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from tscc profile:

the sequence of chapters despite the chapter heading in the one in the 'Algorythm'story is correct

get the tape thing off

my tscc fan fic has more clicks on it than the others and it is only early april so that should tell you something about the show -not my fan fic- i think there was some biased viewer polling!!

is it not time to get either private data or pure falsehood and phony videos off about some people this is not right !

jon molyneaux IF SOMEONE COULD TRACE BACK THIS FELLOW...WHERE IS HIS EMAIL COMING FROM AND WHO IS HE???????????he has stolen my email seems to be from the southern us nevada or obviously is not the British radical if that is a real person you never can tell online what is real and what not

jon molyneaux ( THIS IS MY EMAIL ADRESS fu_sum@hotmail dot com this person is stealing it and he probably is trying to pull a fast one, like with someone's Will again AGAIN HE IS STEALING MY EMAIL ADRESS SOMEONE CHECK HIM OUT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!AND IT PROBABLY IS SOMEONE I KNOW, LIKE WHOEVER WAS BEHIND THE 'I WON'T STEAL...' gardening clippers...i think they were referring to this on a public gardening show on some network; and while i did not watch it the second time it was probably edited with this part about the clippers and stealing referring to something else out.....this is the same name that was suddenly sending me email at the time someone was either claiming or trying to scam others out of money for an fundraiser to preserve a natural area in my city...which neither i nor anyone else was involved in...i simply gave notice of the nature preserve being threatened and the fundraiser...this person is using my email and the name i used jon, and he is having 'business' either sending or sent to him through my email adress so if there are scams going on it is not me but this person who is probably the fellow i have complained about...i receive for him not me 'denied checking account', bankruptcy emails etc.. not to mention when emails come in for him there are increasing warnings of phishing scams ["criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames,", wiki]

-‘Gone with the Wind’, the edition I have, “…Scarlet stood transfixed…” not amputated…and ibid., transfixshun@ is not amputation

see an article on another country sending paratroopers to the Arctic as i had concerns in a fan fic should be a greater concern than it is...

flashforward should stick to its original premise... it would be a good idea to put flashforward in between lost and v...

there are a lot of people looking at the tscc fan fic (not my fan fic itself that is popular) so it still is popular so it should be back on

-seinfeld, the dog, seinfeld you are a class act…and that is on and they took off Dollhouse and TSCC and MAD tv?

ALL STATEMENTS HERE AND ON are by the person who had his name on it before...surely Dollhouse and TSCC were more interesting than seeing Seinfeld sitting and talking to people...could not people sitting and talking just do that at home

someone fix the sound so it does not go up to the loudest level first or anytime you touch the sound control on youtube
just saw a clip from tscc i think this is actually a better drama than would-be chefs in action i think someone else could play cameron, i am looking forward to her on a new show!!

-google taking pictures of people's homes in this city, is this not invasion of privacy? maybe my city should sue the board...and everyone should be wary of google doing this and seek prevention of this in law of every government and international law...

transfixshun the address i have email, is not transfixion to amputate which is a different term my term has an sh and has nothing to do with a medical term it has only
meaning in terms of to be trance in awe which is what i meant, since no one else had the term i kept it but it does not have that meaning and i am getting tired of it being used in the other sense.

why not go to NBC and put the dollhouse and Tscc in the 10:00 position why not put them back on... cartoons and only one or two shows really should not be why a network

my old email on the other site is registered with this site but i do not recall putting it on here except on this profile...

why not try to get dollhouse and tscc on cable or satellite in reruns i think it could recapture an audience (both)

-the only reason why dollhouse and tscc and other shows like nowhere man and others are cut short is because they do not support that all negative use of tech and propaganda supporting the powers that be but questions it is not what the powerful of the world want you to see which is why some would like to keep me out they want you to only see it as good...

FOX: why not put tscc AND Dollhouse on at night, after all they both have alot of sites on them and now my fan fic for Crusoe has more views than a few of the others this month...why not bring that to fox as well...why not put dollhouse and tscc together as a series since Cameron was on it already...

what happened to MAD TV? the new show could be put later or on a different day, as far as the new show all they have are people talking at a desk now that is interesting!!

by transfixshun i meant in a state of awe like trance not amputation...i never looked up the meaning of transfixion, to amputate which i do not mean at all!

if i state some should not be in high positions i have good reason to state so...i do not manipulate people i merely react if it is necessary to do so and if some mistake that for being not fair it is because others have not been fair...


i am not sure of where to place bennet/cameron here if she is doing movies now...however i still think they should keep the one she was on and bring back the tscc and with her in it...

WATCH DOLLHOUSE it was a better episode than most of the things i have seen on tv recently, why kill an excellent series, and she
is one of the best actors out there...the last episode was as good if not better than 24, which usually ends up being just a huge gunfight anyway...

see my latest chapter for fan fic story: 'Mutiny', i would like to bring back the series...along with tscc ...i would not mind seeing a revised version of 'Alias'... Nowhere man and alot of other shows that were better than a lot of what is out about tscc/dollhouse together as one series...

this has nothing to do with my own fan fic but it would seem since many are looking at the 'V" story it would seem to be popular but since high ratings do not count and some other criteria is determining whether a show comes back soon or not or at all i do not know what the problem is, more half-baked comedies...we need that...

just because i changed the name of a project does not mean i am backing down from the claim against it or claims against the man and his vassals i have been mentioning... however they have a tendency towards implication with deception and half truths so one must be careful when the treacherous are in the area...

on tvo i heard someone say that it only took a month and a half for a certain number of web site on something to be taken off so it is possible and i don't buy that things can stay on there forever i think the word for a lot of people would be to sue the search engine companies and execs...

for last month 161 people clicked on my fan fic for tscc, that is an indication it is still on people's minds, how much 'dumbing down' with nonsense like family guy and its spin off can we take...

if "V" had a good but short run would it not be better to have it on now rather than wait for march??keep the momentum going, it had more viewers than the fashion-comedy (not the fashion shows with runways or the one with models in competition).why not make it a series not a mini series

i still think tscc could come back with some cyborg to replace ...what great other show do they have lined about being disabled and someone

sent to take her place, or bring her back the series only lost viewers when the stations were switching to digital and no one had the new tv's yet...besides when dollhouse goes back to only one hour it would be great to have it as a lead in...or vise versa

why is the tape thing on the list still and the superficial, which obviously lives up to its name...get it off...

the one who wrote the fan fic 'elemental', someone tell them they got my interest with using that in a story but it is just a paragraph, where is the rest of the story??

the tape business which never happened and the photos it is time to take them off i hold you search engine people at yahoo google etc responsible...

why is a perez hilton book in my local library? surely this is an offense to the intellect of anyone searching for knowledge!!

why not try tscc on wednesday, saturday or sunday...and i think the producers should try to put them on another network...
of course something won't be popular if you take it off and put reruns of other shows for sweep month not to mention that tscc came back after a break and had been switch to another night i think if they put it back on now it would take a while but with some advertising would find its audience again especially since there is nothing too different on right now

if i did not say it here it may turn out differently if you hear it or read it from some other source which is intended to make me look all wrong...

there are already over 100 people who have looked at my tscc story this month...obviously the series, not my story is popular so they should put it back on...

...CARTOONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN NEW SHOWS PERHAPS THE PRODUCERS OF TSCC SHOULD LOOK FOR A NEW NETWORK TO BE ON...a lot of people are disappointed that the will not being seeing in her new roll i think that would get a bigger rating than reruns and i think tscc would help, i think since 'v' is sci fi, it would be better for fox to put tscc back on for sci fi competition, reruns are not competition besides what can you promote except more of the same since something has already been on once and will be seen again in spring...besides seems to have a cult all her is not the only one the one show on another network which is the fashion comedy i am not talking about the fashion competition shows or fashion shows as i pointed out had only 2 million viewers and that replaced the spy show??...despite tscc's move to a new night during a time when most people due to the change to digital did not have a tv it still had more viewers...tscc had more viewers when it premiered than a lot of other shows...the confinement of John Henry, when he was playing with toy models i think slowed the show down...and i do not believe the numbers for tscc but then again take into consideration the switch to a new night and the fact a lot of people no longer could get their stations due to the switch to digital and not being able to get it until you bought a digital enabled tv..

the statistics for my fan fic 'Mutiny' are 0 only because i took it off and put it back on it had many views and i consider it a good story and i wish they would bring Crusoe and tscc back they are certainly better than a lot of things out there...Fox should pick up both...

You can add my support to the one complaining their life is being taken to task with negative comments it is time they backed off but i still blame the search engine owners and ip owners for that it is time they listened to the people when they ask to take the material off

for the claim a poster came before the recent one of a person wrapped in barbed wire go to google images and and see the world war one picture "from World War One. type in cross and barbed wire wrapped around body torture world war one...this has nothing to do with

for feb 7 2010

just because i took material off does not change anything i said or any stand i took...all claims still claimed...

-on the buildings imposed from one group onto another: if what they said about time being the factor of colliding one thing or another, then why did they not say that they thought that was what is was from earlier, no they said that later...they are two different ideas...i do not see what a bag into another object has to do with culture and architecture i am responding not to what that was on but rather to criticism outside of that project...besides even modern styles in the 1970's AND 1960's brought different elements of past and then present together, my idea was to warn of this happening on a large scale with the world government imposing itself on local governments...i will relate more later...

-as far as the one i mention about her pictures on line these are photos of her face which has been replaced by another (i am not talking about the one who is connected with fashion and a different project)... and as far that one saying she did not say the truth she did not say everything only about her character her role it the article had nothing to do with this topic someone is trying to use that and make it look like she was talking about this when she never said anything about this or anything connected with anything i have discussed here... interest is in stopping a group of people from spreading themselves throughout an industry and controlling some part of it...which they seem to be doing... it consists of a number of interrelated families who are able to put out a lot of mis/disinformation about my self and others and implicate us in things someone else is doing and go sending vassels through the industry to turn them against myself and others and who go to people up at the top behind everyone's back to get what they want This is not what the mass medium was meant for: the private interest of is too public even if it is private commerce it is too public an interest to have so few with so many connections to so many projects out there...
-the fact that they are connected with the fellow i am complaining about who (i believe he is the one for i had no contact with that industry at the time and i still have not) used my house to put something not there not belonging to him and involving myself WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OF IT OR MY INVOLVEMENT IN disturbing...if this were political it would be called a dynasty or something other than democracy this placing of people all connected together needs to be stopped...and this has nothing to do with any cabal of interests in the world behind the scenes

-so far as a religious group a relative is associated with they stopped practising things that had to do with holidays having pagan roots and while the founder may have a few symbolisms that look like some other believe system they themselves have had no such symbolism or beliefs...and as far as a video on youtube that shows some racist views -if they are the views of some other group which are probably unofficial and not sanctioned splinter groups they are not the views beliefs or attitudes of this group..

-as far as the thing in question only the other fellow I have complained about had access to that part of the business…if the one who wrote a bio of someone who was close to someone in that part of the industry and was close to the other fellow he most certainly had access to the highest level in order to get the thing in question in the first place this one is the only one I am talking about but he is connected to the person who wrote the bio they worked together and are you sure they didn't just steal that material too anyone else referred to is not in this if they are referred to here…it is like a race horse at a national track meet they have reached the highest level and everything is as smooth as velvet when the horse runs and after winning the they have some beers or champaign…
-as far as the single eye of a creature I already showed, besides Cyclops I listed a book on Ralph Waldo Emerson and a depiction of some thing with a single eye
-as far as the arms outstretched besides Christ on the cross and numerous other references, police with people to check their abilities under the influence have their arms outstretched for balance, and doctors for balance as well as in sports an exercise that, with a circular motion surely these came before the 1970’s
-photo montage with someone or something in the foreground or background of another picture: early photography in the 1800’s, I have given numerous examples; the ‘Ten Commandments’(1956) when Pharaoh and the Queen after he says ‘his god is God’ their image is superimposed on the scene at Sinai
underground/above ground: the Wagnerian smiths ‘Ring of the Neibelungen’ opera, underground and the world above… ‘Metropolis’, the workers underground… I am only doing this to reply to anything in a fan fic or elsewhere that is underground
-a story about the industrialist whose son is depicted as being prepared to be grabbed by the tie surprises the other instead…in war, pretending to be dead/coma/asleep then springing to life is not a new phenomenon…I am replying to the other fellow and his friends
-as far as a quote not an actual quote if someone thinks I did that I may not have been quoting but paraphrasing or stating one thing but referring to another: Descartes, ‘I think therefore I am’; Leibniz indicated somewhere this is the best world for its possibilities if it was perfect there would be no possibilities to be worked out; I may have mention the Moody Blues who quote Descartes statement above this of course does not refer to the Moodies themselves just the poem...
-as far as material i said only those four could get and no one else i did not say that was for anyone else and if someone got the thing in question back to where it belonged that was the right thing to do if they were on my side there is a difference between the theft of something/retrieval by the same people and those not connected to them who get it back to the rightful place it was taken from when they did not steal it those on the other side of this are trying to fob off it onto innocent people, even if the thing was not the original the one who returned it would not know so the blame goes to the other side...
-i never forfeited anything to the other fellow all claims still claimed...
-someone may still be trying to make it look like i am doing something online i should not be this is not true. i have not done anything illegal although a lot of people would like to set me up to look like i have done anything wrong anywhere doing anything when they have done wrong...
-see Zeno below also:past/present/future travel stories what i had here before see below : i simply used that as the introductory remark to the subject: Zeno, the ancient Greek philosopher, stated that in for every step taken you step into a measurement of so many feet but those feet there are so many inches and for so many inches smaller measurements, so these divisions, being infinitely divisible are really keeping you from moving forward: in like manner every step in time you take is a step forward in time but since you keep stepping into the present moment since you are always in the same space you are also in the present moment for where you just stepped it is past but where you step you are still in the present moment even though it is in the future so in a sense you are going back to the future which is present: Zeno called this the ‘Impossibility of Movement’

-as far as quotes around something I never stated anything other than at that moment I was not concerned with that thing…however the screen suddenly goes on and the person starts talking to the one standing there…I am leaving it on without quotes…I have typically put quote marks around most titles…
-interplanetary trade is preceded by cosmic trade, two worlds, heaven and earth: Satan has earth under his control and by God giving up Christ his son in ransom sacrifice he as it were buys back mankind in effect redemption a transaction that is as old as time
-more than one of the same person besides clones, twins, triplets, quintuplets etc. not to mention puppets and masks of the same thing I have mentioned this topic before…statues e.g.: of Pharaohs, ‘Metropolis’ copy of the leader of the workers’, and funeral biers of the same being, or person in different or even the same place…the 1920’s robots cloned of each person…each animal cloned or person in stories was in theory long ago…Frankenstein, I already mentioned artificial skin, any skin on a human even of another human or from an animal is in a sense artificial in terms of it not being the skin of the person it is put onto…God in whom mankind was created in the likeness of the concept of the creating in the likeness of creates man and woman from the dust
-surveillance in one place looking at another, came before the 1960’s, one u.s. president or someone connected to him had communicated with someone remotely, with a tv-like screen and audio, since espionage is an old game it is likely this was not a new idea at the time…the Tzar, in Massie’s ‘Nicholas and Alexandra’ had a remote audio hook up with some sort of head or earphones of a Tchaikovsky concert…Philo Farnsworth and others with tv…with the remote viewing and the precursor to surveillance….
-if someone is making the case for someone in love with more than one person, Duamas, ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’, ‘Wuthering Heights’, 1848, Emily Bronte… ‘Casablanca’, Bogart, Ilsa, and her husband
-camera moving with dancers, Astair and Rogers, et al…’Gone with the Wind’
-‘Life in the Future’, Beyer, 2002, p. 4. robots were thought in the 1930’s would look human as in the 1936 photo…
-if satellites have been since Sputnik, 1957, and surveillance is as old as man, then the concept of flying automated things following human activity comes before any tv series in the 1960’s…
-from ‘Animation History Part One’:
Johannes Muller 1400’s automata
Hans Bullman, Nuremberg, 1500’s
devices with pullies and in a sense defying gravity 1530’s
Vaucauson, automatic flying angels 1725
so from the above, you can see the remote bot flying and following is conceptually possible from an ancient time to the time of the first robot and satellites…this concerns certain projects post the 1960’s

-as far as the project where one steps in the footprints on a beach of the other it simply reminded me of Zeno, I never said anything else about that…I did mention the waters that you step in being a notion not unlike Zeno but from another philosopher, which may have given someone the impression I said something else but I think things are being taken out of context when it comes time to relate them…
-the movie I mentioned with quotes, I did not say I wrote a script for it I never said any such thing…

-I have not made a statement about a political/military person in history I did say something that was in a book nothing more…I did not give an opinion….
-I have not spoken about anything concerning a screen play…
These are also about taking things way out of context and making it look like I said something else:
-I neither said the other fellow I have a complaint over who used to live near me and his associate it would seem: the fellow who falsely accused me were innocent of things I have complained about I was talking about someone else but I realize that one is not either… now concerning that one who has a name like the city in Italy: All claims still claimed…
-it seems someone these men and any women associated with them know a lot about me but someone keeps saying a woman instead…
-I referred to Philo (not Filo) Farnsworth the book:
‘The Boy Genius and the Mogul’, Daniel Stashower, Random House, 2002.
- certainly when there are a number of families spread out across the industry they can influence nearly every project and more this is not a fair democratic way to employ people….
-still in support of Jbz and the others but not the fellow i have still a complaint over...
-and about all the things I did say all claims still claimed…
-Quote thing, I did not say my ideas were not incorporated into something, i would have to see it again to say more but i will leave it at that...
-1969, on a retro tv station recently, looks like that number was part of a title before the other one…..

-I never said my ideas were not incorporated into anything or any of my other writing, whether they be plays stories poetry, all unpublished and because so much of it used up I would not be able to do so now, so, the little that trickled down and was acknowledged was enough and i told them to take off the shelf the only one (no doubt) copy of it…
-just because i change something in here does not always mean it is significant-the waters going over the top and the person banging something and goes inside is simply a reworking of another project where the captain goes down...

.-the man i have complained about gave a lot of things out that were not his...

-world war three: Toynbee ‘A Study of History’, has a section on it, written in the 1930’s to the 1950’s…but it was
a subject in the 1800’s into the twentieth century especially after world war one…
-My fan fic on Arctic Sovereignty is from a continued issue of Canada’s for it entire history…including possible invasions and nuclear subs, see previous references, movie ‘Ice Station Zebra’ I referred to earlier, 1970’s.
-hidden disks and information, first ‘Star Trek’ had an episode on disks with data and since the portal they went through was essentially hiding the place where they were I don’t think a project after it was a new topic on hidden disks portals are an ancient concept of going through to the other side…e.g. the prophet in the Bible in a sense bores through a wall to the other side to see what they are doing when he would not be there and see it other wise so in a sense it too is a portal...…hidden data: on paper, a will for example in ‘Oliver Twist’, Huxley, tape data in BNW while books are hidden, so I do not think my story on hidden disks is anything new especially when everything until flash drives and dvd was on disk…programming code is written on disks and taken to banks for keeping safe by companies…as far as lists of data on persons: Schindler, various wars, etc., secret code, enigma, kept secret by those on the British side was decoded from, in a sense disks or rings, conceptually this precedes anything before it…. There are many types of encoded information that is hidden by various tamper proof means in war espionage etc…so these are some references.
-anyone trying to say I am taking liberties with the dead walking talking: Lazarus in the Bible is dead literally, figuratively raised up to see the rich man in figurative hell but he is a dead man talking just the same…Lazurus is raised up by Christ…Saul goes to the witch who conjures up the Dead Sammuel to give him advice…so the concept is an ancient one…Hamlet’s father…Poe, the dead on the bier rises from time to time alive….etc…. Dickens ‘Marley’ comes back to talk to ‘Scrooge’…
-sometimes it might look like I am defending even enemies but really some of what I write might have gone to one place by an enemy being modified from what I wrote and gone to another place by someone on my side.

-correction: I did have ideas for portals, it is just that over time one forgets when the ideas and pages are so many...i am not saying whether they have been out there or not...
-from outside in through glass or mirror: ‘Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass’ looking in at mirror to other side, between inside/out of mirror she must see the other side…the mirror is like a portal to the other side another world even another time, the time of that other world…the ‘Wizard of Oz’, opening the door of the house to another world is also a portal…the digging through the wall in the Bible another portal…
-the changing face: King Arthur’s knights all look like him, Stevenson, ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’: the face turns into the other after the potion changes him…’Dr. Evelsham’, H.G. Wells: the youth turns into the old man
-a smaller image inside surrounding area: periscopes in world war one…early photography, early film, watching from inside what is outside a window: surveillance, periscopes etc..
-someone may have down loaded or tried to something they should not have but left the room, and I was left making someone think that was me it was not…and may even have been a frame up...this is something a few years ago...not the one from years ago with a false witness...i am just setting the record straight

-sliding on a moving part of the floor while the person is not moving it moves the person, if the other fellow was claiming that, are you sure he came up with that...
-Genesis: 13:10 "And Lot lifting up his eyes and looking...on the way..." in most Bibles.

-are you sure the other fellow if it is him came up with that more histograms!-so what new slanders or machinations are going on to my detriment...have they not done enough damage?
-everything i have had on still stands as proof over the past years since i have been doing this since i got onto these fan fic sites, i mean everything...ALL CLAIMS STILL CLAIMED...just because i take anything off does not mean i stopped claiming them...i simply took it off to make room for other things...
-are you sure he or his writing partner at the time came up with th'is as opposed only this as well: and i already related things about that project before...
-the thing over the head while they move and lets have no more histograms!
-i already listed so many things through the years go back through it all
-i already listed for the past/present influence back years ago the original 'Ten Commandments' from the 1920's, as well as 'Intolerance'...the relating of something by someone older: 'Wuthering Heights' Nelly Dean to the new man in the area, not to mention flash backs to the children and adults of the history of the family...the Bible relates John in the future during the present and various prophets and prophecies about past and future to someone in the present...even the time when they will have no time and will be racing in vehicles relates the technology all things are really thousands of years these are not things from two different projects they are the same project project backwards and forwards in time but they form a cohesive unit...both Daniel in the Book of Daniel and John in Revelation were around 100 years old...
-you people attack me even on spelling mistakes even though i have written of hundreds of pages of fan fiction with few mistakes...

-I have not spoken against any group of people, and since I tried to promote someone from another group and all you have to do is see which characters I wrote into the fan fic stories, you can see that I have not done anything of the sort…however, since someone from my antagonist’s clan (who is of the same —if you will race as I—) was i thought i saw someone who was from his group of people (who is of the same —if you will race as I—) at any rate on something that may have misrepresented mem if it was myself they were aiming at I am telling you I have done no such thing…none of my writing is like that and I have not been doing that all the time I put all the notes footnotes and comments in the fan fic member profiles and stories; in fact if you see the notes, footnotes and comments you can see I have spoken against Hitler and the Nazi's, and even against the philosopher Heidegger who I studied who was a Nazi…someone may have taken something I said and did some editing to make it sound like I said something else
-now I might get upset with someone or even a few people but we all do that but I have not been upset with anyone who has been on my side
-while I listed a piece of music and sound effect that is only one source, and I never sent in a tape/disk/dvd/or phone anything or put sound bites online that had a sound so I had not a literal sound in mind and the direction back and forth sounding, the direction of the sound: actual concerts both rock and classical, ‘Wagner’s Ring’, various versions of it, through to various ‘progressive rock’ bands many of them had sound traveling through speakers from one to the other side and sounds from nature to synthesizer sounds, to the instruments…besides that nature sound albums like the wind, storms, etc., and God or if you prefer nature itself, the sound of wind traveling and visually its effect the moving of the trees in one direction to the other area and back is really audio and visually before recorded sound…now someone referred to sound traveling and Newton but Newton’s standing on other’s shoulders was in a letter to the man who anticipated many of his (Newton’s) ideas; also the audio/visual movement in waves moving inland and out there… and since the sound waves/particles and the capturing of the waves through antenna and receivers and having been sent out the whole idea is long before recording…so if anyone has been using sound like that say on tv these are the references qand i do not think they should stop doing that i am simply putting something down since i wrote ideas down like this whether they were used or not i am simply writing this…not to mention a reference to the pen or pencil swooshing across the page, ‘etch-a-sketch’ which shows the movement of a line you see and can move across from side to side, before the time of a lot of people out there who never heard of it or saw it before…not to mention ‘drawing’ in computer programming code: the code for simply putting a line on the screen at a certain coordinate would be in C:
...GOTO(x,y) let x and y stand for some number, say line 5 down and line 5 across, or, GOTO(5,5); to another coordinate and
...cout...goto(x,y); tells the computer to goto line x,y
...the ; tells it to stop reading the statement the “-“ tells the computer to draw a line with the -- (or you could use the underscore) would draw a line across or to another coordinate and this is the simplest output to the screen from the keyboard one can think of so I get that also in part from programming…so no I have not copied someone else’s idea I used that as one of many many references and since I already explained the phenomenon of something moving that you can see the same notions apply to the audio spectrum…however as I said the idea is from nature…not to mention echoes of people sound of crashing limbs from trees, bird calls bouncing off of buildings etc…there are too many
-as far as over the head and the image I think cartoons had that idea long before the other fellow came along, if he is using that as his idea and I never said it whether it was my idea I was disputing he created it if he said he did
-as far as the perspective of the viewer to seeing others before him: the mirror, of course you see yourself as the other and from the other to yourself, is simply the ‘mirror’ opposite of that idea…besides I already gave examples of this from before anyway all you have to do is go to the past notes I made earlier…-to restate: that I was the last person in the room in a public place at the computers does not mean I am the one who downloads or attempts to download something on some topic, that is if the computer is not off or the other user(s) did not log out of their account or was in their account at some point while I was still on in my own account, although it is possible to put something in or download something when someone is not present but is still online and has not come back, to send something or even send a virus etc containing something that places something in one's account etc...
-now ion youtube "When Nietzsche Wept" is a movie i guess but come to think of it i read his material in university and he did have the eternal return and something like a return to the present in the future and so did various philosophies and religions of the East so any attempt to say i cannot talk about that because of another movie is i have known about the concept since i was younger...but this on youtube says it quite succinctly and the idea is from the 1800's-turn of the century...

I am not sure of why it would seem the people in here can look at what the visitors are downloading during the week, is that even legal...then do they send the data we are researching elsewhere? not to mention someone, not connected to the above statement got hold of my data last week and i proceeded to see it all used unless it is the people on my side check out what you are getting and from whom...
-on a certain public broadcaster (regional), a discussion of something leads to my wondering who might be connected of the people I am against, since they have stated something about me once before, let me take a wild guess who…and connected to the other fellow (not the one who made the project talked about below…I have not seen this project either, I am in support of it i cannot mention whether i support all beliefs in something i have not seen and listened to but this is concerning the general discussion i heard about it):
-on race: since early times all races the other day I thought they were attacking me for some reason all have including Caucasian had a primitive beginning at least in theory…consider fiction and other arts, Wagner’s character does not know anything having been brought up isolated…Adam and Eve who had no knowledge of things no doubt were instructed by God and in Milton the angel tells them about the history of everything and they find they do not have clothes until they realize it…the genetic make up if I am only thinking of the discussion if it is a combination—Adam and Eve contained in their dna the rest of the world…the fact the project being discussed has the characters in a different colour obviously negates any negative claim against it…
-virtual world and placement of one in it: early photographic composites of the 1800’s, one could be placed in a photo they were not in before, ghost photography: where a person could be copied and even looking different from their self but similar and be seen as a ghost… ‘Gone with the Wind’: where a picture is painted on glass, photographed then incorporated into the film and, people are then incorporated into the scene is virtual reality…
-exchanging sickness or incapacity for health: ‘Dr. Evelsham’ exchanges his old age and encroaching incapacity for youth with an unsuspecting youth, H.G. Wells…Christ in the Bible restores people if one is seeing this as simply a story the idea of restored health in a story is thousands of years old…
-hybrids of one type of being with another go back to the ancients for example the Nephilim in the Bible have children who are hybrids...
-riding on large creatures: men ride on elephants and horses…
-remote viewing ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy is watched from afar in a crystal ball, tv and the internet are remote viewing apparatus and that if from the 1930’s on…in a sense the audio of Bell someone listening on another’s conversations…
-incorporating different societies, since more than one has the early stage society mentioned above, similarities exist for burial and other types of mounds and buildings for religion etc.: in Egypt, the East, Mayan, North American Native peoples had earthen mounds like the mounds in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, see ‘Our Oriental Heritage’, Durant for this notion…

-as far as the runway for concerts, the 1960’s concert just shown I never saw at the movies and it was not something I ever heard of though i never heard of the movie before and it has nothing to do with this example of how it would be easy not to remember everything even if i had seen it, for example: I did see the Beatles movies at the time but it is unlikely even if I had seen it that I would have remembered everything from it if it was never seen again until recently so if i would not remember everything from a movie which i did not when i say them again it is unlikely even if i had seen the other movie with more than one group i would have remembered everything about it note i have not said anything against anyone here i am just mentioning the movies and this reference or comment has nothing to do with the notion of hurting someone in a song (which is just a story not something someone does in the story but merely says) that is something else by another group not one mentioned in this paragraph i think someone passed on misinformation about this and that …besides they said it had only been seen in that time and not again so not to many would remember it…the one performer looks like he might have gone partway down the runway but it is unclear from the footage that he did and I do not know (I did not see the whole thing) whether they said he did or not …the little stage parts nearby, is not really new for something like that in the audience, since concerts sometimes have and have had the engineer or stage manager or someone at controls/lights etc.. on a stage or platform off stage on a small stage or platform but in the midst of the audience…orchestra pits have sometimes been in the audience…Cobo Hall in Detroit has two portions of the stage that are small runways into the audience jutting out from the main stage, Cobo is where across the border I saw concerts in the 1970’s….the runway I never said I created it I simply said to use for greater access to performers at concerts…the runway if from fashion which I think had music and people on it into the audience long before that concert in the 1960’s…which I think was set up more for the cameramen and people behind the scenes at that venue so its purpose is different from a separate stage which until a point in another venue is later connected to the main stage…so it is a completely different but related concept and purpose….
- National Geographic an early reference for a runway from a source I use a lot: October 1964, p. 467 runway… National Geographic May 1964, vol 125 no 5 Shakespearean stage comes out into the audience
-while that concert mentioned above has something that could be construed as pillars the subject of pillars and music goes back to ancient times…my comments on this concert is not a criticism in any way it was very well done I am just commenting on something
-ancient Roman chariot races had a boulevard if you will in the middle nearly extending the length of the arena…

-the person in the u.s. with the same name is the one who has a criminal record I do not have a criminal record

-From ‘Leonardo’s Machines Da Vinci’s Inventions Revealed’, Taddei, Zanon, Laurenza; F & W Publications, a David and Charles Book, 2006
p. 199 –circular domes at some point joined stages) reveal when split apart into two halves two stages “At a precise mmoment…the entire set was made to open, revealing a second stage…once the two large domes had finished their movement…they were open to the public , creating a new acting space…”
-from ‘The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare’, D. Wells, Oxford University Press, 2001 and ‘The Shakespeare Handbook’, Levi Fox, Mobius International, 1987, and I have seen it in older books the
-The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare: p. 457, the Buchel (or DeWitt) drawing Swan Playhouse, a platform comes out to audience with pillars on stage and supporting legs at the front with nothing underneath; drawing 1596
-‘The Shakespeare Handbook’, Levi Fox, Mobius International, 1987,
-Ibid. p. 86. stage with audience surrounding the stage
-Ibid. p. 67. DeWitt sketch see above
-Ibid. p. 54. pagent plays 15th and 16th centuries moving stages but more than one stage…depiction by Denis van Alsloot
-Ibid. p. 55 ‘place and scaffold’ theater: “Where the set itself consists of a number of scaffolds surrounding a central ‘place’ or ‘platea’ Such for the oldest surviving complete morality play ‘The Castle of Perseverance’ in year 1425
-there is a sun at the back of one picture but the sun is a constant theme and has been used for many things …since it is an ancient theme e.g. the sun god in ancient Egypt and it is seen on and at the back of many monuments walls etc., these are my references for the sun not to mention rock concerts with a sun or moon in i think if i recall seeing a photo an eclipse...
p. 87 a 15th century depiction of the ‘The Castle of Perseverence’, 1425 which shows mingling of players and spectators on a circular scaffold
-Ibid. p. 56 stage
-Ibid.p. 62 “actors stand on a booth stage’, there a curtained area amidst the crowd with musicians underneath a canopy play…so we are not too far from the stage in the midst…combine that with the two DaVinci stages the moveable stages and how about throwing in walking the plank from pirate stories, and:
-from “The History of Every day Things in England”, Quennel, Putnam and Sons, 1918, 1963 and donated to this place in 1966 p. 31 the bridge between two parts of a castle complex…
-I also have listed on my paper the Anthony Burgess book I listed earlier so right now I do not know which picture I have for it……so we are not too far from the stage in the midst…combine that with the two DaVinci stages the moveable stages perhaps consider moveable parts to join these together as well... and how about throwing in walking the plank from pirate stories, and the bridge between two parts of a castle complex..the ramp up to the valley of the kings...the bridge or even runway like ramp in '2001 space oddessy', 1960's movie where they are observing the stone that emits noise a type of frequency all notes have a frequency …and you can see that many of these things i have either seen here in these very books or at least precede anything before the 1960's ...add to that the models runway and i do not think a case can be made against what i wrote earlier in time...and the combination of these probably has been used in modern times in one form or another...see my arguments above to show why the 1960's venue is not quite what i wrote for the stages connect at some point but not the whole time just like the DaVinci idea which is slightly different as well besides the runway in the 1960's film (not the Beatles films- i was not talking about that at all or referring to it except as i describe it to show i would not remember everything from something seen in my childhood)
-the 1960's venue had a runway but it did not connect to another stage in the midst of the audience so and it did not (the runway extend itself by an engineers making it do that by some means and continuing to extend itself till it got to the other stage), the runway no doubt for them was from fashion or something else but i doubt music never was in fashion shows ...did we not all connect 'Legos' as children, and did we not all go from the old Boblo amusement part boat in the 1960's to land, two things gooing form one thing to the other...moats and draw bridges, the Ambassador Bridge across canada and the u.s...etc...
-in order for the person who i have a complaint against to claim he was influenced by the 1960 venue he was only about three years old at the time and would have to have been told about it and if it was not seen till recently from the time it was in theaters i do not think he or given the above has a case on this point... that is to say the whole notion of the two connecting parts of stages and stages connected and connected in an audience or separate stages in the audience and surrounded by the audience...there is my argument...
as far as the 1960’s footage discussed I have never had access to the top level of the industry so I would also not know where it was because I was not and even now am not in that business…so if it was not out there or even lost I do not know anything at all about it, I am only conjecturing whether the fellow I have a complaint over might make another attempt to fob off on me something not found…
-but my idea for incorporating a walkway into something which was only one component of it was independent of anything—especially something I never saw or even heard of…

-on the use of the sun in a fan fic:
-Life’ magazine, April 12, 1968, sun on a depiction of Akenhatan and his family I ancient Egypt…I have had these magazines since I can remember… Akenhatan cleared out the multiplicity of gods in favour of one god: the Sun, Re
-France, ‘The Sun King’
-the solar disk between horns of bull headdress on statues and depictions, Ancient Egypt
-the stars and sun worship in places like ancient Babylon
-China, the ten suns in a story I cited a few months back
-Japan’s flag
-many ancient societies have had sun worship
-the Bible — Josiah’s clearing out of Isreal sun-worshp 2nd Kings 23:5, 11; Ezekiel 8:6

-the apostrophe ' between words i was talking about something from another decade not anything recently and about anything recent i have not said anything at all but i am not saying i might not have influenced something either...

-‘Life’ magazine, March 18, 1968, someone with their likeness blown up in back…
-‘The Shakespeare Handbook’, p. 141
-large screens tracking missiles, National Geographic September, 1965, p. 324…so various takeover stories of the world or one country or defending against attack or something hitting the world from or in space is an old idea and certainly we should refer to the Cuban missile crisis…the proverbial ‘doomsday clock’…Revelation in the Bible…when Lot’s wife turned to stone at a nuclear-like explosion or raining down from the heavens…
-as far as anyone taking over the world: Hitler’s own writings, the Soviets, Marx, Napoleon, Robespierre, Alexander, and Satan…et al…
-i said i would not say something about a certain woman was nice looking anymore nothing more and that is what is was referring to...
-I already referred to close ups of hands so once more, Beethoven’s hands upon his death bed from the time of his death…

-National Geographic Nat Geog, March 1964, vol 125. no. 3. p. 366-7 p. 371, for the Gemini space ship program, one astronaut pouts on a 5 inch sphere tow lights that flash on and off, a beacon for a length of under a second for each second viewed from miles away could be detected…”…to evaluate it as an aid to rendezvous in future space flights…My firsts thought they were like missiles…He could not see it until the fourth night… it will be important to know the approximate area in which to search for it.”
Therefore a distress signal, like the telegraph Morse code signal from Titanic and its flares into the air, along with a signal sent at intervals over there anywhere to locate an object or even someone with a device that emits signals is before any mid-/late 1960’s series…with such a signal and goes back to the time of the turn of the last century up to (in this example) 1964. And since unmanned and manned space capsules returning to earth from space had a signal in the capsules for the navy or military if it landed in the sea or on land to pick it up, no doubt was an idea from before the first missions started…I already have referred to this magazine.
-animals even trees send out signals some for danger some otherwise…so nature of God had it first…
-the telegraph (audio distress/non distress signal) and light (visual distress/non distress signal) together with both manual and automated output of signals is from before the mid-/late 1960’s series.
-things starting to cause recovery of infections or things covering the body: Christ healing people no doubt he cured infections…the apostle who healed from afar by touching objects they sent him…‘Ben Hur’ movie, miraculous cure of leprosy
-my use of term ‘Unknowns’ for unknown movers and shakers in the world of power politics, derives from web sites using the term (not fictional) and Orwell, ‘Proles’, the lower classes in ‘1984’, from 1948…comes before a 1960’s term for another group of people…I think you can find terms for Others elsewhere in history, for different groups classes races etc…
-people who never grow old, I think there are several myths out there, not to mention in the afterlife of perfected humanity the effects of aging will be reversed …progeria and premature aging is genetic, so when people age suddenly in stories and prematurely it is preceded by the genetic and natural imperfections in the gene pool

-people imagining themselves in their own story and visiting it: ‘Walter Mitty’ (if I have the spelling correct) who imagined himself in various scenarios as a hero comes before a recent story out there besides i never saw it until recently…besides that story has a scene where the person worries that someone on a horse will get hurt is a familiar notion and was in ‘Gone with the Wind’ I am not putting this here to criticize these projects but to stop criticism for certain other is impossible as you see to be completely original afterall there is thousands of years of writing to compete with at your finger tips right now…besides many authors visualize or hear themselves in their own stories anyway...and do not people imagine themselves in certain scenes...
-the Oxford Reference Dictionary form 1989, the notion of something that disturbs the body and brain entering into the ear is from the earwig: it states this is either a quote or paraphrase once thought to enter the head through the ear-the story i mentioned and how they came up with their ideas, the sissors, cigar, the actor i mentioned in story in another...

-from the New Webster’s Dictionary, International Edition, Grollier, N.Y., 1965. My old large dictionary compared to the old paperback ones still looks like new but comes in handy on occasion:
Queen: a female sovereign; a woman preeminent among others; a sovereign of a swarm of bees…an extraordinarily attractive girl or woman…
Queen Bee: the only fully developed and prolific female insect in a hive of bees p. 682 in the first volume of the dictionary…
-for the above: is obviously a popular term from before any stories from late sixties on…since it is descriptive of female insects it is a term for something female not male…see MALE below:-From ‘Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ‘Insight on the Scriptures’ vol 1 p. 275. “Two women in the Bible bore the name Deborah (meaning ‘bee’, the nursemaid of Rebekah Gen 35:8 or the prophetess who cooperated with Judge Barak in the defeat of the Canaanite King Jabin. Judges 4:4”
Since Queen Bee signifies royalty and one of the women above is associated with a leader of Israel, and it is two women the term is not for a man but as we will see shortly the term is connected with a man as a king bee…but indicates the character of the Female Queen he represents…which puts both the term and the use of it for a male before the 20 th century…
I do no wish to list the source I found the following cited in:
Muller, ‘Dorians’ p. 403, 404, Oxford 1830, having to do with Ancient Greece and a god in Ancient Babylon, connection to something like a Prometheus Prometheus: my thought, a god…Muller: this connects to the Ephesus Diana “her constant symbol is the Bee…the chief priest was called ‘king bee’, which is connected to her character as the god he represents, namely, the Bee, is part of her character, personified in the priestly representation of her in the term King Bee”…it may as well be, divinity is spiritual royalty the indication of goddess and bee is the concept long before out time of Queen Bee… it is alright if someone today uses the term Queen Bee since it is actually an ancient term for a woman or in reference to a woman through a man representing her...
-people that never grow old: the fountain of youth or premature aging or aging quickly more so than is natural
-duplicate earth, an age old notion of hope there are other’s out there like us and Alice going through the looking glass to the other side and a duplicate at least of her living room…another world…

-as far as many things taking place in a short time frame: one day with God is as a thousand days of man…in the creation of the world in the Bible it takes place at least figuratively in six days and in one day the light is created called the day and the darkness for the night something no doubt is indicated that it is really a longer time which would fit in with true scientific geologic time but to God it is just like one of man’s days of work…and man’s time is short and set according to the Bible to 70 years and any more is full of troubles and is a nano second of time compared to the Eternity of God’s life and being which is eternal before and eternal after the advent of this life of man’s…De Quincy, ‘Confessions of an English-Opium Eater’, 1821, in a London magazine…”she seemed altered over a seventeen year period yet again sometimes not altered”…somewhere he talks about an experience on the drug that seemed like he had spent centuries of time during the experience…so the notion of a long time in a short space of time is neither nor just come in the twentieth century like someone mentioned some author writing early in the last century about this kind of many things taking place in a short time frame…
-as far as bodies in coffins or someone who is either dead or seen as dead and is not, or the movement of a body elsewhere: the idea of Christ being risen and before when the religious leader were afraid of Christ’s body being stolen and moved elsewhere and asked the Romans to post guards and the stone was rolled over the opening of the tomb and Lazarus, being moved to come out of the tomb and Christ moving out of the tomb whereas they were dead and came to life within the tomb precedes all stories of being trapped or put into the tomb while still alive, the idea is in the public realm no one owns it…

-from ‘Splendors of the Pasts Lost Cities of the Ancient World’, National Geographic, 1981 p. 142-3.
Two stages and concert halls side by side “A moveable awning shaded audiences it the Great Theater…In the Odeum, a permanent roof… Originally modeled on Greek styles both structures existed in Pompei before Rome had its first theater…” So the idea of two stages together was not new to the Colosseum…and part of the structure appears built into and connected to the other stadium…
Parallel systems: the start of the Biblical world before the flood is paralleled by the world after the flood…this, especially since Noah’s family is a family before and after the flood is like a parallel universe and this one or the world and one like this one. That is to say it is populated with a world that becomes violent and ungodly with a similar situation that exists today before the great events at Revelation’s climax, that it would seem is the origin of the parallel world…not only that…the angels left heaven and went back thus they were the same beings in both ‘worlds’
-in Babian this probably is not the name today, Upper Egypt source is from the 1800’s I s a grotto, two priests worship the Sun’s image, made in ancient times
-in the 1950’s, ‘The Ten Commandments’ the priest parallel Moses staff turning into a snake and their staffs turn into snakes. notion of parallel events so the God is mimicked by the priest who made a multiplicity of gods in imitation of heaven, God and the angels…so the ancient heavens and the god’s Pantheon of Assyria and Babylon…and later Germanic and Scandinavian Pantheons.
-type in early photography in 'yahoo' and see the early stereo scope viewer, and then again the children's viewer where you put a slide or could we call it a disk with data or at least images on it which also came before stories that have the viewer with a 'cropped' vision of what is before them so both in terms of data and the viewing that Cameron on TSCC sees is built on a whole history (including periscopes in world war one) that preceded it but also any claim against it has to be understood against the history of such a means of viewing so it is by now in the public well the whole notion of virtual sight so, also this in light of any fan fic i wrote with these ideas or anything else...
-refer to Serpico for a project…in the first installment.

