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Where to begin...

Out of the blue I finally got the courage to actually register onto I have been reading several authors fan-fictions for several years now depending on what current anime I'm watching or whatever video game has gotten my attention over the years. I've even written a few of my own but never actually let anyone read the stories that go on in my head.

I'm not your typical fan fiction writer. I have no background in writing or grammar. It's a complete hobby for me, something I enjoy doing. Usually, when I start a project/story...I continue until my muse or ideas stop. If the story is uncompleted I'll set it to the side for a few months and start a new project. I don't believe in one shot fan fictions. I have nothing against them I just tend to believe that there should be some meat to the stories. A short scene whether 100 words long or 10,000 words long usually leaves me yearning for more. So I don't write them...which means, the stories I will post are multiple chapters.

I am starting to enjoy the AU stories of fanfiction. Several have caught my eye and kept my interest.

I am very open to criticism and look forward to those who want to make my work better.

How I begin a story: I educate myself with my topic...usually by reading a ton of other fan fictions so to understand what each character is thought to be like. Then going to original sites and fan sites about that particular topic. I am very well read. I also, ALWAYS, get artbooks to go with my topics. It's a nice thing to have when you're creating or describing an original character to the story or your own creation. Plus, I like to draw. :-D But then again, it took me this long to post a story...who knows how long it will take before I post anything I've drawn.

Let me introduce myself...

I am a married, 31 year old mom stuck inside the mind of an imaginative teenager who adores books, movies, cartoons, anime, and manga. My background is in analytical sciences - I'm a Chemist! - and I'm left handed...only meaning that I should be about as creative as a white canvas.

Yet, something inside me makes me write, draw and enjoy the wonders of those amazing stories that just need more too them to satisfy me. My creative genius usually comes from my love of music. I tend to totally emerge myself into a project when listening to music. So I am usually attached to my ipod or my computer listening to music. Soundtracks to anything usually helps me create and elaborate on my ideas. I also read a ton of books. As you can tell I am never satisfied with doing one thing at a time.

Something random about me: I have an affinity for green eyes and characters with them...because I personally have green eyes. :-)

Currently published...

Memories of A Pendent - Escaflowne Fanfiction - 31 Chapters Up. It is COMPLETE! This is my first fanfiction. Comments and messages are very welcome.

- A little added note here, so I've been drawing my characters...well attempting too. It's something I do to help get more creative juices going, to keep me in the spirit of writing. The other day I actually drew an adult Merle...I was pretty impressed with myself I might add. Maybe someday I'll post those too...maybe after the story is finished.

- Another little note to all my readers who have favorited my story and/or myself, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You have been my driving force through this project and it is because of you that I will continue on.

Please Review My Work! I love reading comments, good and bad. It drives my energy to continue on...alerts, make me happy, but I would love to hear from my readers!!


Got any for me? Want me to write a story with a particular pairing? Let me know, don't be shy!

Well, if you have any requests or ideas for me in my story please feel free to review or PM. I really enjoy reviews whether critical or just your thoughts. It helps to motivate me to post the next chapter.

So I've been thinking about some new fan fictions following up on some pretty random things...Mass Effect, Peter Pan, Ronin Warriors. I've even been writing some of my own original stories. They are all in different stations of story life...and I've learned now not to post unless I have three-quarters of a story finished. So many ideas and so little time.

Disclaimer: I do not own any character listed in my stories that are not an original. But those that are of my own creation are mine to use only. Unless you ask really nice then I'll let you borrow them. ;-)

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