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"Life is just a beautiful story, with the spelling and grammar mistakes left in." ~ (Mine)

"Pen names are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves." ~ C. Astrid Weber

"Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by the folk." ~ Henry Jenkins


My name is Dasha Feather... well, alright that's not my real name, but you know. Uhm, so yeah, I'm a mad Doctor Who fan. Seriously, I love it! I mean; a Timelord? Who came up with that idea; it's genus! A lonely alien man traveling around in a blue policebox, picking up companions on his way, traveling through time and fixing the universe in his Doctorish ways. And he can change his face when he's gonna die? It's absolutely brilliant!

As for the Doctor, my favourite, like many, has to be Ten. He's so wackily, absolutely, mentally halarious at times, and then deadly seriously sad at some other times. David Tenant is an incredible actor. Really superb. But I don't think I could move on without talking about Nine; he's amazing, I won't hear a bad thing about him. He brought Dr Who back, and what a job he did! He's the first Doctor I watched and it's a shame we didn't get more of him. I really loved his relationship with Rose too. Ten might be my favourite Doctor (and the one I most write about), but Nine will always be my Doctor. If that even makes sense.

Speaking of Nine and Ten, and Rose; I love Rose. She's fantastic. My favourite companion, I swear to God. She's really got that lovable-feel-good human thing to her. Like everyone just wants her to be alright... well, I do anyway. But she's also dead brave and clever when she wants to be; and then of course the Doctor adores her. The relationship between Rose and the Doctor is brilliant. She loves him, and oh, god he loves her! I won't hear it any other way; it's true, he does! What else was he gonna say on that beach...? What else did the Clone-Doctor whisper in her ear to make her snog him senseless...? He was going to say, (and said in terms of the clone) 'I love you.' -Grins goofily-

Oh, as for my thoughts on the clone... Journey's End... and all that... yeah, it's been, what, five months since that episdoe now? (Doesn't time fly.) And I still haven't made up my mind about what I think about it all, yet. It's all so bittersweet... -sigh-

Anyway, speaking of Doctor Who (to be honest I don't tend to speak of anything else) I have an account on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, where you can find all my Doctor Who stories. I post them here first usually... but I can't garantee that.

Oh, and as for the other companions; Martha and Donna; they're brilliant. Martha is great, such her own woman. I never have gotten why there's all that silly hate people have for her... I mean, what the hell's that about? She's great; saved the world. I'll admit there are some bits of her character that were written a bit... off (yeah I'm talking about her flirting with the Doctor here...). But really, she was brilliant. Especially in Human Nature/Family of Blood - loved her there!

And Donna... well, she's just amazing, isn't she? Halariously funny, and gets some of the best lines in the show in my opnion: "He is too skinny for words; you hug him, you get a paper cut!" Haha.

And, I also have an acount at FictionPress... true, it's not a fabulous one - just a few poems - but one none the less.

Okay, signing out.

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