-I have not spoken against any group or of any group oriented I do not mean oriental in any way…or race or ethnicity or linguistic or country…I was not against anyone in the past either especially since there were many different types of people in my college and university days so what is left, my teens…are you sure I actually said or did whatever anyone wants to say about my youth…since someone had a fake degree/diploma/certificate could they not make up something about any time period….what someone wants to do is if they cannot use another’s present or recent past they will dig into the past or if all else fails, fabricate something past or present or find someone willing to pose or state whatever….

-someone was on a project where some on it thought I had copied their ideas and yet those ideas were in two projects before: home surveillance on the occupant…the bringing back of someone long gone…and a third, interviewing…yet I have a background in social work which is all interviewing this is not against anyone I have no doubt they did their project independently of anyone else… the other project featured someone in it who worked with the other fellow I have complained about including something like calling out whose idea was that on a project about a judge…which was on yet another show the same person just mentioned see just above: featured someone
-since I showed that someone five and a half years ago made a false claim about downloaded material, that person was later in a project about his being a government agent watching people in my country who either believed or were thought to believe in a dictator in world war two…someone else in that same project who has nothing to do with this was also in a project about lawyers in close proximity of dysfunctional clients and were nearly as dysfunctional, which had a return scene at the end of every segment to the city parliament buildings, that the other fellow with his large brimmed hat was an extra in who turns around in one scene…this has nothing to do with the rest of the people on it…except a woman who is not in this… who was brought into it who had been on something written by a comic who also used to live near me: I am showing the connections between people to the man who used to live near me with a name like that of a city in Italy as you can see there is a connection between the man from the above mentioned lawyer project not the one with the term Legal in the title a different one, along with the man who used to live near me, I have complained about, the who was in the project with the other one about see above: believed or were thought to believe in a dictator
-So, there are two, the one who made the claim in the project about the surveillance and the one who is not in this who was on that project who was also on the one about the lawyers which the other fellow I have a complaint about were on…to restate it then the one on the surveillance and the fellow I have a complaint about are therefore linked together…so if one made a false claim and the man I have a complaint about does not have a real degree/diploma/certificate, who also claimed to have written and read on air with someone who mispronounced a word and he said he could not read the writing and called it something like ‘Michael’s Mythologies’ then these two men who have both lied are connected…
-now ‘John Ltd.’, the fellow whose project it was I have a complaint about had as someone else connected to it the main person who also helped put it together went to go for one part of a project that would have seen him replace a person who also was on the lawyer project mentioned above he is definitely not in this, who is the main one in this latest project…so as you can see the fellow I have a complaint over is willing to get rid of anyone without justification, and so you can see why they lined up against him earlier in time…and he is calling anyone else into question
-don't forget these people can take what you say or do and edit it and use it after editing in any way they like...
-if i can argue a point i thank god for that
-all claims still claimed!!

-and do not forget i actually have never done anything to the other fellow except refute false claims, defend my writing and ideas, or defend others against his claims...
-the feet showing and moving: parade chinese dragons, the barrel over the body with the feet showing (one has lost everything), an advertising sign held by straps over the shoulder like the barrel, with the feet and legs showing as they march up and down the street...

-I unfortunately said something somewhere about a lost item…in a different story from the past I mentioned two fellow students in a line at high school this is back in that time, i am remembering... who were both talking about being fingerprinted by police, and I also mentioned about a girl I met outside the school in the dark and could barely see what she looked like this was mixed by someone to make it look like I said something completely different and I had forgot what I said and so it was used against me when twisted around.-I have already stated they can take any audio or visual and make anyone look like they are doing what ever it is they want you to be seen doing-a word for a sound beginning with far is not what I recommend people use I left some material out for those stealing it so they would sound like they were a little rough around the edges…that was so they would not take the good material….-actually someone who died I meant someone the other fellow may or may not have known-as far the real life history of Companies in Canada at war that really happened in the areas around ‘Rupert’s Land’…. The Northwest Fur Trading Company, Hudson’s Bay Company, the company of John Astor, his American Fur Trading Company…one source for that: “Pirates and Outlaws of Canada 1610-1932”, Harwood, Butts, Doubleday Canada Ltd. 1984.
-since the time of European domination of China which lead to the ‘Chinese Opium Wars’, which involved companies as well as governments this is another main source for that…but that was already mentioned in books and series and companies involved in war have been mentioned in connection with Japan and Europe from early on but also most government run operations for trade are something like today’s ‘Crown Corportations’

-I have already listed pictures and even film in behind performers, on a Shakespearean play from a book on him the other a still photo from a 1963 magazine…filming someone in a mirror I think came before this idea of the performer in behind anyway
-the runway, I never said I came up with the runway fashion did I simply said it could be used for concerts to give the audience access to the performers. The recent show of that from the ‘60’s shows in the one case the runway is not near the audience, the others in the one case it is not clear whether the performer goes on it or not but it is for the equipment, a different purpose…the third case on bended knees runway leads away from the crowd and to the back of the stage, again a different purpose...the thing connecting two stages together is not a runway...

-I mentioned that at events even before the Romans in Pompei hey had music and awning like covers (this is not against anyone using anything overhead –I amjust refuting claims I copied anything), I have listed many things on this from history

-the crying out of someone whipped in a school in a 1960’s project this is not against that projects after Stanley Milgram’s test of shocking someone and others hearing it remotely and someone being required to shock at the time it is required by turning up the dial of slide it goes up a number of volts in order to shock and the order while audio is the source for the visual on this idea to to so at the required time…the number of volts is also the number of intervals so that idea is also in this reference…I have already stated the rebuttal to these things a number of times…so you can find someone who has the whole history of 5 years of replies to allegations of copying either by myself or others…like robots like humans I have already listed the 1920’s movie on this…just because i said i did the research for things and found some proofs does not mean i think so much of myself...this is not true SEE BELOW
-‘hidden agenda’ term from the ‘NoWhere Man’
-Milgram, I was talking about something from the 1970’s, that that did not come up with the calling out the Milgram experiment and shocking someone came before that project in the 1970’s someone was trying to say it came before these things and I already gave references from space missions and missiles from wars and the cold war for countdown references…someone thought something from another decade came up with that…and as far as people being viewed listening and watching footage of anything do not film makers and media people have they not been doing that since the beginning watching people watch something…for example the people in the control room from early tv would watch the broadcaster watching footage so they can comment on it or go to the next segment…someone was trying to say a 1970’s movie came up with that first
-I did not say I did not come up with ideas for use of the runway and as far as the two stages I guess you could call it a runway or bridge but it extends itself and that makes it something different as well but I never said I did not come up with certain things

-the other side of being portal is the mirror in 'Alice in Wonderland' as well as it being an early fantasy life of a real person in Alice Liddel who was the one when she was older Caroll wrote about Alice is the fantasy person projected into the novel so the concept is from him, in fact it is from his life...taking his life the woman in real life and her portrayed in fantasy precedes the 20 th century...
-the other side of being portal is the sky the go between for heaven and earth depictions and it is where Christ and Nephilim and the prophet go disappearing from earth, angels are from the other side of being and go back and forth mysteriously and in stories going back to ancient times, instantly
- the bright light and dark opening of the hallway is preceded by the cover of the 'Moody Blues' 'Octave' album, comes before a cartoon in the 2000's and the transporting even one of the songs is about the 'slide zone' and see the entries here for more on the subject
-a person being sucked into the other side of something or taken away instantly, like the above into the sky, tornadoes take people and objects up into its whirl...the wind can do so along with hurricanes into the sea...for being moved see Buster Keaton moved by wind which is a mysterious force you cannot see
-disappearing house since it is a house and not a building on a recent cartoon the house in the 'Wizard of Oz' is taken up by the hurricane in the dream and would have to have disappeared from the ground to observers if there had been observers and then returns...
-Shakespeare, the diadem stolen from the shelf and put into another's pocket, and Joseph in the Bible with a cup said to be stolen but really is not and is found in another bag
so concept is hundreds to thousands of years old precedes a 1960's project this is not against that project i am proving a point against a criticism which like mean rumours is entirely unwarranted
-automated system in a building or at least something, from space missions, no doubt military and no doubt they must have had voice operated ability or if not voice at least controls through computers via frequencies which how computers operate...and the telegraph, which uses tapping pulses...and the telephone early Bell, et al had the voice going into the speaker which automatically sends the signal into the wires converted into the signal transmitted thus automated by the voice into the speaker which while on already is activated to convert and send the signal into the wire...comes before later automated voice controlled systems in the 1960's
-again the cartoon people think they have something or someone inside another first, the pouch and the baby kangaroo
-the name for someone watching someone may try to argue against something but there are no less than four books here with the term 'The Watcher' in it and others containing the term with 'watcher' longer titles and they are different to the thing i am talking about and they are all different from one another...and they are all different from the one with a different title for a project out the watcher is not a new term to those especially since people have been night watchmen throughout history on ships guarding people and places and the thing i am thinking of is different than some sort of voyeur with an interest in only one or few person not many, as if in a sociological sense and a series of events unfolding or which are about to unfold...most of these stories are some sort of mystery story, murder, vampires, etc...of course the term 'the watchman of the night or in the night or nightwatchman come before this term so neither the term nor someone watching but no doing anything (at least until something happens requiring action) is not a new concept but an ancient one...not to mention angels are said to be watching us as well as God and Christ...and some who are thought to have visited earth i do not thing any criticism of something can really be made...besides do not characters and people in real life track others only observing did not Dickens employ watchers, scouts for military reconnaissance...that has been going on since men learned 'The Art Of War'
-anyone saying a robot or mechanical person is preceded not by something in the 60's or 70's but in the 1880's or earlier last century in p. 215 'The History of the World in Photograhs' , Encyclopedia Britannica

-as far as subjects like those on the other side the return of the dead and a thousand tales are just that to me there is no other side we will go to but return to the earth after Judgment Day as the same we were but youthful and perfected...i am just supporting those out there who are coming out with interesting stories...
-there is a difference between being interested in someone and obsessed with someone.. that was not involved here...i think some may have thought that but there is distance and not seeing others and so putting something on here might or at the other end in the past might have given the wrong impression...

More on the object moving by two worlds:
-mirage in desert: objects like water appear and disappear…in the distance and the idea if they can get to it in time they can save themselves…so the notion of time: future relief of thirst, present circumstance are imagined in another worldly scene of water-I already stated the Bible statue of fused elements and time periods each different element the statue is made up of represents a different time period and the statue is both envisioning the future in the present and since it keeps its status as a future dynasty and past dynasty simultaneously it keeps returning in terms of the concept to the future…this along with Zeno and the future is in every smaller increment the series of which is infinitesimal while remaining in the present moment and yet each second and step with one foot in the past and one foot in the future is at the same time past/present/future and yet is also the concept of the impossibility of motion yet is forever in motion of both the past motion in the present motion stepping into the future
-as far as moving an object by mental state the Anjinsan in Shogun tells a cup to fill to the brim ‘move you _.’ This can mean however that an object can be moved-: in this case the volume of liquid, without seeing anything actually moving it…
-the attempt to bring two world’s together causes a temporal collision of two times and places that are I think identical worlds or the world as it was or will be in the thing I am thinking of built up again:-Alice is caught for an instant moving between the world of the room she is in to the slightly changed but identical room in the other world and is in between the two sides of the mirror I already discussed this so this is two different time zones because the time would not be regular time if it is a fantasy world…Just like Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ for she goes up in the house which is transported in her mind into the tornado and it lands in another world another time zone of fantasy and the building lands on the ‘Wicked Witch of I forget east or west’ and kills her but she herself and the house are transported to the Other world the Other Side, and the house is basically on top of or it must be crushed and imbedded cutting into her body…it is the world of her own mind going into the other sided of being and since the Wizard and the other characters from her real life are the characters on the other side but as other characters: a manifestation of their personalities and their relationship to her, it is a PARALLEL UNIVERSE in a story from the early decades of the last century and film in 1939, before any 1960’s tv series not to be against it or anything except the fellow I have a complaint about and his clan and vassalage who are always finding fault with myself and others and note this is outside the brackets, and the cartoon I was talking about…the world of Kansas is gone and yet the house part of Kansas and since she is unconscious and obviously still in Kansas she is in TWO WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME: the two worlds have collided…I am defending the one on this week against the cartoon…
-I think there are a few moles somewhere lurking and feeding information to somewhere so others look like they had something first…
-reference for something “Spy’, Eyewitness books, Platt, DK Publishing, 1995-2009.

-‘Spy’, book, p. 22.
-‘Shogun’, ‘grow…’ not move, my copy is from 1980.
-recently I compared films only…and referred to a film from earlier last century.
-I left my disk in the computer and someone might have sent it on as someone else’s material but in any case I had to retype it it is the last chapter 7 of the fan fic ‘Factions’
-you may have noticed i had Irish in one chapter of a story, i have some Irish heritage as well...

-no i want what is intended for me to stay put i meant i never signed anything over to the other fellow i have a complaint over just in case he has tried to get his hands on it

-the two projects i was comparing the was to prove the one in the 1970's was not the first to do something the other one had to do with a censor's board and how the subject at that time was being affected by recent law...i am not saying whether this is a documentary or not...
the four are still the one's i have to represent me and my writing...

he Book which I have had out from the library and still have out for four weeks now, the Dewey Decimal System number is 327.16095 MAR if you want to check it out but if you are on my side do it quickly it could made to look otherwise, this is where I got my ideas for the fan fic to do with North Korea, which was on here before a series using North Korea had been shown in this area recently:
“War at the Top of the World the Clash for Mastery of Asia”, Eric S. Margolis, Key Porter Books, 1999, is where I got my ideas for the ‘Factions’ story fan fic I wrote, not a fan fic with a similar title…
-I notice even though for a somber occasion or at least that is what the local publication said and it may be the case and since there is someone with the same last name on something i am calling out a certain winged comedian for possibly stealing my ideas or writing and passing them on or had seen at least the first page of the fan fic section dealing with north korea is in the area when I have this book out
- of descent not Tuesday, it was not concerned with the descent ...and there is no comment against any descent whatsoever...
-as far as a word for strange relations ince... that was used in a song and i think someone earlier in time used it to make it look like someone said it and then spread a bad rumour
-as far as 'Factions' the footnote should also note the tale of old of seals that are people underneath and when skinned the saved seal skin is hidden and when the person who was a seal finds it it is put back on and that person is a seal again this comes before the ...angels are spirits underneath and many fictional beings become something else than what they are underneath...Michaelangelo the skin is held up of a person...ancient gods/goddess cloak themselves in human form...etc...there are angelic hybrid children of women and angels in the bible...i will put these in as footnotes to the story another time...

-nothing against the project argued over, some of this I have answered more than once…-I listed a painting from an 1800’s of many ancient rulers up to Napoleon, Alexander, Hannibal, Pharaoh, etc. together in one place
-drawing pictures of someone, I listed a photo from the 1800’s of a painter and a woman he has brush in hand canvas and she is posing
-man waking up after 200 years, the cicada after 17 years, Christ after three days…Rumpelstiltskin (I am not looking up the spelling right now) De Quincy on an opium trip said he lived through centuries; the 400 year old man in ‘Lost Horizon’, James Hilton; long lived: Methuselah
-the Superman, the wrong name for the Nietzschean Overman: man is something that will be overcome…and there will be some who rise to the top and Dostoyevsky's Raskolnikov who proposes a race of men who will use every even devilish means to accomplish their ends and rise to the top to dominate others in “Crime and Punishment”
-the New World Order actually is in the Bible and the 8th dynasty is likened to a King and then the end will come…and is an idea as far back in the ‘modern’ era…going back to Nimrod who was the first to dominate others after the flood
-Bible Micah 5:5-6
-someone is asked if they swallowed a book when they seem to have or memorized a lot of material is an old phrase going back I think before the 1960’s
-gas flooding, Kaiser, a play I believe called ‘Gasworks’ before and influencing Hitler and the Nazi’s who used gas, flooding a lot of people to kill them…the pressure chamber in old sea submarine movies and in world war one and two…Nazi’s experimented on people taking the air out of a room.
-everyone will suffer or even die if someone does not give in to the ultimatum King Henry 5th, Shakespeare, et al. the button to be hit: nuclear threat and the red button at the President’s desk…Apollo mission, they will not get back without help from the computers and the call to the command center…the Milgram experiment 1950’s…the nuke threat, if they don’t press the button with the world’s back up against the wall the earth will be destroyed and if they do it will…the threat is an ultimatum for the entire earth…
-the threat to Japan with nukes, if the world does not stop world war two, mutual assured destruction if one side or the other threatens only but no one uses the bomb etc. various scenarios
-as far as the Bible it warns against admiring personalities like those who achieve their ends by manipulating others and being strong but they are only strong until their machinations trip them up then I do not believe they deserve to be there they deserve to be out…they have harmed others mentally perhaps physically, which is the whole point to the title ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘Paradise LOST’…but God is the final judge even of those who believe they have evolved beyond man and God….


-as far as the North Korea story I have: I put that online here before the project that had a similar topic that night when it was shown here so it would be impossible for me to copy that project and since the ... had been in the local publication for mentioning someone with the same last name on that project I suspect that it was just a practical joke informing me he had my material…as far as his alleged betrayal of his mentor, well, he had a good teacher, after all he and his minions who knew me betrayed me their former neighbour…what goes around comes around…by the way the ... in a local publication gave dates for his having been in university that would have made him older than he was for having been there at that time…and is similar to the false academic credential...between false data, using my last name for a character and this recent material he simply took elsewhere he should not be seen by anyone as credible especially since he betrayed his mentor and used false data like him...he learned his craft well and is not to be trusted so why are these two in the industry...oh, i remember now he said his father was a lawyer, that was not the impression i had of him when he lived near me unless he was with people other than his family...


-my orientation, past and present as I already indicated is straight…
-runway walkway whatever it is called I have listed a lot of proofs of this going back to ancient times; the 1960’s show of the runway throughout the audience, even if I saw it I would hardly remember it…but it is already connected not connecting during the course of the event…and I showed that an ancient event was depicted showing performers in the audience a distance from the stage…the number of stages of medieval times comes before the 1960’s this statement is not against that event… and I will even include a circus has many stages…Da Vince’s two stages, the two stages connecting by the two stadiums in Pompei before the Romans…sort of boulevard at the Roman Circus
-I said I told someone an idea in the past and that person used it this I think was turned around to make it sound like someone told me their idea and it was not the case…that person asked if they could use other’s material for their research and I gave written permission that that person could use mine…this was something more academic not creative and was back in the late 1970’s-early 1980’s…and has nothing to do with the fellow with the same first name as a city in Europe neither does it mean
-on the audio spectrum there was a criticism of something about we are a peaceful people who then go to war, there is a hitch in that criticism since that person has war in something…
-did mention something about my old albums before a few years ago…
he Sherlock Holmes episode, I already said I read
all the stories…see what I said about Hamlet and Joseph and the cup that notion is hundreds to thousands of years old…
-there was a short-lived project with a name of a bird part, a large event where everyone is blinded, actually that can be traced back to Lot and Abraham saved by the angels in Sodom and Gommorah…and the movie “The Greatest Story Ever Told”…and models of ancient times of buildings of ancient dynasties, are you sure that person gave it to them, for both were in that project and the winged fellow’s name was in the credits…-For the North Korean story I had gone into the fan fic story and put in a reference and some notes but this was after the first time I put it on which before the abovementioned project had their idea which was simply reworked from what I had put on with an additional story added in and if the flying fellow has used a character with my last name there is every likelihood years ago he has had light-fingered abilities...…there probably is a record of this somewhere…so I had put it on once then added footnotes and the reference for it after…what you saw was simply the second time of putting it on but the story was not changed and in case you did not see the reference the person who took it to them simply did not tell them or perhaps did not know I already had had it on…: “War at the Top of the World the clash for mastery of Asia”, Eric Margolis, Key Porter Books, 1999…I already had this book out for four weeks from the public library I still have it out and I put the Dewy Decimal number of it even on the profile earlier…a moreover it contains the in the title topoftheworld back in 1999-2000 I had for a course it was online on the teacher’s site for the course but the people stealing from me would have been able to see it since the teacher, a web site for the course on html and web design a site called ‘topoftheworld’, which had my name attached to it but later when I went to look for it the class I was in that part of her the teacher’s site for the course which contains also material for her food products etc…I do not know if it is still on the last time I looked years ago the classes were no longer there was taken off so, my cousin’s who were in the business would be able to confirm that at the college I have referred to many times…so it is little wonder a fan fic with the same name suddenly disappears, did not read it it may have not connection with this and it may be mere coincidence but is interesting…the site had pictures of mine that were of Pyramid Mountain and the surrounding area I took in the 1980’s on top of Whistler Mountain in Jasper Alberta, on the area that surrounds with a rail the restaurant which is on top; the colour of the photos was reddish due to the snow and cold conditions and it was used in something many years ago, I had these photos on that site for the course so someone probably can confirm it was there before it was used but they also stole the negatives of it from the pre-digital era…that is unless someone on my side had used it that would be alright…oh, by the way the teacher said she tracked down a hacker once, I do not have enough time here for that
-as far as the above I did not want her to work with the other fellow, I did not say, I disassociated at all with her she and others had other associations when I turned my attention to trying to promote someone else some got the wrong impression

-obviously they did not have the negatives otherwise there would not have been congratulatory projects rerun recently and if I am correct one them came out finally to promote on a public venue to a new project would not have otherwise; the negatives are somewhere underneath some papers, i sometimes forget where i put I said I removed one thing to another place so they would not find it and then in typical fashion they used that for a comedic enterprise…of course they could always produce ‘negatives’ from positives remember I said something about Fox Talbot who produced the first positives in the 1800’s…I stated the photos were online on a teacher’s site for the courses
-there is a depiction of Solomon’s Temple that shows hallways with the same arches repeated like multiple mirrors or screens, I think the depiction is before the last century
-last mention of the solitary hand the Bible, the hand writing on the wall in the Book of Daniel
-I will say just in case: there could be a pseudo or dummy site of my profile page on the TSCC fan fiction dot net (fan fic) site I say dot net instead of using the . so you will go download it yourself and from what I put on here.
-is also close to a family of photographers it would not be too hard for them to duplicate things...
-they are my photos i took them i will not let someone steal them without saying something about it just so they can make money on something they did not photograph
they want everything i have ever done and i will not let them get away with it!!

-obviously i did not see the movie with the line in it about wars of the incorporations until the other year when it was on and that was before the other fellow plagiarized the line for a book title, now i recommended the title but since i did not see the movie he not only plagiarized it but plagiarized my idea to use it, and then is responsible for plagiarizing the line from the movie so he not i am responsible for it especially since he used my idea but since i do not know if it was my writing that was used but even if it was not who, since he had not the education or informal education to write at length who either was the compiler of ideas and writing or the ghost writer if that was the case obviously i would never recommend plagiarizing an idea or writing or any audio visual etc...

-just to make sure i have it right: mi5 is internal intelligence in Britain and mi6 is foreign intelligence.

Freezing and destroying on touching it or on impact with nitrogen is an old idea when that thing is immersed in a beaker containing the substance is an old science teacher’s trick…the idea that was on a recent sci fi was that a sealed container see through is filled with something that destroys it instantly but applied to the person or thing inside it is done externally is different from ingesting internally applied a substance that does that…besides bombs etc… Mark Twain had the line that others watching someone eat too much would explode that person from the inside out and that is the reference, in ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ and is before the 1900’s…on that note I must also state that mummies disintegrating when a sarcophagus is opened was already in the news and as a fact of natural processes before the 2000’s, I am simply defending the one idea…which idea is the mirror opposite from Adam being created by God from the dust of the ground formed into the man who goes back as do all things in death to decaying back into the dust of the earth so the idea is from the beginning of man’s creation in the Bible which is thousands of years old.
-Alice is caught temporarily going from the front of the mirror to the back comes before a 1960’s sci fi that has a being in a similar pose in steel-like material but Alice in Wonderland comes before the 1900’s…
-on the bliss, the ecstatic transcendence in the light: reference for this before 1960’s, “And his raiment was shining’ and ‘he was transfigured before them…” Mark 9:2-9 -: 1. he is transfigured 2.they try to talk to him 3. there was a clout that overshadowed them by unnatural agency, sound familiar… 4. a voice from out of the cloud remote source of unseen but heard, when Herod speaks some think it is a god…when it happens with Christ again some think it is thunder, a threat from on high see Milgram in this regard 5. they look around them he is gone like what is in stories with people someone and then they are not there …these are all references for all these things
One is in a rapture during transcendental meditation holding oneself in the same position during the meditation …the robot is held in position in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’…H.G. Wells the creatures are still in their ships or cylinders in the “War of the Worlds’ …the notion of something holding one in a transcendent bliss or even in awe but fear inspiring event: raptures, though not biblically correct are by many Christian groups in the past…Oracles in ancient Greece are in a state of transcendence while pronouncing predictions about the future after inhaling vapours…in certain states people see mirages and in deprived conditions people see mirages as well as in hallucinogenic experiences In such events and experiences one sees lights even being bathed in light as in the case of the above Christ’s transfiguration…as well as Moses who when he came back was his face brilliant so even if this was meant only figuratively he still would be bathed in the light of God’s spirit…as was the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus in the light of Christ by which they were thrown down and by which he was blinded…some Eastern and Western meditation practices are held as mass events the people being held in position and bliss…
Also this for pleasure or pain, Soma, pleasure and overdose in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’
-Christ is there when God states this is his Son, believe in him and it is heard by all around and Job sees God through the wind storm, So the two ideas combined came before sci fi in the 1960’s this is not against the projects I am defending some things that is all and Job’s experience is fearfulness and pleasurable being in the Presence of some great being or think unseen and yet heard (the wind storm in Job) came thousands of years ago
-close up of hands together the painting of Beethoven’s hands at his death in the 1800’s
-the sacrifice of someone for just a short time to become human, Christ, who God sent to earth to take human from he wanted to go to do his fathers will his only begotten son…and the Angels materialize in human form from Spirit to take human wives precedes notion of an phenomenon taking form to be with a human
-that of the person gaining human form dies after being immortal is what happens to Adam and Eve after deciding to sacrifice their relationship with God for Satan’s giving them the choice to see/be like gods…they went from being hundreds of years old to old age and death after being perfect and youthful…Methuselah, over 600 years old, the 400 year old man in ‘Lost Horizon’, James Hilton
-man affecting the weather, Christ as both man and man with divine powers stills the tempest Mark 4:36-39…see other references I have for this by artificial means see Harp project et al not to mention seeding clouds by plane sending substance into clouds to produce rain…and a multitude of experiments not to mention artificial lightning in the 1800’s inside and outside by Telsa…..
–Lot’s wife would have to be for a nanosecond before being completely turned into a pillar of salt held in suspended animation as known in the Bible and ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’; Pharaoh and the Queen in ‘The Ten Commandments’ are held in position while the scene morphs from the palace to Sinai mountains.
-being unable to move and being moved by someone who could be in a literal Psychiatric/Psychological designation of the DSM diagnostic statistical manual of Psychiatry Catatonic state
-frequencies use of by Tesla 1800’s, Bell translating frequencies through electricity and conducting through wires and speakers that translates any language of the speaker: the translation is any vibration through the speakers and send as a message through the wires picked up and thereby whatever language is going through the speaker is translated from vibration and electricity back into the words spoken…After Telsa and John Lodge. Marconi who used 17 of Tesla’s patents sent the longest message (before the 1960’s)
-the burning bush that does not burn away to ash is like the principle of a robot touching something hot or otherwise that does not affect it unlike a human who would be in pain, a reference before the 1960’s
-also electric shock for pain when death by electric chair is introduced into the penal system and the threat to do that is a universal threat to any who commit certain crimes
-in case someone takes the notion I said about betrayal I mean as a someone I knew nothing more… anything stolen I have not been involved in or anything else of a criminal nature so I did not betray anyone in any crime I am not involved in any criminal behaviour and have never been involved in criminal behaviour…I am stating this to make sure someone does not try to take what I say about betrayal and involve me in their problems
-the character in a sci fi imitating or is imitated by a robot and the look alike robot of a human comes from a 1920’s movie I have already listed in which all humans are replaced by robots and Fritz Lang, ‘Metropolis’-repeating words, Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘…Hyde…’ novel and the Bible has repeated phrases for effect

-as far as corporate that was only one term in the title i recommended to use for a book, the other was foundations, however the recommendation was only a note to myself not recommendation to anyone and i did not publish it anyway...
-fro a similar concept to Alice caught in both sides of the mirror, pillars are set into walls and a fireplace can be seen from both inside and outside a wall
-i never said the other fellow was the real author
-i have not spoken about anyone anywhere except for the comments here there is nothing about anyone in the industry i have spoken against or about
except i said someone wore something on their head like robinson crusoe and that someone had a line about looks in a lyric but i never said anything about the person
-Bible Colossians 11:22-27 repeated phrases: 'so am i' 'in...' and with the word similar terms of description...Christ repeated phrases...
-i have not been using anyone else's material with a background in more than one area i do not need to

-I did not send anyone to the fellow I have a complaint about and the person who worked with him did not betray me they thought when I meant instead of his acting against me he could have worked with me which is impossible now and has been all this time …I meant earlier in time I did not meant I wanted anyone to work with him or associate with him in anyway
-just in case someone goes overboard with claims I have never been accused or questioned by authorities about hurting anyone past or present if anyone has had anything happen to them r to friends or relatives or acquaintances or someone they know of… that I knew in the past I only read about it or heard it in the news, nor have I ever been questioned by anyone in such things
-I do not have a criminal record, fake death, fake degree/diploma/certificate of any kind including academic, nor have I ever padded my resume
-I have not made false claims about anyone, everything I have stated I show my proofs or else my arguments why I might think something however I always state whether it is simply the possibility or not unless I am absolutely sure of something
-my orientation is straight
-I have never been in trouble with the law unlike someone out there I used to know
-Someone who I used to know has a habit of making false claims however
I wonder if the old saying is true people say more about themselves when they talk about others than when they talk about themselves
-I mentioned two terms from songs one starts with ‘ra…’ and is hard rock and is a story and the other with ‘inc_s…’ and that has to do with some subject I have said the terms in relation to the songs but I never said these in relation to anyone and if someone has captured that by cell tape etc., it would not be too hard to put that in a certain context with other statements to make it look like I stated them in relation to something else other than songs, which of course would be slander.
-the hair and face like but not exactly the same I have stated I read Sherlock Holmes, but were the Prince and the Pauper exactly the same, are twins exactly the same: there usually is something that one can tell even twins apart by for the human genome is full of imperfection and in some cases such imperfection can be slight
-some project where someone has shifted another person into a different position in order so that responsibility does not fall onto the person moving the other, is there something someone has done I am thinking of cartoons like this in real life? Or is there something someone has done like this to get out of another thing shifting attention to this thing?
-why is ‘pillaging’ a term in ‘Comedic Ltd.’ and why is ‘Comedic Ltd.’ not unlike the title ‘John Inc.’ John in this case is a different name for the title only not an individual
-I have not pillaged maybe the Vikings did…I say that because ‘John Ltd.’ is the project someone I knew at one time has been part of…
-i said somewhere i chased someone in my youth into a classroom i did not say i hurt that person and the classroom was full of people

-now maybe they could take the tape business off...not for me...
-if you did not get what i said i said this in the beginning of that statement: "What will they accuse me of next", not that i was accused...anything vocal would be edited by anyone out to make me look bad and taken out of context of the whole statement...
-while not the source for it the part in Metropolis where the one is leaning over the other, the magnate and puts his arm out, before the detective and another but then again i have been referring to both for a long time
-someone tried to say the close up of the grip of the hand on the handle of the chair, but the hand grip on the chair itself is in Metropolis

-I have decided not to quit so I have not left, i did not leave i only left for a time!!
-Bible Judges 16:21, Sammuel 11:2, 2Kings 25:7, ancient rulers used to put the eyes out of captured people and rulers, and there are ancient reliefs as in Assyrian, that depict eyes put out by spears with the spears in the eyes: I already stated this and I have old early 1960’s National Geographic featuring the Bayeax Tapestry the one with the arrow in the eye

-Type in location bar:
Artificial hand before 1925
From “Science Museum brought to life exploring the history of medicine”From ‘Artificial Right Hand, Europe, 1915-1925’ Made of muslin, celluloid and certus glue called ‘certalmid’ developed during the first world war
Type in location bar:
Artificial hand before 1920
From ‘Artificial hand glove Europe 1880-1920’
Leather glove looks similar to skin on artificial hand
From ‘Surgeon Kirk, Mr. Pringle…’
Arm socket and attached hand prosthesis patent 5800572, operating mechanism for artificial hands april 1920
-there is a runway/walkway/catwalk for the ‘Mechanical Man’ in ‘Metropolis’, 1927; since silent films themselves were silent there would be music played to accompany the feature so the runway, though short and music together in the modern era would seem to be from before the 1960’s
-the separated disembodied hand I have given many references for but it was not for or from concerts that is a different idea

-I have always been stating I am against the nazi types
-I have never stated anything against any colour race orientation etc…group or individual
-the hand in music is not my source for the hand I listed other sources but I think they have their own sources…the disembodied hand goes back in time I do not think anyone could own it…it goes back to ancient times…
-The symbol for intolerance and totalitarian rule that is pink in a book I do not know about the book I only know that it states something I do not have an opinion on it…
-you cannot just take everything someone says at face value or out of context and condemn them without something that states why they said it …I said the thing I did not do something to another because I thought some project made the assertion someone that could be someone criticized was innocent and so I responded to the possibility of that being against me when I was not there and that I questioned whether there was something more to it...someone is trying to make it look like I meant something else….
-in fact all the young women and myself have been assailed by these people who can go in anywhere and cause trouble because they are spreading themselves out in that business and I do not think it is right that they are able to do this…they cut out and prevent a lot of people from getting anywhere…
-there are a lot of false accusations out there and I am refuting all directed at myself especially those after the fact and the ones making the accusations are some of them have had trouble themselves with the law….
-the artificial hand is from so early even early projects cannot claim it

-on Jan Van Eyke, 1434, ‘The Arnolfini Portrait’, I the mirror you see two figures but not in the larger portrait where it is the viewer’s perspective we see, this comes before the 20 th century so any criticism of use of this is irrelevant

-now i will let the four have back the right to represent me and use my material but do not believe anything said against me

-now back to the proofs about the projects, ideas and writing and what they are influenced by:

-from 'Insight on the Scriptures' Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, vol 2, p. 483 "...have one's hand on the back of the neck of enemies to subdue them Genesis 49:8 and the passage in the Gideon's Bible date 1689 B. C., "Judah...thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies", note: it says in the neck not necessarily the back of the neck and could possibly be the front...
-Tiglath-pilneser the 1st Assyrian monarch named in the Bible, 1st to have deported conquered peoples 1st Chronicles 5:26 and Pul King Assyria B. C. 715, so it would seem the Biblical reference tot he neck no doubt comes before reliefs of the hand to the neck in Assyrian reliefs featured recently on something
-Tiglath-pilneser 1 before decline of Assyria in 1100-900 b.c. 'Insight on the Scriptures' p. 203, vol 1.

-anything i said like so i did this was only in the sense of questioning others what they meant by things i mean the fellow with the same name as a city in Europe and those close to him not a statement of my own behaviour or attitudes past or present
-as far as statements here they are basically an informal inquiry based on facts as found or what can be ascertained by certain of things that present themselves over time not based on hearsay or simply without considerable reflection

-if someone had not taken liberties with things I said and made it look like I said and meant something else I would not be talking about this-possibly bullying

-joking around
-little strange there was a group and yet no one does anything

-I thought I remembered a name in the article, I could be wrong anything could be altered even slightly.
-the mountain photos for the course taken with:

Bell & Howell focus matic auto 35/2.8 camera from either the late 1960’s or 1970’s made in Japan with Seiko-la JC1188-since they keep trying to put robots out there as old proofs against my proofs:
From ‘Prodigal Genius: the life of Nicola Tesla’, John O’Neill, 2006 Cosmic Inc., published earlier in 1944. Before ‘Metropolis’ ‘mechanical man’ in the 1920’s, Tesla 1899 stated “You will see the fires trace of robots, mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race…

June 1900: “I am an automaton…with movement…the idea of an automaton which would mechanically represent one…in the manner of a living being.” From ‘Century Magazine with electricity… Tesla’s statements on replacing a person with a robotic likeness is before the 1960’s “controlling…movements…operations of distant automaton. So you can see remote operations of such things was not new to the 1960’s…the text explains frequencies would be involved… other automatons would remain inactive until they were to respond to their frequency this is before the 1950’s…this text mentions a distant operator conveys its intelligent orders.” So criticism of frequencies, remote operator…including the use of voice, replacing people, and if the robot is being observed remotely it is in a sense under remote surveillance; the replacing of people by robots/mechanical men for work or otherwise and that the robot would be endued with the mind of a man which is in his writing too is all before the 1960’s, should bear all these factors
-if someone had not taken liberties with things I said and made it look like I said and meant something else I would not be talking about this
-possibly bullying
-joking around
-little strange there was a group...and one...
-I thought I remembered a name in the article, I could be wrong anything could be altered even slightly.
-foam, the man falling backwards, heart attack, unemployment office in the 1980's with others around not the same event different situation...
-the od in the rink roller skating in the 1970's, taken by the ambulance i ask what happened the fellow, who i knew said 'od', people all over, nothing to do with any of us
-no wonder there is someone investigating every Old case, no matter how far back...
-the mountain photos for the course taken with:
Bell & Howell focus matic auto 35/2.8 camera from either the late 1960’s or 1970’s made in Japan with Seiko-la JC1188
-a different situation/time foaming at mouth heart attack unemployment office 1980’s red haired woman, nothing to do with anyone in a story or anyone in the business
-since they keep trying to put robots out there as old proofs against my proofs:
From ‘Prodigal Genius: the life of Nicola Tesla’, John O’Neill, 2006 Cosmic Inc., published earlier in 1944. Before ‘Metropolis’ ‘mechanical man’ in the 1920’s, Tesla 1899 stated “You will see the first trace of robots, mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race…June 1900: “I am an automaton…with movement…the idea of an automaton which would mechanically represent one…in the manner of a living being.” From ‘Century Magazine with electricity… Tesla’s statements on replacing a person with a robotic likeness is before the 1960’s “controlling…movements…operations of distant automaton. So you can see remote operations of such things was not new to the 1960’s…the text explains frequencies would be involved… other automatons would remain inactive until they were to respond to their frequency this is before the 1950’s…this text mentions a distant operator conveys its intelligent orders.” So criticism of frequencies, remote operator…including the use of voice, replacing people, and if the robot is being observed remotely it is in a sense under remote surveillance; the replacing of people by robots/mechanical men for work or otherwise and that the robot would be endued with the mind of a man which is in his writing too is all before the 1960’s, should bear all these factors in mind

-proofs of things concerning writing: morpheus singing without body ancient...

-from 'The Watchtower', february 1, 2006 p. 31 on the ancient divination practise of throwing jewels into water, they site 'The Holy Bible with an Explanatory and Critical Commentary, ed. F.C. Cook: "It dropping various elements or jewels into...water...examining...or looking into ...water..." Christopher Wordsworth: sometimes it was by a cup...; the point is in the first instance it is into the water with jewels before the 20 th in the reference to Joseph the cup in the Bible

-when someone takes something past and tries to say something about someone who was not involved it is the interest of that person to clear up misconceptions and attempts to say something that needs clearing up

-this is in support of something that features the one who was on the island and is on the other one with the event….there was a film that had everyone stop and listen to a voice at the same time with a great announcement, then it happened again…
-in street drugs there is the double dome pill with a little indentation: you take it at a certain day and hour lasts for however long and the same thing happens the next week at a certain day and hour lasts for however long WHICH indicates that at another time the exact same thing takes place affecting a person but i think if everyone took the same pill like this at the same time we all would experience the effects of the drug but with different experiences...not to mention this is the kind of notion of deja vu and is analogous to it over centuries in literature, and in some religions so i do not think that anything before 2000 can make any claim to it...
-there was Silence in heaven when every being/everything stopped… ’Alas the great city…for in one hour she is made desolate’, Revelation 18:19 …’in one hour…merchants…stand at a distance …riches came to nothing…and every shipmaster and all who travel by ship …stood at a distance…and cried out when they saw the smoke of her burning …..Revelation 18:…so you see the concept of everything coming to a standstill and for a time period is before 20 th century by thousands of years so no one owns the concept-on the Mayan Calendar: in article by Maria Puento in ‘usa today’ 11/12/2009 she cites John Major Jenkins the first to point out the
the Mayan Calendar in his book the “Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012’
the data on the Mayan Calendar:
the beginning of the current cycle: corresponds to Aug 13 3114 on the Gregorian calendar-the sources for the Maria Puento Dan Vergano usa today ‘the story of writing: alphabet, hieroglyphs and pictograms by Arden Robinson.
-so, any notion of the use of sets of numbers for a date with a number of zeros is before anything on the subject these things are just some of many on the subject
-that some great event happens at all places experienced by all people comes from the revelation in the Bible thousands of years ago...
-the big man with the big wide brim hat i referred to is not the wrestler

-it is interesting that I make a statement and they make good use of it when I was not there and that it is interesting I remember a name when there are not one but two identical articles and yet someone wanted me to look at the news of that day so they must have seen a name too otherwise why are there not one but two identical articles?

