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Hello there!

Name: Gosh..we just met and all. So for now just call me...Eliza..yea thats the ticket!

Age: In human years I am 24...In alien years...16,246

SEX: I am Female and apparently the only one out there that does not like is wrong with people?

Location: My spaceship...but with my new laptop I can travel anywheres!!

Hobbies: Planning world domination, contemplating the meaning of life, ordering my slaves to do my bidding, writing fanfiction and listening to people bitch and complain.

Favorite Shows,Movies, and etc: The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Daria, ANIME (nothing gay, no offense), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and etc..Im not really picky, as long as its not slash I will read it. JUST TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR! I WILL NOT READ OR WRITE SLASH OR YURI STORIES TO MUCH OF IT AND TO MANY OVER DRAMATIC OR DISGUSTING STORIES ON THE DAMN WEB THAT HAS THINGS THAT ARE JUST WRONG ON IT...SO BOO HOO I DONT CARE I WILL READ OR WRITE WHAT I WANT AND NUN OF IT WILL BE ANYTHING CLOSE TO SLASH! EWW

I am working on a degree in business and I may skip in updates from time to time due to the pressures of idiotic professors whom don't know how to get off my freaking back! lol...So besides that there is the fact that I am slightly insane and will most assuredly freak some people out with my language, ideas, and perversions. On a daily bases I tend to ramble, and I bad grammar and tend to make some mistakes...So...If someone out there reads my crap and thinks I need a Beta, well by all means let me know and I will be more then happy to let you work on said crap lol. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Warning:Everything I say may piss you off your one of those people that loves slash stories and hates people that do not want to read or write them or see them on this site and ect...If you want to read or post yaoi please for all that is holly and supernatural in this world post it at adultfanfiction web site alright they will have it clearly posted what the story is and you can add warning about all the sick and demented crap you want to put in it...THIS ALSO GOES FOR THOSE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THOSE GARBAGE FICS THAT HAS RAPE IN IT! ITS JUST WRONG DAMNIT!

Hello out there in the fan fiction world! This is just a brief note to tell you a few things...Fan fiction means that the writer aka the fan is allowed to mess with the universe of whatever TV show, movie, book, cartoon, anime and etc. I am allowed to mess with them, bend them to my will, and make them seem as out of character that I damn well want them to be, now I love reviews but emailing me to tell me that.." This is what the character does or behaves!" OR "Why are they forming a relationship? Keep it cannon!" Well let me say this I will make it worse the more you nag or bitch or flame me!

Pairings that I like and will write or read:

Unusual pairings: such as Female Harry/Seamus or Female Harry/Bill Weasley or Harry Potter/ Luna or Harry/Molly (lol mothers love wink wink) Harry/OFC OR Harry Potter/ a female from another show/movie/book cross over deal

Xmen: Rogue/ Gambit or Rogue/ Beast or Rogue/ Sabertooth or Rogue/ Toad or Rogue/ Angel

Lord of the Rings: Aragon/Arwen and Other singles with a OFC or Mary sues or demented ofc and Mary sues .

OK Now where was I oh yea...pairings...I enjoy all types of fan fictions really but I hate relationships that are yaoi because lets just say that you get tired of reading the love life or demented fantasy's of people who sometimes write things that make me sick like Rape...That is just wrong so very very very very wrong...Please put warnings on your story about what your writing about so if someone does not like Yaoi they will not read it and then criticize goes for rape or incest and so on if think others may take offence please put warnings will make people less likely to flame you for being an idiot...I would also like to say that I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT I JUST HAVE MY REASONS LIKE IF YOU HATE HETEROSEXUAL PAIRINGS THEN DON'T READ MY STORIES BECAUSE IF YOU DO AND THEN CALL ME A HOMOPHOBIC PERSON BECAUSE I THINK YAOI IS WRONG OR DISGUSTING THEN I WILL TELL YOU THAT YOUR JUST A HETEROPOBIC SO THERE! :P

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