neo Yondaime Hokage'

"Thank god there are people like you. People bow down and worship fics so
easily. The truth is 99 of it is shit. You know what I'm talking about. So
far I have only read three things that are worthy of being titled
'exceptional.' Please continue your crusade in earnest.

On a side note, I would very much appreciate it if you would review a fic
titled. 'ANBU.' M rated Naru/Hina fic currently 55k words... check it out
its... interesting... and some helpful and constructive criticism might help
the author on his way to being worthy of praise."

("...the author" meaning you.)

MetalChickCrisis2040: reply to review of 'Cold November Rain'

"Well, that was only chapter 8. I wasn't that good back then (: However, this
is a fanfiction profile, so if you don't like it, then don't read it. Sorry
that I ain't perfect. (:"

Lord Voldios: in a private message titled "A Letter of Praise"

"Litany of Hate,

I find myself both loving and hating you, or more accurately the idea behind Litany of Hate. While I do occasionally read the groan inducing fic, (usually riddled with abused Japanese phrases, poor grammar, or painfully cliche plot, to name a few issues) I enjoy making the occasional constructive criticism as well. Usually I just give helpful tips on how to improve via constructive criticism. And then there's you.

Like a vengeful God you swoop upon sub-par and downright overrated fics and proceed to rain divine fury upon them until theres nothing left, save for a pile of slag and an increase in room temperature most likely caused by the expelling of gas from an over inflated ego. And while I personally do not agree with your methods I cant help but agree with you most of the time. Some fanfics do quite literally profane the internet and obscure the better, awe inspiring stories with their mediocre filth.

So to you I say bravo sir and please keep up the good work! Perhaps in the future more authors will take after your bold example. Thank you for your unrelenting honesty and brutal directness, as it is truly refreshing.

Sincerely Yours,

Lord Voldios

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