-it is interesting there is a group but I have shown by the parlor there was nothing to show what it said in the article but it fits the other description
-the cutting of the hand and mingling the blood is an old idea of blood brothers I am responding to something from the last century
-power going out of someone: Christ has power go out of him and he states that concerning the woman with the flow of blood when she touches him
-the idea of religious frenzy feeling and music, ancient and modern shaman, tribal ritual etc. which reduces people to exhaustion
-miraculous healing : Christ heals the man with the withered arm and hand; there is a type of tire that has something in it which heals after being punctured and is self ‘healing’; trees heal around there wounds, nature and God being the cause; I listed something else earlier along these lines
-disembodied hand while I acknowledged the monster series with the hand earlier: Book of Daniel and the hand writing on the wall
-the balance of power: each side before world war two is about equal on land, and people who are essentially passive from all sides and colonies like Canada are trained to use guns when they had no knowledge of them, and both sides still had arcane cavalry, women children old men in Brussels who cannot fight and won’t are the first to be killed
-rising city scape I already showed from an old film on a stage, and old photography and the rising up from below is from ancient times the floor part of it rising is from old plays
-robots or killing machines or even people brought up for war is not an idea from the last century: I listed an old movie on robots taking over…in fact the Karal Capek movie R.U.R. if they are artificial machines is the source for computers taking over the world….
-there is more than one person with the same name as myself who have criminal records but i do not have a criminal record and have never committed or been suspected for any crime
-i thought there was a name in an article associated with a case years ago it certainly was not mine

-the use of pain and making people incapacitated by it remotely by electro-shock therapy I don’t think you would be happy about it; the electric chair; these two ideas coupled with the Delgado experiment remotely controlling an eleven year old child as well as a bull stopping it from charging is factual and the idea of these things would precede the 1960’s, especially when one considers the use of blindness to stop warriors in the case of I think Elisha in the Bible and the angels saving Lot, and Paul falling down in the road along with others when Christ blinds him, so the very idea of incapacitation and either pain or damage all except the angels saving Lot come before the 1960’s.

-my title for a fan fic ‘Factions’ has a number of sources:
’...and ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes coveting…the…skyscrapers’, Bowie, ‘Diamond Dogs’; Hugo, the ‘ABC’ club etc., ‘Les Miserables’, 1960’s: Hippies, Yippies, Black Panthers, Weather Vane etc., Russia: Communists, Social Democrats, Mensheviks, Bosheviks, etc..
-I had in a fan fic the people watching men playing war games and in the nuclear test sites early people watching on seats from a distance
-a novel called something like ‘Acolyte’ same as a series, there is a novel before the show that used ‘Redemption’
-from the Watchtower Bible and Tract book on the Bible I have used before: “a sign upon the hand” Det 6:6-8, 11:18 states it means ‘engraved Zion upon the palms’, and written upon forehead, Revelation, and ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told”, Cain, the sign upon the forehead relates to the map on the back, or elsewhere, raised…and also various art forms and raised book lettering on hard or soft covers of books
-none of four that i had said could use my material and represent me plus the fifth one not usually mention are married that i know of...i do not think two of them are on
my side anymore so i do not know what to say about that at this point, so there will be a change in who i would have to represent me
-i do not have a record or have a gun permit or carry a gun and have never committed crime
-there are few books with the title 'Redemption', Leon Uris, 1995.
-i am never sure about the one with the head gear, i think that one believes anything negative about me and if that is the case i am seriously wondering what i should think about anyone who is not completely on my side or has second thoughts about me...for now i would say the other fellow should not be listened to or believed
-my academic credentials are real and my background i related here is authentic

-local publication fri april 30, 2010 section c p. c1 interesting article something like name of someone else who would be too young and different country except two letters; something about a retraction; two years after the time in which the reporter/EDITOR K. who lived in the other fellows house at one time started, which is the same as… but I do not know if there was ever a retraction about something else, a few years earlier…now how did k get there let me see photographers studio would they know other photographers at the publication...but it is interesting that k comes in right in that same year...

-since the thing I have discussed was not determined as to whether something more happened and since I was not there and not considered to have been there how can I or anyone not mentioned be considered to have been there;
-anything stated by myself was in relation to what someone was trying to fob off on someone not there and was a question or comment on the fobbing off
-I remember a name and if two others indicated there was a name on copies of the original article then I have to side with them…
-the article cited from a recent edition, which has nothing to do with this is two years before…K was there in that year at the publication and has been there since…
-if the fellow I have mentioned quit high school after I graduated and then he would be still at home before he quit school and went to another place
-my conjecture was based on what the other fellow contributed to something my other conjecture was from the original facts and artifact listed so it is not my contribution except to question why there was nothing to show what happened, providing that something could have happened more than what was stated…
-I have not been writing because my hands are sore for some reason

- if someone does have a criminal record and was the subject of inquiry about yet some other thing, and if someone does not have a criminal record and was not the subject of inquiry which person’s word is more trust worthy…
-if someone does not have a degree and academic record they say they do and another does have a degree and academic record they say they do which person’s word is more trust worthy…
-if someone reads some notes on a major philosopher on radio and did not have a background in the general subject and did not take courses on the advanced subject of the major philosopher which was at a 3 rd year level which required prerequisites and someone else does have a background in the general subject and took courses on the subject which was at a 3 rd year level with prerequisites which person’s word is more trust worthy…
-if on various projects there is more than one title that is from something else and someone publishes as the title of a project a line from a movie and the other has used his own titles and ideas which person’s word is more trust worthy …or if I ever use anything else I usually use quotation marks and have sought to put them in or use notes to indicate they should be there and the fact I have also put footnotes and bibliographical material in should show I have taken care to show where I get my ideas and stories and information from
-while I am not saying in some instances that using a title is wrong when most know where it is from it is different when someone who has the background the other has does it
-when even the most important person in power cannot get rid of every instance of their past which probably does not contain anything controversial why can the other fellow get rid of every instance of his past and if that is the case why is it people out there can have everything put out there when they question him concerning writing ideas and stories…there is not a little bias by the powers that be not just in that business but in the upper eschelon’s of the internet world

-references for some out there: people have been flying on creatures since ancient times, one of the old testament prophets goes up I a chariot to the heavens and has tamed the horses with reigns
-Dante, ‘The Inferno’, Canto xvii, the Centaurs “ give us one…where the ford is and carry this man on his back, for he is not a spirit to go through the air”; so the idea is already there in this text, from Oxford Press, edited by J. D. Sinclair, 1939, 1961.
-The Biblical depiction in Revelation of horse-like beasts with men’s faces and snakes for tails, fly in the heavenly cavalry…and of course angels are depicted with wings
-Genesis, the raising up of Adam from the dust to bone to man and woman since it starts with this is the bone of Adam placed into Eve; Ezekiel chpt. 37, the raising up of one from dust to man depicted p. 169, in ‘Revelation its Grand Climax at Hand’ Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, 1988…for a modern version of this since the last depiction is of an ancient visualization of the text…, the Moody Blues album cover with a depiction of man going from one phase to the other, either ’69 or 1970’s
-if I have put down arguments notes and footnotes consistently over time then is not this a sign of my trying to show where I get my material and a desire to acknowledge other’s material and work

-I have not conceded defeat if anything ALL CLAIMS STILL CLAIMED
-if you take a look at a certain project the other fellow turns around and takes the ring and then shoots him, I wonder who that might be referring to who is shot
-also in Dante’s ‘Inferno’ there is a creature who judges the souls in hell and has a group of them always in front of him so that idea is not new from the 2000’s but ancient and since Christ judges the living and the dead who are raised they are in effect ‘confessed’, those still alive or raised back to life in the End Time in the After Life will not get away with lies and deception so the idea of a ‘confessor’ [it actually says in the Bible to confess sins to one another] is thousands of years old…not to mention the Catholic faith has had the confessional since ancient times so this is the reference for that idea
-the figure in paintings like those by Rembrandt with the hands or part of the body outside the frame of the painting inner and outer I already referenced a while
- back-my email starting with the fu_ is being stolen by someone using Capitals on the first TWO wordS and i am not that person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-'The American Heritage History of World War One', pub, Simon Schuster, 1964, p. 374. covers two pages is one of several sources for the large bird in on of my fan fics: description of a great Eagle depicted in behing Hilter while the Nazi's are giving their particular salute; in 1956, 'The Ten Commandments', Pharoah asks his bird-god statue to raise his son back to life, Geese in the Roman temple of Jupiter were considered sacred, the dove at Nineveh is part of a divine trinity; Juno is also has a Dove on her head at Hieropolis, Syria; The Bald Eagle an American symbol is near to being worshipped; the ominous owl in Shakespeare's portent in Julius Ceasar...; Ancient Babylonian worship of the dove as divine...if i recall the ibis is also a god or goddess in ancient Egypt, so anything depicting a great bird being worshipped is before the modern era...
-the notion that someone was somewhere where a crime was committed but said they did something and are not considered innocent well, if that argument is made in the movie about patty hearst she was there. how much more incriminating when that person [i am not talking about the movie now] has a criminal record and has been involved in more than one incident...did not the other fellow do a project where they are trying to keep that person in trouble with the law from incriminating himself; and has he not done projects where people are hanging by their hands at the hands of others...i have not been out anywhere where i said i would like to do anything to anyone, and the other fellow [who i have complained about] has said directly to someone he would like to punch him out...

-what do you know, the crusoe fan fic story has more views than the fringe fan fic story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-two foreheads together, National Geographic, November 1966,p. 634 “The Wedding at the Whitehouse June 2 nd The Mother’s Kiss”, 1886 from a newspaper; just one of many things I have put down.
-I have been watching ‘The Perils of Pauline’ on youtube
-‘Gone with the Wind’, novel and movie, 1936, 1939; Scarlet in slaps Prissy, who later says she is a liar…’Brideshead Revisited’, Charles slapped with part of plant by Julia, he responds dully…’Wuthering Heights, Bantam 6 th edition p. 248, Heathcliff slaps Catherine, in another scene one of the characters is ready the others standing behind in the head…Christ in the Bible is slapped and his head is covered and they say ‘prophesy who slapped you?”…there are other instances of women slapping men and vice versa in stories but they do not say over and over they deserved that…it is interesting a slap in a project recently shown this week in a retro movie but there is one with two letters in the credits who is connected to the other fellow
-I think Emily Bronte’s novel would be called in our time by the weathermen and women Weatherly Heights
-below is just an act of prevention
-creatively. The hands around the neck is from ‘Gone with the Wind’, Rhett puts his hands around the neck of Scarlet, however this does not mean it is not something done somewhere else…
-below is not where the two arms outstretched are from….
-‘Gone with the Wind’, the edition I have, “…Scarlet stood transfixed…” not amputated…and ibid., ‘He pout his hand to her chin…turned her face to the light…”-there is a history of what is vogue and in fashion and a depiction of a woman by a rail overlooking the water and her arm outstretched but only one and a certain large ship passing by from earlier last century

nce the early part of the 1900’s is an extension of the late 1800’s it is reasonable to expect photos crammed the tops of desks lampstands pianos etc.,
-Amos 2:1 ‘burned the bones…into lime.’; Isaiah 33:12 people burned in lime represents destruction……
-‘Seamstress’, 1930, Alice Lex-Nerglinger the idea of a larger picture with the subject in front…
-‘This Fabulous Century 1910-1920’, Life Books, Time, 1969, p. 8 ‘Midwestern park’, 1911, women sit if not straddle, although a cannon, a weapon and precedes all later ideas for film, and I had other references for this…; p. 58, ‘Ehereal Sisters’ two heads together but you see it is something people do all the time…
-‘This Fabulous Century 1910-1910’, Life Books, Time, 1969, p. 229, ‘The reckless motorist…’ it reads at the bottom, see inset picture, with sleeve stating ‘The Law’
-in the same book a futuristic 1999 vision of new york replete with dirigible, balloon type craft, that is something like I had a reference for as a flying craft like an album [the album I listed years ago but this is not where it is from, but I have been listing these books as references for long time…
-p. 39, 110, close up [it would be pan in film, of photos and momentos…
-famous bed scene: ‘Fading Away’, 1858, Henry Peach Robinson, p. 228, ‘A World History of Photography
-‘This Fabulous Century 1870-1900’, Life Books, Time, 1969, p. 182-3, 185, p. 18-19 momentos and photos
-at the end of most lives people are in the hospital with a few items momentos and even photos on the table next to them…
p. 44 photo no. 33 from a Museum of Photography, multiple screen idea one of many references
-above are just a few of these types of photos and other references for certain things but they are found in books novels descriptions of various eras and the above book on photography is only one of many from earlier than the above book I have seen through the years
-and there are other references I have seen through the years for most of the things I and others come up with these are just a few…
-as far as the sea there is footage and books and photos of these things…

-I see the comic is at work again well, how can he be out there when I showed he plagiarized my research and altering a story having to do with the North Korean story…he

-just another on this: documentary (doc) on Stalingrad world war two and men in cages…

-as far as the notes from a site I talked about the site had material on music in general and on some people in music [I had and have no opinion on it I just copied it]and I think someone put misinformation on it then when I copied by handwriting the things in it and really did not read it until later someone saw it recently and either wrote or took it or maybe photographed it and made it look like I wrote it which I did not however take note the notes are from 2005, so someone within the last year’s worth of time took it or sent it on to other’s so they thought I was misusing data or putting false information out there I was not!!...
-I will take off some of the material I recently put on but I will put it all back on if need be so if anyone out there manipulates what was on and changes it it will go back on the people doing things against myself and others are prone to using any opportunity to manipulate others to get what they want…especially taking things said or written and editing them…so don’t believe anything anyone is speaking or writing or passing on that is against myself and others or giving the wrong impression
-JUST BECAUSE i take things of does not mean they are not still valid...
-IMPORTANT: the people who are acting against myself and others will try to do more against myself and others especially since this place I am typing this at is closed Sunday’s and will be closed on this Monday
-concerning what i said about the scarf i only said on this fan fic site it looks like a scarf i did not say that is what i wrote earlier in time...i did not want to say everything but since i have said enough, i did use the word shawl i simply put term looks 'like a scarf' here here on this site...
-if i recall i already used the term shawl some time ago on either this or the other site in either the profile or in the comments to notes or even in a story...this in addition to notes note online for the thing i have said i outlined some of the ideas for ...don't forget the other fellow suddenly says he comes up with things after i start putting them down all he does is have someone overhear or use a cell or whatever and copy it why did he not say anything in the beginning...

-I have come up with stories with stairs and people waiting in regular clothes as well as suits, I am not saying whether I came up with the waiting on stairs or not however the regular clothes and their coming together when they are clapping is mine, and in order to be in front of someone and they are about to come together and they do they are waiting first one for the other or both waiting for one or another to come together so I can say that as well…I have stairs in a fan fic
-if someone does not put quote marks but makes other parts of the statement not part of a quote, how does that make a person be lying or if they forget what they put and yet some of it is definitely theirs how are they lying…I am simply not saying about the stairs the rest is mine of what I said was mine including the material around her back and hanging down her arms in the one scene...
-Israel is dying and he gives away what he has, the birthright which is everything one who has it gets…Esau sells off his birthright, so combining the two notions, the selling everything off and the dying and giving everything away and the giving everything away is the basic idea…so the notion of selling or getting rid of everything when one is dying is thousands of years old preceding a project in 2003…
Solomon give the plans away for the temple which include much of his finances…I will put later an account of a suicidal person from an account in Psychology who gives everything away, so that idea is what many people do anyway-as far as a 1990’s project, first the idea of people at a distance with a floodlight shining on them is also in an Asian movie, “Farwell, My [love interest]” that was seen on tvo, no doubt independently made without influence from the west, as far as a room that where what looks like a wall that suddenly opens elevators do that, granted into a small room…as far as a person with 2 letters in their name who is the woman who is a waitress who he goes out with arm and arm, didn’t a 1970’s sit com on the 1950’s do the exact same thing…
-as far as the changing vocal with synthesizer I mentioned the 1970’s use of it in rock music but also the changing of the vocal could be by a plastic apparatus by another person in music so the idea was already out there…
-...three signatories, it looks like there is more than one con artist trying to say what is mine is theirs but that does not eliminate the fact they [if they have made claims for the above mentioned project] that they started their claims after, when my name first came onto the mad show and i caught them out and others did too that of the title for the book like the movie [battles of the corp...] and the North Korean material from notes from the book i mentioned, and story in my fan fic which was altered and use, which has nothing to do with a jacket with something Asian on it...and yes my credentials and all these notes are real...

-from ‘The Incredible Machine’, Nat Geog. [national geographic, 1986, the first colour photo, person with glow of light in his hand, and p p. 157 opposite pate (156) circle with hands around and glow, if the fellow complained about [with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me] claims the fireball I doubt that he started that, I do not claim it
-ibid. p. 321 a row of skeletons in action like a certain pirate project
-ibid. p. 369 tubs like the ones used to eliminate all trace of terminators, not my idea just supporting tscc-the becoming man from dust and dying from health to dust and being risen back up to life again is a process gone over several times backwards, forwards in the Bible and elsewhere as I already indicated, the end of the ship project, I include it simply because it is the reverse of the idea of the ship morphing into its skeletal remains, the idea of the ship morphing back to life contains the opposite so part of it is contains the first idea
-as far as rings with something like human or animal likeness is actually quite old, ‘Insight Into the Scriptures’ vol. two, I have referred to before, p. 812, Egyptians had such rings like Tutankhamen had a scarab beetle ring…
-the multiple screens, first, besides the photo of the daguerreotype case frame etc., p. 44, ‘A World History of Photography’, Naomi Rosenblum, [many of the photos I list are in many books, from earlier than this publication]; besides this, ‘Word Perfect’ applications had this when it started and I took ‘Word Perfect’ courses with at the top: Window and Cascade [files one in behind the others] and Tile, although the idea I had in mind and I am only putting this down to disprove the fellow complained about [with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me] had it however, if someone else besides the other fellow complained about [with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me] had it that is fine [the other fellow complained about [with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me] did not come up with it but would have modified it if he says he did, if someone else had this as their idea independently of myself if that is the case or had the idea and modified it given to them without realizing it was not the other fellows that would be fine, my idea was different having three screens: one at the front with a group up close and larger, one in the middle smaller and another one even smaller for making it appear as far away, the illusion of distance which in a hall would be otherwise impossible except through film or set designs specially designed with that in mind, I think opera has done a lot for doing that without the use of technology-the Nietzsche group in the sci fi a few years ago with the fellow complained about[with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me, well if I studied Philosophy are you sure he had that idea but to be fair a group of Nihilists in Russia would be the origin of this type of group and Dostoyevsky had as his character a Nihilist, Raskolnikov

-the big ship project started on my desk as I indicated earlier, I came up with the idea for it in the first place and and outlined some of the ideas [some of which i have already stated] in it, ...I only put this so the fellow complained about [with the same name as a city in Italy who used to live near me] cannot say anything about it, i still might say a few more things about itST ABOUT HALF AN HOUR TO AN HOUR AGO TWO YOUNGSTERS SAID THEY HACKED INTO THE LIBRARY SYSTEM AND THEY QUOTED A LINE FROM MY FAN FIC 'THE GROUP BEHIND THE GROUP' IT IS A STOLEN STORY SO WHOEVER GETS it OUT THERE EITHER IS WITH THEM OR ARE BEHIND THE THEFT the story is a FLASHFORWARD STORY AND THE TIME I JUST PUT IT ON IS 1:48 IN THE AFTERNOON may 27 2010

-'win-win' and 'chop-chop' isn't chop-chop from an old tv series Bonanza, or another one? so 'win-win' is that original ?
-the album listed on the date [which list itself is a web site independent of the series] was about the women on the cover being upset about being on the cover not the thing it says that was the topic of concern

-I did not say I was pulling a scam I was trying to relate how someone else was trying to pull a scam with emails I was trying to explain how I thought they might be trying to pull it off besides I am not the one in touch with the mega wealthy the other fellow is and I have not been in a situation where I was about to lose my house a few years ago and needed a lot of cash flow but the other fellow was in that situation…besides if I ever did get something for all the ideas and stories I came up with I probably would be well off so I would have no need for a scam like the one I think was possibly attemted besides why would someone alert people to something they were doing? These people have also put the blame on me when I have done nothing wrong and have been trying to stop them from pulling a scam like this
-the other people against me have completely twisted what I said around I did not say I was pulling a scam but that someone was misusing my email to pull a scam, something obviously they have been able to make it look like the other way around I have not done anything wrong rather I was warning others and whistle blowing…but the scam is also being pulled on me misusing my email name and putting in my email something not belonging to them and I have had nothing to do with it I do not even know if the thing put in there was authentic or not it could have been a hoax but the other fellow seems to have been worried about it I have not done anything wrong besides I cannot send only receive email it has had a bug attached to it since I started using it anyway

-once again I have to correct misinformation:
-I have not pulled a scam over a will someone else did, there are a few ways one could mimic another’s email etc., I will give however a simple piece of computer programming to show you from that what they could do:
In a number of programming languages there is something called a switch where you are given a number of alternatives and where you could type in either lower or upper case letters and get what you want [this is not how they would do it for email but it will give you an idea of how this was done:


case A: a:

//if you had an email address it would go in here:


//you could also type in my_email instead

Case B: b:

//and anther could be listed; the B: b: is for typing either one

//however they could also do this with two different emails with the same name


case A:


case a:


//this is just to give you an idea of what that might look like to pull a scam on someone else and either put something in someone else’s email or manipulated it then put it in another one or what ever they did

-i was warning people about the scam and the misuse of my email name by someone i was whistle blowing on them someone or others have tried to twist this around are misleading people as to what i was relating
-the person using the same name as my email eliminated his so it looks like there is no one using the same name as my email…and no doubt the name of the individual was phony and there are other names that are the same what I was trying to do was to prevent a scam from taking place and alerting others to it…what happened instead is that the other fellow who I have a complaint about who is I am almost positive is this person got to manipulate the data and make sure to turn people against me and make me look like the problem instead
-ONCE AGAIN I WAS SAYING SOMEONE WAS USING MY EMAIL NAME AND STEALING IT AND MISUSING IT FOR AN UNTOWARD PURPOSE I DID NOT SAY I WAS DOING THAT BUT SOMEONE ELSE I STATED THEIR NAME AND SAID THIS WAS THE NAME MISUSING MY EMAIL NAME I WAS NOT SAYING I HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT I DID NOT I WAS WARNING OTHERS about it i am clear about who was trying to do this i suspect one or more behind it though once again i am not doing anything wrong or illegal and have not done anything wrong or illegal which is what i was trying to say this might have been misunderstood what i meant , i am warning about others doing something wrong but i am being made to look like i am by enemies that twist everything i say and do around
-the Bird i mentioned was the comedian, that is not his name...

-100 greatest findings on tvo very good show but Newton was anticipated by Robert Hook and Darwin by someone else just the same very interesting
-I remember seeing the other fellow’s name in the article in the 1970’s, back in that time, obviously someone saw it recently before it was changed in the archives
-the other fellow did not come up with this: from the Bible, Judges 1:7-8, “But Adonibezek fled; and they pursued after him and caught him and cut off his thumbs and great toes…[the same with the kings…]” King James version-with the jacket with Korea on it on one of the projects a person with 2 letters was on was obviously a criticism of the funny man
-are you sure the writing on the skin and face is the other fellow's idea if he is claiming that, it is as old as writing and tatoos

-i do not have a record of criminal behaviour neither have i ever done anything illegal to anyone in my life...-someone has one eye on a front cover of a book, besides Cyclops, there was a depiction in a book on philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson that dates from his time period
-they are trying to say I switch sides siding with any side in this though i am siding against anyone committing theft whether on a grand or small scale... I merely do not want to be part of or seen as part of a scam and probably a conspiracy to commit crime and I am against those committing crime and trying to get something for nothing I am not associated with that and I have blown the whistle on it and I believe since the same email name at the time of the scam either pulled, attempted or thought to have happened or rumoured to have on the environmental antibig block fundraiserhere a few winters ago over a natural area to be turned into a big block, they tried to implicate others but this name was Molyln_ was the name that started being sent to my email... I have nothing to do with this name and I am not in anyway associated with this name or any scam of any kind nor is anyone who works in this place part time…the name is the same one as a Marxist but that is a different person so this person may have even stolen the Marxist’s name as well as trying to steal from others but who would know about environmental antibig block fundraiser except someone connected to this city or even the place where the article was placed but I do believe it is possible it is someone connected to the other fellow I have complained about or perhaps is him otherwise why put it in my email when I related the environmental antibig block fundraiser in the profile on the tscc


88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 site but no where else, only a few people look at it so it would have to be someone who knows all about all of this business

-slow motion: i already listed DeQuincy, who talked about passing time in centuries,..during opium trips, which would mean although time passes centuries in hours when in terms of drugs time would be slow in eons of time...much of my fan fic has focused on the ill-usage of drugs and i already mentioned Huxley, and drugs that would give impressions of being in slow motion...not to mention progressive rock bands like utopia and todd rundren, elp which had used slow motion and long before someone keeps insisting my material is his just because you say something first does not mean you came up with it...the beatles 'i am the walrus' starts out with slow notes before the rest of the song speeds up...besides if you look at zeno, the impossibility of motion every step is in a set of increments within a set of increments and so the motion seems fast when slow slow when fast because it is contained within such sets of increments within a sets of increments-I talked about the plastic barrier in music and where that came from years ago-I already stated some people were doing hallucinogen films in the 1960’s and there are descriptions of people’s experience going back in time…- I talked about the close up of hands years ago and went back as far as ancient relief’s and paintings and early photography in the 1800’s

-I did not say anything about the series flashpoint
-as far as great speed Daniel 9:20:23 Daniel prays and an angel is sent and is there while he is still praying…in another part of the Bible one character is in a chariot and the other runs with God-given speed and beats him to the destination…this besides fast forward on your remote tv control and the fast movement of early film not to mention time-lapse photography can be speeded… as far as great strength Samson carries gate posts up an incline requiring God-given strength
-one more time the person I accidentally hit in field hockey in the 1960’s [a different situation from the one in the 1970’s which I was not there, saying I saw it is also slander, just like the assault I did not see and someone was caught saying anything more is slander] but I remember a name in the paper] was not damaged for life and I did not hit him more than once and that was an accident playing the sport, I did not see him coming from behind, someone is trying to make it look like something else when he was too young to be in our class this I doubt affected him 40 years later but saying anything else is a lie and slander
-as far as a person in a story being immersed into a foreign culture: Moses is Jewish but is brought up to be an Egyptian prince…he goes to Midian and marries Jethro’s daughter…Abraham travels from Ur to another place, his brother Lot is captured in Sodom or Gommorah and Abraham rescues him…Daniel is handpicked to be in the Chaldean government in the Bible he is trained to read and write, speak in the other language and becomes and major force in the realm [‘watchtower Bible and Tract Society, ‘Insight into the Scriptures’, vol 1, p. 576……already the stories of war, capture, training in the other culture, rescue, becoming one living and then becoming someone of another culture are all ancient stories not to mention the capture of the wife in the Iliad…I have mentioned “Shogun”, Clavell, before and is an influence as well…Romans and the people becoming Roman or Romans incorporating influences of the cultures they inhabited, Gibbon’s ‘Rise and Fall’, 1700’s, I have referred to all of these…Samson becomes engaged to a Philistine,…Marco Polo in China, etc..
-the word ‘attract’ could mean someone or something has drawn one’s attention to, nothing more
-in the Bible and angel slays warriors they do not see the angel this comes before people being fought by the unseen forces, so it is in the public record
-I already gave numerous examples of where the runway came from and the use of multiple stages, from ancient times, medieval and even in Metropolis there is a short runway for the robot/cyborg type character…I listed books, pages…you can go back through the past year for that but go through the past 6 years and see that I covered nearly everything not all of a sudden like the other fellow
-as far as hallucinations the opening up of little paths that disappear comes from drugs , there are books from last century on the subject
-as far the colour of people can turn blue from lack of oxygen during an emergency…as far as many characteristics of different peoples, the nearly white with blue eyed Einu [I forget the spelling, not to mention the families of Noah would contain the different characteristics of the people where they would travel to after the flood but the first ones Adam and eve would contain the dna of all people’s so it is not a new idea and came before Darwin who combined in theory different characteristics of different creatures
-as far as the same character in different guises and roles: Christ appears in the garden and later he is not recognized along the way to a destination…the Devil in Job walks in as if still one of the Son’s of God
-I already showed numerous foreheads depictions and photos, one dating back to the 1800’s, a few from earlier last century…I recently saw the news and in real life people did that it is a common thing to do-metal teeth in one project you might think derives from a spy movie but the teeth of the fearsome beast in Daniel in the bible has iron teeth… Daniel 7:7
-since the fellow who was in a project on a roof top prays to god for forgiveness, in the same time period when the fellow I complained about was having his troubles and since I know they are associated not to mention the first one is on a project now married to a homemaker (only in this project), and since in that project where someone (another person a guest character, who is not in this) falls through something one would step upon going up an gets caught and since that one was in a project as a leader of a gang who beats someone I am presuming the fellow I have complained about is still selling this idea around and passing it off as something someone has done and fits the group of people chasing someone with bats which seems to be a rip-off of ‘Wuthering Heights’, he is turning people against another person but he is taking liberties with one simple accident that was not what this person is making it out to be it is nonsense…

-i said the word confession the other day, this is june 8 10...but i did not say it in relation to anything someone is taking what i said and taking it out of context and that, also with other things i have said and taken it out of it meaning as to how i said things why etc..
-multiple screens, national geographic magazine, March 1990, p. 118-119
-box or label, like the screen above the head in something, Life Magazine, April 30, 1965, p. 6 on cereal commercial, if the other fellow is claiming that to be his idea it is not
-ibid, p. 14, many faces in small picture frames, the pictures in small frames, is of note
-there was an idea of the group and whoever holds the stick or something else has the floor so to speak, i am not claiming this but if the other fellow is, see the Bible, Esther 5:2 "she king held out to Esther...the scepter [she[ touched the..scepter...the king [said to] her...And Esther answered..."
-i am not the one who used a gun and was questioned about it
-Ainu, the Uyghur people if i am spelling that properly, some have nearly white skin, or mid east features and have Asian or far west asian features
-the mid 1960's, a relative of mine saves someone from drowning, this is what i watched i was a youngster, this person was not nearly killed then revived over and over...the late 1960's is an accidental hit to the head and that person was not hurt that badly a bump on the head at the most...the early 1970's incident i was not there so i do not know what happened except what was reported, the 1980's where someone falls and i tried to help and then someone else did... these things are being mixed up and twisted around, as far as myself i have not had anything to do with anything that happened to them, what did happen to them were either with others not myself around or they were from natural causes...

see 'what is on line NEWSPAPERS -i heard one of the people working here when i said mid-sixties trying to find out the information he mentioned the name of the person who edits the local papers information where the papers are listed on line from the area so he obviously was looking into it but i do not know why the people in the library need to know what i am doing online or what i am typing of looking at on any computer i feel this is abreach of my privacy here
[and the local publication no doubt they took the article out a long time ago but i do not see what he or the people in here have to do with it besides k has been involved in i am sure the altering of data and the library archives have altered an article]

National Geographic [Nat Geog] see below
-‘How to Lie with Statistics’, Huff/Geis (pictures), 29 th printing, Norton, N.Y., p. 50 depiction: chart overtop of a person’s head; p. 141 [I already used this book as a reference]
-one of the people in here when I put down the mid-sixties he was on the phone trying to find out about it at the library and in the news of the day no doubt they have deleted or altered the article so all I can say is that it was a relative who saved someone I was very young at the time and did not go to save the person but it really did happen just because it is not there does not mean it was not there or that it did not happen, or they might have taken it out a long time ago but it did happen; I did not say I tried to help on this one; the only reason why I put it down is because someone was trying to use that in such a way as to make it look like I was a witness at something else which I was not so they tried to combine the things together…it may be over time the article was not saved but at the publication with k there she will make sure all trace of it will be gone just like the 1970’s article was altered even though there is more than one of us who saw the original…it was in the paper, just because something is not there does not mean someone is lying why for what purpose would I lie about it …everything else I have been able to account for
-National Geographic, December 1976 advertisment for pen writing appears on hand, for ‘Smith-Corona’
National Geographic, August 1965 ad for World’s Fair, back of book page before cover
-hitting someone on head over and over Raskolnikov, ‘Crime and Punishment’ in a dream in a movie on the book
-as far as many falling down at once in mock death or mock unconsciousness: protests over nuclear power or bombs this is a reference and comes before a movie [I am not talking about the ff series or a new series in a hotel, but one from before]
-the other did he give an idea of light between the fingers near of above the head, Nat Geog [see above] p. 124, January 1965
-ibid p. 48 close up of hand shake , interesting commercials in the back but do find the original
-Nat Geog August 1868, figures like against the moon silhouetted against the sun
-ibid, the other fellow though claiming pictures in an equation, p. 280
-ibid, another picture hands out, p. 253
-one of my nephews had the hot sphere with sun glasses on but that is independent of the Nat geog ad in a 1960's magazine and he was not born yet but i do not know if anyone used it based on my saying that...
-a film over part of a larger picture, p. 79 Nat Geog June 1991
-‘Abnormal Psychology’ 3 rd edition Random House, 1980 (1972,1977)figure 13.2 on double bind theory, pictured two screens of father and mother with other screens in behind them
-‘Abnormal Psychology’ 3 rd edition Random House, 1980 (1972,1977) I wrote a fan fic on the other site on some someone forgetting everything or not quite everything and has to relearn but you have to understand I studied Psychology and Social Work both of which dealt with ‘Dissociative Disorders’, amongst which are both selective forgetting or ‘spot erasure’ [‘spot’ term from the text, general amnesia the forgetting of everything in the past, continuous forgetting from a certain point onward…and fugue episodes, one leaves for elsewhere, forgetting everything, my story had someone having unwanted brain implants that made them forget as part of the story, it is a different story from someone wanting to forget so they can erase memories of another, my story was different in that the person forgets some of the things they used to be able to do and needs to be retrained or train herself but it is remote surveillance and remote forcing someone to act involuntarily like the bull or the eleven year old in the Delgado experiments this is different to a wanting to have an erasure…the above text refers to in this section on Dissociative Disorders the movie ‘Three Faces of Eve’, p. 155-156, so while I saw only part of the movie I was familiar with some part of it and from the late 1970’-early 1980’s I was familiar with the subject matter indicated above, we did study these topicsAs far as changes in personality I saw one of the movies of ‘Sibyl’ on tv so I was aware of ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ before I even got into university but we studied that to…My story was to alert people to the potential misuse of implants and devices to control remotely, [I gave enough references for this topic earlier] other’s minds and bodies and is not a natural but unnaturally induced disorder if that is happening by implants and devices forced on an individual but who does not know it has been implanted, my story is more compatible with ‘Dollhouse’, I am and have been aware of ‘Manchurian Candidate scenarios not to mention documentaries, web sites books novels etc….
There are enough stories out there on exchanging roles with someone or taking on roles that an individual takes on involuntarily, I did see in courses films of such people in real life as well as people with amnesia not all my references have been fictional, ‘The Prince and the Pauper’, ‘Dr. Evelsham’, H.G. Wells story of the potion given exchanging personalities and memories of a younger and older person while not a forgetting but a new set of implanted memories is certainly a reference for my and other stories
Finally ‘Organic Disorders’ a section of the book abovementioned trauma to the brain results in altered behaviour and loss of memory, a common occurrence in accidents, and war, there is a section in this text, which is one of many books, academic papers etc. I would read in my days at university
-Samson carrying the doors of the gate up a mountain Judges 16:3

-the comment made in 1971 on a silent film star that spontaneous acting out scenes from the film or improvising them is merely a comment on what happened and the spontaneous acting out scenes from a film or improvising them like a later film which incorporates the spontaneous acting out scenes from a film or improvising them in a film is not what a mere description is neither is there a monopoly on people actually acting out a film or improvising it as a film from the 1960’s is acted out during the film but that is spontaneous by the audience itself and you cannot control an audience that is freely expressing itself nor can you copyright is so the above argument is not relevant.
i have added something new here and i wonder if the name like the local reporter is being used for this and is really her well you can be sure all info about this and the 1970's case have been altered or deleted-i heard one of the people working here mentioning that they were looking at archive just after i wrote the mid-sixties

-negotiation in wiki:
type in win-win
goes back to 'Getting to Yes', [book on the subject] Fisher, Ury, Penguin, N.Y., 1981, it is not the other fellow's idea i have complained about differences in parties win-win discussed concerning multiple negotiations: "the books approach...if multiple issues are discussed...differences in the parties make win-win possibleTherefore the win-win phrase is not the other fellow's, i am saying this because it may be a misperception he came up with it it obviously is not a new term, so i don't think he has a monopoly on the term

-the other fellow has a title 'Happy [something like Timely]" so did he say he came up with the title of something when i said it earlier (though not in connection with something i said this was not a happy situation, or something like it in relation to a place...but if he cannot but use something like events around here though he twists events around may be he should have hired an idea man that is if he has something to do with that project...
-i have not nearly done someone in that is nonsense and based on an accidental hit to the head which was not that bad a hit to the head and certainly not on purpose, that that person who was not knocked out i do not even think he fell is where the idea of reviving and doing it again has come from even though in a movie Raskolnikov does that in a dream sequence
jon molyneaux ( THIS IS MY EMAIL ADRESS fu_sum@hotmail dot com this person is stealing it and he probably is trying to pull a fast one, like with someone's Will again AGQAIN HE IS STEALING MY EMAIL ADRESS SOMEONE CHECK HIM OUT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!AND IT PROBABLY IS SOMEONE I KNOW, LIKE WHOEVER WAS BEHIND THE 'I WON'T [or i am not ] STEAL...' gardening clippers...i think they were referring to this on a public gardening show on some network...this is the same name that was suddenly sending me email at the time someone was either claiming or trying to scam others out of money for an fundraiser to preserve a natural area in my city...which neither i nor anyone else was involved in...i simply gave notice of the nature preserve being threatened and the fundraiser...this person is using my email and the name i used jon, and he is having 'business' either sending or sent to him through my email adress so if there are scams going on it is not me but this person who is probably the fellow i have complained about...i receive for him not me 'denied checking account', bankruptcy emails etc.. not to mention when emails come in for him there are increasing warnings of phishing scams ["criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames,", wiki] EXTRA NOTE MADE TODAY JUNE 14 01, I AM not amused by a comedy making light of this since i can tell that something of it must of been connected to one or more people i know i hold them responsible for the content...

june 14 01


-all things pertaining to the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy go for all his associates, and the winged comic and his associates as well
-the sphere with sun glasses, while I stated the advertisement had it it was not in the sky but contained within the ad’s box, so I do not know if my youngest nephew who had the idea independently as a child could get partial credit for that…
-I never said I started sun glasses on anyone in music that was the fellow who used to wear them at all times but I did say a larger group could put them on playing but whether I came up with that larger group with them on or not I do not know if anyone came up with that before…
-as far as: what I said was some older people lose their eyebrows when they get older and I only observe but I do nothing one of the young ladies I gave the right to use my material gave that much to the one project but it would seem she came up with some of part of it for the character therefore she should get credit for what she did come up with what ever she says she came up with will be supported by me and whatever part that was not by the people who make the project...
i meant writing in the dark, and I said the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy and anyone else associated with him including the winged comic did not come up with it well don’t give him credit for things he never had anything to do with…
-you don’t really think the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy came up with flashback scenes either to past or past to present or wishful thinking in terms of facial ageing, clothing styles etc.? I think it also goes back before me but he certainly did not come up with it it is not his exclusive idea
-the standing still while being moved by the thing being stood on that is moving along the floor, the other fellow did not come up with, go back in time to conveyor belts and chains whether of animals or material goods or products like steel parts in factories; I worked in factories when I was younger before and after automation: the line as it was called, held steel parts and moved one part after another to be worked on added to or spot-welded together, on such a conveyance hanging in front of workers as they applied their tools to it…conveyor belts in supermarkets take goods put there by consumers and convey them to the person checking them out and providing the list of items sold in exchange for customer’s money {someone the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy had taken the idea above and simply had people on these supermarket belts moving, presumably so I would not be able to use the idea mentioned above)…also, trolley buses on tracks but propelled along by wires and electricity, came before this time period as well…and there are many other types of this idea that have been in use but I thought of the idea for concerts…
-i meant writing in the dark, now if the smaller fellow who appears in what is it the Signfelt sitcom, was in the one about the picture and agenda [this has nothing to do with that project I am just showing the relationship between individuals] where he falls out of a small enclosed room and then is in the one about how in Sinfelt, the woman in it says she does not like the one about the writing in the dark, and if the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy worked on the one about the picture and agenda [this has nothing to do with that project I am just showing the relationship between individuals, then how would he [the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy] have had anything to do with the writing in the dark?
-the one about the picture and agenda, I was very disappointed when it was over so quickly
-what I meant about the assault was that while I rode around in the general area and did not see anything I wondered if, because I was in the habit of riding around in the general area, if the car in the area was there to see it or even would have someone in it waiting to see if I would ride around and would even want to say I saw it which is not true but that anyone in the car would do that was purely conjecture but that is why I said: only one; but I do not think anyone had anything to do with the incident except the one who did it and was caught
-I also want to make clear that anything I write about here and give credit has nothing to do with the wild bunch and the one’s with 2 letters or anyone associated with the comic or the other fellow…
-the other fellow looks like he has worked on so much but has really worked on it at the time of the things he has his name on at its creation or has he come in later to edit things in; in case anything that has been edited in of mine to anything that is fine but I would not take credit for anything before it unless it was found out I did come up with something and I was only later given credit but I wonder just how much the other fellow really has done, I do not think editing in one negative word should constitute actual work
-I think some may have complained about the characters who look identical, I know that idea is an old one but I think Huxley had it before for the drone workers in BNW, not to mention the robot look alike in Metropolis, etc…so I think it is more in the public record
-some may think that the being or persona of someone inhabiting a robot or cyborg derives from an old myth what a cartoon related about it but the idea is millennia old considering Syrinx was turned into reeds which except for being living plants had no being inhabiting them…or gods animating things not animated before, not to mention the ancient religion of animism where all things have a presence within them…not to mention Satan inhabits with his spirit, as it were to get the snake to talk to Eve…
-I called attention to the other fellow’s fake academic credentials but my academic credentials are real
-the other fellow is using the interrupting of someone everytime they start to speak as a humourous idea but my oldest nephew did that when he was little and I think the idea goes back further…but it is not the other fellow’s
-just because a title has a line by Sartre that the other fellow did work on a project incorporating the line, does not mean he knew anything about Sartre or philosophy, I studied it actually I majored in it amongst other things, so any attempt for him to use that to bolster his ‘credentials’ should be rendered null and void

see:and whatever part that was not by the people who make the project...

