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Author has written 12 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Transformers/Beast Wars, Team Fortress 2, BioShock, and xxxHOLiC.

Hello! KHGiggle here! Not much to say about me, but here's a few things.

DOB: December 19, 1989

Dreams: To be a doctor, to write a book

Hobbies: Reading, writing, videogames, walking in circles, Karatedo (that's not a typo)

I had a chemistry teacher called Dr. Angel. The first day of class, he blew up a bunch of balloons. He also set his table on fire. I think he might be a pyro.


"School's cancelled on account of the alien attack." The Day the World Stood Still

"The most important thing about Karate is looking cool." My Karatedo teacher. He seriously said that.

My brother: Imagine this doorway is the totem pole of fame. (I start snickering) Antiques Roadshow is down at the bottom right above Big Lots and Dollar General. (I start giggling) Apple is at the top. (I burst out laughing at his visual explanation.) Stop laughing! Mom and Dad are asleep! (True story. He actually tried to explain fame with a door frame!)

"So much to disect. So much to vivisect." Vexen in KH 358/2 Days (Okay, that might not be an exact quote. I was weirded out enough by it that I decided to get Roxas away from him. Yeah, nice job making yourself even creepier Vexen...And making me seriously think you are some weird alternate version of Hojo.)

My mind can be a very scary place sometimes, not because I'm a demented psycho, but because I sometimes come up with weird ideas which confuse even me. Let me share some of these with you.

Xaldin/Sookie Stackhouse (Yes, it's a pairing. I'm not really into romance, but sometimes I think of couples and read stories that have them. Most are normal, like Sora/Kairi, Cloud/Aerith, etc. I think I know where this one came from though. I was thinking of people who Organization might be interested in bringing over to their side, and then I thought 'Oh, I bet they'd like the telepathic barmaid.' Then I thought 'And they'd probably have Xaldin kidnap her.' Yeah...That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Vexen/Usagi Tsukino (I don't even know where this idea came from. Well, that's not completely true. It originated in a weird dream that I can't remember most of...I probably ate something bad the night before that caused that. I mean, I seriously can't see that working out even a little.)

Xaldin and Lulu are related. (Those two have really similar hair, wear black leather or at least something similar to leather and have very similar personalities. This was more like a bolt from the blue that hit me when I took a glance at a picture of Xaldin.)

Luxord was named after the Luxor. (It makes sense...)

Zexion's name rhymes with lexicon. (Well, it's true!)

Saix has the same earrings as Usagi Tsukino. (Take a look.)

Usagi's heart crystal was removed from her body twice. Does that mean she's got two Nobodies? (Okay, that one's more silly than anything, but I gotta wonder.)

My stories:

Sora the Maelstrom-My first story posted under this name. I actually managed to finish it after four years. It is a 'what if?' AU that asks 'What if Sora was raised by the Tsviets?'
For those of you who don't know, the Tsviets were the bad guys of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. They are basically super enhanced psychopaths who enjoy killing for fun...among other things. This results in Sora being a bit more...serious and violent.
I also added some additional Tsviets and sort of did a switcharoo with a couple to make things more interesting. The Tsviets themselves don't really play a part in the story...yet.
I may rewrite this.

Castle of Lost Memories-The sequel to Sora the Maelstrom. It details Sora-tachi's adventures in Castle Oblivion.
It is on hiatus, partly because of the events of 3D, and partly because the writing style I was using for it and Sora the Maelstrom was kind of mediocre. I may rewrite it some day.

A Boy and His Heartless-This one-shot was a present for a friend of mine. It is meant to be a one-shot and I have no plans to continue it since it would quickly turn into the cliche of Xemnas restarting the Organization and recruiting new members from various places.

Betrayal-Another 'what if' story. This one asks 'What if Beast hadn't been at Hollow Bastion?' This is I mainly write when I have writer's block or am bored, so I consider it second to my Sora the Maelstrom series.
On hiatus after 3D screwed with my plot. I'd like to rewrite it after the Xehanort Saga ends because I think it was an interesting premise.

Butterflies: Season 1-This is a Transformers Animated AU. I can't get into all the differences since that would cause spoils, but I'll list a few things. Optimus isn't in the repair crew (He shows up eventually.), Wheeljack and Flareup are on the repair crew, Sari is a teenager who lives in the woods with her father, there's no Allspark key so that Ratchet can show off his skills, and all five original Dinobots are present. Somewhat darker than the original series.
Also I banter with Vector Prime at the end of each chapter.
It is happily completed.

Butterflies: Season 2-Continuation of the above Animated AU. Still can't get into all the differences because it would cause spoilers, but there are Allspark shards, Wreck-gar survives, new Autobots arrive to help, that sort of thing...
It is in progress.

Story Challenges:

Since I'm only human and have to have a job at some point and do various other chores, I can only write so much. As such, I will post some story ideas that I feel I won't have the time to write about. If you decide to try any of these challenges, all I ask is that you let me know about it so I can read the story.

1. Zoro's Replacement

This has to do with 'Sora the Malestrom.' Those of you who have read this know that Zoro is a Tsviet and never joined the Mugiwara Pirates. If you read one omake in particular, you'll also know that he somehow ended up replaced with Terra. The challenge is to write what you think will happen with Terra as Luffy's first recruited crew member instead of Zoro. Stipulations:
1. Terra will have green hair, because that was the whole point of the original omake, believe it or not.
2. This is the only change in back story you will make. All other back stories will be the same unless it was someone who would have interacted with Zoro in the past, like Baroque Works. This means that the crew members will all be the same...unless you have a very good reason to have a different crew member that has to do with something big that Terra changed.
3. Since One Piece is an action/adventures series, this is not to be a romance story. There can be some flirting and blushing (Since there's Sanji to think about.), but not a whole chapter dedicated to two people getting closer to one another.
4. Terra can't have a devil fruit power. Nobody likes a Mary-Sue.

2. A Static Shock/Transformers crossover

I got bit by the Transformers bug as my part-time job boss was a fan and talked about it sometimes. Now, I was aware of it before and I watched Armada when it first aired...for about the first 20 or so episodes. Also rediscovered Beast Wars. Forgot how much I liked that show as a kid.
Anyway, I read that there was going to be a Transformers crossover in DC comics, which got cancelled because of the new 52. It's too bad. It sounded interesting. I wondered how they would interact with certain heroes and villains. I imagine some would get along better than others due to personality and power differences.
One hero I wondered about in particular is Static aka Virgil Hawkins. For those not in the know, Static is an African-American, teenage superhero with electromagnetic powers. His most famous incarnation was in the show 'Static Shock' in the early 2000's, although he first existed in Milestone Comics in the 1990's and a version of him appeared in the second season of Young Justice.
On a side note, you should totally watch 'Static Shock'. It's awesome, has sweet music, and gives you a good idea of what the various characters are like and how the various powered individuals work. Also some life lessons if you watch certain episodes.
1. Virgil has to be in it, obviously, and he has to have his powers, which means the other bang babies/metahumans will have their powers.
2. Virgil has to interact with the Transformers in some way, especially Jazz.
3. You can choose whichever version of the Static universe to use, or you can just make up your own version of the Static universe. Likewise, you can use any Transformers universe as a basis, including an original universe.
4. As a continuation of the above, you can leave the rest of the DC universe out and act like it doesn't exist since Static originally wasn't meant to be part of the DC universe.
5. Other bang babies will make appearances. They may be brief, or they may come to play a pivotal role. It's your choice.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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