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Author has written 6 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Bleach, and Kingdom Hearts.

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen.

I am Antares, and this is tonight's entertainment. Prepare for the rides of your lives! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love theatrics!

Anyway, as Joker me said I am Antares and I am a writer. Dur! My work is usually action or mystery based. Now moving into areas besides Sonic (at last)! Hope you like it.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Playing piano, Haidong Gumdo (type of Korean sword martial art), reading manga/watching anime (blame these for latening updates, along with school), reading and writing fanfiction.

Personality:I'm usually quiet and calm and I try not to hate anyone. Emphasis on TRY. I have been told I have the mind of a criminal though, go figure. I don't like being made a fool of, especially by idiots. I am sometimes considered an Emo, probably because I'm don't talk that much and I have a bit of hair. But it's not black. Or dyed. Yeah. My music and fashion taste probably doesn't help either.

Favorite thing: video games, books, swords (I'm a boy, sue me)

Favourite colours: Red, black and blue

Favourite games: Sonic (All games), Kingdom hearts 1 and 2, Battlefront, FFX, Soul Calibur 3 and 4, Halo 3, The Force Unleashed

Favourite manga: Bleach and Naruto mainly. Dabble in many others.

Favorite Sonic character:Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Espio, Tails and Metal Sonic

Favourite Sonic couples:SilverxBlaze. Perfect match in my mind. And oooh so cute!

TailsxCosmo: OK, I know people say that Tails can't date a plant, but we're talking about a two tailed fox that tinkers with machinery. I don't think there's a problem at all. That and it's cute.

I can stand any couple that makes sense, so that's everything except Sonaze, Silvamy, Vectilla, and anyting involving Big (AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!)

Favourite Writers/Reviewers: Faming Chick





Solis Knight

OCs: Mercury the cat:

Mercury is a cat with grey fur and grey, lifeless eyes. He has the ability to manipulate metal, levitating it, changing it and generally just using it as a weapon. His bones and interal fluids are all also made from an unknown metal alloy, alloing him to do extraordinary acts of strength, agility and stamina. Mercury is a failure, a creation and one of the children of(Restricted). Due to some unknown factor, he betrayed his father and his siblings, causing a great disruption and losing his memoy somewhere along the way. He wears a tattered, full body, black cloak. His most notable weakness is his strange reaction he has when he come in contact with Chaos energy. He has reported hearing screaming voices in his head, along with other voices that reportedly give him advice. Classed as very powerful and possibly insane.
Mercury appears in Planets of War.

Venus the Fox:

Venus is another one of the failures like Mercury. She ha the power to create heat and increase and decrease pressure. She is a light green fox and, like her namesake, is extremely beautiful. She is very close to Mercury and works well with him. Her personality seems to be more open and kind then most of the Failures, who are bitter at being rejected by (Restricted). Current whereabouts is unknown, but is reported to be at the mercy of one Pluto.

Venus appears in Planets of War

Mars the Wolf:

Fourth of the Failures, Mars has rusty red fur and the muscles of a colossus. His teeth are bloodstained and his eyes are grey like Mercury's. Mars is mentally unstable, incredibly vicious yet manages to control his rage and use it to his advantage. He was created after the failure of (Restricted).Although he is stronger than any normal soldier, his skills are nowhere near that of his siblings. Mars is very bitter, hating nearly all his siblings, especially Jupiter and Pluto. Although it is thought that he was once close to Mercury, the extraterrestrial cat now bears the brunt of Mars' anger for unknown reasons. Mars is ruthless and efficent, wielding a massive broadsword among other deadly devices.

Mars Appears in Planets of War.

Jupiter the Eagle:

Jupiter is the fifth failure of (Restricted)and the first of the four giants of the failures. He is considered the most powerful physically, although he is mentally lacking in all opinion but his own. Besides from his own strength Jupiter also has the ability to creates electrically charged attacks within his body, giving him a static electric aura and allowing him to attack with bolts of lightning, cascading lightning, create storms in an atmosphere and use ball lightning. Jupiter is egotistical and arrogant, short to anger and unwilling to accept others. He has also declared himself as the leader of the BLack Arms after Black Doom's demise, which doesn't sit well with all his siblings.

Jupiter appears in Planets of War

Pluto the Jackal:

Pluto is the last of the failures created by Restricted) before his eventual success. He is considered the father's second favorite, besides from his firstborn, due to his unwavering dedication and blind loyalty. Pluto appears to the common eye a unfeeling torturer, committing atrocities without a twitch. To the few of his siblings willing to withstand his presence for long enough to get beyond this, they find only three emotions: anger, envy and sick pleasure. Pluto cannot even comprehend the stupidity of those who give in to something as pointless as affection, though he tries. His only point in life besides serving the Father is the pursuit of knowledge. Pluto wields a simply scythe that he uses flawless precision, and has the ability to influence the minds of others.

Ienzo the Raven:

Ienzo is a lean, metallic purple raven. He wears a white shirt, black jeans and small glasses. He notably smart and secluded, and a friend of Tails, working with him in much of his work in my stories. He is smart and ambitious, as well as not particularly active, preferring to expand his knowledge through reading and research.
Ienzo will appear in any story I have non-human Tails, most notable Chaos Keys and Planets of War.

Current stories in progress: Ultimatum (Coming after something else in the series)

Chaos Keys (Kingdom hearts/Sonic crossover) ON TEMPORARY HOLD!

Planets of War

The Fourteenth Squad (Bleach fanOC fic)

Completed Stories: Encounter



Open to ideas.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sonic or Bleach characters, they are owned by their respective owners. WIth Chaos Keys, Yuffie, Leon and Cid belong to Square Enix. Ansem belongs to Square Enix and Disney.

Notice!! No I am not dead, or shuttting down. I've just run out of time recently to do anything. Blame me entering senior years.

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