-I am reaffirming about the fellow who said he was forgiven after what I said after seeing what I saw and heard:
-I forgot that the fellow who appeared in a local paper saying he was forgiven was also on a project, and what I conjectured about a car and that it was there because I rode in the area a lot, of course that one was also the face on the funeral picture in the project I mentioned all this already and I am restating that everything I said about him still goes…now in order for him to be in the paper stating he was forgiven and to have him in a project shows that people knew him in the industry before when he was in the incident for which he was forgiven so, if that was for something the same as an incident I mentioned said to have taken place...well I just do not know exactly who he is…but the fact he appears in something about the knife slasher and that was an incident I read about in this city years ago means that someone here knows him…
-now the same project the comic seems to have taken my material and research on North Korea in a book on war in Asia, had as the subject someone named H_n_o, a name someone who lived hear had a neighbour who was called that, [I do not know if he called himself after a movie name or not, so their attempt to say I and another copied the fellow who I have a complaint about who worked with his wife, when both of them were on a show about law enforcement in the U.S., and someone who has visions, which featured the young woman who stole my photos used in that project that I complained about, and since I caught he and his other ‘collaborator’ using my first name and the both indicating they could not read the writing, and since the wife was in a project that stated that the ones who sneaked into a house stole and trashed it were acting like children I think it is fair to say they are together thickly as a band of thieves, and since he and the comic at one time [before the movie with the Korea jacket and a woman of the two letters clan was in, they have stuck to their story and keep manipulating everyone out who was on my side but if they are all that and did all that then how would we copy their material: note they do not make an issue of the one who observes but a different issue of some apparatus well, if they came up with all these things why does every story they tell about thieves con artists and people taking things people say and use it against them…as far as keeping temper, did not the husband have them use my name in something, earlier when they were saying he should keep his temper it makes him look like he is guilty, I did not say he could use my name… then or now
-again, I was not there when people died except for incidences or accidents that naturally occur, I have not been involved in or on trial for anything to do with a gun and I have never had a job requiring me to carry one, like say a body guard, I do not have a criminal record and not everyone in this can…as far as someone nearly drowning they were saved not drowned so any attempt to say otherwise is false
-as far as the John who has been using my email, why is it the one project was about an enterprise within an enterprise and why is one of the emails sent to his name using my email was about that? Obviously someone has either hacked into or is using that email who is either one of the above mentioned people or someone associated with them and since the comic had something to do with the subject matter of the same project then this segment of it must have had to do with one of these people but have they really had a falling out or are they working as one group Poseying (sorry, I mean posing) as having had a falling out? Not to mention the garden clippers that were not being stolen stated again just before this time period and the same time period in which someone is trying to use my email as theirs to steal a will…obviously the goal is to dump it into my email, wait, then get it back just the same thing as the demo…now I have not had access to that business nor would I ever have been a body guard and close to people who would have access to something like that….
-now as to the subject of, as the game shows say ‘big money’, the other fellow would have had a mentor, who from what I understand has had his hands full of people looking into his business, so the fellow i know from here, and his friends are who i am suggesting is behind all this not the mentor but he would have to have been taught by someone how to handle large amounts of money but I would not have had such a mentor so how would I have pulled off the scam of stealing money from a nature fundraiser in the winter to ward off a big box for the summer let alone the scam of stealing a will; how would a woman who is in her mid-teens at the time [concerning the nature fundraiser, not the will] so if neither of us were involved and she is still part time and I am still here and the five women I let use my material and represent me have got their careers going with enough cash flow, how would any of us be or need to be involved [notwithstanding I would make enough money if the things my name has been attached to, if I got the money from them, I would not need to be in any financial scheme….
-now as to the subject of a bribe and their people being the one’s behind it is there some truth to that, I have not been in court for anything before and have no reason to say authorities or a jury
-as far as a mastermind no one has seen before, the women I let use my material and represent me have seen me in person [except one] but I think four is enough and so have a few others in the past, so I would not be a mastermind if I do not have the money from what my name was on [before I told them to take it off] and that seems to also describe Professor Moriarity by Sherlock Holmes
-as far as incidents that have happened they are the ones who have been using these things for their stories I am simply responding and refuting them
-as far as the use of large frames around images, painters like Rembrant used frames and people in them and outside them as part of the paintings themselves and a certain film company made the opening credits and scenes of films only part of the screen not full screen and sometimes framed so the other fellow did not come up with that either
-and as far as the fire and car blowing up at my relatives house he would not have knowledge of explosives or how to set a car bomb or set it to blow up he was miles away and my two other relatives were in the house none have criminal records the only technical knowledge he would have would be in biology and microbiology and he is a businessman not a scientist or engeneers and my own background is in other things as i have stated no one in my family has a criminal record or history of bribery, appearances in court etc.. neither do any of us have a business where we would use even fireworks, but people who have been involved in violent files would have knowledge of arms explosives and may even have burned or blown things up or would have been involved in things that would have involved such things...
-now the group within the group is not about pulling schemes involving wills or financial schemes such as the one concerning the nature fundraiser, if such a thing happened but it shows how other projects are picking at anything to get the people they are associated with 'off the hook'
-the comment that i have no reason to cause any trouble, so why has the other fellow done so before
-of course if none have bribed then why is something out there showing sympathy for those who have bribed OH, WAIT THAT IS JUST FICTIONAL ISN'T IT but who exactly would they refer to the mentor who has been questioned how would he do that at this point, so what and who does that refer to when i have focused on the fellow(s) who used to live near me?????
-so 'John Lt.d' had an episode 'John De Bergerac', so when the other fellow tried to make it look like i had been interested in someone in his life WHEN I REPEATEDLY SAID I WAS NOT and repeatedly stated i had not met or talked to anyone in his life... he already had an episode a few years before that entitled this so it looks like this is just one of many set-ups he has created to try to entrap me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the one who was in this was photographed touching head and face by someone who plagiarized me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-if the other fellow thinks he came up with duplicate rooms what about Alice going from her room into the mirror into a mirror image of her room, a duplicate room, at that...[this is not about or against the use of it in 'V'…………….
-I have no secrets and anything new no doubt is fabricated by the people trying to get out of what they have done or have found another way to implicate someone else in their crimes or machinations
-there are [this has to do with a fan fic] many variations on the children schools for elite groups, special training etc., like the series 'Dark Angel', not to mention stories with benefactors, 'Great Expectations', Brave New World, where children en mass get special education, not to mention in real life schools set up for every conveivable type of training and group, so i am not relating anything new just another story...besides 'Alias', had special trainging for children in schools, so i am just going along with the series, not to mention an episode of 'Dollhouse'

for friday june 18 2010
-The following is proof against the idea something(s) was/were merely copied from a Western recently on a retro film station [and if I am pretty sure it was on tv decades ago but as you will see it too has its predecessors but this is not against it I am just defending against criticism and showing references refutations this is June 18, 2010:
-as far as dancing the western merely follows the two around but does not show the other dancer from the view of the partner; it does not go around in a track fast…then again dancing in films and stories is not new to that one: ‘Gone with the Wind’, for example
-did not Jane Austen (1800’s) do that in a novel where someone is upset about their life and a relationship with another being inserted into a novel the western has this in it; Dickens was accused of doing that with characters and authors sometimes put things in stories from their own lives as well
-as far as someone in a coffin who is not dead, Sherlock Holmes story about the woman in a coffin who is not dead below one who is; besides there are fake deaths in stories…
-as far as people looking suspiciously, or demanding or somberly at one person: Kafka, ‘The Trial’, 1914, the pictures of the judges seem to do this and can watch you from all angles, as Joseph K. relates
-as far as two meeting and falling in love for just a few hours or even a few moments, that is what they call ‘love at first sight’ and not a new concept, besides in terms of time a thousand years is one day to God…also the story of Solomon in the Bible meeting the Queen of Sheba is only for a short time but stories about their (said) relationship appeared in ancient times, I forget whether this was in a book on Chaucer, or ‘Life’, or ‘Look’ magazine (1960’s or 1970’s) but they also are in the medieval era because the Queen of Sheba, according the ‘Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society was from Arabia…short lived romances: Romeo and Juliet; in ‘Gone with the Wind’, Scarlet marries a man who dies just after they are married during the war, her meetings with Ashley are short lived…in ’Far from the Madding Crowd’, Bathseba at first leads Gabriel to believe they might get married when they first meet and talk but she at the end of the conversation turns him down; then Boldwood is lead on by a proposal; finally she marries Troy after a meeting in another town in a night-long affair…so in each case a few hours or days lasts a lifetime…in my edition of ’Far from the Madding Crowd’, Bantam, 1982, p. 26, you can see the essence of a later story, along with other sources, let us see in this one: the poor man Gabriel comes up in the world but later as the rich man gets Bathsheba to promise to marry him if Troy who has a royal connection marries her but comes down in the world when he goes on the run from the area…there are two women (Fanny) and one man and three men and one woman…Hardy’s other novel, ‘Tess of the D’Urberville’s’ has a short time with the one she is not in love with being in the same quarters, which is similar to the Western mentioned above, Tess only has a short time with her true love as well being with him in an abandoned house before she is caught and taken away from authorities for the other one she killed: in the Western this is one of two attempts by the main character to either kill him or come close to it, the second time she is killed but she pulled the gun on him…while the Western is a good film it even borrows from the song using the terms ‘hello and goodbye’ popular at the time…As far as someone saying he is someone notable when he is either not or perceived to be the western is preceded by ‘Great Expectations’ where Pip is supposed to be a gentleman but is simply given the opportunity and is supposed to be a businessman but that opportunity falls through in the end…the notion of coming up or down in the world in the midst of a relationship Sherlock Holmes poses as a love interest to a young woman for the purpose of solving a case and at some point is a poor traveler/hobo and then after the case becomes a gentleman again in fine attire, which is what they do in the Western but it is by no means the only story to do that…and ass I said Gabriel in Madding Crowd comes up in the world as both Boldwood and Troy come down…Tess loses everything and comes up in the world…in the big ship, the younger man is poor, someone in the beginning loses their ticket, which is similar to ‘Casablanca’ where Rick gives his ticket away…and stays behind which is the opposite of the ship where she stays behind where there is danger…but in Casablanca she goes off with the international freedom fighter…or about a ticket which is necessary for travel the song by Al Stewart, ‘Year of the Cat’, 1970’s, ‘but you’ve thrown away your choice and lost your ticket so you have to stay on…’…as far as instant love, song ‘I Love the Flower Girl’, if forget by who…one of many…there are a lot of songs that could influence things, The Beatles, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, The Rolling Stones, ‘Everywhere I see her face…’, ELO, “I Can’t Get it Out of My Head’, ‘Casablanaca’: “But we’ll always have Paris’, meaning for a lifetime do you need to read any more?
-how about suicidal tendencies: Sylvia Plath, her writing and biographies on her, Dickens, a hanging suicide [see my fan fic on an attempt at, Dostoyevsky,
-if I recall a love interest who is dead and the present love interest comes to look like her double, Poe…how about the story Rebeca, where the new love wears the same dress as the long dead one in the portrait reminds everyone of her…
-as far as a story(s) with people from different classes, who go up/down in life: Chaucer, in my edition of ‘The Canterbury Tales’, 1400’s, Penguin in Canada 1986, [I had as we all have heard of read some it in our childhood or teen years] described in the introduction: “The pilgrimage was a great social leveler…”, on the ship, do the meet and travel together and are from all walks of life.
-ibid, p 237, for something: ‘When Canace wears the ring [she understands the birds]’
-ibid p. 160, face in the sun in an ancient depiction
-of Heathcliff Catherine writes ‘he is always on my mind…if all else perished…my greatest thought in living is [him,
-Charles Rider [I am not gay I am just citing a well known story] remembers his first love in his ‘middle years’, a memory lasting a lifetime…
-there is a song in the Western, but the ‘THE SONG OF SOLOMON’, is a story as I mentioned above that is retold in later but ancient times and becomes a legend, their love is truly ‘mythic’,…Solomon is immeditately when the young woman tending vines near his area attracts his attention upon which when she enters into his area she charges the women not to ‘awaken love’ in her until it feels inclined, another version states until he feels inclined…like the Western, who is pursued by the towns people, and the man the watchmen in stop her from leaving to go to her true love, which is like the ship, where the rich man’s right hand man pursues them, at some point the younger man is looking for her in both stories and the young woman in both go to look for the younger man, for the rich men in both want to keep them, but she goes back in both to the younger poorer man ‘for love is as strong as death’ meaning her love is for a lifetime, and, concerning the surrounding waters: ‘many waters cannot quench love’ , she goes back to the ship away from the magnate the other goes back away from the king, both being rejected…in the story of David in the Bible, David kills Urijah, and in Madding Crowd reversed Boldwood kills Troy, so the Western is not before that for that is in other earlier writings so the attempt by someone against it is wrong…
-‘Turn thy eyes from me for they have overcome me’…love they looked into each others eyes perhaps or he is trying to or the eyes pursue him even if she rejects him for it is all she can think about, I wrote somethings about the eyes, but Solomon had it long before…’Return Shulamite’ However despite criticism of what I and others have written the old line suffices ‘love is forever’ or lines like it
-Oak in Madding says p. 26, to Bathseba “I shall do one thing in this you…and keep wanting you till I die’, this is one moment that’s will last a lifetime
Tess, “…she caught Oak’s eyes [look at] the same page…[p. 16.]…he gazed at the remote point in the direction…then turned back to meet his colloquist’s eyes…” One moment seems to have lasted till [he/when he will] die(s)” , a lifetime, for they marry in the end…
This is only one instance of this in film, “Broken Blossoms”, the man from China and the ethereal Lillian Gish, he sees the other through the glass, later when she falls into his shop (after the brutality of the father who is a boxer) they (the man from China and the ethereal Lillian Gish) nearly kiss when she revives after which he keeps her at his shop and tends to her dressing her in Asian finery, a moment which will last for the rest of their short lives…Scarlet in ‘Gone with the Wind’ and Rhett, Ashely and Melannie are all dressed up in the beginning during the war when Rhett takes Scarlet and Melannie in the wagon he is not and as it were comes down to the level of the common soldier in their famous farwell scene, later after the war and she has come down along with the rest she dresses up to meet Rhett for money, and later they are both dressed up as they are well to do again in the end…in 1939 both in the novel and film
-Moses in ‘The Ten Commandments’ is dressed as a an Egyptian Prince like the daughter of Pharaoh as a princess, then he has next to nothing on dressed like a slave like the western but it just one of many and of course on the ship this happens in various stages of dress, richly is one attired and the other not like the ending…and when they first met…when the daughter of Pharaoh as a princess, then he has on typical dress of his people and not richly attired like the princess…Joshua when he sees his love interest she is plainly attired but later when the rich man has her in his home she is richly attired while he is dressed like a stone mason/slave, of course like the ship she has gone to stay with the rich man but later the rich man is gone and Joshua has earlier lifted the rich man off his wagon and placed her there again another reversal of fortune…the rich man dies in the earthquake, in the western the rich woman dies in the Tess story the rich man is killed in the ship the rich man loses everything she has heard and shoots himself so I do not thing the western is able to be stated to be copied but rather is a variation on a long historical progression of the theme in too many stories…in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, though has no love story he is in regular clothes as at the end, and is transformed into an Arabic styled and dressed person and is at a few points in soldier’s British uniform…in ‘Great Expectations’ Pip is dressed as a regular person when he first meets Estella then as a gentleman when he meets with her again and they meet in the end in different dress having come back down in the world…Miss Havesham is dressed up in her wedding dress for someone who does not come…a reference but then again there are a few moments in one’s life that is like fiction and vise versa
-as far as a crowd watching a film or photos: ‘1984’ during the ‘two minutes hate’ the crowd is mimicking and mocking the enemy and acting out to it and the crowd is watched do doubt from both in front of the screen from behind and in front them facing it…and what about the screen where the man is in it as if part of it in ‘Citizen Kane’
-description in the edition I have of ‘Great Expectations’, Toronto University Press, 1961, ‘[Estella, being the inaccessible princess in the castle” like the western, but comes before it so anything where someone is inaccessible because of a rich man or some other situation, Miss Havesham is rich inaccessible to others and is a recluse or her own mind….echoes the ‘Lady of Shallot’, Jane Eyre, the insane wife is locked up, before the Sherlock Holmes story but then again the woman who looks like the other but not quite is a reference I use for something……in real life inaccessible women, Emily Bronte and Emily Dickensen
-in the western in order to steal clothing he happens upon a man who is dressed up in plaid and is a dentist as his sign says but this is just like a scene in the beginning of the ‘Wizard of Oz’, ass far as stealing clothes this was a standard long before the western came along, the notion is not dissimilar and contains the notion of stealing and attired like someone else: Jacob feels to his nearly dead father in order to get the inheritance like Esau, but Shakespeare has it for public record stealing and putting in the pocket a diadem so the idea is ancient
-as far as someone thinking they are someone they are not: It is common for people to think they are characters in a story like religious figures so many have thought they are Christ and act like him in their lives being delusional, and while some may disbelieve it as fact it is still a story being acted out long before any western came along and it would seem due to malfunctioning minds is a natural occurance-“The Song of Solomon’ a movie 1914, so the movie with the title of a song and it is a love story and legend, so much has been written of it and even is a movie but also is a Song of Solomon so there is as he said nothing new under the sun but I do not think anyone has any claim against something in here but on the theme of love and forever how many songs are there…I can list more if you need to how about ‘Love Story’ theme music…etc…on these and other movies etc..
-as far as writing backwards, ancient Jewish texts write in the opposite direction to ours and that goes back thousands of years B.C.

-as far as the western and the notion a man in love with an author is hallucinating the experience and is really a dream that is for a lifetime this is a year after an album i referred to by backwards masking which does not make sense forward or backwards, so i presume it says nothing which is probably what he meant but the lyric in 1974 to the song 'A Dream Goes On Forever', by Todd Rundgren, 'a million true loves live and die but a Dream Goes On Forever,...[and how much he loves her will never be known...] is a similar concept to the western discussed about Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly With His Song, about a person who imagines or writes about a singer and how she is in love with him if i recall stroking his hair or whatever it says it is an imagining as if she or someone else were in that persons life while listening to the song, so you see the idea written by Lori Lieberman in 1973 is also before that movie so it has its roots no doubt in other things the idea of love being in love or imagining being in love was out there before the western and imagining being in love which is the theme of the movie is not what the ship is about that is a real situation in the story not an imagined one so any criticism is unwarranted against is, it is original and the tune in the western is not a new idea and since the western tune is part of the movie and since the tune that is about the ship is not part of the movie i do not consider comparisons here relevant [again i am not speaking against the western it was good story i am just stating that the comparisons are only that but considering other ideas it is not any different from a lot of other things besides there are ballads about historical people and characters that become songs like Babara Ellen, military figures heroes etc...that could also be claimed as being before the western
-the stealing of clothes in the western if you consider it is a hold up is different from taking a coat, not to mention the hold up and exchanging clothes is a standard part of many stories, for example in war people exchange clothes with soldiers to escape being in enemy territory or being held captive and switching with the captors not to mention switching clothes in stories Prince and Pauper is not a new idea and goes back to ancient authors like Virgil...
-i did not say the Glorris people could use my ideas or pass them off as their own
-the showing on the euro travel fellow of the heads of gods i remember that was also featured in a photo from a photographer's work in a book and so something i had with statues howling or speaking, while derived from the swimming film where a statue moves under water i had an idea from this particular scene but it looks like as i said Metropolis had the idea of so far as i know moving statues first in the 1920's and a children's art show had a statue talking head so i am just saying if someone is using what i did not put it out there and others ideas came before mine i am simply acknowledging this...

below for Monday June 21 2010:
-oh i forgot to say i said i modified the clear screen actually AND that i already stated the show that was from a long time ago, in fact, they only had two small screens with holes near the drums, which was for hearing the sound bouncing off them my idea was to keep loud sounds out of the immediate hearing of the other performers and to help keep ears from being harmed by too much sound i remember when i was younger and in class so i did that but i did acknowledge the source of it...
-since my relative saved someone in the water he had to bring him out of it to land THIS is the only body moved while unconscious in any incident I was there at, since I was too young and probably not powerful enough to pull him back from a distance out there…I could only watch; the person who was hit in the head got up and left the field and went back to school in neither case was anything covered up
-these differ from a reporter who lived in the other fellow’s house whose name was in the news over an incident I remember it there, his name is the same as a city in Italy…she had the article about something hanging in a park in Paris in a room overlooking the park, which exactly describes the house across the street for the room over the garage, the trees nearby in the park, yet the person was found with a rope in a boulevard by a tree…now on the night before the anniversary of that a poster on a project states ‘we [they are all to be blamed]’, and since I had a character that called someone by the same name on the poster they it seems clear to me, they meant to tell me that there was a group of them…if you recall I said the archive on it stated a group was watching, and the other fellow, [i remember seeing it] asked if he was alright and if he was joking and since I saw it in the news it was his name I saw, I was not there and I have given all the statements about how I would not being going in that direction…and since someone else brought him down it seems they just stood there? Now a cartoon with some wild person who has to do with the other fellow has to with it, the cartoon was about an injured young person, who is moved to and fro a park, the two of them try to cover it up, this is said to be a good move by a character, to cover it up is the right thing to do, and since it is more than one it fits, along with another project the same night on the anniversary of the incident above, that the one was innocent of theft, I just wonder if there was a theft…i do not know, but it would seem a cover up has happened and since one project mentioned the term associated with Rat , to denote a squealer, perhaps someone is admitting something and the rest are mad…I am the whistle-blower on this…consider i do not have a criminal record with nothing to cover up
-the other fellow does not have a ‘lineage’ of some special family heritage
-I mentioned a person acting as if they were in a play, the Beatles: she feels or thinks she is in a play well she is anyway, goes something like the line in it, people have been thinking they are religious characters in ancient stories (whether fiction/nonfictional they still are stories)…the ancient Pharaohs acted out the myth of their being divinities in special ceremonies, according to the Egyptian mythologies, which were acted out an the Pharaoh’s thought they were divine hence the acted out the play of the mythology as if they were divine beings themselves so the notion of someone believing they are in a story is thousands of years old-on spies sent around the then known world, most military campaigns would have spies and most monarchies have had spies travel to distant parts for information or even to stir up thing:
In 1512 B.C., Moses sent 12 heads of groups to act as spies in Canaan before they went into it, ‘Insight into the Scriptures’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, vol 2, “they travelled through the land as far N[orth] and W[est] toward the sea’ they would be organized and sent to a distance CONTINUE BELOW
-ibid, same page, Joshua sent spies to Jericho in 471 B.C. ….Absolom sent spies throughout Israel…spies mentioned at Judges 1:22-26, 18:1-10, 14, 17 and 1 st Sammuel 26:4…Paul in the New Testament, mentions those who ‘spy on our freedom’…the Pharasees sent people to entrap Christ with arguments, etc…[same source vol 1 or vol 2.
-more on spies: Elizabeth the First, her spy, Francis Walsingham, according to Stephen Budiansky, 'Her Majesty's Spymaster': from the cover “Planting or recruiting agents in every foreign court in Europe…[basically he started what was to become international spying]” …this is long before the 1960’s, so any attempt to say anything after the 1960’s is unoriginal is not true it is in history long before, and is organized…Christopher Marlow was a spy, and contemporary writer with Shakespeare…if I recall the mid-Eastern hashish assassins (I forget the name) were spies, the spies for both the Hospitallers/Templars etc., Dumas according to the DK 'Spy' book already listed here before talked about 'a network of spies, p. 60, who has not read Dumas 1800's, James Fennimore Cooper 'The Spy', 1851, 'Spy', p. 6 spies in ancient egypt, Bayeaux Tapestry spies in 1066,; spies in world wars one and two etc...
-arm out on deck by rail of a woman with a big ship going by in a history of Vogue magazine, a depiction, poster whatever it was i saw...
-i already stated i had both read sherlock holmes and seen the series so anything in both are references,
- Sherlock Holmes 'The Navel Treaty', has a blue print...
-well i am not suprised the national anchor is at a special elite meeting, no wonder people have some bias against me at his network...

-i forgot to state that the drums and the barrier nearby, is also on the cover of the Procal Harum Live with the Edmonton Orchestra (1971), the two barriers are simply not clear, but the concept is from soundproof rooms or at least somewhat separated by glass in the early days of radio and recording studios, not to mention such barriers to block sound from engineers/technicians and performers or readers/singers, not to mention testing for hearing and the separation of the technician/medical person and person tested; not to mention in buildings and offices for the same purpose or aesthetics, i had the enclosure around a performer, i do not know if anyone had it before...but you see the concept was already out there early last century...and since when was acknowledgment plagiarism? but they don't say that so they say it is 'regifted' which is nonsense since i acknowledged others along the way, which is what you do in professional journals and academia
-when I said modified I simply meant I acknowledge others that came before me and I did not mean copied, I have used the wrong term for that since I showed how the clear barrier is different from that one I acknowledged but that is only one of many references as you can see from above for they were one of probably others with a similar idea
-the two panels barriers or what ever you would call them is a similar concept to two speakers for singers or performers to hear themselves apart from the rest of the performers, so there are many variations on the them my idea was a little different to separate people from hearing too loud sound and for the look of it as I stated earlier and a few years ago…I also earlier mentioned the ‘Three Dog Night’ band album ‘It Ain’t Easy’, on the inside cover members of the band are behind a clear plastic screen but this is off stage in a different setting but then again they are singers so it still has to do with sound…there was in some homes including mine a glass partition behind the living room door, the homes were built in the 1950’s...the other things did not have screens all over or enclosed around that i know of
-why was it alright for something with screens to have the 2 letter peoples names on it but it is different when they are not, first they did not come up with anything second the industry is not a little biases in their favour
-I said the arms out without a reference, I have put references in to show that some things I saw through the years but I did not have anything in mind when I wrote that, and I am finding references to show they are not the other’s ideas but my ideas are not from that unless I have stated they are….
-anything I wrote if someone who was on my side or given authorization by me to do so is still the case…however, for those who took my ideas and gave them out, even if I say something it was in—that the thing it was in was/is a reference does not mean I did not come up with it I maintain all things even if I say something is a reference if they contain my ideas I they are my ideas that does not mean they are not the other fellow wants to say anything I use as a reference if he gave out my ideas [without authorization] is either his or ‘regifted’, once he gets my ideas and puts them out there he changes them and says they are his sometimes he gets them out there before during or after my ideas are out there in their original or changed form [with authorization] and still maintains either they are his/theirs (his supporters and cohorts)
-I showed multiple screens from the separate glass screens or plates for early cameras in the history of photography, you can go back to the last few months I put that on, and I showed many instances of multiple screens, this is a different idea from those on a stage having to do with the sound
-now someone said a word with two different meanings but with the same pronunciation in an attempt to differ from what I said about Lori Brun or whatever her name is: she said eye could not tear as in tearing fabric but how can an eye on its own tear itself, I meant it in the sense of eye could not tear as in a tear drop so the sense, by the different pronunciation renders a completely different but senseless meaning, that’s poem is not meant to be abstract…besides both she and the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy INDICATED THEY COULD NOT READ THE HANDWRITING!!!! And since he stated that one had to be concerned over plagiarism and looking over his shoulder you could not get anything closer to a confession than that
-now since they could not say I moved an unconscious body if my relative moved a man he saved from the water to land and that the person hit on the head during sports got up and left under his own power, so the cartoon with someone with a wild disposition who is connected to the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy working on it, had a character unconscious and hurt and two move the character from one place to a park and from the park to some other place [which seems to copy the notion of the boulevard] well why does that describe what K. the reporter who lived in the same house as the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy when she mentions a rope a tree a house with a room overlooking the park and moving something when that describes exactly the house across the street, and, since that is two instances of a similar description by people directly connected to the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy, and since I did not describe that and showed (see earlier what I wrote) that I not only was not there at a certain situation but had neither habit nor reason to go in that direction at that time, is would seem they have especially considering the poster caption, the day and the cartoon…well I think this is too similar to the situation of concern on the same day it of it being in something of it
-now I do not see how these things should eliminate someone from their employment even if someone sides with me that is no reason for that it is different with people who appear to be in complicity to steal and lie or cover up something
-I do not have a criminal record and have not done anything ever to hurt anyone and I do not have a history of violence or enjoying violent sports
-the business over the screens is just an attempt to draw attention away from other things
-the person who assaulted was caught
-someone’s photo appears in a paper and on a series in connection with crime and in the paper that person said they were sorry and were forgiven this is in the same time period just before they show up on the series-I said certain things only because I did not want the other fellow to use what I said out of context against me, I have never done anything wrong in my life but I saw his name in the paper too but decades ago for that incident and one or more saw it too, remember he has [and I am only bringing this up because they are trying to fob something off on me that I had nothing to do with] someone else has a criminal record and was questioned about the use of a gun, these people keep taking things out of context and inserting them into things that I never was involved with like I said I have never been involved or questioned about anything questionable by authorities
-my in-laws house had a car blow up the day after I put something that would be of concern to the other fellow’s credibility and since he has worked in an industry where cars and homes etc and guns are routinely blown up and fires started and guns shot for films he and his associates would have the knowledge of something like that not me
-anything should be held to be taken out of context if the other fellow and his associates bring you any tape or recording of any kind of what I say or do especially since they have the technology to edit and make it look like one is saying and doing things one has not said or done or at least not in the context in which they have put and do not forget they can change text and action and put you someplace you are or have not been and change inflection for effect and make it sound like you said it the way they want you to say it-it is an old custom at some special events to introduce people as they appear before a group announcing their arrival, this is in many movies series and recorded events like royal gatherings, historical plays like Shakespeare’s King Lear when the several suitors of the young ladies appear before the king
-I did not list scenes from books like ‘Crime and Punishment’ to show I was not at something in real life I showed examples from literature for where I get my ideas from
-I said preclude to show that certain things might also be used in other events having to do with the same people if they were involved I did not mean I did anything
-again I have not stated anything about any group or individual concerning their weight race ethnicity religion colour etc…
-as far as my use of a bird in worshipping it or for some purpose during ceremonies, the ancient Egyptians used birds as gods, so did many groups in ancient times, for film ‘The Ten Commandments’, 1956, Pharaoh worships the bird and puts his child on its arms and when not revived the Queen says he can’t do anything he is only a bird, ‘The American Heritage History of World War One’ Simon and Schuster, 1964, [check the title with my earlier references to this book] a picture of a LARGE BIRD an eagle is found in the back of the Nazis giving the salute to Hitler, whom they worship so the use of the bird in real life and in fiction is before the 1990’s-2000’s so I have not copied someone’s else’s film which itself is a copy of something else…I also gave instances of worship of owls, and other birds…the forerunner of “insight on the scriptures’ by the watchtower bible and tract society, ‘Aide to Bible Understanding’ p. 2136, “worship of birds…was prominent amongst the pagan nations [e.g. ancient Egypt].
-enacting the notion of a living god, National Geographic [Nat Geog] May 1966, picture: by presenting himself as dedicating his own monument, he acts out the god-man mytholodgy they had; p. 700-705, the symbols on the skin of the statues arms is writing on the skin anciently
-as far as an expatriate from one group of powerful people who starts up his own group there are such things and groups with rituals there are such groups…
-eyes in skull with lights for eyes Nat Geog, September 1966, p. 372 comes before the red lights on helmets in something but as I said Christ had red eyes so the concept of a robot with lights in eyes or eyes that light up or something with eyes that stands out and the color red comes before a lot of things…
-Darrell Huff in ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ had a chart above the head so the chart above the head is not original…go to the earlier reference for this for the page and I had another page listed for something else
-now let us see just how original the other fellow is all the following are other peoples lines or titles that are in the following projects he was involved with [quotation marks are put in there by me they were not on the sites I went to but no doubt they will be now:
’whats love go to do with it’ and ‘the long and winding road’
McTavish is the name of one of my relatives and is used in a title of something with his input into the project
-now, considering the above who is so unoriginal now and who is the one really ‘REGIFTING’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-by the way why is it not alright for me to use a reference to something but it is alright for something to be ‘ripped from the headlines’, there is not a little bias here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at least give me credit for giving credit and I must give credit to God for anything half way original that I did come up with…

-DO NOT FORGET SOMEONE HAD STOLEN PHOTOS IN NATURE OF MINE AND WAS on the same show as my antagonist, his wife and the first female in the position of the agent, not the one with visions, so how would it not be the people who are attached to a thief who also go in another window, fob off on others things they never did...etc..

-it seems that someone who is behind the scenes at a cartoon now has 2 stories: one about the person unconscious to and from a park and at a bridge with 2 weights, which copies a Sherlock Holmes story [talk about ‘REGIFTING’!]…so, is it one or two bodies the wild group with the 2 letters and the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy they are attached to are doing stories on…2 stories or 2 incidents…why is it another cartoon has a character being hung up by the collar in a car and another being hung up by the collar in a building and that one had a character parody of a show with a number in the title [not the word numbers] does anyone remember a story about someone who has a record but the other does not I did not think that anyone would try to fob off on me anything I never had anything to do with…what about one who has a police record and one does not…is it not coincidental that Paris park room overlooking and moving something to another street someone else’s name in a publication and I am not only not mentioned if there was a group and someone who actually helps who did not mention me being there when I was not…how could I be at something the other fellow was at and was considered not to have done something on purpose –is that the truth- I do not know what to say I WAS NOT THERE…just because I say in the sense of what you mean, does not mean it should be taken at face value, how did they get what I said anyway it is not like I called them up and told them anything and what about I should not have done that, this too is being taken out of context from what else I said and meant, for these people can take what I say and twist it around and make it look like something else…
-in the case of the one about the bridge just who did what and to whom who moved something or are there two things that have been moved or just one or is this two different stories on the same thing
-do not forget I have had tall tales told about many things I already listed which I thoroughly refuted but these cartoons are I think a little more telling of something that happened as well as the one project which had the slasher and the same face I saw in a paper in it of a funeral, the same face of one who said they had been forgiven of something, at the same time I first discussed the park …not to mention the reporter k. who lived in the same house as the other fellow, she had an article on the park, paris, and moving something and there was an article on video/dvd whatever of either games or rentals that are violent and one was about something to do with travel on the road and you know how many years it took for that to come out at that point [any more on any video etc would be overkill] something like the year she started there the first year being the year of an incident…which some of the above cartoons are on or just after the anniversary of the incident and the day after the poster which stated ‘we were all responsible’ [the ‘we’ here being them not me I have nothing to do with it]…so anyone trying to take anything I say out of context from what I meant is futile because they have shown more than one thing over time along with comments like the reporter was just waiting for something more to fall that she was afraid, comments about being caught by the police, etc…are these just comments for an article or are they something more like complicity in a cover up…or are these just ill-fated attempts at humour…or is it like the other fellow’s projects, a question of being at fault or being free of guilt or is it a projection of innocence supposedly being so…or is someone concerned about a shooting in a detention center…but as K pointed out and the other fellow has a project on keeping someone from indicting themselves…and why does he always as I know get away with stealing my material fobbing off on me things I have not done has there been interference in this business or any other case at hand…or maybe he has taken one to many gamble and like someone trying to use my email to place a someone’s will for later retrieval, a case of embezzlement…of course with my writing there is always rewriting the scene(s) of course this is all strictly his business, that is of machinations behind the scenes…of course when he is found out he has to leave the firm and has to be reinstated…of course when someone named Randy in real time in the school of social work is upset with someone in a key position of the school why is this like one of the other fellow’s projects…of course I would never do scenes in adult movies which may be why this person and his group like to get pictures taken of people from outside looking in of people in private and maybe that is why I feel like someone is looking through glass at me…of course it is all a bad dream and they always triumph in the end taking advantage of every thing said or done they can misconstrue as something that takes the pressure off of them and implicate anyone else so they just keep going on and looking out from the deck at the water…

-what i meant was that when i say what have i done i only meant what have i said not what have i done by that i simply meant by saying something my enemy could use to make it look like i said something i did not say and i have done nothing past or present that would be anything of a criminal nature

for june 25 2010
-I did study social work for three years [you had to apply to the third year to get in, Pschology for four, my B.A. is in Psychology
-Let me take a wild guess, someone questions I had an idea when I studied Social Work for music and therapy, I only had a basic idea I did not do anything with it like a study, I did by the way say a professor could use my material and I do not mean Chuku (or whatever his name was) [who had an interest in keeping certain people out of the field or with making false allusions about people not getting along with other groups of people other than their own group, even though they would be with other people of other groups, and who let a woman go into third year who had a d+ average in the second AND third years of social work, which shows his incompetence] or what ever his name was…so any study or idea for music and social work therapy, well you must remember that Social Work is a different field from Psychology, though the two are related and often work together and some social work…now the idea of music or arts has been of use to health and mental health workers and patients this was specifically for social work…However, the use of the arts, particularly music is not from the 1960’s for mental health but is very ancient:
David [1 st Sammuel 16] relieved King Saul when God left him and he was having an evil spirit assail him mentally, or I have read in some texts he was depressed ‘patient’ (if you will) and the sound of David’s harp relieved him of his troubled mind…the King had the Hanging Gardens at Babylon for the Queen who missed the more pleasant terrain of her homeland, which would probably be interpreted as being ‘separation anxiety’ by some today [I have never seen this term as an analysis for this particular situation…I did see [unless it was a false video] a D. W. Griffiths film about a piano for use on (if I recall) depressed patient, so the idea itself was not new to Psychiatry or Psychotherapy [early last century]…’Insight into the Scriptures’, relates on Page 452-453, King David had musicians for all occasions; ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie a dirge or lamentation was sung for the Passover, in sympathy for the dead the dying and for the memorial use of it in the future, the sources for it listed at the beginning of the film…Persian King Artaxerxes had musicians for all occasions; in Solomon’s time singers for joyful occasions and sorrowful ones, [this comes before the National Geographic magazine article in past decades on the early Etruscans and funeral songs…David is writing Psalms, songs for every part of life, in 1000 B.C., dirges to succor or even in sympathy for mourners, for Moses, Joseph see the Bible and ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie……’and continued into the time [of] Jesus.” Noah much of this sties into social custom [visiting in the field someone skilled in helping others I suppose social work could be considered what people did in another era(s), religion, psychology of helping to enhance good times or relieve others of suffering or loss and mental stress etc., Psalms are directed to the director on stringed instruments…in my ‘Abnormal Psychology’, Random House, 3 rd edition, 1972, 1980, p. 11, King David relieved of suffering a demonic spirit interpreted as depression etc… reading meditation, drugs all have been used in Ancient times long before the 1960’s-1970’s emphasis in experimentation…Theodore Reik (Psychiatrist) wrote a book on the arts and Psychology/Psychiatry
-as far types relieving of mental illness or for good or bad purposes drugs, surgery etc., Huxley, saw both the good and bad use of drugs: to enhance abilities, to get high for recreational purposes [these both the good and bad use of drugs: to enhance abilities, to get high for recreational purposes are ancient uses of drugs as well] [you have to consider I am probably being criticized for my stories and ideas even though I gave ample footnotes for all that I put down, from the ‘Abnormal Psychology’ [see Ab Psych] text: p. 14, Ancient Greece [for a forerunner of Tim Leary, Huxley etc., China India the East 5 th c. B.c. [c=century b.c. Before Christ/ad after Christ or b.c.e. before common era/after a.d. to Europe 14/15 th c and European/American colonies 15 the -17 th c’s witch hunts/ mental hospitals established, Europe 18 th c. reform mental hospitals, moral therapy…as far as turn on tune in etc., ancient shaman, which Leary would have discussed long before, were the amongst the ones who started using drugs for enhanced powers of perception to relieve mentally troubling symptoms etc…and these people no doubt probably also controlled people, experimented with them to see the drugs effects…according to John Lust, ‘The Herb Book’, a book I new better years ago, Jamestown, the name where some of the first European settlers came to America, Jamestown weed became known as Jimson weed was used as an herb-drug turning people loony in 1676, along with the ergot fungus, and the test for the hallucinations and accusations of those with accusations due to drug-influence from the ergot: if people were really witches they were tested by drowning/not drowning being tied up and thrown into water, they were if they escaped were early experiments due to drugs effects (more on the accusers but the idea is there in the notion) and there are early experiments to see if one was helped by drugs or not or even to test enhanced effects in asylum patients in the 1940’s……the community would be at peace psychologically if someone evil was found out during the Inquisition, and the instruments used would be precursors of later techniques by Nazi’s etc., so the notion of torture is old, that would include making people scared by using sentiment, guilt etc.. so anything in the fan fics for getting people upset by drugs or putting people in some mental state, or physical restraint is in the history of the world and in the history of mental illness etc…Now I talked about the use of drugs in one of my fan fic stories, mescaline was used by Zuni and other tribes in North America and as an anesthetic and for hallucinogenic effects to obtain heightened mental/physical powers and for group encounters long before Leary and the 1960’s underground drug culture, Jamestown was a group ‘experience’ Yes, Huxley received and injection of LSD when he died one of his main characters had soma in Brave New World before she died but also overdosed on it though she did it because she loved it as well so it the dual nature of pleasure and pain/trouble that was involved in it in the 1931 novel, which I have referred to how many times the last 6 years…in an old text of Philosophy from the 1960’s there is an article ‘leary verses letvin’, the two pro/con use of lsd which I have had for years in my possession, long before a broadcast recently on the subject of leary Huxley, etc… and I already had footnotes on these two in my fan fics…[see also ‘Madness and Civilization’, Michel Foucault, which I read in university]…Dorthea Dix, ‘moral therapy’ goes into decline p. 24, Abnormal Psych text mentioned above…[see also Thomas Szasz, ‘The Myth of Mental Illness’ for some of the ideas I have had as well as all the texts and history, ideas, etc…] For drugs controlling an entire culture: the Chinese Opium Wars, early 1800’s, opium used for 6,000 years in the most continuously active society on earth, the Ab Psych text states 9,000 years,.. the (I think u.s. illegal/legal 1914 medical use of opiates, Pot in 1937, and cocain was the original ingredient in ‘Coca Cola’ …from a different source, pot the East Indian medical use goes back for headaches, various diseases, and one text states it had a lot of people using it recreationally, Garcia d’Orta (1500’s) physician of Goa, 1563 treatise on cholera and effects of hash and opium…Europeans 1600’s pot associated with evil… Chinese knew of hallucinogenic properties of pot in 1 st c. B.c….heroin in Sicily imported pot from Rhone region in 470 b.c. India in 1 st c. b.c. pot as sedative and hallucinogenic; I already mentioned DeQuincy…1953 clinic in England giving LSD but for an ancient reference to people using drugs improperly even on others the term sorcerer is in the Bible in the languages of the Bible is ‘drugger’…for an ancient source of intoxicating effects of wine, or potion, the nations and leaders are given a cup that they drink that will make them reel to and for…[The Bible…and ‘Insight on the Scriptures’] “those practicing spiritisms […druggers] [to] be in lake [of burning] fire and sulphur, hence, the torturer of ‘second death’ related to the sourcerer’s/druggers, hence torture with the notion of drugs together is before the modern era…or relief for Christ being on the ‘torture stake…offered… a sponge” so drugs and the torturer-: even if for relief during crucifixion is an early reference to drugs, the good/bad mental effects and torture…so as you can see, I have other references to support my stories and since early medical history and the history or torture and recreational use, even in groups as indicated above are all well before the 1960’s as Leary [for which he was , according to the Moody Blues album ‘Live Plus 5’ 1969, ‘persecuted terribly…”] pointed out in books, like the one he is in above or ‘The Politics of Ecstasy’… missionaries in S. America and Mexico, stated (John Lust, author's name) peyote by Native people in North Mexico in 16 th c. Nature myths of its use earlier used by 30 or more Native groups from Mexico to Canada for in myths it is used by someone in the desert to strengthen them when lost…1800’s use in Native groups…plenty of use especially by the majority Caucasian population in the twentieth century…last century secret service groups and governments western and communist/totalitarian do experiments on people in and in the 1940’s to control inmates in asylums…Ab Psych, ancient Greeks had retreats for mentally ill, in Alexandria “special temples dedicated to the god Saturn …asylums, where mentally disturbed could b helped by ‘rest, exercise, music…[et al] ibid p. 38 hands [I gave ancient depictions of hands in ‘detail’ as art books call it and so many other references….] and I read in my twenties Dumas, who I referenced earlier anyway, ‘all for one one for all’ and hands
-I did not mean I did anything the only things I witnessed were accidents and naturally occurances , I never said anything hanging had to do with me…I did have a hanging attempt in a fan fic but that is a person attempting to do that to themselves and has nothing to do with any actual person or situation and anything like accidentally hitting someone playing sports has nothing to do with anything other than sport and a near drowning is just that someone was saved there is no incident I ever saw or heard where someone was hung up
the cartoons [I do not do cartoons] have depicted someone hanging up another they depict one was harmed by being hung up by the collar in a car or building, that and the one where someone is moved from park to other place, is around the time of an anniversary of a situation, besides the other fellow since the article by k. was about paris and about a room above is like the house across the street and is also like an indie film the other fellow who has a name like a city in italy did, and so, when k lived in his house and worked at the publication the same year the situation which is recently the anniversary date of it and since he worked in Paris for a project I think they may as well be pointing the finger at themselves not anyone else, that and the poster ‘’we are all to be for blaming’ when I said ‘we’ 1. the we is whomever NOT ME and 2. then not me I never meant I myself but the opposite for I was not there When at some situation and I do not know who the group that sat by and watched 3. I never watched anyone at a tree but watch someone saved on a beach the two are different situations in different decades and I was not at the one on the boulevard… …not to mention another project he was on had a lot to do with hanging by hands and torture I have no repeat no torture and hanging up by hands or by something else what they have done is take what I wrote and took what I put in square brackets the wrong way and made it look exactly opposite what I actually said and meant and why is the other fellow with the same name as a city in italy the one who had a story about a social work student who even looked like one of the students who was kicked out even with his thin beard who talked about suing the school, what right did he have making that public through a story?????????????
-‘insight into the Scriptures’, p. 714, under Pupil Hebrew terms indicate meaning in pupil ‘little man or daughter of the eye’, or image of oneself reflected in the eye of another person’s eye from thousands of years ago
-Rake 1.o, are you sure it was the other fellow’s idea...the glorris people are using my ideas i did not give them permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

june 26 2010 continue till the bottom it is not all in one paragraph:

