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Well lets see hmmm...

My name is mike, and I just recently had my baby boy Nathan 12-19-08...he is super cute.

I really only like two animes right now, first is bleach and second is naruto.


First of all what I like about bleach:

1) They just make it interesting to watch, but I will say this; since I discovered fanfiction I watch the show less.

2) The Characters; they are all just so diverse, and have such good backgrounds.

3) The last reason I'll give is.

It just has so much potential, and it can be any genre: action, advaenture, angst, and my favorite romance (mostly because that is the main reason is the anime leaves that one out the most).

favorite pairings:

Ichigo/Yourich (fav) These two seem to really need each other, she is tough but fragile to me. Her normal self seems really in control but the other side seems to need someone to hold on to. She is also the perfect mix for Ichigo: she is the combination of the best qualities of Orihime and Rukia. She is tough but not abusive loyal but not submisve...and hot as hell

Ichigo/Soifon (sec fav) She seems to be looking for someone that reminds her of Yoruich and he seems need someone fierce so these two make since to me.

Soifon/Urahara Well the same here she is still looking for Yoruichi and for him, someone sexy, smart, and definatly fierce as hell.

Hitsugaya/Matsumoto They just seem to fit together,

Hitsugaya/Orihime I didn't like this couple until i read the "Ice Petals" by: thecolorsilver. he is just a talented writer

I really just don't like Ichigo/Rukia they are way over done and also is it just me or do they seem more like brother and sister. They're relationship just seems to be like that to me; they are close, but they are goodfriends: they are abusive, but so are siblings.


Naruto def. has the most potential there are always enemies and there is always a way for anything to happened the only problem, when writing for it is...jutsus to hard to remember and create them.

My favorite stories so far are Naruto ones.

favorite parings:


HinataXNaruto (my fav)


don't like sakura/naruto

I'm a very good writer believe that or not so if any one needs anything hit me up later!

"No One Needs To Be Alone"

I am currently writing one story and I am very happy with the turn out.

I just have a few things to say about it as well as i am posting it as an authors note.

Alright I have had a couple of reviews and to tell you the truth I din’t as many as I got; I really didn’t expect any. Since I have decided to continue this, I will warn you it will be a slower pace story: like week by week or sometimes day by day.

As for my reviewers unlike a lot of others the story is flying by the seat of it pants so any other couples, ideas, whatever they are, are appreciated; the reason for this is…there are so many stories out there that just let the readers down and that my friends irritates me. Anyone is aloud to copy my story and build from it even if you plagiarize the shit out of the story there are many reasons for this: 1) I, when reading, want to take the stories in a different direction and cannot bring myself to take someone else’s work; but if you do copy mine give me a heads up so I can follow your story as well. I’m always up for a good story.

2) There are a lot of good stories out, but there also a lot dead end stories that make you want to shoot the authors! So don’t shoot me just take my story and run with it, make it better and the send me a copy to read lol.

3) There are defiantly not enough Yoruichi x Ichigo fics that aren’t harems and don’t get me wrong some are good but most are just lame too many people to keep the spark of the story without turning It into a porno script.

That about sums it up, the story will be shorter due to new baby boy J and if anyone wants to beta read this just send me a review. Also I only listen to signed reviewers sorry but it’s the only way to be fair

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