-from “The People’s Standard Edition of the Holy Bible”
’sold by subscription only this edition contains the revised New Testament’
Bradley Garretson & Company
66 North Forth Street
Philadelphia Pa, Brantford Ont.
Bradley & Company 1876
but the New Testament forward states 1881

In this edition: p. 59 in the
Chronological Tables
’A Chronological Table Showing the Principal Events of the Jewish & Contemporaneous History'

Jewish History Contemporary Events

BC 4004 Chinese Empire Founded

[this above is the way it looks in the book, the term oldest continuous society is in a different book, the travel show on tvo said Damascus was the oldest continuous city [excellent show by way] the besides there are several contenders for the title oldest city, in wiki: Byblos, Jericho, Varanasi, besides Damascus, and china, is listed somewhere below but consider the age of the book i referred to...just type in oldest city on earth, also try oldest society on earth you get a different group

-i have one more reference for past/present/future besides the bible what i said also about Zeno, alice in wonderland, from Hardy's 'Far from the Madding Crowd', Bantam, 1982, (1874), p. 130. " these [places] the busy outsiders ancient times are old; his old times are only old; his old times are new; his present is futurity.", so the return to the future his present is futurity is from before the 20 th c.
-on portals, the mount where Christ had his meeting with long dead prophets where the people of the past were transported into the present; Christ’s mother, you might say by miraculous birth was the portal to bring Christ from the spirit realm into the present…I already listed portals before…the Most Holy separated from the Holy in the Jewish temple where they were closer to God the curtain separating the two is a sort of portal…
-Huxley, BNW, 1931, p. 75, of the edition I mentioned, “…they were dancing in the twilight of a …store…in their blood coloured and feotal darkness, the dancers continued…in the red twilight …”

-on stars at concerts, I doubt that the stars and stripes were never tied to music before the 1970’s, especially since the formation of the united states…the 1960’s ‘three dog night’ album ‘it aint easy’ features on the front cover the singers and stars above the piano so music, stars and musicians together is not new…the ancient rites of many peoples and funerals or tombs or festivals etc., with stars on the walls, with or without music: there is an ancient Egyptian tomb that has stars on the walls and ceilings so, stars depicted on walls comes long before the modern era…the sun has been recorded as having a frequency, so any criticism of the stars and sound is really preceded by the works of God himself…in a tomb of the Rgyptian sky-goddess Nut has signs of zodiac surrounding her…D.W. Griffiths movie ‘Intolerance’ features music, as it accompanied soundless pictures, and a revolving star…I doubt considering the history of opera and ballet there never were stars or the sun (which is a star) depicted on/above or near the stage, how about moving or falling stars at concerts
-as far as the stage with a portion of it sticking out, Cobo Hall in Detroit had that as far as I can recall…as far as a lot of one colour, and concerts a Fred Astair film had that, and I also listed theHuxley, 1931 Brave New World and music together the other day and I also listed the album above…as far as music and nearly blinding light, I think the concert recently on showed the stage from afar and with smoke covering it, a slightly different idea but excellent show…I already cited ‘Metropolis’ and a short runway for the robot; I am not in any way saying the concert above was not original I am simply stating that I do not think what I have written in defending my ideas is not a sound one and I stand by all my arguments.
Nat Geog May 1960, p. 712, identical statues of Pharaoh
-as far as having the wrong person in connection with the paper saying he was sorry and forgiven, do not forget that that person was on a show after that and this is at the same time the 1970’s situation described was being discussed by myself and others and that I said this might also serve as an indirect indication by the fellow I have said is was in a new item for, I still believe this to be the case and I stand to keep this in mind when considering the machinations of the fellow and all his group
-I meant the notion of china from 4004 shows in the 1800’s that it was considered the oldest continuous society at that time but it is a statement that comes before what I cited was on something recently
-there is a type of lantern with holes that emit light like stars that if I recall goes back far enough…
-as far as my depiction in a fan fic story of a police car surrounded by protesters goes back to various revolutions last century despite Toronto’s recent protests, and things like the 1967 Detroit riots…besides I was at the anti-Oas protest here in this city a long time ago…
-Jacob is put down the well in the Old Testament, before a 2007 movie, and the ancient enemies in the Bible stopped up each other’s wells, besides people falling down wells is in the history of there being wells long before the 1970’s…
-WIN-WIN IS NOT THE OTHER FELLOW'S TERM IT WAS IN A 1991 BOOK ON CONFLICT RESOLUTION just like the chart over the head is from 'How to lie with statistics' by darrell Huff
-and while i am at it the former show on detroit radio where one of the two Dominski and Doyle one of them had an idea for people not skilled to use for fun large equipment like back hoes for recreation/fun/special interest was taken and used by someone, i heard the description of it before on radio before someone else started to use it

-I meant by the photo in the paper and the one on a show of a funeral is that that was out there during the time of questioning of the 1970’s situation the same person was in the paper and on a show where his photo was of the person who was in the funeral photo, I did not say he was the one who committed something in the 1980’s what I meant was that the issue of that time, the assault was one where the person who did it was caught, now the person above mentioned was in the paper-: obviously it was to say someone was sorry about something if not this person because unless that was a picture of him in the 80’s then he would be the one apologizing, but it looks too young to have been him back then, I meant and stated that this was an allusion to someone for something in the 1970’s, that they had been forgiven, [if they were, and that they were sorry afterward…in another story, this one in another city and the fellow an older person was exonerated decades later in this time for something he did even though he made a retraction, I think the two ideas together may have meant someone made a retraction, after saying he did something in the 1970’s, and I think he is saying he was sorry now… by having both stories in the press and on the show in around the same time period he is alluding to the 1970’s by the older man over something from that time period, and the 1980’s, was just to use the idea that the person who did it was forgiven for what they did and that they were sorry add to that the attempt to place me at both the 1970’s and 1980’s incidents when I was not there and he may be saying [at that point only some time ago] he was sorry for the one or perhaps sorry for implicating me in things I had nothing to do with and that maybe they were forgiven or exonerated [at least in his mind] for something(s) in the past, and he was using these two people to put the point out there but I did not get the wrong photo and person in my argument I have it correct, the writing on the face in the commercial for the show, the person in the paper who is on the show (the younger one) shows that the three are connected together
-I do still say the other fellow with the same name as the city in Italy was in the paper in the 1970’s incident and he is trying to cover that up whether he did anything wrong or not I do not know I never said I did speculate however but it is clear there has been an attempt to cover it up with the reporter k. and if there was more that one person there as was said then someone else helped while he and they stood around is why he tried to make it look like I stood around when I was too young to help someone in the 1960’s…as far as the late sixties and someone hit on the head during sports this gave him an opportunity to say I did something to someone when I never did anything that was an accident that did not result in anything more than a bump on the head but it directs attention away from the 1970’s incident: putting the two together, [the older person and his retraction for something in a different city, the younger one on the photo on the show and paper, someone may have made a retraction, they were sorry for at least being there
…and the bump on the head, my standing watching a relative saving someone, the person in a public place who I never met or knew who it was who had an overdose, and other things draws attention away from himself and on to me when I had nothing to do with the above, not to mention the retraction in another city draws attention from his having lived in another city where he got into trouble he has been trouble more than once so these incidents are all thrown together to draw attention away from him to someone else taking pressure off of him to explain things in the past not to mention he waits till no one is thinking of these things then he pulls these stunts to turn people against me
-as far as the wig and the male-female that is a different story the make up I think people are getting this mixed up with the idea of the story of the missing person in a different story that the other fellow is claiming and used altering it and gets an award along with 6 others it this idea was stolen…I have to give credit to the young lady for something to do in a story with make up as far as the face lift that is in the latter story as well but I have some of these ideas in different stories
as far as imaginary kingdoms that never or do not exist and names like countries or places with one part or letter of the word changed, that is not knew to the 1960’s, Ruritainia was the sister ship of the Mauritainia and Ruritainia (if I am spelling this properly) was an imaginary kingdom in a story or stories)…not only this you might want to refer to the historical/semi-historical Arthurian legends, the Gondal poems of Emily and Ann Bronte, and, Hardy in ‘Tess of the d’Urberville’s where the nobility is the remnant of the ancient kingdom, the titles of old families are bought by people not nobility and basically buy (steal) a lineage, in the Bantam edition I have the 1984, edition of the 1874 novel, “the sham Urbervilles and the true d’Urbervilles (Durbyfields)…” and of course Hardy’s use of alternate place names for his story where the area his is describing in Britain is given different names for cities and rural areas: Wessex for Essex, which is like Milan, Michigan for Milan, Italy…so a story of an imaginary kingdom is not a rewriting/rework a story…as far as someone posing as dead: is not in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the story that one will be made to appear dead by a potion and then come alive and is not there a similar idea in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and the person is mourned over at a funeral and then it turns out is alive after all
-what a relative said was that someone they knew could shatter glass by hitting a certain note, and while there was a show with that there was also the old Momerex commercial with that and it is an established fact someone can do that singing I never used that idea of someone singing to hit a note to smash glass and my use of shattering glass and the sound of it as I stated before [say in my fan fic where explosions and protests result in smashed glass] was derived from the series ‘Nowhere Man’, and they no doubt have their own references for it
-as far as a computer blowing up that is different from something else blowing up and the code to do that is found from computer and deciphering notes and matching them to frequencies using a computer: first, computers back in the 1960, computers did not use graphs with lines moving in accord with the loudness or the inflection etc. [which is like a brain graph with the pen moving in jagged lines up and down or like something similar to record earthquakes, to the sound or the sound of a voice, the 1960’s show featuring a computer glass and exploding it had the speaker separate from a computer to play a song that sets the frequency in the room to shatter glass, even if a computer did that it would have its own speaker and the notes could be played by a code that creates the frequency at which the notes could be heard the 1960’s was a song, and record…I did use and I do not remember the code now to set the computer to play notes, the 1960’s show was about the computer being used to decipher the individual notes and further to match them to a frequency…I stated either in a fan fic or notes of both that every symbol on the key board of a computer is matched to a frequency and that could be used to trigger an explosion…now I did write an idea for a computer to explode but I do not know if my idea was the one used or not but that is a different idea from the series
-if an idea to use scrabble to decipher is out there the game is meant to unscramble a jumble of letters I do not think anyone has a right to use it before anyone else since that is what the game is about…to decipher any numbers or letters whether by a game or a computer I think the ultimate notion has to go the history of deciphering which I went into to show where I got some of my ideas like deciphering the inside cover of a book in a fan fic of mine see those footnotes, and as far as frequencies and the computer there is a difference between the 1960’s show and what I wrote above besides there is Enigma, and frequencies I showed where some research came from earlier to take what happened when sound was imprinted onto the physical substance of something I forget what I had written but it is different from the 1960’s show and the simple deciphering of frequencies and computer programming above as well and I showed where I got the idea from…
-the use of frequency in 'Nowhere Man' was an episode where they pulled wires out of a circuit board or computer that emitted a sound too hard on their ears which was a frequency the military used and it was something they could get into trouble for tapping into...the frequency for too hard on ears other wise is by another means than the computer in another story but if anyone had the idea first it was no doubt in connection with engineering opera and science...i had a relative who said someone could shatter glass hitting a certain not i did not use that in a story these are all different ideas just like the confusion of hearing too much all at once but they are all different ideas
-on the same note I did not rewriting/rework a story, what I said was a character in a fan fic story said she was reworking a popular story character in a fan fic story said she was reworking a popular story I DID NOT SAY I WAS THE CHARACTER SAYS SHE WAS REWORKING A STORY, the story itself is referred to but I do not rewrite the story and claim it as my own story this has been twisted around to make it look like that was what I did but I did not and I already stated that
-I have not blackmailed anyone what has happened is that someone has forged my writing to make it look like I was threatening the other fellow which is nonsense since he is rich and has all the means to protect himself that I do not-to show that the hot sphere between hands is not the other fellow’s idea I refer you to what I stated about the Nat Geog book on the human body and some pictures that show a sphere between hands and illuminating the area surrounding
-what i wrote was to have the clear screen or screens (whether or plastic or glass [i think someone is using this to confuse what i wrote about computer frequencies) surrounding or along a wider area than the two small screens with the holes, about I am only stating that I wrote that down… but I said this earlier and explained it in much the same way, and I showed that they did not have the idea either it was from recording and sound testing for ears and partitions in buildings besides I did not put it out there myself …clear partitions were already in use before that time in connection with music but also for buildings offices etc.. but I did not say I did not come up with the clear screen(s) surrounding or along a wider area in concerts, but I acknowledged the other things similar to it along the way
-it was Joseph and the well he was put into
-the other fellow is making through something that if someone has been in trouble for theft they cannot be in trouble for that again however others can steal for someone and theft of ideas [notice i stated where screens and other ideas came from] is something unseen and when someone makes money from something they did not come up with that is not seen either and is still theft
-nearly everything I have here today I have already said so I think others are simply waiting till they have the chance to get someone to hear how they put it to make it look like I have said things I have not said or twist what I said around, or leave out or add material and so assail me on these points

-whatever the one with the headband says she put in with the make up and anything else giver her credit and what ever she wants for it...the same goes for the others i said could represent me if they contributed something to anything give them credit and anything they would deserve out of it...
-as far as the barriers, the notion of separating from the sound or directing the sound towards, that idea was already out there in so many things and their barriers were shorter the extension of them outward and elsewhere was the difference...i said i had come up something to do with that and that it was not by anyone else 'SO FAR AS I KNOW' i said...

-all I meant when I said I refer to things in order to point out what my ideas were involved in is that I was giving credit to those who took my ideas in to others and who had their own ideas put into those projects that is all I meant I did not mean I did not have my ideas in those projects if you take a look at what I actually said I did not say my ideas were not in those projects
-‘Wuthering Heights’, Emily Bronte, Bantam, 1983 edition, 1847, p. 19, on someone thinking they are in a play story or anecdote or others in their life are with them:
”I began to nod drowsily over the…page…my eye…on the manuscript to print…I saw…title “seventy Times Seven…Discourse by Reverend…Branderham…I began to dream…we (he) had his ‘staff’ in hand (like Moses (source for a few things))] went [to hear his sermon from the text with the above title] Jabes had a dull…congregation…[he ends up starting the fight with clubs and even fights with Joseph, the servant in Wuthering Heights, who encountered first when he came…to the place…]” So, even the Church he visits precedes the cartoon…the point is criticizing my idea for entering into another time via a passage [like Alice in Wonderland enters the hole and before that the mirror which precedes another story]…whereas the family in the cartoon falls asleep and dreams…which is different from entering into another time while awake and this Wuthering Heights is my reference for imagining oneself in a story based upon a sermon to be preached and real people in the real time part of a story precedes a movie and a cartoon where they fall asleep and imagine themselves to be characters in the story…
-another instance of imaging oneself or others to be in stories: Hamlet, both the play and the real character in Hamlet, the king find himself as part of the play, and his conscience is caught when he realizes this and so does King David in the bible when confronted by the Godly when he realizes the character in his anecdote of stealing the only lamb or sheep of a Shepard is David stealing Urijah’s wife…so the idea is thousands of years old
-arms outstretched I already gave numerous examples from before the 1980’s
-as far as someone attached to a wall, astronauts attached to the ship or to equipment, deep sea divers attached to tanks, prisoners attached to walls, and in certain conditions people have been attached to various devices so the attached to walls and devices taken together come before any cartoon-any claim by the people out there I was at or involved in something in the 1970’s where they stood by and watched: the person who I saw listed in the paper back then has a criminal record and in another incident used a gun for which he was on trial I do not have a criminal record, phony degree and phony education, I did not use a title with someone’s first name and talk about plagiarism on radio and state he could not read the writing-I did not change from someone else to myself the claim above of seeing his name in the paper what I did do is say, in reply to this I did this in the sense of you are trying to fob this off on me that is all besides I was not listed as being there and I have never been suspected of crime, now if someone [and I am only doing this to show I have never been in trouble] the other fellow was the one on trial for something besides if someone captures what I say and takes it elsewhere how do you know exactly what I said how I said it or what I meant if he edits film then he can edit sound so whose word are you going to take someone
who has been on trial or someone who has not…I have given the other proofs that I have only stood watching someone being, the person who overdosed I only saw them being taken away and I was implicated in the overdose when that was in a public place so this is only one instance of false accusation by taking facts and twisting them around to refit them to make it into a new story that never happened…now there is more than one person who saw the article where someone was hurt and there was a cover up…
-it is interesting the Cognitivist takes the other fellows side when I saw him here and I am probably not the only one who would have seen him here…
-amongst the other things this fellow and some others have done:
two of them lying on radio and both cannot read the writing properly, and using my first name in ‘Michael’s Mythologies’
that he was on trial for using a gun I do not have a gun to carry or a permit
that he has been in prison I have no such background
I was not at the situation in the 1970’s
I was not involved in a shooting
I was not involved in a robbery
I do not know the thing he was in prison for for no information is out there now how could that be when no one is able to conceal data from the internet
I have not had access to that industry and could not have stolen a demo
I have not made money from things later proven to not be mine and I have not made any money from the industry
I have not claimed to have knowledge I never studied
I have not claimed to have an academic credential
I have no martial arts skills like boxing
I have no background in use of a weapon, being a body guard, criminal record
I do not have scenes of people being hung up and tortured
I do not have scenes of people being hung up, except for an attempted suicide and that is by the person herself in the story, not by someone else
I do not have any song titles for titles there is more than one in his repertoire
Most of my writing and ideas are non violent, most of his are
I have a background in 5 areas a B.A. and a certificate in computer programming
-I never said I did anything wrong, [what I did say is in the sense so you think this not that I did this or that when I have not done anything or have had anything to do with anything wrong or unlawful] someone captured what I said surreptitiously and altered what I said or left out the rest of what I said, and given the history of the other people, who could be relied upon to support what they may have made sound like I said and what I actually said… read this and I think you will see an allusion to a confession by someone else other than those referred to: and when this issue came up there was the face of someone in a show that was the same as in the paper for saying someone was sorry for what they did and were forgiven and an article in the paper was there for being exonerated for something in the same year as the 1970’s incident and that though they had made a confession and retraction this all in about the same time and the same time as the putting of the same article in the newspaper archive when I saw an article with the other fellows name…so who was in a car I saw in the area when an assault happened in the 1980’s when someone was caught for that and is it not interesting the claims of plagiarism, assault, using a gun, being present or whatever else at an overdose are all things which I have disproved time and again and is it not interesting the other fellow, his people and the comic all accuse me of and none it was true
-as far as the comic, he gave false information as to the dates when he was at university for he would be too young to have there according to those dates, surely k. the reporter would have made sure the right data would be there to support him, he used material for the Korean story, which I proved was my research and story that his was derived from, I proved he plagiarized the idea for world historical buildings which had as models for a story not to mention the blinding of a mass audience was not his if that was his claim for that short lived series he had to do with and again he had a female character with my last name and my first name in French would be used by both male and female so it would seem the two have both used my material and directly referred to me by first and last name…if there is anyone copying it is them and I have proved it quite a few times…now as to confession: if an allusion has been made to a confession, retraction and it is in the same paper as the one k. in and if that was in about the same time period as something that took place here and if k was working here on this publication the same year as that incident and if the other fellow’s name was in it as can be attested by more than one of us and if I was a friend of someone and friend of the relative and the other fellow was not and he point the finger at us and if k also had an article on moving someone and has to do with a park and there is an article on a video of a film listed in the same paper in that time period and if a cartoon has someone move an unconscious person to and from a park on the same day as that event and the night before is a poster saying they are all to blame and if he keeps referring to the person who fell unconscious but in a public place and I went to help and if someone saved someone and I looked on being too young to help and if someone overdosed in a public place and if the person hit on the head during sports got back up then who could be referred to by all this obviously not me for I can account for all the incidents that happened and was not at the other two and if they have tried to link incidents to me that I was not at by making it look like those I was at were those specific incidents I was not at then is this a cover up or not… note: I have not been involved in projects concerning any of these incidents they are the ones bringing them up and they are the ones concerned over them and if they try to make it look like things were part of crimes that were not then who should be seen as covering up I am the one who brought up facts not pointing in the other direction away from the two incidents
-here is what they do they wait till a time when I cannot get to a computer or wait for a time when everyone has forgotten the data and leave out or add data or take one small piece of data and build a case of false data around it and then get all their friends and vassals to turn out against me including the people in this place and try to saw the powers that be to be against me as well.
-why is it the report on the other fellow’s trial was only on there once Remember I am only replying to a lot of false claims made by people who have either been in trouble with the law or are involved with some who have been in trouble with the law
-why is it some of the things like: trying to keep from incriminating oneself, theft in homes going in through doors, are in some of the other fellow’s stories
-why is it recreation that has been used, perhaps this is to direct attention away from something, that is before the incidents I started to discuss were put on here, and why is it in this particular thing the main person was on the late night project of comedy that the other fellow’s brother worked for and while I am still thinking of it the other fellow’s brother did a paper on alternatives to putting people in correctional facilities, so no matter how much covering up there are tell tale signs of what the other fellow has been up to in his life, so much for a concern over the innocent and the guilty which are similar words to a title for something
-I did not know k was a social worker, she says she did social work-now for some others:
There is a reporter for a nation-wide broadcaster who I doubt said I studied social work at my alma matter or perhaps did but maybe did not support me, A.
In that school someone who was in a key position did not want some to get through, and his family is in the industry
The other fellow’s brother was a teacher there
A former class mate who now a teacher has a relative who works in this public place there is someone with the last name in the industry
Some former neighbours are in the industry
Someone in one of the other fellows indie films unless it was someone else’s film one of the people who was an indoor photographer, not of the glorris people, who himself was in a major production
there are more of these people who seem to be connected together but it seems like nearly everywhere I go someone is there who is on the other side or who is where I have been and can give information that only tells half the truth or something other than what I know to be the truth

-after looking at the facts the fellow who was in the paper and the show with the writing on the face for an ad which had him in a photo at a funeral, with the article saying he was forgiven and was sorry, he would be the right age for the 1980’s situation I mentioned, what his being in there means though i do not know he was in both for a far as the article on someone who is not someone I would know who was exonerated, even though he he made a retraction,which is in the 1970's, the same time period as the 1970’s here where the situation where people were standing around at something , I said this was possibly an allusion to the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy, with k. as the editor, I did not say the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy was exonerated, that the retraction by the person in the article who made a retraction, I meant that the retraction of this person was possibly the allusion to the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy, not, the exoneration, I never heard he had been exonerated for anything and i was not there at the 1970's situation

-as far as the comic through something saying he was university educated, the article I saw he gave false information that would have put him in university when I was in university but he was too young to have been there at that point…now it would be possible for that article in the archives to be altered just like the 1970’s article that was excised, to put dates in that would support his claim, or he could find a way to get false data put into the registrar’s office or make a phony degree like the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy, either way I would have seen him if he had been there his having lived near me but he was not there and his friends looked like teens in those days so it is unlikely he was that old
-reference for person talking unexpectedly on screen to viewer, ‘1984’
-world wide domination by group of leaders in government and business there is speculation on that long before the 1984 before a story shown recently on a retro tv station, however, in the novel by orwell ‘1984’, big brother is unknown to the public especially when the main character thinks that the man who is the leader is a fellow questioning the New World Order, and they control government, etc., and have already taken over much of the world…I called the characters in my fan fic story Unknowns because there was a site showing people at meetings of government and business leaders and it asks who are these unknown people, and there are books not fictional on people behind the scenes going back to events in past decades who are said to be gaining power and trying to control the world, so the concept was not new…besides when Lenin and company were influencing European radicals no one knew who they were before they started to make themselves known and they did want to take over the world and replace commerce and business and government leaders with communists…as far as satellites communication intercepting data and tracking everything and taking over the world, given the UN which would be the WORLD GOVERNMENT is the world order, the NSA and Echelon which is the system of satellites communication intercepting data and tracking everything…one woman states in Wiki, that she made software for a company for echelon from 1974 to 1984, which information is just one piece of data…besides, shutting down the system of computers which would be linked to satellites communicating from space to earth, didn’t they shut down the system on one space flight or lose communication with it, so that shuts down communication but in ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ one of the people on board shuts down the computer system…and in ‘Metropolis’ the system is overloaded that makes it go haywire in effect shutting it down…and the early guilds in another century, the Luddites, destroyed machinery because it was affecting their jobs…military complexes have been attacked to shut down communications during war, there have been numerous stories on shutting down systems like nuclear bombs before they can be set off, or movies to get to someone or something before disaster so, combining all these together I think is proof enough that i and others have not copied anything….
-the face in the sun is thousands of years old, when stars group together to form gods and heroes to ancient societies, they have faces like Orion besides none of these have glasses, and I mentioned the face in the sun in a book of Chaucer’s Tales with a forward by Bragg, from 1986, I have had since that time, which has a face with a sun on a depiction from the middle ages, precedes something from 2005
-how many shows and novels etc., have people going into rooms they are forbidden to enter, like Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, etc., how many stories are about people entering places where there are screens etc…
-I already mentioned Toynebee ‘A Study of History’ mentioning World War Three before the 1960’s
-mass blinding, the Bible when the Angel’s that visit Lot blind all the men is the reference
-a book by Ben Bagdikian, [ or perhaps it was someone else, I do not remember the spelling] mentioned a company with a large screen decades ago
-all I said was that I was upset that having something be overheard could be used against me and out of context with some of the other things I said left out I did not say I did anything but the other fellow has the background and record and false data in his resume and false education to show he is entirely capable of anything and everything he accuses others of besides you would have to believe that what you hear or see is exactly how it was said or seen as it happened but this fellow edits for a living so there is every likelihood you are not going to get an unedited version of anything…
-I have never been questioned by authorities about anything and have neither made statements or retractions for which I would have to defend myself and I have never been in trouble with the law for anything I have never committed any crime and have never been thought of as having committed any crime my antagonists like to take things out of context and make it sound like the opposite of what I have said or written…i have not harmed anyone this is not true people are taking things out of context from how i said and meant them i have not harmed anyone, i was not in the paper when in the 1970's or the 1980's situations happened and i was not there not involved and not a witness to these two things this is not true what my antagonists are trying to fob off on me, neither have i said anything that i did that was harmful i only stated that i understood the other fellow was trying to implicate me in something i was not at which according to the paper in that time he was more time anything anyone says can be taken out of context from what was said so by taking only part of what was said might make someone sound like they said something that could cause people to think one thing when if the rest of it is not heard, being cut out that is providing for disinformation...if you said, i took that, when you didn't and you meant 'oh, you think i took that?' would that meant you took that when you didn't consider anything the other people tell you i said in that sense and you will see they are taking advantage of what was said and what was meant...unlike my adversaries i do not have a gang of people to support me then again i do not commit crime, and i do not have 7 families to help me take over much of an industry till no one is left in it unless you are connected to them, and i do not alter data and use what people's comments out of context to make them sound like they are saying something else other than what they actually said or meant and i go by the facts not editing things according to how i want them to come out
-and God said that he would forgive those who were repentant but to the unrepentant there would be no forgiveness, so it is up to the winged fellow to turn around but then again it is my job only to tell you you are probably not going to come back to the after life and that in addition to stealing from me as far as you poem it is simply as for his poetry, it goes something like this the quote marks are not containing the exact words: 'L is for lying about the truth to escape the resulting punishment when one has been found out/c is for Not caring to have a Conscience when that is what prompts people to stop stealing lying and fobbing off on others what your friends who are now enemies have done..."...if he talks about escaping punishment and this is no doubt not true then could his stint in be academia be also no doubt not true???????????????????????????????????????????????

-the description below is of a vehicle in or from space, a celestial vehicle in the Bible, greater in size no doubt than any imagined space of other vehicle in art and precedes the 20 th century [the citing of this has nothing to do with H. G. Wells or any recent thing but to prove only no one owns large ship ideas so this is a reference] being written about 595 B.C. and can rightly be the first one that has speeds greater than the earliest car with an engine that was made before the 2000’s:
Bible, Ezekiel, chapter One:
Vision of a giant vehicle with the throne of God on top much like a captains chair, has massive wheels within wheels, the thing being moved by creatures, terribly large lifting a huge stretched out structure made of crystal, no doubt clear [a reference for an idea in a story where ice or some other substance I forget what I wrote is stretched out so that one can walk on it] stretched out over the earth below, the creatures are as fast as lightning [another reference for great speed and comes before fast forward] and the fire coming forth from it was lightning, the rings one inside another are the wheels, full of eyes, and the ‘firmament’ above them [the body of the vehicle, the wings of the creatures are the noise of many waters and the voice of God is great, fire all around the vehicle
leaders of armies in ancient times according to the Bible thousands of years ago had by victorious armies their thumbs so they could no longer grasp and their large toes cut off so they could no longer balance, so they were useless in the field and could not lead men into battle, the same for soldiers
The Book of Joshua in the Bible:
The men surround the city, on the last day of battle and give a shout all of them at the same time…the walls fall down and the city is destroyed, comes before the shattering of glass at high frequency in the 20 the Century, before recording and is obviously at a frequency that would shatter anything…at a distance as well…
-the edition of Chaucer’s Tales, with the forward by Bragg, 1986, p. 230, Caption to picture of woman with birds and animals: Canace wears the ring, birds she understands their speech: the notion of the ring and sound of birds calls is a frequency and attached to a ring, so the idea of a ring and frequency comes before the 20 th century but what about some sort of metal, a tuning fork, which at the bottom sometimes is rounded like a ring which when struck emits sound at a certain frequency and in the movie “The Ten Commandments” Pharaoh strikes a rounded or semi round bell or gong like thing that makes a sound…not to mention Wagner’s ring, which takes on special meaning but the striking of metal to make a ring must make a sound anyway
besides the angels and Lot, the Halifax explosion on ships that collided causing glass in windows to shatter going in to peoples eyes that blinded some people and glass would be flying and imbedded into flesh as well, and comes before late 20 th century and stories about anything flying and imbedded into flesh
-if I recall ‘Day of the Trifids’, if I have the spelling correct had a mass blinding and apocalyptic theme
Saul sent David in Bible to collect from dead soldiers some part of their body which would in a pile all look the same and is just like identical parts of jewelry or treasure, reference for treasure on an island ‘The Count Of Monte Cristo’,…just like identical pieces of jewelry, puzzle pieces, the companies made for armies identical helmets, buttons etc. past and present, those who strip bodies of the dead in war would take things off just one special thing from them as souvenirs, the Muslims throw shoes off and at something against their beliefs and shoes are more or less identical, so heaps of things identical are in history up to the present…as far as something with magical properties picking up just one of them, reversed: a coin along with a wish thrown into the waters of a fountain of many identical coins, the wish is one special saying that can bring something about that one longs for like a wish to become immortal [reversed, to return to being human and mortal in the flesh, of course reversed, the saying of one is also by many over the course of a day of coins and wishes…as far as special passwords, the word in the Bible, if I recall is Shibboleth, or something like it which when spoken by the enemy would reveal a different accent or pronunciation, when spoken by the same side and friends would reveal a the correct accent or pronunciation
Tesla invented artificial lightning and he also invented light bulbs one could hold in one’s hand without being burned, the voltage going through his body, yet you do not see the voltage going through him but like lightning it courses through the body and is the exact same principal as if you had seen lightning go through a body…however you do see lighting not only emanate from clouds but go through the body of the cloud so both principals of seeing it go through a body and actual voltage going through a person both come before the latter part of the 20 th century
Helmets and Virtual Reality:
I already spoke of this at length and talked about helmets and virtual reality and dream states, etc., I listed sources and talked about the history of it as well…this along with biofeedback with wires and electrodes placed around the head and since light filaments are involved in communications and with computers…however the thing that can make one dream is not the same as wiping memories and imprinting new ones for that is the transferring of someone else’s mind into another
-I already explained one story was influenced by ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, with water thrown on the witch and she dissolves however the story I had was a substance but that was influenced by Poe and World War One and flame throwers which rained fire on people burning them but also a substance could be thrown on people that would burn them as well, and historically I also talked about oil and other substances thrown down walls in ancient times…while a show mentioned too much expense for the oil thrown I found some instances of such a thing whether oil boiling water or some other substance I do not recall but it was a practice in ancient times, see what I wrote earlier on that
-there are children’s toys and other objects that slide part of the floor of it while the rest did not and while some may say rides at carnivals slide chairs etc., so did many things in the industrial era
-while H. G. Wells, who I have referred to before ‘Time Machine’ had machines building machines, in our era, and I did take programming, computer programs have made other computer programs
-mass of colour by natural light and say, leaves that the sun shines through that create blocks if you will of colour and of course eclipses are a natural phenomenon, and I do not think even Wells had a monopoly on that, the colour of planets etc., so God himself did that…even Wells could not be completely original in Time Machine the sun stands still as it does in one of the Biblical stories
-pojection of an image onto space or something else, I first saw that in the 1960’s on a show or movie
-tunnels around the world for travel is an old idea, and there are web sites speculating such a network is in use today, there is a tunnel between our Canadian side and the U.S. side, made in the 1930’s, and, if I recall it was theorized in another era Martians had channels roads or even tunnels on Mars
-in order to fund a war you need money, and Lenin was said to have met with industrialists from the West and Europe in Germany before he entered Russia to start or continue the Revolution and since he is radical bent on taking over the world through Communism which was the goal of Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries and since he met with wealthy businessmen they could rightly be said to be wanting to take over the world, so that idea comes before this era…not to mention Alexander the Great, who is listed in the editon of Chaucer’s Tales I cited before on page 80, he is listed as ‘World Ruler’
-as far as a head that talks, the ancient character Morpheus [not the modern character in a film] still sings despite not having a body…I am only responding to the criticism of the use of it it is obviously an old idea
-Chaucer [ibid, see above, p. 230] stars above a crowd
-graph that show up like terrain or in this case a face, it is used for a number of things plotted by statistics, from ‘The Watchtower’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, October 1, 1996, p. 1996…I took a statistics course in Psychology and in computer data base coursed courses we used graphs with lines in both…
-radar started last century, and it had not a disk and satellite but had something like a disk, tracking objects and military targets and coupled with deciphering devices the two together were able to track also the communications nearly every where before the latter part of the last century, besides web sites and other sources of data were available on the NSA long before the two thousands, and as I have listed my sources I don’t think anyone has a monopoly on the subject of tracking satellites and the NSA…besides NASA tracked with computer and satellites from its earliest days as well as the Russian space program the astronauts in their ships and so were tracking people long before the 2000’s
-as far as tunnels or openings appearing in the ground suddenly, earthquakes do that naturally, and, natural decay of vegetation or some other means have sometimes have uncovered ancient sites previously not seen…in the writing of Josephus, contemporaneous with the early Apostles and Christ, wrote of a war where someone goes underground and comes up suddenly when no one expected anyone to come up from…some have said drugs give hallucinations where trails and openings occur and then are covered back up
-Wells, the term ‘futurity’ in ‘The Time Machine’, Chapter 14, he is in his present as a he experiences the future to which he keeps returning going back from the past to the future, Hardy uses a similar term and in a slightly different sense as I related before but in 1874, Wells was born in 1866
-files and theft of: my own files from decades ago have been stolen before and I studied Social Work, where we had clients who we made notes on our time with them and incorporated the things we learned in courses, text books on Social Casework and theories on Social Work and Psychology into files, it was part of the courses that we kept files on these things and recorded interviews our clients progress our own involvement and thoughts in the second and third years so files and data I have kept and used and have that as my reference for use of this…keeping other’s data private though was a matter of great importance, as in Bestick’s Principals of Social Casework, [I forget the spelling of the name, “the client’s right to privacy’
-as far as the whistle blower concept and the corporate and government: there are many such whistle blowers from the 1960’s on, long before “Erin Brockovich’ came along [I am not saying anything about it it was a good story I am just supporting my case, I could list some books I read about people who were looking into white collar crime, and not just on dumping toxic waste but in war time, etc., but I am just going to say I was looking at this topic from many years ago as I stated a few books along the way on this and the other fan fic site
-as far as the summit that people follow it basically has become a matter of peoples lives and what I wrote was influenced by this movement and the earlier radical protest movements in the 1960’s on of which there is so much data on…but I also was at the protest against the OAS when it was here many years ago and it is well documented
-as far as appearing through walls, Christ appears to the apostles with the doors closed
-the reappearing of the world around him, Wells, ‘Time Machine’, chapter 15, first paragraph ‘I traveled stopping ever and again, in great strides of a thousand years or more…” in De Quincy, similar time periods of experiencing centuries during his drug trip of hours
-there is a woman in the Bible who feigns being a widow to bring Absolom back to David’s court I think someone may have created an online academic record for a similar purpose…and I showed how he gave incorrect data in the paper about when he went to university he would be too young to be there and he would be too young to have the knowledge base I think I have shown to help me write and to give all the proofs I have given and the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy never had the education and was only on campus for a few months to have had the same degree of knowledge and I was not at either situation in the 1970’s and 1980’s to be considered to have been part of it or witnessing it I have given numerous proofs over this besides I do not have a record and unlike the comic, in the last few years these two are associated I never knew the comic and I have not seen the other since the late 1980’s and no one has seen me with them and since he and the other have had connections to the national broadcaster they would be associated through that organization not myself…besides the comics poetry and the others indie films are too different to be considered to be their material when it is mine and consider the Korean story the comic I showed took and gave to a project, the mispronounced word and the not being able to read the writing on radio by the ‘writing’ and the rest by both…and the other fellow, who I think has been associated with a cartoon, something about dentistry, like an indie film he did earlier, which says something like ‘it is like one’s first elimination’, consider that and the other cartoons and what I showed about moving from a park his being in france and mention of the city that k. mentioned and the poster stating they are all to blame and since I saw on something about they were just young at the time just recently but with the suffix et on the end of a name like the comic’s I see where that is coming from but I have shown what I was not involved in and you would be taking the word of someone I have shown has used my last name for a character and stolen my story and data (Korea) and do not know if the other fellow was in the beginning of that suffix et story or if it simply looked like him…
consider the above proofs and compare them with the things discussed you will see I have ample references and do not need any help or using others material for what I come up with…
-I mentioned something about my own country should have made more products in our own borders and not relied on other lands I meant only that

-filament and something else and imagining on top of face and head, if one of the young women who used to wear the head band put that together, then give her the credit for it is simply recognized the elements as they were before separate, I was just defending the use of it,
-I think I already acknowledged being influenced by ‘Dances With Wolves’, but it was more from a description of it than before I saw the movie, as far as a dog appearing in a fan fic the Dances with Wolves comes before my story however, I think we all have run into dogs on the loose, it happens all the time, in one case I was walking somewhere it was foggy and a dog appeared when a patch of fog cleared up, in another I have been in the mountains and seen coyotes go by in a row just yards in front of me and I have a photo where probably the face of a wolf appears in the brush a few thousand feet up a mountain side, so I acknowledge the movie but I have my own experiences too
-I said a cartoon said something like the ‘its like the second elimination’ I DID NOT SAY I SAID THAT…this just goes to show that what I say is being misread or misused or rather edited by the time you read or hear it… that is not what I said…and I was showing that the other people are the ones who have that in their stories
-Judges 12:1-6, Ephraimites defeated and did not know the proper pronunciation of Shibboleth from what they pronounced as Sibboleth, the first h being missing in their pronunciation, you see it does change the sense, meaning and causes trouble for those mispronouncing showing they are not true to the cause
-I never claimed to have a lineage
-I was saying that the companies of another country should be kicked out I only meant that we should have made more of our own product and we did not have control over much of what we produced and I did not mean the people living here from there should be kicked out or that those working here should be kicked out or all companies from there… I simply made a comment and should not be taken so much at face value…I only meant that the leaders of the corporate world from elsewhere had too much influence over us…that is all, it was just an off the cuff comment but had nothing whatsoever to do with being against any other people
-as far as being assimilated into another culture, I also listed ‘Centennial’, James A. Michener, the miniseries based on it that is where the cultures mix together ‘Shogun’, the series and the novel which I read after watching the series where the main character is assimilated into another culture which is also a military culture and where the Europeans he came with are captured and he becomes one of the other culture but the Bible came before that… Abraham, who left Chaldea and went to another place before going to Canaan, and who went to war against kings amongst those was Chedorlaomer and went to war on the side of the King of Sodom, so Abraham was also a military man, and Lot would have been in the midst of the culture of Sodom and Gommorah…Abraham also had said his wife was his sister and so would have been with an Egyptian, in ‘The Ten Commandments’ and the Bible, Moses is assimilated into Egyptian culture, Midian and then Jewish culture and Moses would have no doubt married an Egytian but marries a Midianite woman instead …Ruth and Naomi, where the one goes with her mother-in-law to be assimilated into that culture, also, “Lawrence of Arabia’, the movie and the man in real life becomes part of the other culture to which he is sent so there are many sources for ideas not just one for assimilation into another culture and the military man, the love interest from another culture and cultural assimilation are all contained in these ancient stories and influence the modern ones which I have been influenced by as well…and do not forget I also used these ideas and the character becoming notable in that other society but here are some of the references…what about ‘Ivanhoe’ and the bringing together of the races, Jewish and Gentile…I think we all could go on but I acknowledge as many sources as I think need to be mentioned from the past and the last half of the last century into the present…so we all owe these ancient, middle ages and modern stories their place in the list of sources for the notion of cultural assimilation
-I was defending the use of the head separate from the body on other things I am not talking about the recent ‘war of the worlds’ on tv
-as far as any incident I never hurt anyone except by accident, which we all do playing sports but not one was ever knocked unconscious or start bleeding and I never have harmed anyone in my life this is not true and some are trying to make it look like the opposite case which is not true they are just twisting everything I say around
-and as far as showing where ideas and stories come from I think after six years of proofs I have given enough proof and acknowledgments that I do not see my adversaries having given through the years unless, like the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy he is giving someone else’s proofs of where they got some ideas while passing off someone else’s ideas off as their own…
-now as far as wells above i think someone made people think i was talking about someone else other than wells who lived in the earlier part of last century and the 1800's, and i said Thomas Hardy had some similar notion of the term futurity i never said anything about anyone else
-if there are any ideas the women i designated to use my material feel they should take more credit for then they should do so AS I SAID BEFORE...
-as far as two not meeting for reasons of danger in story that is from several sources but someone put it out there based on not having negative comments et. cetera coming their way and probably from a story mentioned above and probably from a few others

-note: the cartoon referred to they said: the second elimination
-i could also be influenced by something that also had something in it i influenced
-I had given something to the other one because i thought that person might have had more resources to protect it nothing more, so since i have seen the new tape thing i am requesting the industry put pressure on them to take it off!!!and it probably is the other fellow and his people behind it so get him out of the industry permanently if he has a complaint he should direct his antagonism to me not someone else IF HE IS BEHIND IT I THINK MAYBE PEOPLE SHOULD START PUTTING OUT PRIVATE DATA ON HIM SEE HOW HE LIKES IT

-once again I have to correct the wrong data that has been twisted around:
-1960’s, a relative saves someone from drowning and I watch I am just a youngster
-late 1960’s: I accidentally hit someone in the head from field hockey he gets up is not bleeding and comes back to school and goes on to be a well known musician and dies of a brain tumor too far in the future from the 1960’s
-mid-1970’s someone is hurt and by questionable circumstances and the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy is in the paper stating he and others saw it and he asks if he was alright they say he is joking obviously he was not…I WAS NOT THERE and I was a friend of this youngster and I am graduating from high school so I have no reason to cause trouble and was not there…it is this time when K a female reporter starts to work at the same place this item was published it is later edited out in the library archives the paper is not going to have it there again
-1980’s: someone falls backwards and has a heart attack I go to help him, someone else takes over
-late-1980’s an assault the person who does it knows the victim and is caught…there is a car there and I WAS ONLY RIDING MY BICYCLE IN THE AREA BUT I DO NOT SEE IT
-2000’s: at some point the fellow with the same name as the city in Italy is in court for using a gun and has been in trouble with the law before
2000’s at the same time as the mid-1970’s situation has come back up there is an article in the paper showing a man who now one around here ever met in another city has been exonerated for what he did and had in the 1970’s made a retraction …it is mid-1970’s that something happens here …one has to question whether the with the fellow with same name as the city in Italy made a retraction and a cover up by himself and k and others may have continued to this day, the retraction by the man who they say made a retraction is stated about his past but may be there to indicate the fellow with the same name as a city in italy made a retraction, perhaps [READ THIS CAREFULLY] to draw a parallel with the one who made a retraction and was exonerated…the fellow with the same name as a city in italy was not exonerated on anything I am aware of …the late-1980’s situation is the same as that for which a person face appears in the paper in the pay-for-paper box by the store across from this place stating he is forgiven for assault and he is sorry for it his face shows up in a show about a funeral in a photo on the show…the same series, the comic’s name or at least a variation of his name appears on credits either for that episode or for another with the suffix ‘et’ on the end, the comic I prove used my research and idea for a story that involves North Korea, I already talked about the other fellow with the same name as a city in italy plagiarizing me with others
-the anniversary of the mid-1970’s situation and the night before a poster is on a movie stating ‘[they (whoever they are) are all to blame]’ the next day a cartoon [which some wild person has been associated with who is associated with the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy] is on about moving a body that is hurt to and from a park…in the park near me is a house with a room over the garage, which is the same setting as the house with a room over the garage as an indie film the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy and he had also been involved in a series partly taking place in Paris, the city mentioned in an article by k that has in the same edition a film title for video games based on the film the film being the same one in the paper advertised in the mid-1970’s issue either the day of the mid-170‘s situation, or in the days before that day …remember k started the year of that mid-1970’s situation
-in the 1970’s somewhere I saw a youngster who had been hit by a vehicle but I do not know that youngster and I am just saying this so this too is not put into another context into which it has nothing to do with myself or anyone else
-early 1970’s: someone at roller skating is being taken by ambulance I neither see who it is and I do not think anyone knew that person someone tells me it is an Over Dose and it is someone who I know but that is all we had nothing to do with it
-my relative relates a few months ago my uncle was in world war 2 they use guns my relative talks about my uncle I do not use a gun and have never used one the fellow with the same mane as a city in italy has been on trial for use of a gun
-my own background comprises of study of social work psychology philosophy and computer programming I am a grade school high school college and university graduate the other fellow started but left university and dropped out of high school the comic gives wrong data for being in university when he said he was and puts down he went to university on a web site I do not believe him
-I do not have a list of people to pay back any list that is more than one project and has nothing to do with me
-I never said I harmed anyone I said the exact opposite I say it in the sense of ‘oh, sure, like I did something’ I did not and that is not what I meant
-in a cartoon recently that the other fellow has been working for a character says something like ‘it is like the second elimination [of someone]’ it is nothing to do with anyone except him since I recognize his manner of doing things …earlier on the same cartoon there is more than one instance of children being hung up by their collar…later there are a few stories and one story of something around another’s neck, while my ideas might have been in the one I do not have any story where something is wrapped around another’s neck by a character they are fighting and the other fellow or someone attached to him might have edited it to insert that I do not remember if it is in the original if it was then it still is not one of my ideas
-in a fan fiction story I have a person who attempts suicide by hanging but is not hung up by someone, guns are in the story but in real life I have never used a gun
-I said winch to indicate the fellow with the same name as a city in italy has used the word lynch but I have only used a winch in the garden to pull a tree stump out…the other fellow uses the word posse I do not
-they have taken some of these things and twisted around what I said even though I have stated them many times
-one of the cartoons mentioned above mentions a brother and sister dating and this is where this comes from and is not an idea anyone other than peoples associated with the fellow with the same name as a city in italy [the name has nothing to do with italy]
-in the 1980’s in a kitchen I worked at two people have a mock sword fight I AM NOT IN THE MOCK SWORD FIGHT they use kitchen knives and long pointed knife sharpeners they are joking around I have nothing to do with it
-the partner of the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy does a project that involves break and enter and either theft and destruction of property they say they were just children at the time this takes place but is it an allusion to actual break and enter theft and destruction of property
-I have never been involved in crime and do not have a criminal record or I do not have a history of violence

-from ‘Art of the Western World Spanish Painting’, Bosh (1400’s-1500’s), plate 12, translucent barrier, sphere surrounds someone or more and there are more of them in different areas with a crowd surrounding like the runway and the clear barriers they are throughout the area not just in one area of the place, one has to presume if there are heavenly delights and birds there must be sound and notes-I think museums had glass screens or partitions encasing objects and animals and artifacts long before the mid-1800’s, also, Asian screens for perhaps sound but privacy and that is ancient, and in ‘Shogun’, the main character saves or helps his love interest when she is before a screen. So the idea of screens are not new…snow white, to continue on the surrounding of someone with a barrier that is clear is encased in glass and that would also prevent her from being woken up by noise…
-Columbia Educational Books Inc., Chicago, 1937, 1945, on screens, “in [the religious] architecture, a partition of wood, stone, metal to segment different
parts of a building; the naïve or an isle from the choir…partition [in mediaeval] times with a gallery above” gallery, where musicians and singers would be
-all they got form the history show was a depiction but not the concept and how it relates to sound all they did was say the sound of the persons voice speaking but consider the noise and trumpets and the voice of God the voice of many waters and the transparent glass and consider the shouts as the surround Jericho and the walls come down
-the finding of screens in the 1800’s of a speech, are you sure that someone else pointed it out to you, how about the new person on that project…-God is above the celestial vehicle above the massive crystal part that is clear and is so above the noise of the creatures who turn it and above the wheels with eyes in the ‘Watchtower’, of the 1948 editions I have in my possession, this is perhaps why he serenely sits above it all…however, it meets all the criteria for the notion of a clear screen or barrier for noise it is a clear part, it could block noise below or above it, there is noise or the sound or frequency of the creatures and I have used the Bible as a source the whole time it is not like someone else finding it researching it and putting it out there
-Revelation 21:18-21 the walls of the city are ‘pure gold [but] as transparent glass” are like clear screen, in the heavens the angels sing and trumpets are used so this satisfies the use of sound screens frequency and glass
-‘Isight into the Scriptures’ multiple arms on Egyptian depiction temple wall at Amon-Ra, Karnak of Seti One.
-I already used this: ‘Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society’ 1988, “Revelation its Grand Climax At Hand’, p 169, Ezekiel chapter 37:1-14 the bones of Ezekiel and other brought back to like, so this depiction of someone in various stages of death to life so this would involve an aging transformation and the mind of men would obviously come back and would remember the stages of their lives is this not the ultimate flashback experience
-snakes, heads of people are on depictions of snakes like the World War One depiction Eve talked to the snake, which would be sounding like a human, in the movie ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ one cannot tell if the snake has a human head if I recall but I do not think the 1800’s had the human face on the snake first…but then again there are creatures in the Bible that are like animals with human heads and this is the same in ancient mythology…I already mentioned Moses and certainly I have related some part of his story so the brazen serpent used as a way of getting the people to believe in him and God was not quite discussed in that history show only the term Moses and snakes, but Moses in the movie mentioned has a staff turn into a snake and that is a morphing process that I think comes before even most ancient myths and for a moment the snake is formless as it goes from staff to animal so the fluid morphing is ancient not recently developed-I already referred to this the ancient town of Babain, Upper Egypt has a depiction of a sun with a face which comes before Medieval times
-Native people went bareback without reigns
-Glass goes back before the Romans and at some point would have been used as a barrier…stained glass used in churches is ancient and would have been used as barriers and no doubt would have also had appropriate acoustic properties so it would not dull sound
-‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenblum, p. 193 [plate] 216. ‘The Miraculous Mirror’, image projected into the air or on natural objects outside, 18 th century
Ibid. p. 192. “The Magic Lantern’. 18 th Century, Van Loo, people outside of frame with camera outside frame
ibid. p. 192. screened in photography camera and person encased in it by Athanasius
ibid. p. 44 Multiple screens or like screens in row on behind another caption “Daguerreotype case’… Daguerre, brought out his process in about 1838, so the cases and multiple screens go back before the mid-1800’s
ibid. p. 260 just a reference in case someone needs it: photographers appear to be in a circle shooting at two people in the middle. [plate] 306 by Unknown, September 23, 1887
-National Geographic, November 1994, p. 22 an ancient Greek nutcracker with hands together and National Geographic, August 1997, p. 83, giant hand with finger held up, just in case the other fellow is trying to say he came with that
-‘The New World Family Encyclopedia’, this is an old book p. 403, two cars nearly shaped like rockets, “Thunderbolt’, Chrysler, Buick’s ‘XP-300 Dream’, 1951, at 150 miles per hour, fast like a rocket for its time as a commercial car
ibid. p. 535 credit for work changed sounds like an entire group of families I know of
-from ‘Art of the Western World Spanish Painting’, plate 10, Bosh: a stage, platform or even a runway with a crowd surrounding it
-from ‘Art of the Western World Spanish Painting’, plate 5, Pedro Buruguette canopy above
-from 'An Abaris Companion Opera', Eaton, 1980, p. ] 1840, picture of the stars on a stage at back on a dome like structure, by Kark F. Shinkel and ibid p. the idea is very old...most stages have been screen off from the audience before the performance starts anyway
ibid, p. 126, runway platforms before 1960's see also p. 116
-Leonardo's Machines', the stage i referred to this before the stages open up and music could be playing while screened-off from the audience before it opens up, book, Zanon, et al...see previous reference to this and p. 432, while a prop it is still a screen on the stage depiction of an opera in 1893...i think since opera is older than the 1800's there probably is some thing on screens from before that time...besides that the religious confession separated anyone going by from the conversing persons inside who are also separated by a screen besides i did not say it was impossible screens could have been used before i put all this down and i am the one who mentioned before the people who are trying to speak against me did...referencing the stars on stage settings and the title of the above mentioned opera being well known as well authors often use titles from things i have to to give emphasis to a story, reference to something, admiration for the work, an allusion to something, which is alright because they too are acknowledging the influence and as a reference and they usually know the history of the thing they are mentioning the topic and related things to it...the reason why i stated the other fellow complained about is because he has more than a tendency to be unoriginal and not acknowledging sources i always acknowledge sources and influences which is what i mean by the term acknowledging ...I am using this as a reference because I have seen it before but my main reference is actually from the Chaucer which I have used over and over with stars in the background and a crowd around below which dates from before the 1800’s…and acknowledging the Bible especially since it comes before almost every reference and one can trace nearly all ideas back to it so God himslf is the great creator of art in the universe

-creatures being regrown from dna is different from creatures still someplace where they were anciently…
-a 1970’s movie shown recently all it is basically a remake of Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’ where prehistoric creatures dwell on a “remote Amazon plateau”, from the back of an edition, which may as well be like an island
-in the photography book mentioned above, a picture of something like King Kong and is a forerunner of great creatures in movies and a reference for the King Kong remake…p. 588 [plate] p. 759 Mortensen, 'L'Amour', 1936
`-Darwin Galapagos, hila monsters, I forget the spelling, are remnant creatures of an ancient time…’The Beagle’, his boat is by the island, pontoon boats are not new to islands and in “Bush Pilot With a Briefcase’ he travels to inhospitable regions, the concept of ancient creatures, ships at islands and pontoon boats is already out there before and after the time of the 1970’s movie mentioned above…lost tribes are not new did not people like Margaret Mead and other anthropologists find in the last century and the century before tribes thought not to exist any longer of tribes where people were not thought to be…besides there are the ‘Lost Tribes of Isreal’, and the project on the island recently, those people were not lost tribes anyway and the King Kong obviously was a remake…as far as fighting large monsters, creatures whether ancient ones or other types is not new, “Beowulf”, and ‘The Lost World’, and in ancient times and medieval men fought as in Arthur’s time dragons
-H. G. Wells, ‘Time Machine’, p. 275 in the edition I used “I might seem some old world savage animal…to be slain at once.” Seems to describe old reptiles like we see in movies; “I saw a group of figures clad in …. White robes …clad in purple tunic, girdled at the waist with leather belt…[p. 274]…what if men…what in the interval if this race had lost its manliness…[or becoming like] old world savage animal….” Does this not dewcribe the lost race or people whent time stood still and men forgot …thought it says the word futurity, it seems to me, invert this and you have the lost tribe concept
-Chaucer, [Bragg edition, p. 124 “he brought about the serpent’s fall p. 123 “the dragon-guard”
-concern for loss of proof at sea of the thing caught or of the place one has been to: the great fish being eaten away and coming away from its being attached to the boat in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ and the Bread tree or bush being thrown over board in the real story and fictional versions of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ comes before losing modern equipment but it the same idea besides who has not lost an item of proof on a trip
-mastodon remains and dinosaur remains and old myths of cavemen fighting them came down to us sot that men and ancient beasts fought, so the idea is an olden tale long before the 1970’s besides the flood epic drowns great beasts and no doubt stories are handed down from that time as well
-‘…Gordon Pym’ Poe’s story has him fleeing a volcano in a boat and people have fled volcano’s since Vesuvius
-photography book mentioned above, p. 546 [plate] 706, Meyer, “The Unmasking in the Square”, 1981, looks too much like something in the office of some project
-p. 562, [plate] 728, water looks like a morphing substance
-i did want both women mentioned above to get something but i also was holding it in trust

-THE GLORRIS KEYLOT people who are WILD [since they are the one’s benefiting from this] I am blaming them for theft of my flashdrive disk and library card and the national geographic [nat geog] with the orator with the screens they took that but as I said that was not the source it was from other things but it is still a source remotely for I would have seen it through the years that information was in the nat geog before the history police show aired…and since I cannot change into something else to travel to another place to retrieve my things I am stuck here so I cannot transition and give myself an alternative name and call myself by the female French equivalent of my name and get from the fellow who would recognize me who used the French equivalent of my first name…now someone had a flashdrive on the other computer so beware is someone got my data out before me
-I already stated that telephone wires with voices of callers can be heard overhead with the miles-connected telephone towers to different areas that run through the nature preserve I go to that I tried to help advertise a protest against big box development for which I and the youngest one were falsely accused of orchestrating a ponzi scheme if anyone stole money it probably was someone connected to someone with a police record who probably was behind a stolen will…the technology for the use of, to drive someone crazy was already in the technology or the potential for it to be so used when it was first created and I at first thought I has hallucinating hearing voices until I looked overhead and saw the wires…
-on the theme of driving someone crazy in their home to drive them out or destroy a relationship or over the death of a previous member or covering up a death, the house keeper tries to drive the wife out or away from her new husband in Daphne Du Maurier’s novel, “Rebecca”, getting her to view the clothes of the late wife and wearing the dress of her in the portrait of her the new wife being told it was an ancestor, all to turn everyone against her…I saw a version which made it look like she was trying to drive her crazy…In King Lear, the sisters try to turn Lear against the other sisters and drive him crazy…guilt trips, turning on/off lights etc., which can be considered to be the technology of the day is like stories today or in the 20 th century it is not a new idea and there are stories that are about driving people off of land etc, by scaring them off or trying to get their land or homes it was not a new idea to the 19060’s…Betty Davis is driven crazy in one movie so the two other occupants can get the home, they call her in her sleep, play the piano when she goes to look no one is there…MacBeth, no doubt say Banquo sit by times before and sees him rise when his guilty conscience is bothering him when he is dead and sees him rise from the chair…in Hamlet the ghost is there then is not…and wants revenge for crime……the Sherlock Holmes story about the explorer who wants revenge for the powdered potion that is put on a burning lamp to kill with the fumes or drive crazy the occupants so the relative can get the house of whatever it is he wants I don’t have the book with me, one is killed the others are foaming at the mouth and with fixed grimacing expressions as they go by being taken away and have been driven mad…there was an ‘x-files’ episode where people see on radio’s an tv’s to kill others a directive but then again Milgram nearly drives someone mad by the unseen voice directing someone to turn the shock dial up to shock an already screaming person beyond he cannot see so the use of technology to give an unwanted command, and to drive crazy was already there…Poe in the ‘Tell Tale Heart’ the character states he had no reason to kill someone so when does it is his eye driving him mad to do it and not to take something from him: by reversing what he says he is not killing him for he has given the driven mad to do it as NOT being a reason but then again the notion is there that he has stated in it not being the reason for it, it is contained in what he is saying he is not reasoning out and since he is the one being driven in a sense mad to do it the idea of madness ‘you should have seen me…’ then his conscience drives him to blurt out he did it the notion of the conscience being, being driven mad and attempting to cover it up is contained within the story but not in the order it usually is put [like someone stating in a cartoon ‘it is like the second [elimination]’, NOTE: the term second]
John the Baptist is dead and Herod is nearly mad by the concern he has been raised up, and thinks Christ may be the Baptist he is in fact paranoid so the mistaking of one for another and seeing someone in his mind as the other another of this type of thing
-Hamlet, getting the other to see what he has done and poison and murder and surveillance and the girl being driven mad are all in different order in the play but is like all these topics listed here…Hamlet sees behind a curtain or screen
-as far as getting someone to give up what is their land, home money etc., Heathcliff does this in “Wuthering Heights”…Ahab schemes to get another’s land and pays a price for it the dogs like the body…Annanias and his wife withhold the money for donation, and pay a price [which is
like withholding information that I gave proofs of most of these things already or the proofs stolen, were really mine or that I did not say something or did or changed the sense of it and so turning others against me…or that it is my idea writing etc…like mispronouncing a word, stating the cannot read the writing when it obviously is not theirs, or that I merely hit someone playing sports who got up and left or someone else hit someone in a car and I only saw the aftermath of it or I was not in the paper when someone was hurt and not there or that I never have used a gun and someone else was in court and I was not there or that I never saw an assault and someone else was caught etc..]…Haman schemes in the Bible to kill the Jewish people and Mordecai, and when he is asked how to thank someone who did something for the king he thinks the honour will go to him when it is for Morecai, Haman has a legal document to do the deed and later a new document is writ to do to Haman what he thought to do to Mordecai and the Jewish people [this story would satisfy something else…a cultural immersion story of one into another culture which comes before all other stories of it and God is in a sense the author of the Mordecai story]…the serpent makes it looks like God has withheld data on the forbidden fruit that they would be like God
-‘The Trial’, Kafka, 1914, the portraits of the Judges look at you and see you from every angle and as if passing judgment the whole time, I gave other references for this
-taping something so that what has passed is still going on has been going on in sports replays…when a politician was shot in the 1960’s they played it over and over one would have thought the same scene was ongoing the whole time…or like the Toronto riots…Fort Detroit was captured by having few men keep going in circles around the area over and over so that it looked like more men and drove the leader to give up it is something like a forerunner of the same thing before technology developed at all…but I think Zeno’s impossibility of motion tied to the impossibility of movement in time as I earlier explained should suffice as an ancient explanation of the replay phenomenon, for if I step into one foot before it is a yard that I have to step through and then increasingly smaller increments so I am never really going beyond into the future yet I am going into the future in the present and the past is still there and still coming driven into present and future it never ends and so is the same increment(s) of time and movement, in effect a never ending replay
-two or more heads, I pointed out a show copied exactly a photo I listed as a source for two heads, but the way it is done in somethings and in a fan fic is different and the fan fic is a vision not an actual two headed person but a documentary showed a man with two heads and he had that operated the two heads the one was covered by hair and so is a different idea from the two heads of symbols of eagles, the god Janus looking in two directions, the trinity and several heads of serpents (the Moses use of two serpents motif) but since the two heads of the dragons and other beasts is related as God knowing the end from the beginning it is actually from before Moses time God has in mind what symbols will come to be when Christ is the new Adam, and Satan is Christ’s counterpart, and so there are two leaders of man and supernatural beings besides since the Egyptians worshipped two horned bulls and since there were triads of gods in that time the use of two things was before the use to two serpents besides the staff Moses used was turned into a serpent which swallowed up the other two serpent of the priests and so two heads are in one thing and that satisfies one being inside another, besides birth, and kangaroo pouches, so genetically two heads is in the gene pool as an anomaly
-charlotte bronte’s novel has a woman who is mad locked in a room, Dickens has had characters trying to drive people out of their savings etc….
-as far as crabs or whatever covering the wider area, I saw clams, shells and other creatures about 6 inches deep this past year and the old notion is the world’s oil deposits are from layers of dead creature covering the ocean and the land
-the mask and telling the person wearing it someone thinking it was another is an old story, consider ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and Hero being mistaken for being with another man when it is another woman…and ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ et. al. … Nietzsche indicated we all wear masks and are different in different roles so the idea is not knew to the 1960’s
-the two mentioned above the cybr and the headband, i meant from earlier in time ...i did not give up anything my ideas writing etc...and everything else to do with it and justs in case someone got the wrong name i did not say anything about anyone with a u in their name
email: my old email has been taken over by someone i do not think this one works either

-whatever i said about the nature preserve: i wanted to help protest any possibility of development so i said where a fundraiser would be at what time according to the paper that is all i did i had nothing to do even with the protest and i never had anything to do with it an that includes the one person who along with me was accused of obtaining money from it, i had nothing to with that if that happened i had no involvement with anything to do with that and i certainly have never taken part in any scam and i had nothing to do with a news article on it and i had no data that i put in any paper i have never put data in a newspaper... i contacted no one and the other person the youngest one we still have never talked so this is all nonsense, if someone else had anything to do with it that is probably the same person who tried to steal a will from someone...but i never did anything other than state that someone was protesting this and what data had been put in the paper
WIN-WIN is not the other fellows term it is from game playing and strategy and in wiki is now considered an old term..[i don't believe this was an old term but it was used as a published term by two authors on such theory and game playing negotiation etc... but it should not be a term by the man with the same name as a city in italy that he and friends to make money for them off of use of the term...neither should rows of tires on a wall: Rosenbaum, Photography book mentioned above, page 130, photo 468. :Second Hand Tires', 1940...
-as far as who is making recordings of people talking in privat is that not against the law...and how do you know these things are not phony and have not been edited etc...

I maintain I could not find the disk card and drive and suddenly the station where someone connected to the other fellow is is putting out shows where something is lost and suddenly they are back on top again…so they suddenly had information I had and have the proofs I would have used and the fellow who appeared in the funeral photo and paper is back in something he obviously is associated with them all claims still claimed
So the theft had to occur when no one was home because I had had everything when I had come back from the library in the days before and the shows where someone forgets was on the night when i cannot get back to the library the next day so they stole it

-frames, I gave numerous examples from books, encyclopedias with captions and pictures and sequential action scenes that precede the early film of the 20 th century…
-it is not whether someone found something first it is what they were influenced by and their ideas that count it may be the first of its kind that influences someone but that is –if the first of its kind is important- only if the person who came up with something used it
-large face over buildings: ‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, p. 475, 604….then again the colossus at Rhodes the statue in the Parthenon…and in the Bible a gigantic figure in a vision straddles both land and sea with giant face there are other books these photos are in and they are older as well….
-ibid p. 40. photo 29. screen by Lavater, “silhouette Machine, 1780
-ibid. p. 250. Muybridge ‘ Studies of Forshortenings…’ 1879.
-ibid, p. 251. Muybridge ‘Eachkin’s Hand’
-ibid, photo 363, Day, ‘Crucifix with Roman Soldiers, Untitled, 1898 1887
-ibid., there is a photo of someone whose skin is being stretched by instruments long before the 1970’s…see picture of statue of Tanit, Carthage ‘Insight on the Scriptures’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
-ibid, several photos of more than one head and one of a woman’s head like it was attached to a man’s but this is only to show the two headed concept is from before film…as far as that: snails though eyes are at the end of their neck-like appendages that come out to explore the ground they have a tube-like neck before the 1970’s…the double eagles of European flags and royalty
-hands: Daniel the writing on the wall…long before film thousand of years ago…the ‘cat’s paw’, being used of one of another’s hand, a figure of speech indicating doing something for another, I think that came before any film… but I had so many that came before any film…even prosthetic devices before the 20 th century…rock star with hands on clothes…but I would doubt the use of a prosthetic hand would not ever have been used to scratch oneself or touch the head besides puppets have parts not connected
-masks, the book on ancient cities by the nat. geog., has a mask on an ancient Roman in a mosaic
-hand around neck, I already showed a depiction from ancient times and ‘Insight on the Scriptures’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, “…to have ‘one’s hand on the back of the neck’ was to [be victorious over them]…”…the comics on a show stated they would like to get their hands around or on someone’s neck so the figure of speech should not be taken literally
-falling in dreams, in sky, Jacob’s ladder the angels go up and down…Freud et al talked about this
-tv monitors, I think I discussed earlier Farnsworth et al there is a monitor of what is going on in another room before tv broadcasts….
-no sound in movie, I think when the music stops playing during a silent film by the live or recorded [but not on the film itself] came before anything after talkies started, besides the first talkie had no sound then sound
-two dressed like one Tweedle Dee and Dum, twins still are different people, Nicholas Nickleby (I forget the spelling) the two brothers Ahab dresses differently to look like anyone else
-Mirror look alike Alice goes in and out of mirror in two dimensions….Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’, Eve is startled by her reflection in water and moves and thinks it is like another at first, birds do this in mirrors, Narcissus
-‘Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass’: oysters, p. 144-5, before Doyle
-frames, I gave numerous examples from books, encyclopedias with captions and pictures and sequential action scenes that precede the early film of the 20 th century…
-it is not whether someone found something first it is what they were influenced by and their ideas that count it may be the first of its kind that influences someone but that is –if the first of its kind is important- only if the person who came up with something used it
-large face over buildings: ‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, p. 475, 604….then again the colossus at Rhodes the statue in the Parthenon…and in the Bible a gigantic figure in a vision straddles both land and sea with giant face there are other books these photos are in and they are older as well….
-ibid p. 40. photo 29. screen by Lavater, “silhouette Machine, 1780
ibid. p. 250. Muybridge ‘ Studies of Forshortenings…’ 1879.
ibid, p. 251. Muybridge ‘Eachkin’s Hand’
-ibid, photo 363, Day, ‘Crucifix with Roman Soldiers, Untitled, 1898 1887
-ibid., there is a photo of someone whose skin is being stretched by instruments long before the 1970’s…see picture of statue of Tanit, Carthage ‘Insight on the Scriptures’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
-ibid, several photos of more than one head and one of a woman’s head like it was attached to a man’s but this is only to show the two headed concept is from before film…as far as that: snails though eyes are at the end of their neck-like appendages that come out to explore the ground they have a tube-like neck before the 1970’s…the double eagles of European flags and royalty
-hands: Daniel the writing on the wall…long before film thousand of years ago…the ‘cat’s paw’, being used of one of another’s hand, a figure of speech indicating doing something for another, I think that came before any film… but I had so many that came before any film…even prosthetic devices before the 20 th century…rock star with hands on clothes…but I would doubt the use of a prosthetic hand would not ever have been used to scratch oneself or touch the head besides puppets have parts not connected
-masks, the book on ancient cities by the nat. geog., has a mask on an ancient Roman in a mosaic
hand around neck, I already showed a depiction from ancient times and ‘Insight on the Scriptures’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, “…to have ‘one’s hand on the back of the neck’ was to [be victorious over them]…”…the comics on a show stated they would like to get their hands around or on someone’s neck so the figure of speech should not be taken literally
-falling in dreams, in sky, Jacob’s ladder the angels go up and down…Freud et al talked about this
-tv monitors, I think I discussed earlier Farnsworth et al there is a monitor of what is going on in another room before tv broadcasts….
-no sound in movie, I think when the music stops playing during a silent film by the live or recorded [but not on the film itself] came before anything after talkies started, besides the first talkie had no sound then sound
two dressed like one Tweedle Dee and Dum, twins still are different people, Nicholas Nickleby (I forget the spelling) the two brothers Ahab dresses differently to look like anyone else
-Mirror look alike Alice goes in and out of mirror in two dimensions….Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’, Eve is startled by her reflection in water and moves and thinks it is like another at first, birds do this in mirrors, Narcissus
-‘Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass’: oysters, p. 144-5, before Doyle
ibid p. 180 dressed only slightly differently ...Jacob dressed something like Esau partially to obtain the blessing from his father when he could no longer see too well
-Osiris is dismembered in the myth and found and put back together by Isis, but his head is off and he comes back to life again, and this to denote seasonal changed and death and regrowth cycles
-the Cheshire Cat’s head disappears/reappears but is alive
-John the Baptists head is off and carried, just like Judith and David cut off heads of Holefernes and Goliath but the scarecrow in Oz loses parts of his body which he while he is alive keeps trying to put back together…combining these elements together, the trying to carry one’s parts and put them back on, the disembodied head of Morpheus still singing, the cut off heads and the Baptist’s head carried are all able to be combined into one scene of the head coming off and the idea is that it is able to be put back on and something being put back on by the being it came off of I think should suffice to show the concept of putting something back on by the person himself and carried came before the start of film and continued in the mid-century, not all my proofs are necessarily from film and tv…lastly, no artist ever carried a bust of him or herself around and attached/reattached it or someone else’s head to shoulders or the stand/pedestal for the bust
-Alice falls down hole, like falling dream
-‘Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass’, Bantam 1981 edition, 1865, 1871, Milo Winter pictures, 1916, p. 212: stars above crowd but I think the opera with stars from the one is too to be criticized as relevant and too late in time…morphing one creature into another p. 214-5, the Red Queen shaken turns into Alice’s cat
-ibid., stretched neck, p. 13 …small animal is the size of Alice and I think there are insects in the book too, like the caterpillar with hooka but how about the Kaiser cartoon of him as a spider in world war one…should satisfy a sci fi notion…
-pixels are not new to film the pixilated photo came from the dots in newspapers and paper with pictures the images made up of dots…early photography had used starch crystals in the emulsion that when activated drew the light onto the different coloured starch crystals to create different colours and the particles of any substance used in film no doubt contributed to the creation/capturing of images, so the very notion of pixels is before early film
-2 motorcycles in scene going on either side of bystander, a coworker at a resort hotel told me a real incident of mountain lions on either side as he started his motorcycle and went between them, while a movie may have had a similar idea first this was simply a real incident besides if it was used my coworker T. F. would get the credit but I doubt that in the annals of history the film was the first incident what about horses…
-crystal ball, in the 1800’s people used to look into to hallucinate and to foretell the future
-the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy and the comic try to say through something I claim extraordinary abilities, if that was the case why do I acknowledge God and man books, novels, various subjects, texts, web sites, etc… for my sources ought I not to claim credit for things not mine like ‘win-win’, in winter white [note the lack of quote marks, etc…but go to the fan fics on this and the other fan fic site to see what I have on here they may not be great works of art and are intended to put ideas out there for those on my side but I use this as proof of whether I am telling tales of having any ability to write what so ever….
-ibid p. 180 dressed only slightly differently ...Jacob dressed something like Esau partially to obtain the blessing from his father when he could no longer see too well
-Osiris is dismembered in the myth and found and put back together by Isis, but his head is off and he comes back to life again, and this to denote seasonal changed and death and regrowth cycles
-the Cheshire Cat’s head disappears/reappears but is alive
-John the Baptists head is off and carried, just like Judith and David cut off heads of Holefernes and Goliath but the scarecrow in Oz loses parts of his body which he while he is alive keeps trying to put back together…combining these elements together, the trying to carry one’s parts and put them back on, the disembodied head of Morpheus still singing, the cut off heads and the Baptist’s head carried are all able to be combined into one scene of the head coming off and the idea is that it is able to be put back on and something being put back on by the being it came off of I think should suffice to show the concept of putting something back on by the person himself and carried came before the start of film and continued in the mid-century, not all my proofs are necessarily from film and tv…lastly, no artist ever carried a bust of him or herself around and attached/reattached it or someone else’s head to shoulders or the stand/pedestal for the bust
-Alice falls down hole, like falling dream
-‘Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass’, Bantam 1981 edition, 1865, 1871, Milo Winter pictures, 1916, p. 212: stars above crowd but I think the opera with stars from the one is too to be criticized as relevant and too late in time…morphing one creature into another p. 214-5, the Red Queen shaken turns into Alice’s cat
-ibid., stretched neck, p. 13 …small animal is the size of Alice and I think there are insects in the book too, like the caterpillar with hooka but how about the Kaiser cartoon of him as a spider in world war one…should satisfy a sci fi notion…
-pixels are not new to film the pixilated photo came from the dots in newspapers and paper with pictures the images made up of dots…early photography had used starch crystals in the emulsion that when activated drew the light onto the different coloured starch crystals to create different colours and the particles of any substance used in film no doubt contributed to the creation/capturing of images, so the very notion of pixels is before early film
-2 motorcycles in scene going on either side of bystander, a coworker at a resort hotel told me a real incident of mountain lions on either side as he started his motorcycle and went between them, while a movie may have had a similar idea first this was simply a real incident besides if it was used my coworker T. F. would get the credit but I doubt that in the annals of history the film was the first incident what about horses…
-crystal ball, in the 1800’s people used to look into to hallucinate and to foretell the future
-the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy and the comic try to say through something I claim extraordinary abilities, if that was the case why do I acknowledge God and man books, novels, various subjects, texts, web sites, etc… for my sources ought I not to claim credit for things not mine like ‘win-win’, in winter white [note the lack of quote marks, etc…but go to the fan fics on this and the other fan fic site to see what I have on here they may not be great works of art and are intended to put ideas out there for those on my side but I use this as proof of whether I am telling tales of having any ability to write what so ever….

-the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy claims to have written certain material he and his ‘writing’ partner [and I mean she didn’t write it: on radio they both indicated they could not read the writing and she mispronounced the word tear as in a rip in fabric when it was meant as in tear drop otherwise it did not make sense…but she read in winter white, meaning she claimed it was hers whereas when I say it was mine the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy makes it look like he wrote it and thereby claims I have an interest in the person he claims it was for or about his actual partner when it was not his nor his writing partner, whose name is Laurie White or Black, something like that which is the same first name as his actual partner who later changed her name to Maur……his actual partner changes her name to [this is the prefix] Maur when all I meant when I mention someone by the name Maur was someone who used to live in the area and that was in connection with seeing her after something happened in the area nothing more…now the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy only dated another person M.E. who I was interested in it was about her in our youth by a clever deception the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy made it look like it was about his present partner and that I was claiming it being interested in his present partner when I have stated repeatedly I have never met her and am not interested in her and would not be interested in someone else’s partner anyway by this means he is claiming credit for something that was mine, and that his ‘writing’ partner who read it claimed it was hers…so If she claimed it was hers and it is about a woman is she interested in another woman, is she interested in his actual partner or is she looking in the mirror which would be somewhat narcissistic and is she in love with herself. That does not make sense and since the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy talked about looking over his shoulder on the subject of plagiarism is he really is indicating since they both could not read the handwriting that it was not theirs…now if he was claiming I was mouthing his words like Cyrano de Bergerac then why is it there are two of them claiming the same poem, is she mouthing his words too…afterall it said something like [and remember my name is Michael] ‘Michael’s Mythologies’ …so the names Maur and Laurie have been used to pull off this deception
-as to other things the stretched neck for the two heads as I indicated came in the form of statues etc mentioned above
-hand apart from body in world war one there was a hand in a trench that was shook by all the soldiers who passed by and this was in the same era as the early film with something about a hand, but this is my source for the use of it amongst other sources, which go back to the 1800's, my sources: people think the only sources are film and tv whereas i have listed sources going back to the earliest history
-one more time: I graduated form grade school and high school a b.a. and a certificate in computer programming and a background in 5 areas the fellow with the same name as a city in italy had spent a few months in university but is a high school drop out and the comic gave wrong dates for his being in university
-the business about plagiarism and one person admitting or being found out on it the other fellow has been using this story for years and yet he and his writing partner on radio indicated they could not read the hand writing, he said he could not read ‘his’ writing the woman stated something like ‘oh, that’s what it is about’ so they both indicated they could read his hers or someone else’s writing?

-from ‘This Fabulous Century 1870-1900’
p. 271 Face in sun
p. p. 145 picture symbols in math equations
p. 144 hand close up
p. 52 faces framed and captions 1895
p. 45 single eye
-from ‘This Fabulous Century 1900-1910’
p. 249. caption on page: and I do not know if it means people will be talking behind the screen I do not think it means that it is sound attached to the film since that came with Jolson later: “Next Week…this theater will have talking pictures…actors and actresses will be behind the screen.” While this is after the one of concern on the history police show I have been using this book series and this book as well for quiet a while before the show aired the episode and I did complain about theft of the data before anyway besides this has to do with modern stages pictures and since music would be like a concert event and speakers or singers and not some lone orator..and if you did not notice the silhouette screen i had on here was from the 1700's that a person is behind and like the crystal and the sound of the creatures and God sitting scerenely unaffected goes back thousands of years so i think that covers the screens for a person to behind and for sound and other uses in connection with art
-p. 229. I already cited this: hand around neck and lifting the person up
-p. 211 the notion of arranged marriage and mother binder daughter to it is an old one centuries thousands of years old
p. 259
p. 278. stars go back in entertainment and special events
p. 113. ‘mirror to fool an audience for a play”

-circle and firing squad, I am sure going to know about American inter-party political history in the 1800’s when I am above the border…however, Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’: whales circle around young to protect them both from predators circling around and from men in boats circling around…the reverse of this……a firing squad is different from a battle where men surround one…the reason why, according to the ‘Insight on the Scriptures’ mention here many times, the ancient Israelites encamped in a rectangle was for better protection against an enemy for a circle would not give as good protection…the early European settlers to the protect themselves in a group gathered in a circle while people tried to kill them…
-as far as the two mountain lions that was a real story related to me whether anyone used or not I do not know but my putting it here is not a fictional story I am just replying to something form early last century…as far as a story about two leopards in a story the above anecdote is simply a different story…I have been up in the mountains and it is not an extravagant tale the one would encounter such animals especially when in a vehicle…there are many animals encountered in the wild mountain areas like bear, deer, etc…even in this area I have seen (rarely) coyote and more often deer in natural areas even within city limits
-as far as any stories that I might relate that are from my life I think if you travel even in one’s own country one might have some interesting stories to tell as far as my writing and my education I have listed what I have and the stories of fan fiction are online and I ask if it seems extraordinary I or anyone else could write them I have listed various proofs of where I get my ideas and explained in some cases how I came up with them is that so extraordinary especially when I have done this on a constant basis and without ‘writing’ partners…and several families to help me along with friends the proof is there for anyone to see

-first, the youngster who wrote of relative and superhero on Sunday radio, this is after the new project of adopting superhero’s person of child’s favorite hero and the one who brought it to them would know who is the origin of it…Christ had superpowers: walking on water, riddance of demons, who were inhabiting people and comes before ‘On Being [another, inhabiting that one, and even before H. G Wells, ‘Dr Evalsham’ who exchanges and inhabits the body of a younger one and vise versa…Christ stops a storm indicating power against the elements and comes before Tesla in that regard and any movie or story about controlling the elements…the Nephilim were anti-heroes men of skill and renown, Samson had supernatural strength, and one Bible character outran a chariot with horse and therefore had supernatural…since both Christ and Sampson prevented opposers, both could be said to be heroes especially since Christ intervened in the stoning of a woman…and the apostles had supernatural powers to save people they were thought to be gods and therefore heroes…since Christ healed a withered hand the hand would no doubt look old and it was restored restoring the youthful look and therefore restoring youthfulness precedes any story of such restoration…and since the dead Lazarus was restored to life and others who were dead were raised up they would return to their youthfulness or in the afterlife they will be restored to youth so that comes before the modern era…
-‘Batman’s sidekick is younger and dresses like him but is not I think his son is certainly a forerunner of the idea, do not children dress up like both heroes and anti-heroes on Halloween and do not adults do the same, combining these together you get the idea of the new project besides I think it is odd the other fellow and his people are attacking something with someone connected to the new project with the same name as someone the other fellow worked with; talk about biting the hand that fed you [if the person with the same name is close to that one]…people dress up children and parents like elves and Santa who if the parent is Santa is the parent-hero/character hero to the child who imitates him as the parent imitates or assumes the personae of the character/hero/generous donor of gifts etc.. people do this with Biblical characters or other religions etc…around the world
-substitution of one for another in Hardy’s ‘Tess…’, substitute nobility is by buying the name of a noble family and therefore are substitute royals, precedes the notion of ‘On Being…’…Jacob passed himself off as Esau…Satan and his demons keep transforming themselves into angels of light and are seeming to be substitute angelic heroes
-as far as a threat to earth from great catastrophe, since God has power to create the flood but more the annihilation of Soddom and Gommorah, by: salt is found in the area, and may be evidence of something like a nuclear explosion, what is the difference between an object hitting earth and maybe it did but it was not a man made catastrophe and would be raining down from on high like objects falling to earth…besides the idea I had as I said was from a news article on the subject and the other fellow has sometimes put my ideas out there before it could do anything about it…the Apostle Paul blinds a scorcerer who want the disciples special powers and would have been a substitute ‘superfine apostle’ or superhero as some considered them gods for their healing powers and the power to expel demons
-before NASA, Da Vince had [‘Leonardo’s Machine’s Da Vince’s Inventions Revealed’ David & Charles, ltd., 2006] p. 66 see how the personal flying machine has something that almost looks like tanks on the back…p. 58, wings of flying machine look like fish since there is a wheel on the dredger and a flying machine on p. 49, it would seem that that plus my statement earlier of the symbol of a rock band that has an Asian-looking flying ship which is the source for a project to make something look like a flying Chinese junk and make it fly on the old albums it is just on the cover and does not seem to be flying…’The Flying Dutchman’ boat from story I think older than Wagner in the 1800’s
-as far as the above cartoon hero notion that one could substitute names substitute persons, or use literary or other names for characters [considering the project from the late 1980’s based on a story from the 1780’s on the fantastic stories, and incorporation of other stories, and ideas etc… I am not putting this one down just refuting claims against myself and others on subjects concerning it, it was very good:
’Folktales in Homer’s Odyssey’, 1973, Havard fellows Denys Page, it ‘contains the oldest collection of [such tales] in European history’…Dante’s ‘Inferno’ (1265-1321), Chaucer d. 1400 ‘Canterbury Tales’ and Shakespeare, Milton all have historical and mythical and religious characters in their stories…Waugh in ‘Brideshead Revisited’, one of the three on the ship says they are like ‘Lear, Kent and the Fool…and refer to the term not with a capital ‘titanic’ and uses the term without quote marks of the title of a Lillian Gish movie ‘Orphans of the Storm’, p. 249. Penguin 20 th Century Classics, 1962…Dante’s ’Inferno’, The Oxford University Press N. Y., edition trans. John D. Sinclair, 1939, 1961, the front cover picture of Dante and his hero Virgil are dressed alike look slightly different, below them is a body holding a quite still expressive head [I already cited this before, Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’, (1600’s) it not only contains Biblical characters, Adam, Eve, Satan, and Yahweh but also mythical characters…so is the man with the same name as a city in Italy, the wild people with 2 letters, Glorris, going to take them to task too? So much for such witty use of other’s terms like ‘win-win’…besides did he really come up with the eye, cartoon and wiggling an appendage if that is his claim is he still whistling a happy village toon? What about large letters red and black on white background?...Shakespeare’s in Hamlet the play’s characters are a substitute for the King at the court
-on the 1700’s, late 1980’s project they surround the main character: circle firing squad the thing I had in mind was not a firing squad, however,
[if the places below are not the ones where the text is it is still in the Bible]
First Sammuel vix: 47 ‘Fought against enemies on every side
First Sammuel vix: 26 “Saul and his men compassed David and his men round about to take them
First Chronicles 10:3 “the battle went sore against Saul and the archers hit him’
Judges: ‘the Gazites, Samson [has come] and they compassed him in’ ‘we shall kill him’
xx: 29 “and Isreal set liers in wait [those lying in wait for them] round about Gibeah
Judges 43 ‘thus they enclosed the Benjamites round abut and chased them and trode them down
’Joab [pursues Absolom] who is caught in a tree and kills him.
Shelly ‘Revolt of Islam’, ‘a bundle of rude pikes’ ‘dismounting closte they drew their glittering files Canto 3 “the scene was changed and away…through the air and sea we sped…and the winds bore me…’the crew…not many were around her…I drew my knife…grabbed by the throat’ Canto Four ‘a band of brothers’ gathering round me made a front …with stern looks…” …[don’t forget angels fly, people hold balls in the water]
-‘Moses on the Mount’, R. Kupfer engr[aver, Thos. Nat. Artist, shows Moses on a mountain with a multitude of sunlight rays coming out from clouds
-facades:- mirage, something that looks like the limit of an area and is most likey water in dry land but is a natural phenomenon…in ‘The Voyage to the Moon’, 1902 earlier last century there are facades, things that are man made and not on the moon…in Brideshead Revisited’ the dying Marchmain relates the figures and scenes on the wall as if they were really there before him
-as far as acting as if acting out a story in real life as if the people there were the characters in a story, [I already cited this] National Geographic, May 1966, depiction of Pharaoh’s procession he believes he is his ancestor-Pharaoh-god [a semi-divine superhero, p. 702-3 “Temple priests shoulder the golden solar bark [boat]” and do not the decorations of the universe on temple/pyramid walls etc., are they not I the room, artifical scenes of the edge of the world/universe [this proof has nothing to do with a title on the edge of the world of either film or song]
-Judges: shibboleth/shiboleth
-running in the same spot: on ice one can go on the same spot for a split second, and Alice in wonderland does that
-from inside looking glass Alice looks out onto either side as she goes in and out the two dimensions
-concerning going into scenes of historical/mythic/religious characters, do not artists dress others or themselves up as such characters in order to paint them
-I already stated horses in the middle ages in Europe were in the castles with people that is an historical fact, James Clavel makes note of this when comparing no horses in Japanese castles in if I recall ‘Shogun’
-blowing back people with breath, God blows the wind and waters against and over the Egyptians when the sea is parted, described in the movie as a blast from his nostril and Job takes note of the power of the wind of God
-large noses were used in many places for entertainment and concealing during events before De Bergerac
-continuous narrative/speaking voice: during song: Pink Floyd in ‘The Wall’ before the fantastic tales project [which again I am not against or criticizing but prevent claims against myself and others, ‘The Voice’ Huxley, BNW, ‘Tokyo Rose’, historical…not all the way through but is an influence on the rest the muted voice in Beatles songs
-skeleton hand from flesh: the rejuvenation of the bones of Ezekiel and others from death to life. The skeleton of the character in Revelation depicted as moving…there is a cartoon by Raemakers in World War One of the skeleton holding the Kaiser…skeleton the death angel is a common theme in Medieval times
-white/bright light: Paul encounters bright light on the road to Damascus
-people in domes: Bosh before the 1700’s
-‘man in the moon’ old term…age old dream to go to moon…gods depicted in the stars from ancient times
-riding on large birds, the Lady of Babylon in the Bible rides the dragon and in Revelation the dragon is depicted as flying through the air and has multiple heads and no doubt multiple claw/fingers whatever they are
-fiery area with crowd, Dante’s ‘Inferno’, small brush fires typical whenever such fires occur as some pass through area
-on a public tv documentary, a small man tells a youngster who appears larger than himself to sit and they are the same size his legs are short
-colour of area, Mars, planets, sepia coloured-early photos
-aging back and forth is in the death and miraculous life expected and describe in the Revelation and parts of the Bible
-belly of the whale, Job…the whale shark has a mouth that a man could fit into and probably a small boat
-’pulling oneself up by the seat of one’s pants’, something has collar not hair
-skeleton turns to smoke, I think the notion of dead mummies coffins opened they turn to dust and Adam was raised from the dust of the ground and we return to dust the reverse of this and its opposite are also going from young to old and back
-saving with shot like the missile which is also based on the story of the one who shot just before he is killed in an 1800’s novel…
-the big ship is not pulled up and it comes back to life from the sea floor, it is simply there as she walks back down and through the doors and in the 1700’s thing the ships do not come back up as they were but remain as they were if I recall from the viewing of it…no ship before that was brought back up…
-skull-shaped ball, the Da Vince book mentioned above, ‘the skull shaped lyre’
-since Da Vince had conceived of hydraulic machines, dredgers, ships and flying ships and machines it is conceivable he could have raised up ships from the sea bed and on page 40, there is the wing with covering and without proving in the design he had also the notion the flesh of the thing (as it were) and the flesh coming off so the notion of the skeleton and its hand or in this case wing is not new in the art/invention of men…however a moth is so delicate if you touch it its wings will disintegrate into powder and that comes before any story ever existed
-‘Insight into the Scriptures’, vol 2, see Triumphal Procession, actually children rod in the chariot behind the victor or sat at his feet…this is to show the notion of the Triumphal Procession/parade etc., came before the 1700’s
-Thor, lightning bolt in hand, have I not also cited the early Greeks so I knew of the god of thunder and lightning who was Zeus…God in the Bible, who also has lightning and thunder as his symbols has lightning issue from his throne, ‘Insight…’, vol 1, p. 255 ‘radian faces like lightning’ and there is movement of the creatures like lightning …’like lightnings they keep moving’
-music on ships did not they have singing and music on ships from ancient times on…the men are bound so they won’t hear from the ships the song of the sirens from the myth
-fire from God and on altar, pl 833, ‘Insight’,
-hellfire and brimstone and the ‘The Ten Commandments’ small fires from on high when Pharaoh and Moses meet
-lay like real life I already cited Hamlet, see my comments on ‘Wuthering Heights’ as the character who visits them falls asleep and dreams the sermon that is mentioned and the servant Joseph is in it as well they walk into the dream and are the dream
-there are different and similar beasts, revelations dreams and even characters that reappear like Moses and Abraham and Christ together as characters from the past appear in the present …the beast that was and is and was not is killed but he comes back from his death stroke and is reborn and there was life given the beast and his image comes to life the second beast is like the first but different so in looks is different unless one considers that the beast dies and then comes back to life but in concept it is alike but different…Christ is the second Adam and the family of Noah lives through the flood who lived before it and after and so the same people live through the two times of man before/after the flood and so the notion of the same person before and after life is I think embodied in this concept, the same people start earth over again…so the notion of someone who looks like another who is from the past I think also is here
-shadow of Sherlock Holmes on the window screen
-I think I have shown enough giant heads and hands before
-if one considers women dressing up as in the ancient times when their people are defeated to attract to keep from being killed or enslaved so the victors could marry them but in doing so would be trying to please their captors, I think they would be hard to please as would be the Nephilim (who were considered bullies) and demonic angels who married the daughters of men…one Biblical character is treated roughly for her transgression [I did study social work after all]
-de Bergerac:
-Eve [and Adam] try to please God and are upset after the fall of having displeased him so the notion of a woman afraid of a god and trying to please him is not new but from the earliest of times but she is thrown out of paradise and thought God kindly lets her live longer than she would have due to her disobedience (along with Adam) is in a sense due to Satanic machinations treated roughly in being so kicked out...and the gods/goddesses and humans try to please the gods/goddesses and are afraid of them
-since I cited the term Maur and now I cite the term with an L. for someone I knew…the person using it on a public tv station is trying to use this in a similar manner to the Maur usage and so is trying to deceive others and turn them against me…
-running on the spot fast but not moving: Zeno, impossibility of motion, Alice runs in same place
-largness of buildings the great city in Revelation is beyond man’s comprehension of measurement in John’s time and their dimensions
-leprosy, would make one look odd and probably old, restored in the Bible and movie ‘Ben Hur’ to look its youthful self
-turning of an element to another of fire to an element is the old notion of alchemy and there is an element that can burn and be held
-a child runs from a god but is angry with him, one character is turned into a character chasing Syrinx, who runs from him and is turned into a reed being embodied inside it
-in Shelly’s Revolt of Islam’ a ship has a delicate structure like the moons surface
-quotes in books or movies etc in other books: Tolstoy quotes Dickens
-i put many of these refutations and proofs on before
-ball coming at or after people of they all turn their attention to it is there not a giant red ball in a 1960's series that comes out of nowhere, everyone stops as it goes by and Da Vince has a skull lyre...and how many of the above mentioned authors have characters named after other characters, historical and fictional

-as far as people caged in wooden or other with space in between: Robinson Crusoe had animals in cages made of sticks…and in other times stockades were wooden…Noah’s ark was made of gopher wood and the animals were inside, perhaps fenced in…First Sammuel 5:18 Philistines ‘fenced cites’, around 1000 B.C. …Genesis 22:2 Abraham is about to sacrifice his son to God as a test to his faithfulness “And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid upon Isaac his son [to burn him]”, from Gideon’s Bible 1892 B.C. …on a doc I think they said the firsts settlement in an area was 4000 years ago but the wood and sacrifice or punishment was later, I think they said 2000 years ago; even if it was 4000 years ago they said, according to the Bible’s in the earliest time of Man was about 4004 B.C., so such punishment was only a few years after? Besides the sacrifice of the son by Abraham if wood was on top of him that means he was enclosed by the surface he was lying on and by the wood on top of him either way it is the same idea…so this is not an adequate criticism by anyone saying I did not come up with something…this is not to be against that show I am just stating this is not where the idea came from besides the other fellow with the same name as a city in italy, the comic or the person in charge of something at that station or his family or friends, who is stating they did research…or did they simply see a show
-as far as my stating the person L. I knew, that was in my youth and I have not seen that one since high school, anyone using L. if someone tried to say the one on a show using L. was the person I referred to was wrong, that one on the show I did not refer to as L. just like another used Maur and that was someone on the same show using the name but I also knew someone with the same name in the area and I have not seen that one for decades so any attempt to say I am interested in one’s I should not be interested in is completely wrong or is trying to pull a fast one on myself and everyone else...M.E. period I have only seen recently but not talked to and when I knew this one that was in university and my poem on this one was referring to that time period in my youth…again this has all been twisted around to make it sound like I said something else
-as far as the skin coming off the bone and vise versa this is in nature before any creative God and nature...and as i said the creation of creatures and man
-the other fellow said something about ‘the second [elimination] and was a name in the paper concerning something back in time...not to mention that group of families likes to point to other's lives or make up things about other's lives when they have more than a few things to cover up of their own...

-as far as parodies of songs I had some down whether they were used or not I do not know I did not know any mad person had done that before…however I did mention ‘broadsides’ which are variations of folk or other tunes that are changed by different people over time…this is not against the madman I was upset when the numbers equation with picture was used against someone that supported me which is why I thought that the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy might have been behind that or the winged funny man [by that term comic I refer to him now one else]… this too is not against the madman Huxley wrote take off’s on songs too [any reference to the name Ford is due to the novel ‘Ford and Fun/kiss the girls and make them run’ ‘skies are the inside of you’, Huxley BNW, 1931…this has a longer history: in the from the ‘The Apocrypha’ [which is later than the parts of the Bible I am mentioning: Eclessiasticus [if I have the spelling correct] when the Bible has Ecclesiastes and it also contains ‘The Wisdom of Solomon’ which is a parody if you will, of (the) ‘Proverbs’ of David, and Ecclessiastes…so this type of thing is thousands of years old and one last proof of this:
From the old 1881 edition of ‘The People’s Standard Edition of the Bible’ I listed previously, at the back the ‘Psalm’s of David in Metre’:
”How blest and happy is the man who walketh not astray in council of ungodly men”
the Bible (Gideon’s):
”Blessed is the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly”the above from ‘Psalm’s of David in Metre’, United Presbyterian Board of Publication
So you see the idea is ancient and modern but certainly not from our era….
-on the split screen I already sometime ago listed a split screen painting from hundreds of years ago that precedes film and tv, besides you are coming out with that long after I gave my references, like the picture of the inset of the Daguerre photo of someone shining a shoe on a road the photo inset being later than the 1839 photo [which also served as a close up of hands in a photo] but I also showed Melier’s ‘Voyage to the Moon’ sequential photos for the film that he shot one after another from still photo’s in frames and the running horse running in sequence, or other early photos in split screen of action scenes of pool players, ball players from an early encyclopedia of photo’s from the 1800’s or before film and I gave early films as a source for moving media scenes and split screens where there was either of split or an inset picture sequence going on etc… from ‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, p. 291. Muybridge studies of a horse running separate screens or photos or pictures of action scenes and split screens p. 292 by Unknown of Muybridge’s horse photos and below same photographer, 293 plate, ‘Eakin’s Hand’, ‘Animal Locomotion’, 1887
-as far as socks rubbed on rugs it was a phenomenon noticed I am sure long before tv that a shock was given by doing so just like rubbing a ballon can cause a shock or even stick after it is rubbed and put on a surface, I am sure the Tesla’s out there can give an early account of that besides the tv doc last night but they did not shock each other so far as I know and I don’t thing they had some thing covering themselves without a face…but there probably is something like it anyway, like someone dressed like a joint on Halloween, or some other mundane object one would not associate with being dressed up as…like the one on page 210. Nadar, plate 240-241 tow cartoons “photography asking for just a little place in the exhibition of the fine arts’ Petit journal pure rire, 1885, from Le journal amusant, 1857. camera has or as a face, may be this is where ‘I am a camera’ came from…preceding section has hanging conspirators long before film…more than one camera and stereoscopes long before any framed outward looking robot view, just to refute claims against any recent series, p. 198 plates 223 and 224
-I have seen hands pointed outward from the 1800’s or early last century before the reference from the Psychology text book
-Rumplstiltskin [if I am at all spelling that properly] is a tale from before film and tv on an old man who sleeps and wakes up decades later, it is the notion of aging and coming to tell about it that he is older not how old a character is besides if one is also a critic of something about an older person at a hundred then people are living that long and since the Bible had stories of people over hundreds of years old or even writers like Moses and Daniel who was about 90 to a hundred, John in Revelation the notion of an old man relating the past history of man or a segment of time itself is thousands of years old…the ancient list of kings in preflood and after flood lists extraordinarily old people
-on an old man relating his history and the history of the world at his time from ‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, and this set of photos is in other books as well older books, p 468. [photo plate] 590-93 [by] Nadar “The Art of Living a Hundred Years; Three Interviews with Monseiur Chevreul on the Eve of his 101 st Year, Le Jo8unal illustre, September 5, 1886
-ibid. see pages: 515 [plate] 660. Cartier-Bresson, ‘…Spain 1933’…more hands p. 416. …p. 402 for an idea I don’t think was used of far away and distorted image…. P. 495. Alice Lex-Nerlinger, ‘Seamstress’ 1930. eye, p. 399. two headed ghost photo p. 398…not to say I have not been influenced by things before me or to only later realize others had similar ideas before me, but for the rest of you it is the same, Hitler parodied, p. 397, 488. Heartfield, “Adolf the Superman”…Nietszche had people misinterpret Overman translating it Superman…p. 230 use of mirror and p. 271 Camille Silvy, ‘Mrs John Leslie as Truth’, March 16, 1861, a false/artificial sky in the background…how about a cartoon like or drawing combined with an actual photographic image before tv and film, p. 288. Henry Peach Robinson “Preliminary Sketch with Photo Inverted”, 1860…photo of drawing of sequential scenes like a split screen effect used by artists long before the film and tv industries came along, p. 212, Carot, “Five Landscapes”
-ibid. split and framed screens/pictures/photos panoroma of entire area and in sequence: plate 100. page 98. Porter, “Fairmount Waterworks”, 1848
-ibid. p. 78 plate 78, 79, Rejlander, de Boulogne. ‘The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, Darwin, 1872, stretching skin of person, I referred to this recently but I have been referring to this book or to books with these exact photos for years, p. 63, 59.
-ibid. John Kaspar Lavater. ‘Silhouette Machine’, c. 1780, from an engraving…screen
-ibid. Isenring ‘View of Zurich’ main picture surrounded by smaller pictures
-ibid. Daguerre, ‘Boulevard du Temple, Paris’, 1838, this is the one of shoe shining but the inset came later for a close up or ‘detail’ as the art books call it
-top of the world I think a number of places have called that but the term is old and I used it as a title for a web site page for a course in 1999-2000 which was online for the others in the course to see it was not out there for the world but it was on the teacher’s web site for a short time, besides I was on a mountain as early as age 17 and worked in the mountains still in my teens
-as far as parody it was not invented by tv series Aristophanes did satire on Socrates and political/influential humour of the powerful famous is as old as plays
-I have an old compendium of Biblical data and phrases etc. that is from the 1800’s and it lists the Biblical characters as ‘Hero’s’ and remember there was an ancient person named Hero and Shakespeare’s character was Hero so the term even and the concept of special powers is old so I don’t think anyone has a monopoly on the term…
-just in case anyone thinks I said anything negative I did not about someone with the same name as an upcoming hero story and one who was in sci fi
-on seeing a face in another face, ‘Dr. Jekyll and Hyde’ Stevenson, Dodd, Mead & co.,1961, sees the face morph from one into the other [and in the Spenser Tracy movie: ‘I wore the semblance of Edward Hyde…I lost my identity'…’Everywhere I see her [or your] face’ The Rolling Stones…’And saw his face in everyone’, Jethro Tull; we all see that in a sense when everyone thinks as one…King Arthur, sees the faces of the knights turn into his face temporarily, denoting equality of all at the round table…Pharaoh tells Moses in ‘The Ten Commandments’, 1956, every time she, the old Pharaoh’s daughter sees his face she will see Moses [or is it when he thinks of her face] he Pharaoh will be the face by hers instead…in ‘Wuthering Heights’, Catherine sees Heathcliff and Heathcliff sees Catherine though they marry other people and “Nelly, I am Heathcliff” she sees herself as him
-the other fellow’s name in the paper in the earlier incident I think both M.E and her brother both will have seen it that makes three of us.
-since the cap in Wager’s ‘Ring’ makes them invisible they all become someone with special powers if they were it precedes any superhero costume last century
-if I recall Anna Seton, in ‘Green Darkness’ a character travels back in time being old and goes from male to female and back and is basically a ‘tranny’ traveler
-as far as continuous narrative/vocal/singer etc., the religious ceremony where priest leads the people in either prayer song or some other recitation, what he says is repeated and each of different lines of repetition in long segments of narrative if you will… repetition of oaths, the marriage oath by minister and couple…in large stadiums sometimes there is an echo that continues as long as speakers or songs are played echoing the words of the speaker if he is speaking for more than an hour…say at a religious gathering…and echoes occur in mountains and canyons etc…so nature and God…I mentioned the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, which the priest states lines from for the dead, for a long time and prayers are repeated over and over by many religious groups…Muslim’s are called to prayer by one in the tower repeating the Koran for a long time
...sports announcers call the by-play for hours
-clear screens are all around but not for sound or art at hockey games, we all have seen that at any arena or else on tv, most of us have played hockey or skate from an early age
-as far as falling into the floor, or stage, that was a stage not stairs they had on the comic doc...besides i think since Shakespeare even anciently they had trap doors in stages ...Dickens has someone stuck in the chimney before the modern Santa Claus, so the idea of falling down something and being caught comes before any tv sho
-my references to guns or anything pointed to the center, like the photographers in a circle pointed to the middle to shoot at someone or to shoot the picture in the either 1800's or early last century predates any modern film or tv show
-head framed by background circle square etc., i have given ancient settings for that
-the rounded steps of Solomon's Temple before any stage juts out and is a round raised area, besides i already mentioned the jutting out stage parts in Cobo Hall Detroit
-'starlet' term in use from Random House Dictionary from 1820-30 star+let...
for someone: i do not have a dark nature...

-as far as not having quotes around everything, this section is not something I am making money on nor is it a story or using other’s material it is a place to put proofs of influences, writing stories, and to disprove false claims against myself and others and to have claims against those whose work needs questioning and is therefore not necessary to have quotes around everything-as far as not having quotes around everything, this section is not something I am making money on nor is it a story or using other’s material it is a place to put proofs of influences, writing stories, and to disprove false claims against myself and others and to have claims against those whose work needs questioning and is therefore not necessary to have quotes around everything
-I was in the mountains where there was a tunnel you had to crawl on your knees to get to the other end, there is the tunnel which has been there since, I do not know…the ‘Time Machine’, Wells, and Dr. Who: time travel and the door to the inside of the machine to travel to is the time travel and door, and the boring of the wall into the other side where the Israelite elders are praying and worshipping with animals etc on the walls opens to another time or even if at present it is to see through in a vision…with Elijah and Moses, Christ’s transfixion on the Mount the mount is the portal and there is an opening in the mountains in ‘Lost Horizon’ which opens not on to another time but onto a more temperate climate and a ‘Shangri-La’ that is something like a portal
-the clown’s version I see, of the many to come to the place to see who wins the job or whatever when it is a front for one is simply a copy of ‘The Red Headed League’, Sherlock Holmes story…the clown who is dangerous, is not that a spy movie with the clown at the beginning?
-the fellow appears in the comedy ‘Buddies’ who was in the national police story with visions, and the platinum blond who probably is related to the wild glorris people who I cited as stealing my nature photos and who also had in it the fellow with the name of a city in Italy, his partner, the one who said if a window is closed go in another window, that make four and that makes a conspiracy-: the notion of moving a body, they simply said to exchange places, is there no other movie or story with that what about the children who drive and one uses breaks the other at the wheel, what about horse and carriage where the driver is shot or hurt and someone moves them over besides the thing you criticize, they move the body in that one…rain coat and hat scene indoors with music people moving and dancing in water rain, well, ‘I’m singing in the rain’, comes before a comedy but my idea for the sprays of water was from a 1970’s concert I already went over that

-the arrows pointing behind the comic: it is not arrows pointing outward I simply used that as ONE example of pointing inwards at the center to shoot besides the photo from the 1800’s I think is before all these things…and I said or meant to say arrows outward, inverted is the idea besides there is a caption of the Renaissance beside a depiction of people influenced by the sun with rays pointing downwards in a circle or nearly a circle which is the idea if you consider the sun’s rays go in all directions but the rays are just above those below aimed at them and while that is from the ‘Abnormal Psychology’ book from the 1970’s it is still a Renaissance depiction and i already cited this book many times and have seen the image many times but it is the concept of pointing inward and shooting at the middle i am aiming at and i think all of these are sufficient to show as proof, if anyone got the idea from the depiction out there and this data they obviously stole it since i have been using this text for proofs all along, and the hands pointing out is just one proof, all they did was to look in the book but i not only had the book listed before them i was in social work and psychology a year before the fellow on the other fellows side who was in the year after me...-song 'Night Rider' elo
-as far as glass partitions I think an entire building is not the idea but just to show something in this century is not the only thing of glass: 1800’s the Crystal Palace in Britain…but the idea of sound, art and clear or other partitions: the silhouette screen, 1780’s, while it might be or not be a later depiction it is of that era, and it is right beside the head of the person which was the idea or part of it to block sound, in this case that is just the idea of a partition but the Revelation crystal vehicle which must block the sound of the creatures below the throne of God above precedes hockey rinks and anything from the modern era-was there not a talking auto before someone ...before a high tech one
- as far as speaking behind a curtain partition etc. and not being seen, Hamlet, and God spoke out of a cloud, ‘Insight’ book I have cited, p. 669, vol 1
-numbers in a title I already went over proofs of that not just ‘1984’, since it is so well known along with ‘Brave New World’, or ‘BNW’ I often do not put it in quote marks.
-eagle on glass well, the same country had Hitler with a giant Eagle behind him and the combination of the bird, worship of the man are preceded by ancient worship of birds and man-gods [also condsider the Assyrian winged god with wings spread and a head on top, speaking of which the old kings, Pharaohs where man-gods, and being man-gods being immortal are older that a man thousands of years old but I think the thousand year old man in the myth though published in I think the 60’s would have been an idea from earlier, besides the 400 year old man in ‘Lost Horizon’ precedes the comic thousands year old man and that preceded by Methuselah who was nearly a thousand years old, at 969 years old, and that precedes anything of the sort by more than 2000 years, which would make that one only as old as the time of Christ…However, since the one of Noah’s family lived beyond Moses and after the flood the history of his time and that of his time before the flood was related and past on into the new era, so that idea was already an idea…and in Wiki and elsewhere: [continue beyond the list]

The Ancient Sumerian King’s List’

Pre-Dynastic Kings 30 th century B.C.E.
Ruler Length of Reign

Alulium 28,000 years

Alalngar 36,000 years

En-men-lu-ana 43,000 years

Earliest date at 2 nd millennium B.C.

-tscc, used an eye for the eye scan separated from the body…but that comes before the use of the appendage separated from the body used to scan on a recent thing
-as far as underground roads I think the whole idea of trench warfare in world war one answers that not to mention I cited in Josephus a war where someone comes up from the underground unexpectedly and what about the catacombs under the Vatican, there are many examples of this kind of thing before the modern era
-Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, has a character repeat the same phrase as does the computer in ‘2001 Space Odyssey’
-while the idea was shooting inward at a person and that could be in many things before the modern era, and if I recall I cited the idea with proofs before these people recently anyway, however, for the sake of argument, the compass, the ancient solstice of rays pointing inward at deity, center of worship etc., Pyramids, stone henge, and from greatdreams dot com “Pleiades and the Ray on the Seventh day”, by Joseph Mason, cites ancient texts together make up the notion: Job Genesis, and the constellations,
from: ‘The Meanings of Celtic Spiritual Symbols’ solar cross circle with the four parts of the cross pointing into the middle,
various Pyramidal rays pointing inward or down to the pyramids an ancient concept of connection with the sun, on various sites by typing rays pointing inward AND ancient NOW GET IT RIGHT THE IDEA WAS SHOOTING AT THE CENTER AT SOMEONE AS PROOF FOR SOMETHING NOT JUST AIMING IN OR OUT WITH ANY SYMBOL I THINK I PROVED MY POINT BEFORE THESE PEOPLE STARTED TRYING TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT SO EVEN THE RENAISSANCE IDEA WAS JUST TO SHOW THE IDEA BUT IMAGES OF THE RAYS OF THE SUN POINTING OUTWARD I HAVE ALREADY CITED EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE FOR DIFFERENT IDEAS NOT THIS ONE SO I ALREADY HAD THE IDEA BUT SINCE RAYS POINT TO THE EARTH AND PLANETS THEY POINT DOWN OR AT THE PLANET SATISFYING ANYTHING THAT COMES BEFORE...AND THERE ARE MANY SYMBOLS OF THIS ANYWAY THAT ARE CONTAINED IN MANY OF THE THINGS I CITED, SO IF THEY DID ONLY TRY TO USE THE SYMBOL OF POINTING AWAY OR AT ANYTHING IN ANY DIRECTION THIS WAS ONLY PART OF THE IDEA AND SINCE THAT WAS WHAT THEY THOUGHT THEY HAD TO PROVE THE OBVIOUSLY DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO PROVE IN THE FIRST PLACE...and once again the 'Abnormal Psychology' text used where the Renaissance depiction came from i have been using here and on another site for years so that comes before they have even thought of using it even though that in itself the direction of rays was not the idea concerned with, however see the entries before this one for more on the subject...i guess this is an idea of target ranges and shooting ranges and war, golf even is a variation of this and is an old sport, not to mention games and this is probably old too
-Renaissance depiction is from "Abnormal Pyshchology", 3 rd edit., Bootzin, 1972, p. 20...someone had a flash drive and sat down when i got up that is how if it got out there before me that it was out there before me...or else someone here put it out there by going by me and seeing it...and i also have had some ideas for cut off fingers and finger parts willa cather 'The Affair at Grover Station" 'Miss Masterson gave him the ends of the finger covered with blue chalk" the movie finger tips cut off by boomer rang


-of course and M.E. to whom i showed my index finger, it was cut at the tip and after going to the hospital had it sown back on and it is a little smaller than it was at the tip, so the idea of use of a finger for a purpose is from this if it was said to be my idea or derived from my ideas other thngs about fingers are references to others material that also may have influenced these ideas
-now that i see that the fellow who was in the funeral photo was on the same show the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy was on i think he was behind something the comic was merely a vassal in the operation but he recently brought the fellow mentioned above in on a project recently so they are all in it together even if the comic has turned against them unless i am wrong and they are all together...all that happened yesterday is i left my disk in the drive and had the data above on it so some here said Renaissance and that lead me to understand the woman who sat there or else someone else did with my things still at the desk sent the data out and how many times have i had to say this before...some of the things i put on are references others i am simply explaining other ideas i have had but have not necessarily stated on here or elsewhere
-I did not hit anyone with a rock I was hit in the eye when I was younger with a rock I did not put anyone in a coma and in the hospital I was in the hospital for the eye for two weeks…I wrote stories about people in coma’s…I merely accidentally hit someone in the head playing sports they got up and left
-as far as ‘Valley of the Dolls’, the other story with Doll in the title and Dolls is a different story and the person producing it was too young to have seen it at the time besides they do not have different person put into them in the earlier story…… the comic episode of something with a doll bears no relation to either story and I can think of several things that are either dolls puppets or masks like those on Halloween that look like actual people…for example the use of look alike dolls puppets cartoons etc., for political satire is an old idea…”The "dolls" within the title is a term for the pills used as sleep aid” the women in the “Valley of the Dolls” use and is the origin of the use of the term in the story and has nothing to do with agents imprinted called dolls…the comedy with the doll inside the person is preceded by voodoo dolls as the person, who bydoing something to the doll will be mimicked in the person him or herself which means the spirit of the person is in a sense for a time inside the doll, or vise versa or some sort of mimic processes is going on but the person who looks like another shows up in the person a character in a Poe story who turns out to be or look like the dead love interest and there are so many variations on the theme inhabiting or going into another is different from imprinting
-as far as replacing a picture photo in the comedy episode which has the notion of a doll inhabited by someone, that is only what the character thinks: I have had photos of relatives stolen and replaced by copies which is why I wrote that into a story… the idea of inhabited beings real people or other wise goes back to the Bible for example the demons in a man as to go into a herd of swine and are allowed to enter into the swine so the idea was not new to that show of even an ancient thing called the Golem
-i have already given enough references for people who look like others including twins paintings, sculptures, characters like those in Dickens Poe, etc that came before tv etc..
-anything i had here yesterday is the same i have not changed my mind on anything all claims still claimed
-repeated phrases, ‘Inferno’, Canto 19:
”…knowest that I depart not from thy will
thou knowest what I”
”and he cried: ‘standest thou there already, […]
standest thou there already, Boniface’”

-as far as above i already gave the repeated phrases from the Bible
-as far as shooting at the center or at a group or just one i gave references from the Bible and other references

-the people on the other side often twist things I say around or take out of context what I said and proclaim themselves innocent of wrong doing I and anyone else have not unfairly implicated two ex-cons they are still trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes I have not hurt anyone or done anything wrong and no one can call me a con of any sort
I explained that I never hit anyone or beat them up this is not true if I have not been in trouble with the law how would I be dangerous…read all that I have said on this from the time I was on these sites on and you will see I have done no wrong…besides why was it when I put something online a few years back that contradicted the things the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy says does etc., that my relative’s car blew up totaled the garage and damaged the house? Besides I have gone by the facts, not recording someone without their knowing about it and without the context in which the said it and then going behind people’s backs when they cannot defend themselves…besides I was not in the paper when someone got hurt and I do not engage in violent sports carry a weapon or have been employed in a dangerous job
-as far as Memory Wipes the earliest reference to this is at Babylon where God confused the people’s memory of the language they held in common and wiped it out so they all spoke different languages…as far as imprinting minds of demons entering into people basically imprint them with their mind which is to also drive them mad…they become like the demons, even speaking like them in many voices of just one to Christ… as far as people on tables having things done to their minds ‘Frankenstein’s mind would be implanted with some sort of intelligence and so would the robot in ‘Metropolis’, and I have given many other reference for this type of thing…so anything from the later part of the last century on is based on these and other stories…many prophets and others had visions of the future lying down or in any position and the story in space used the idea of looking at man’s past on computer, which precedes the kind of thing looking at the future it is the idea in forward besides the people who are given visions are being imprinted with what God wants them to see and what they will experience which in the case of Joseph Mary, Christ’s parents they are given a vision of the future which comes true when they come to that point in time that she will have a son the son of God is just one of many examples of someone who sees and then experiences the future…my idea was and since I saw someone connected to the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy on a project about this I know who had my material and passed it off as his: it was to be about two people one older one younger and they go forwards and backwards in time till they reach the same age and there are a few other ideas like people going back in time or forward with youth and older appearance…etc…so the idea of seeing time is not from Einstein but from the Bible thousands of years ago and I think Wells had some of these ideas before him as well considering ‘Time Machine’
besides some of these ideas are in sorcerers and ancient seers etc., in old tales and myths who look into crystal balls to see the future or predict the future like in the ‘Wizard of Oz’…my goal here is not to rail against anyone’s project but to contradict the other fellow came up with these ideas…
-as far as giant letters and in different colours that is not his invention besides you can do this in making web pages by taking the code for a text and increasing its height and width that is one way to do that today…
-I did take web courses where we made our own web sites and web pages back in 1999-2000 and on…the code for three close ups or moving back would be to make a picture into three links and after clicking each picture it goes to the next link and would be the next size that besides cameras and binoculars is how I could do that so, img [image] source [src] and jpg jpeg gif extension of the file or picture each time it is clicked it goes to another size:

-I think I already gave instances of women looking different but similar and wigs the other fellow simply took some of my ideas see what I wrote about this over the past number of years
-telling someone what to say to confuse /to give false data or even good data or something positive: The Bible, God sends David’s advisor Hushai to ‘frustrate’ [in one text] the council of Ahitophel advisor to Absolom who is revolting against David the king and thereby is putting Hushai’s words in Absolom’s ear but it is God and indirectly David that the words are coming from…and since God is moving him to do this he is remotely communicating to Absolom
-predicting the future of global war: the Bible in John’s Revelation in his vision and Armageddon
-one by one something going of in a row, fire crackers in a pack going off one by one
-holding hands one is dangling we have seen that in a lot of things before
-the one stays while the other is told to leave thereby the one is sacrificing himself for the other: the big ship picture, where he tells her to go and she and a certain drama in space…
-past present future come together as I said the source for this is the bible where prophets and other experience past dynasties and their symbolism, the present they are in and the future that includes what will happen to them, or even the people in the present are made to look like they are worse when some of the worst in the past are said to stand and condemn this generation in the future judgment I will say more on this later
-the other side questioned my orientation when I said repeatedly what that was and they are the one’s who tried to insinuate people on my side had strange relations including myself…
-as far as fingers I meant that the hands have been cut and I have a number of references for fingers, someone wants to change that to something else I meant index and other fingers which are appendages
-so far as taking out something like computer cards: ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ which I just mentioned when the computers memory banks are being taken out…if I mentioned hidden data inside book covers then I certainly think it is not too much to think something could be hidden on top of something to obscure code: much like tape over something
-while what is contained in the photo was unusual a photo itself is a mundane thing, ‘NoWhere Man’ sent himself negatives etc…
-while ‘The Ten Commandments’ has the director come out and talk in front of a curtain framed it was cut out of the movie and was not actually part of the story and the frame was used for most films at the start of them for that company and I already stated this
-I already gave instances of things going off or on at the same time like the movie where every station goes to the voice of some god or someone like that all over the world…and black outs due to storms electrical wires cut etc., the reverse is the idea -as far as my use of the term for a company that is simply because that person had too much influence what I wrote is not a copy of a biography besides that business person was parodied by comedy shows, and was rail against in a poem and was the subject of non-fictional books long before that came out besides I had ideas on these types of things long before that biographical yet fictional story came out only in the last year or so, besides if you see what the other fellow published which either was my writing or extracts from it or was my idea was on corporations and war, which he plagiarized for the title a line from a movie even so I had written on the subject decades ago, the rest of the chapter I wrote has nothing in common with the biographical fictional story and the fellow’s corporate and other history was already well known before that story besides I do not have a journalist working for the person indicated I have people posing as various things infiltrating but even my fan fic stories come before this bio and just because something seems like it is derived from other’s material does not give the other side the right to use my material in retaliation I am taking the name of the company out and I will probably change that chapter anyway
-I have already stated things about aging people in stories, I have used as a reference ‘The Ten Commandments’ so many times but the Bible itself has people go from the death state to youthfulness in its resurrection
-I already stated the synthetic vocal changing the voice when we hear it precedes changing the voice by a machine getting someone to think it is someone else than the listener [see the demon’s voice above: in ‘Karn Evil Nine, 3 rd Impression’, Emerson Lake and Palmer, ‘but I gave you life/to do what was right’, says the singer, ‘I’m perfect are you’, the computer that has taken over the ship…of course it is one of the band and his vocal running through a synthesizer…also the plastic tube one singer sings into makes a similar vocalization, and other things also-the notion of companies and war and world war three I already stated where my ideas came from many sources are controversial and they go back to the last century even early last century and I would rather not list them but world war is Armageddon in the Bible, even they state that someone will be on the ground dead and they will put sticks together [into a cross] to indicate someone dead is there for burial and later it is predicted they will not bury the dead but leave them for the birds that the Christ summons as carrion fodder for them indicating world war and desecration…. I also listed some authors like Toynbe who mention World War Three…
-as far as one colour, I gave references already and for many of the things they are saying I already gave multiple references…
-lasers, and lightning artificial, I have mentioned Tesla in this regard
-as far as gas and putting people to sleep I already mention the author [not the Kaiser Wilhelm, ‘GasWorks’ a play before the Nazi’s not to mention car exhausts, like in the Bogart film where the young lady tries to commit suicide by car exhaust’s carbon monoxide in a closed garage…
-once again i have not forfeited anything the other fellow simply puts his name on other's work or ideas or words, like 'win-win' and the comic i can hardly call him a writer when what he writes most likely is not the truth

-the altar to Zues in Pergamum, which is still in existence has two parts that jut out from the main back piece altar like the stages at Cobo Hall Detroit

-for travel to the east or across the pond or to another continent to or to another far location find a love interest:
Abraham sends servant to Nahor, to find a wife for Isaac, Upper Mesopotamia valley, when he finds Rebeka they leave by caravan to the Negeb and Isaac…soldiers traveling to war in the Asia/Russia/etc., in World War One & Two, Korean conflict (U.S./Can/UN troops), Vietnam War etc., and find wives or travel back to them is a common real life and fictional event and before year 2000……the life story of Elizabeth Smart which she herself related in which she had love interest in author George Barker, she visited N.Y., California, made contact with Barker through Lawrence Durrell paying to fly Barker and his wife to U.S. from Japan at some point her family pressured the Canadian government to keep him out in 1943 she wrote ‘By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept’…so you have travel Japan, and love interest
-there are 270 flood stories around the world
-the old notion of if you dig a hole to the other side of the world you go from here and end up in China
-‘Aide To Bible Understanding’, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, 1969-71 edition under the heading Cage: “ ‘The wooden cages had stout wide horizontal bars …topped by a smaller barred cabin, in which stood the man that raised the door to release the lion…’ an Assyrian bass reliefs” …prophet Ezekiel refers to Johaiachan under the figure of a lion that was put in a cage…”…so you have for the one’s who would encounter the lion, sacrifice, also capture of those who were either slaves captured in war subject peoples etc., enclosure in wooden cage….
-H.G. Wells, Toynbe, Durant, J.M. Roberts all talk about in their histories the pyramids and other symbols etc. that have commonality between ancient civilizations…my own view of ‘Atlantis’ is it probably was a myth based on the pre-flood civilization descended down to Plato’s time..i cited a number of contenders for longest continuously inhabited place or city including China for a reference from an old Bible from the 1800’s
-more on travel to and finding love/love interest somewhere else: “Mutiny on the Bounty’…some of Melville’s writings on sailors staying in the islands, “Shogun” the main character travels to Japan falls in love, if I recall, acts of heroism by both to save each other, the Bible, and the ‘The Ten Commandments’, Pharaoh’s daughter goes to find Moses in the mud pits, he later travels to Midian, finds wife travels back Pharaoh’s daughter goes to save his son, so there is going to save someone connected to love interest…why Asia and travel, because so many things have gone there, why is the other side trying to keep me from credit for things because a relative is in Asia and can just go to take over if anything of mine shows up there, for, like sport events
-heads pressed together, I have listed a number of things going back before the 20 the century
-I said I am not gay…I am mentioning this to contradict something
-the reporter K. is someone covering up for the other fellow and his friends and putting out anything negative about people on my side or promoting those on the other side
-people who think or are in other stories from different ages: in Dante, they meet people form the past and their stories are incorporated into the story as well as they are in Dante’s story and since he is the narrator he is in their story, Chaucer’s tales relate in some as if the narrators were actually there, and I mentioned people who think they are in religious stories, or are Christ, etc., and I already mentioned this
-the other side has tried to say my family and I have had unusual relations but we have not so who is saying that and for what reason, and as for trying to make me be seen as gay when I am not or putting female features on both male and female on web sites of people on my side a few years ago why is that and trying to say something about someone’s parts being harmed and cut off when the tip of my index finger on my hand was cut off and put back on at the hospital why is this an issue and what are they trying to say what is it for they can now explain all this…
-now as far as saying something about someone hurt i said, in the manner of oh, like i did to show i did not and that that was a false claim someone i perceived had been making against me when i saw his name in the paper for something and i do not have a criminal record and no history of violence and most of my writing has been for the most part without violence
-i stated i did not want my enemies and supporters of the people against me to use my writing i have given the right to some to say what can and cannot be used by whomever, i have not changed who they are

-i am using names and titles for songs stories etc. only for the purposes of proofs and references for where i might have an idea from and have no association with anyone mentioned i say this just in case anyone objects to use of such but it is for purely the above purpose and nothing more

-I SAID IN A FAN FIC 'GLORR' not a politician's name and as in the character GLORRIS, dispite the politician who would have business interests i did not say anything about that one at all he is not in my stories or comments about anything whatsoever...
-the thing i said was what a person acting a role who mentioned a certain group he said he disputed he was part of they were not my words and that was the 1980's or 1990's not recently the role was that of a composer, so the winged-comic has turned people in the group against me...
-i never said i harmed anyone what i said was in the manner of 'oh as if that would be me...[when it was not]' the winged comic when he capture your words is that not unlawful surveillance so how can you believe what is said when he does radio
-if the late comic said 'i did that to someone'--words to that effect then if something had happened to someone or what if there is something about someone in his life that something happened to would that not be something someone could take advantage of and use against him, so if he would not mean that and said that that is tantamount to what i said so your own logic winged comic, would be turned against someone you admired...
-any use of names is just for references and proofs nothing more and I have no affiliation with anyone mentioned, just in case anyone objects to my using names or records or film tv etc…
-as far as the assault, I think the fellow was brought in to the industry as payoff for something, whether for this I only suspect, I am concerned about this as a possible payoff for something that may have had the intent to entrap me when I was out there riding in the area but had nothing to do with, of course, but since the comic seems to be somehow involved with him the other side would know more about that than me even though the other fellow also has worked with him recently, however I am also reminded of this being from a long time ago but as you can see it has concern for today, so unfortunately what is past has consequences
-the comic is the one who had a character with a similar last name and female form of my first name which can also be used for men
-I already stated that I never harmed anyone past or present and I was not in the paper and i have never been in trouble with the law…
-Ishtar, star symbol with circle and rays pointing out
-it would not be too hard to take paper with someone’s prints on it and type something that would seem to be something that would cause trouble
-a famous person forfeited his Canadian citizenship I did not say I forfeited anything
-I already mentioned the film ‘Veritigo’
-the Mycenaean dome has irregular shaped stones and do not really reflect the repeated pattern which was the notion in dispute, that I showed the repeated pattern from the Roman Pantheon radiating outward is one proof I had and that was not something the people trying to say they came up with something discussed the travel host showed this not these people in contention over writing and ideas…besides I gave other proofs, like water in concentric circles if you throw a stone radiates outward, cloud formations have repeated patterns, these come from nature or God, not to mention formations of circular repeated patterns radiating outward as seen on the ‘Past Present Future’, Al Stewart album which also very ancient…also geologic formations in stone volcanic glass etc…planets with rings that radiate out from the planet as a center
-one can have ideas independently of others with similar ideas consider Newton and Liebniz who both discovered Calculus independently of one another
the 12 th century screen with the old religious ceremony where the priest goes behind it while he chants is simply a similar ceremony that the ancient Israeli’s used in the days of wandering when the veil of the temple which could be also seen as a screen separated the inner Most Holy from the rest of the temple that is a temporary one much like a ‘MASH’ unit not to mention the covering around it for walls that served as a screen over the temporary pillars but I mentioned my other sources for concert ideas form the 1700’s, up to the 1970’ before anything in the 1980’s and my writing and ideas are from the 1970’s on and I was writing before the comic entered the arena but the celestial vehicle with crystal separating the creatures that make noise and God’s throne, is from before that for it would come before the vision and the entire book...i am sure similar screens in centuries old churches were already in use by the middle of the Middle Ages
-if I was against Israelis, I would be against Christ who was one
-Josephus lived in the time of the apostle John so as Christ’s representative Josephus could be considered to be writing contemporaneously in the time of the memory and sayings of Christ through his associates
-the curved portion over the opening in the halls of Persepolis and indicating other similar and same architectural style is where the curved floor and top of stages came from, it is an ancient architectural feature and since the description of Esther’s time in the Bible stated an ongoing feast complete with music they must have been part of ceremonies in buildings with that style…and the depiction from the ‘Insight on the Scriptures’ based on archeology has such a depiction of Esther before the king and a curved upper portion above the doorway or entryway and I have referred to both the Bible and this text for years and Esther and was aware of the ancient sites from before
-from ‘This Fabulous Century 1900-1910’, p. 189 drawing scene…p. 260 radiating outward, p. 190 caption: ‘she goes to the ball as Juliet’ below, ‘disturbed by a vision of herself’ before a cardboard cutout of a comic later in time but I think I already stated someone who once in a different show was depicted that way…Max Headroom the actor who is the lead character is himself the fictionalized computer character 1987-1988, i think after this one you can bring your enthusiasm to the curb and go back to 1999 in your time machine...oh was there not a character involved in something called 'Network 23'
-I think cardboard cutouts came before the comic recently shown, so the idea of depicting the same person was not new
-backdrop of city I already stated Busby Berkley film and Rodchenko/Stepanovna who were involved in film in the early films of the 20 th century et al
-memories in photos et cetera in boxes I changed the idea in the story from virtual boxes on computer because I have seen that before whereas I think most people have boxes full of such things anyway and that is an old thing people have been doing since photography began and I have boxes of photos
-enclosed have a lot of things are enclosed
-curved circular stage the PBS comic who did political satire at his piano in past decades…most outdoor band shells and outdoor stages are circular of square or having edges but many were circular so the crowd would surround the stage and performers
-background rails and supports I think you can go back in time before the comic’s time [I am not talking about the winged comic] but also Woodstock, and ‘David Live’ where on the record sleeve Bowie is shown holding a rail what about circus and other features and tent shows etc..
-multiple characters I think if you see ‘The Ten Commandments’ the older Pharaoh also is Janus and it is an old concept anyway for one to play more than one
-multiples in Dissociative Personality Disorder is as old as mental health and mental problems and the depiction of such is old as well, did not Lear think one of his knights was a philosopher who was dressed as another type of person
-combining concepts, symbols: etc.: religion combined kings with animals for worship: the animal-god/Pharaoh, each Pharaoh was the incarnation of the Bird-god Horus, Anglicanism was an outgrowth of Catholicism, combining the head of the church with similar apparel and similar rites etc…History: Will Durant, “Our Oriental Heritage”, [OUR, the West] shows the historical nature of the cultures when they combine to create new cultural styles in architecture, religion, music, clothing, philosophy; music in modern times is not rock music a combination of rock ‘n roll, using classical strings in the Rolling Stones and Beatles and in Progressive Rock, as well as American blues, folk etc…both the above mentioned groups always refer to the blues and other people coming before them as influences…as far as combining concepts in a field Freud used the medical model and other areas, for example ‘Conversion Hysteria’ is where someone thinks they have a medical condition when the do not and it is in their head instead, and have transferred the notion of a medical ailment to their own mind… surrealists combined things together from mental patients and creative ideas, why that is due to logic and reason and the morality of the day did not stop world war one so they went to extreme behaviour thought and vision including these in their art to create a new style of behaviour thought and vision
type in google: photo memories in box before 1940's and see that no story in our time has this as an original notion i just put this in a story the idea of photos in a box and i have had a number of them since i was little...go to the 2. then 3. in the google list and then to the fourth item down "Crawfords, El Monte, Ca 1940's. Crawfords, El Monte, Ca 1940's by A Box of Pictures. " it is even called by some a memory box and that is the title of a film but my story is simply different no one ever took out pictures or photos or drawings of people from some container of just lying there to be looked at in a story before? it is not a new idea in real life...
-it is time some stopped speaking against me much of what i think has been said is pute slander

-i never said the fellow was not caught over the assault i did not say that i said i think his being in the industry may be a payoff for attempting to entrap a passerby who had nothing to do with it who was just riding his bicycle around they had twisted this around i said i saw a car
-curved roofs in Asia, the clock made up of concrete or stone that actually curves upwards in India while it has been on travel shows I have seen it in other things…’Insight‘ book, vol 2, in Babylonian section: Esther and the curved part of the upper portion above the opening/doorway; p. 954 ceiling beams curve downwards in the palace of Ashurnasirpal…the indoor bicycle race track that curves upwards in a circle, roads that slant upwards in Quebec city, ditches and inclines in gardens bordered by hedges like floor and walls that predates any kind of tv show, the Fort Malden, Amherstburg Ontario, the walls of the fort that are simply hills now slope and curve upwards and how many times have we seen it since children…and bowling alleys at the end where the pins are curves up and I had been in alleys from a child up, and when my nephews were small.
-on the tribute to the comic the one comic who spoke at the tribute with the everything is going to go wrong, those were actually derived from my own words and some of them were my words the winged comic stole them and gave them to the other
-the edition of ‘Brave New World’, Huxley, 1931, Granada 1980, the novel back and front cover has great big black and red words on white background, Life and Look magazines the large letters on the front on the picture even of scenes with buildings etc., the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ album cover of Elton John different style and size fonts so the idea of the use of such large letters in the manner in which they have it was not theirs
’Old Man Mountain’ there is a face on the mountain in Jasper and I was not referring to Mount Rushmore, it has been there since time began
-I never said I hurt anyone all I have been trying to say is that what I said was taken out of context and making it look like I meant something else I have explained this enough and I never stated what protest letter I wrote I was trying to say it would not be hard for someone to forge something from material from another person’s residence and I never confessed to any wrongdoing I do not have a record and I have never harmed anyone and I have repeatedly stated this is all slander by the same people
-as far as the assault I think it may have been a set up to entrap me being in the area of course I never saw anything taking place but bringing the person into the industry may be a pay off for that but to implicate someone else with a crime of a different nature was in grade school is a rumour someone made up and I indicated the other fellow has brought this up before for stories but just the other night they did and two people including one who stole from me (the one promoted in the story) and one I know has caused me some trouble who is new to it playing the computer person, brought this up again in connection with sight, eyes, this is a false rumour and a cruel one at that
-you must not have seen the person depicted in the proof: ‘This Fabulous Century, 1900-1910’, Time-Life Books, 1969, p190, in which the character not an actor playing roles as they tried to make it look like a proof in a documentary but that is later in time in than this, and this book has been in this place since I can remember and since the documentary was simply someone describing the actor becoming the role in life that is not really a proof, since many actors have become the roles they play, but a person depicted as thinking herself in those roles and even in a vision, in ‘Life’, October 1900 to July 1901…p. 152-3, insert photos like one’s I already stated in rounded or square inserts
-the different colours and shapes in a circle or rectangle, where every separate segment means something is from the occult, not that I am into the occult, they tried to say the comic tribute had that first it is an older concept than that
-just because these people pull out old footage does not mean it is the first of its kind, unlike the person who stated I just google and turn up proofs is wrong just see the above and you will see I have most of my references from old university texts, academic journals and papers, serious thinkers and writers in every area I studied and magazines, newspapers, novels etc..
-picture frames, people have been hit over the head with pictures and their heads sticks out of the frame that is not a new idea
-heads together my references go back in time before the thing they had on just now and I showed references further back even with something I forget whether animals or some other thing but it goes back before this one they showed
-the comic is the one who had a character with a the same last name and female form of my first and last name which can also be used for men, he put it out ther
-as far as the assault, I think the fellow was brought in to the industry as payoff for something, whether for this I only suspect, I am concerned about this as a possible payoff for something that may have had the intent to entrap me when I was out there riding my bicycle in the area but had nothing to do with the person assaulting was caught, of course, but since the comic involved with him, since his name was on the same series as this fellow brought in and who had his face on the funeral photo and the fellow with the same name as the city in italy worked with him recently… some people who were on the side of the with the same name as the city in italy and may now not be would know more about that than me even since I am only understanding these things by seeing them working together while I said this is a long time ago it still remains that it seems some plot was laid against me to try to entrap me when I rode by but certainly would have and had no knowledge of what took place until after it was made known in the news…the comic and the actor director/executive director both have either worked with him or have their name on credits to do with him I have not known him but the point is there is I think an attempt to make what I said yesterday look like something other than what I actually said or meant and as far as the thing in the 1970’s I was not there and the other fellow said he was and more than one of us has seen that in the paper and that was covered up they are trying to fob off on me something I had nothing to do with and only mentioned that I did not do that by say oh as if I did it meaning as if I had done it I did not this is not true

-multiple heads I gave instances of this from ancient reliefs in an old Nat Geog book on ancient cities and triadic and double headed gods and animals as far as drugs and this kind of thing it was common sight to people before and during the time the actor is shown to have experienced this...for a similar effect before that actor’s film, ‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, p. 492 Koishi ‘Smile eye drops’, 1930, and multiple heads, this is the same effect not as many heads, and mimicks drugs like lsd and mescaline p. 645 Blulmenfield “What Looks Up’, 1947, and there are others before the chemist found lsd in the form of ‘ghost pictures in the 1800’s even one of Conan Doyle.
-i was trying to say if the comic said he did something [one who is no longer] saying i i meant that is like what i said that it was not anything more than a statement not that he did anything wrong unless they would believe he did just because he said that when that is not what he meant and not to be taken literally that is all i meant, there are those who are taking everything i say and twisting it around

-tether, technical climbing, pounding into the rock a part with a pointed tip that has something that can hold rope or some sort of tether by which climbers can attach to clothing or put around themselves and attach to the climbers below who would also be pounding into the rock a part and so are all tethered together on a large upright surface and if there are other teams they would be around the mountain or part of it …and I think the ancients no doubt had similar means in building and scaling walls during wars…horses tethered to posts or anything with their reins and for farming horses and other animals tethered…animals were tethered together in ancient times for farming, harnessed teams of horses for farming racing as well as ancient chariot racing and war…
-robotic ball, the large red ball in the 1960’s series that seemed to go past people and had a mind of its own and I saw a movie ad for a scary movie that had a ball traveling at a person’s head…satellites travel on their own are remotely controlled and engage in surveillance on planets and other stellar phenomenon, following out planet in its orbit, and not to mention probes, sent no matter what shape into the moon’s surface and the sun, many satellites were nearly spherical in shape and they were and are used for surveillance on people so the idea of something following people around is not to far from that besides they had small flying robots in the form of butterflies and other insects from some time ago …as far as strapping feet down, some types of shoes would have spikes strapped on for work, sports etc., and I think the idea was used for other purposes to the space people did not come up with that
-large letters on buildings in ancient times in Greece Rome and do doubt before and since they did colour their buildings unlike the American government buildings no doubt the letters were in colour too, I have seen depictions and descriptions of colours on ancient buildings...also Life and Look magazine large letters sometimes over top of scenes and building scenes, so I do not think the other fellow came up with that
-The Group is just one name I have for something in my writing, but derives from ‘The Group of Seven’, Canadian iconic painters from early last century we have a collection of their works in the city art collection which I saw when they had the Impressionists paintings shown
-as far as ‘Them’ I don’t think the other fellow’s relatives came up with that how about ‘Us and Them’, Pink Floyd
-Dante, the edition listed here, p. 423 ‘six eyes’
-like I said they have someone in Asia
-when i said i feel like doing something myself i was not referring to having done something to someone else i simply did not like that people thought of me in such a negative manner
-as far as a copy of the person himself in the same setting: Jeff Beck album features himself in a painting and a photo on back and front cover of an album…it is made of cardboard…
-I did not call any ethnic race colour etc. group little or small someone simply is taking things I said and put them together to make it sound like I said some things in the order they put them
-now if the comic had an article in which he gave false data that featured boat smoke stacks and when he tried to say, indirectly through a tribute that I said I did something to someone which I did not and if the tribute said that person who was being recognized was a child prodigy, was the comic saying indirectly he was equal to the film maker, the one who came up with something and the equal to the comic to whom the tribute was for who others considered a child prodigy when he was young…if that were the case he has misused the tribute and the press for promoting himself when both giving false data about himself and false witness

-I accidentally left my story on the C: drive here so someone may have sent it out before I put it on as the last fan fic chapter of one story but they might have also simply got it out to the industry before it was seen by anyone on my fan fic story either way that is my story and I did cite other si fi stories have ideas like that and I was just showing in the notes that the notion has an ancient origin
-I did not say the women I gave the right to represent me or use my material could not I did not want those not authorized nor anyone who has worked with the other people to use my material excepting these women of course
-there was the story where a young girl was killed behind some bushes on a street then the killer someone her age hid away in behind the walls of a house, and the recent story where someone is hit by an object from a field and killed on the street, this is not to far from the first story
-what is the difference between ‘Tell Truth To My Face’ and the ‘Cognitivist’ they both can tell when your lying to them just by looking at you but which came first and considering copying part of another story the second one, and this fact they both cancel each other out for originality
-I see Jethro Tull on what appears to be a tv show which I never saw has a large plastic panel with a dancer on it so the 1980’s proof the comic sought to use is not the first, but my proofs were from ancient times the Biblical Old Testament vehicle with a large area of glass like clear crystal that is between the creatures making noise and the throne above which includes both sound and barrier and proofs from ancient Isreal, the temple, the 1700’s, and 1800,s and the 1960’s album cover with a clear screen the band is in back of and the 1971 cover with two panels to either block or bounce sound off of so my proofs of this are from different sources, the tv show if that is what it was original and as far as enclosures it is not a stadium and the word enclosure but that is what little the comic knows and most of the things he cites as proof from films and tv series with comedy or specials I already cited other proofs before these and before he tried to say he came up with anything...the above panel is not the same idea as a video or film screen on the stage with moving pictures of the band live or other scenes, I did cite a Shakespeare play with this idea [that performers are live on a screen with performers below] that predates the concert in the sixties someone thought had this idea first and I already cited large photo blow ups of the same person on a Life or Look cover and old films with that idea from the 1800’s or early last century which is closer to the above idea…not to mention glass is before plastic so the idea is really from nature in the end, i did say on the originality so far as i know...
-the ancient collapsible temple of the Israelites 40 year sojourn had pillars unattached that along with music fulfills that idea, and a cover with large images of angels on it [there are others through time like an Eastern gathering in Nat Geog with Buddhist deities on them at an outdoor gathering, and a screen or veil separating the Most Holy from the rest of it that would have accompanying music that is what this is about not something with a screen and ancient ceremony but it is just one proof from before the middle ages-Dante’s ‘Inferno’ p. 10, introduction by John D. Sincair, 1939, “[on stories of ancient and middle age origins] he re-imagined them” I have not simply reimagined stories but I have shown how some stories are reimagined in ways like using the future or going into a different time zone etc…
-the collapsible temple predates any collapsible space vehicle
-Joe Chill comic book character so how original is the local musician here with the word chill in it
-lawyers wear capes in countries with parliaments and they are crusaders so how original is something from the 1980's
-i mentioned Buckminister Fuller's rounded ball buildings with rounded floors or outer shell at least and the Ontario place when it opened in the year or two it started was round and had a giant screen we watched a film no doubt music was heard in there so the idea of curvature in a structure with music was not new and that is one other source for this independent of things people are trying to put 1960's, and Ph That Luang curved ceiling, like many other old building, in ruins in the 1500's rediscovered 1867, and still neither concept of curved ceiling or floor or base of a building is new so i do not see the criticism against that on a stage...besides the criticism is after what was out there...

-i am still in support of one who has a boyfriend, of all her endeavors, that is all
-the Arch of Triumph of France, curvature...the Canadian memorial to the soldiers in France at Vimy Ridge, curvature of support underneath a statue, we have seen it through the years in the media, books on World War One which i think at least one of the books i listed had this
-i have not spoken against people who are Black
-i mentioned Philo T. Farnsworth, i also used a handle Philo earlier there was a philosopher named Philo and another in history with the name, the name was also used in an old detective series of a copy cat 'detective' who had a theory, ELP did a cover of the theme...Sherlock Holmes had let Scotland Yard take credit for cases he solved so the Acolyte series is a copy cat of that idea
-i did not mention anyone's size i did mention the first cucumber in my garden that had a good size
- i meant that i did not want anyone using my ideas who worked with the other fellow and was still in support of him or who supports him period...that is all i meant
-the Ontario Place curved structure with film screen and music when it opened after that i was in it
-Daguerre used for shows for illumination a large transparent canvas painted on both sides so this is an early form literally a screen
-dollhouse is that not a term for a children's toy and comes before any title so i do not see the need for concern over use of the term
-going into the audience to play an instrument Hungarian Roma (Gypsy old term) performers have done this probably since they first started playing
-i already showed a stage from a centuries ago that came out into the audience the stage was long before runways the audience simply surrounded it
-the notion of disintegration into particles was not the main idea it was nitrogen and that made it do that and that is scientific fact before film...all a film did was who disintegration into ticker tape parts much like a fire cracker would and sand itself if blown disintegrates if in any shape into small dot like particles that comes before pixels
-Huxley, Brave New World (BNW) p. 68 edition cited earlier, ‘electric sky signs shut off…outer darkness…facade …of the new Abby…giant letters glared…scent and colour organ…on the domed ceiling of the hall [it created a] sunset…sunrise…though the separating screen of sky signs…dissolved…’
on BNW, it is a parody of the corporate world and its unusual after hours activities long before any comedy writer’s project, I have referred to BNW for how long here and on the other fan fic site
-ibid, p. 74 ‘Greater Being repeated , so taken with the voice and description: the tearing point was reached’ not as in ripping apart but as in tear drops
ibid p. 136-7 ‘firey letters stood out’ p. 149 “when…mimed by the Savage, Juliet cried out.’
-circular circus tents with poles and supports showing in lights etc., ‘This Fabulous Century’ series has circus material in it and I have cited this series for a while now
-madmen taking over world I already mentioned this Napolean Alexandre Hitler Nimrod in the Bible all the people were there…satellites, I have covered this topic fairly well, National Gegraphic [Nat Geog] and as far as photos from different angles the 1800’s stereoscopes with two pictures from different angles
-the horses in concentric circles in a musical movie has the exact same scene in a poster from ‘This Fabulous Century’ series and as far as the three times viewed same scene from different distances, I think if you take a look at the history of microscopes magnification of different distances I think came before that movie as well as things like this: ‘This Fabulous Century’, photo of something similar ‘This Fabulous Century 1870-1900’ p. 144; p. 108-9. p. 268-9., p. 249 different scenes in boxes seen in same picture; p. 215…p. 121 see ad ‘Imperial’, just one instance of modern and ancient characters mixed together, I cited others earlier, hands
-as far as things sliding on stages: if I recall ‘The Newly Wed Game’ had the contestants slide in a box with seats into place…industry had this kind of thing long before that as well as observatories with moving parts inside and the openings for the telescopes and as far as people sliding past in formation, football did that and military shows and maneuvers did that as well long before the 1960’s…elevator doors sliding, the Da Vince sliding stages coming togther
-Universal World Reference Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedic Library Inc, N.Y., Consolidated Pub. Chicago 1946 vol. 13.1 top page heading Robinson ‘A singing robot with baton’ so speaking robot concept before 1960’s [I am not putting down any use of it I am just saying it would be alright for this in the 2000’s];
-ibid. vol 19.20 picture section n ‘Wonders of Science and Invention’ picture of electrically operated robot
-ibid. vol 5.6 Crystal picture ‘a crystal sphere last half of the 19 th century
-ibid. vol 5.6 Daguerre used large transparent screen, above but this is also in books from before the 1990’s internet
-ibid. vol 11.12 Post Impressionism, conveyor belt
-ibid. vol 1.2 Automobile see the building with concentric rings rounded structure so the who idea of rounded stage is not really an unfamiliar idea
-ibid. vol 1.2Alabastar and jar Egypt, two headed/handled goose
-ibid. vol 1.2 Abu-Simbel Ramsese 2, same face like Nat Geog but from a 1940’s book
-ibid. vol 3.4 under Blindess picture close up of hands reading Braille
-ibid. vol 3.4 3 headed Brahma same face
-ibid. in the series a few picture with prehistoric creatures and men in same scenes
-ibid. in Radio section panels at Radio City Hall top near ceiling with what seem to be speakers but goes across in venues with screens, these are books I have been looking at since I can remember.. s lot of the ideas for screens that I saw on something were coloured and not clear and I also stated it was I who had seen the Nat Geog and someone simply got that out there first but I knew how it got on there a
-someone flew off roof, what I wrote as I had put it online was off a mountain, besides did not Dickens have people fly in one story and Angels in human form fly
-‘A World History of Photography’, p. 471 598. Alexander Rodchenko novi LEF, August 1928, Magazine cover Ex Libris N.Y., who I have referred to many times and from different sources, note the foreheads together…just one of many sources as I said but the other fellow and the comic do not have a monopoly on this posture by two
-there is a picture in the above book of a giant with the head off so the idea was not new
-I already mentioned Fred Astair so anything shown recently the past few days I have seen before
-I already mentioned mirror used in production of children’s show from the 1800’s or early last century ‘This Fabulous Century’ series and I showed from film this use of mirrors and from one of the art books I cited the Arlofini if I recall the name something like that the mirror in the background reflects the scene and therefore is like 2 times the magnification or from different distances or different sized views
-scene with either face or object the same size as buildings I have given references including films, photos and in the inside front and back covers, two angelic beings moving a train and as large as buildings with the quote Johnny Carson used to use
-sci fi show with poles with lights going down shown recently do they not do that in racing with lights…and as far as lights going off and on in pattern and up or down or in different patterns: they did that in another era as well as neon lights last century and if you were to stand florescent lights on end that would be a column and Tesla had something like that
-lights in filaments are seen in undersea creatures so the mask the one woman had in something has its counter part in nature and as far as the torch with an light in it at the top not a flame but a diamond like rock: light bugs with the light that goes on and off at night in their abdomen, so God and nature had that…and optic glass cables with light being passed through them..
-the lone character against the company government bank James Stewart movie so that is one influence
-all synthesizers band: Billy Preston
-male name with female equivalence, the comic used my last name as well
-as far as the assault someone was caught which defeats any false claim against anyone else the comic and the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy both worked with someone as I said…besides if a story about college people, this took place past my college days and the only place I was rooming with others was up in resort hotels, before that time, where I worked and there is no record of any trouble of that nature in that time…the only thing like it when I studied any of the subjects I took was when a foreign student had that happen, it turned out to be one of their own…the eyes I have used in stories and I mentioned blotting paper now I in high school had drops in my eyes but for an eye doctors appointment is the only type of drops used anyone else would know about and I was never part of any type of group on campus with rituals and initiation rites, and since a comic is on the show that had that story and since one of people acting against me is a comic, I have to draw the conclusion he is trying to implicate me when he is the one who worked with the one referred to above but why would he do that do they have some reason for that?
-old wooden ships with curved floor and bottom and in Dickens the ship for a roof and churches with curved roofs etc...before the 1960's-1970's

-I said I would support the one who has a boyfriend still and she can still represent me and use my writing that is what I meant, i did not want someone misinterpreting that that is all i meant-‘Insight’ vol 1 p.764 “the king looked over the screen that intervened…and could see the queen waiting for an audience.” In the palace where in the Book of Esther in the Bible…
-ministers and reply in Catholic ceremonies
-Chinese lanterns are like small square of other shaped columns with the flame inside like an illuminated column with the flame inside it many of them comes before 1960’s stage sets
-hanging curtains from doorway entryway some with beads evokes sense of lights going up and down and exercise ropes in gym that hang from the top down and more than one that the person using goes from the floor up it to reach the top we had them in our gym in grade school, that and it has a stage at one end these are two sources for the idea of hanging cables with light in them beside fibre optic cables and no one ever saw rope cable or any type of hanging string going down from a ledge roof…willow trees hanging branches have the same idea…seaweed up from below in waves illuminated by sunlight coming down…there are other ideas like this…I think someone took the hanging idea of something and made it sound like I was talking about something else
-I said I should not have said that, the above, is what I was referring to I did not know how original it was for there are so many things that come before anything especially in connection with shows
-cars are driven or carts in sports to carry the player a distance and vehicles have been used in shows before I realize that but this was a different idea and the idea I had earlier was someone on top of a prop that was moved by a vehicle but I think parades had that idea before 1960’s shows with floats I think also now that I think of it I did see a lot of shows in the 1960’s but the comic would not have been born yet and I am older than the other fellow so he is simply getting others to find things for him that they can find or remember and before that in another century anything moved by some thing would be by horses ‘This Fabulous Century, 1910-1920’, Time-Life Books, 1969, p. 14-15.
-the fair would have rides like Coney Island and that is where the idea in the story came from
-besides vacuums that have clear plastic with material being blown throw them there are displays for special event or everyday that has paper or something else blowing through them by fans and the idea of canisters with documents blowing up a tube these are examples of where some of these idea come from
-tracks were used on sets before the 1960’s for film so photographers and cameras can travel in circles around or in lines and that goes back quite a ways and maybe they have been used since then for concerts this is just my take on the idea-fans have been used on film sets for wind effect and large fans from industry and they probably were used not for the wind but to cool performers off before they were used for wind effects in concerts…..
-while some of these things were seen on documentaries recently I already saw them in this book and have been using the book from before the recent documentaries were on but they were in documentaries on entertainment in past years, I think the comic may have simply thought he has been using them he thinks before me, yet many proofs have come from other sources before film, nevertheless I have been using: ’Silent Movies’, Niel Sinyard for quite a while on the two fan fic sites:
p. 125 masks
p. 111 I already used Buster Keaton and mirrors
p. 14 Edwin Porter directs at Edison Studio note the supports pipes and window made to look curved at the back, remember if I used this book as proof before I have seen all these before here somewhere after 1900 and Edison and Lumiere brothers I have referred to before
-heads inside frames: p. 38 but I already showed something from before
-p. 59 monkey with Perl White Perils of Pauline I referred to this before but the monkey I said came from a Tull album cover based on a painting before our era
p. 175 ‘Man Of A Thousand Faces’ parody of another
-Buster Keaton in the pipe above the people is preceded by Dickens character in the chimney
opium den but I already listed this book for proofs and for opium dens etc. Sherlock Holmes, De Quincy et all in this regard
-wind machine AND concerts before 1950's : typing this in i think you will see the idea was before our time but i already showed this in the fan fic story notes, and i think i mentioned it earlier, a year or more ago over something... i am simply acknowledging other things...not to mention the sound of wind was used in Richard Strauss 'An Alpine Symphony', and any type of storm in music or film has had wind, the 'Oz' story etc., so whether music or other in our time it is not a novel idea so that is why i have gone into some other references for it...but as i said i already discussed this..also the wind is depicted in many stories series and in tv docs the use of wind machines in concert halls historically has been shown so the idea is really not are my references
-i have not made any statements against any group or anyone that is negative except for statements over those who have been causing trouble for myself and others and i never said anything about i should not have said that, which i meant only that i was concerned over what i wrote on the use of fans in concerts, however i have shown my proofs

-portal term used in Poe poem, ‘The Sleeper’
-tall lanterns used for anything in the West and East…the light sword/laser weapon in ‘Star Wars’
-pretenders to any throne in any age, they think they are the person of prestige as those who are acting out a play in real life
sliding by slot in floor: each player in a hockey toy/game has his position, and is moved by a knob at the end of the arena box and each player turns it and moves it forwards and backwards while twirling it side by side to hit the sliding puck and they go forward while other players go back, the players are metal or plastic are tin/metal cut outs of the players the white surface mimics the ice
-thumbs and toes of leaders and soldiers cut in ancient times who were prisoners of war
-the ‘Insight’ book and the depiction of Ashurnasirpal’s palace has musicians and servants with fans so the concept is thousands of years old. I already cited this depiction
p. 283 ‘The Music of Man’ Menhuin and Davis, [I saw the series on tv an old doc but I’ve seen the book earlier in time as well…] the Beatles could ‘send up their own image’ in films…p. 128 bellows and organ so the notion of wind and music is old and combined in the instruments themselves
ibid. p. 273 ‘The Canadian Quartet’ while the synthesizers are nearly together they are not quite and I am thinking of them in rows joined together-‘The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music’, Hindley 1971, p. 213 the stands of sheet music are joined together so is like the idea I had concerning the fan fic and synthesizers and since rock bands have had on opposite sides keyboards and since organs and keyboards in old times have been joined together these are enough proofs
p. 155 pillars statues and multiple scenes magnified in the interior
-p. 131 bottom beneath instrument curved pedestal
-p. 104 bellows of 150’s organ wind and music and bagpipes and wind blown the concept of wind and music is an ancient one
-p. 266 hand of Beethovan
-‘Nicola Tesla A Spark of Genius’, Dummermuth-Costa, Lerner Pub. Co. 1994 p. 76 screens used during a show
p. 35 curved portion of apparatus from ground the idea is before the 1960’s and I already used this as a reference
-‘The Symphony Orchestra and its Instruments’ Kurckenberg p. 80 Davis conducting Benjamin Brittain’s ‘War Requiem’ note poles are illuminated and by the left the top sticking out abaove the performers…p. 76 canopy over organ
De Witt sketch of Shakespeare platform [I already cited two books this was in: platform-like stage sits on supports above ground and comes out into the audience like a runway or part of the stage jutting out into the audience this is in Shakespeare’s time and is a forerunner of the idea
-‘An Abaris Companion of Opera’ Eaton, 1980. I already had this as a reference:
p. 418 ribbons/filaments coming down from top moved by movement of performers -p. 473 illuminated pillars -p. 201 stars as backdrop
p. 472 stage machinery for Wagner’s ‘Ring’ prop with people on top and at bottom moving cart/vehicle
p. 246 lights illuminating fixture like pillars and up and dome
p. 460 screen -p. 461 stars -p. 330 clear screen
p. 315/126 runway like goes throughout before 1960’s
p. 120 before the burning men in cage episode of the showing of those looking for artifacts on pub tv show up here
-p. 300-301 curved metal structure goes above as well
-p. 268/272 screen/curtain
p. 258
p. 251 ramp [I am only concerned if the people against me are using this idea they think from 1960’s)
p. 174 screen –p. pixilated-like photo –p. 116 lighted pillars/poles in row and multiple image projecting outward from back 1952 and p. 195 repeated image of curved motif, 1937 –p. 104 screen -p. 284 -p. 126 platform/runway before 1960’s in 1947 –p. 191 platform on supports above stage –p. 342. patterned clear screen before
-the reason why a fan is important to me is because i use one all the time indoors in hot weather and i used to put one on me in the factory to clear the smoke from steel when spot welding on the line and it was fairly large and that was decades ago
-the fans in the floor are a different idea than fans off to the side...wind machines use in prayer [which is a vocalization/sound] in Tibet and China 4 th century ...statue turned by the wind 8 th century Bahgdad, which is for art and a show of sorts, which in palaces indoors with statues and automata gave a show

-first, someone was at the same computer that was used to hack in and get the file I made earlier a few months ago, so if anyone has anything identical to what I wrote it was mine
-Poe, ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ “I had fettered him to granite…a short chair…padlock…links about his waist…withdrawing the key [he will not find or feel for the key]
-‘Inferno’, p. 299 notes for Canto 24 note 4. “kind of chalcedony supposed to make its wearer invisible.” Dante (1265-1321)
-people have played instruments in vehicles in cars trains buses boats and even in subway cars radios or even instruments, the subway cars being linked together, whether in real life, or in film tv concerts etc., even double decker British buses where the buses have a top joined to the bottom, Titanic when the musicians are playing at the end and throughout, ancient barges of queens and kinds music played, and in fairs or fairs depicted in tv variety shows on rides and as far as all synthesizer bands Huxley has an all synthesizer band that blows the jazz band away….not to mention fairs have always had music hear on rides so i think my fan fic idea is not to far from that not to mention there have been act at concerts where people are up high and with some sort of platform that people play on i think Bowie had that and Rick Wakeman played on a mountain and the speaker and lighting system people have stood on a mass concerts like Woodstock so i do not think what i have put is all that new so here are my sources for such ideas
-’Silent Movies’, Niel Sinyard, p. 61.
-i have Poe as a reference for so many things...
-MY FAN FIC STORY FOR TSCC IS FOR SUPPORT FOR THE NEW SHOW THE ONE IS ONE, i have said she can still represent me and my writing and ideas but otherwise i have nothing to do with her...this is so no one can say anything about my puttting stories on she can use.

-I was defending against something mid-century not later
-the 1800’s throwing into the water or flung is not the same as dropping into the water, it was not a keepsake nor was it a jewel…and precious object…as I explained earlier, we all have a tendency to drop things from a height and watch them go down, or into water…sometimes we fling stones or skip stones from the beach into the water so that in itself is not a new idea and many drop precious objects into the water or not precious objects but coins into fountains and watch them close up as they go down so it is a common enough thing…the ancient divination into a vessel or into a larger body of water was to drop a jewel into the water and watch it go down and watch it till it drops below the surface to watch how it goes down or to watch the ripples or waves that it produces and so divine the nature of what they are trying to find out…I cited the magazine from which this information was obtained and it dates back thousands of years so the idea is ancient and the taking of something and throwing from off of oneself or others is common enough, or anything in hand…the two ideas combined make up the one notion…not to mention the 1800’s story is just before a storm the later notion is not the thing from mid-century, which I do not know if it was edited in to throw me off the object in question was not a keepsake and many people drop things like that off into the water and it is not anything to do with memory nor was it anything anyone else would want to dive down to retrieve
the reason why I mentioned this is because the other fellow has a supporter on public tv up here and was using the mid-century thing against the thing I am defending
-most of the things I discussed on screens and glass etc., came before some of the recent public tv specials see the above and you will see opera had many of these things first
-from faces on pillars, which I did not discuss you can see that every New Years on the public tv special in Vienna
-can conform to any shape I already mentioned the swine which wanted Christ to let the demons enter into and the rod of Moses in the Bible and the movie ‘The Ten Commandments’ turns into a snake then back and for a time seems to be like liquid transforming itself into the two things it shape-shifting from one thing into another…
-clear screens, I showed somethings from earlier than the public tv shows and stars as background of stage: hundreds of years ago
-notion of taking photos and film through glass isn’t that a common thing they do for shading etc., besides the notion of through glass: ‘Through a Glass Darkly’, 2006… ‘Through a Glass Deadly: [on drugs]’, 1999…looking through rose colored glasses old term, films, like Hitchcock through glasses shot to see reflected image and what is behind…I do not think the other fellow came up with that idea
-the notion of the clear runway box shaped is different from the ones standing up in some old footage they are not on the ground and not runways and not filled up and the screens I listed come before the ones on that recently shown…
-‘Magicians of Light’, National Gallery of Canada, 1993 p. 198 Cecil Beaton, ‘Marlene Dietrich’ herself with herself, a copy of her
-‘A World History of Photography’, Rosenbaum, p. 528, plate 676 Friedlander, ‘Cincinnati, oHio’, 1963 image through glass
ibid. p. 274 just to show the Arbuckle frame was not the only one in the early days, plate 324, ‘In Memory of…’, 1913
-ibid. p. 271 Eugene A. plate 319, 1925, reflection of street shot through window
-‘Photography an illustrated history’, 2002, see Contents page, Edgerton Harold, 1964: in real life the concept of an exploding object into particles is a real phenomenon; in this case it is too show it is an objective physical/scientific phenomenon, and comes before any depiction, however it comes before ticker tape shapes in explosion and being particles in this photo shows the phenomenon is not in the shape of squares but of particles as I indicated previously
-ibid. p. 85 Lewis Hines poster, 1915
-ibid. p. 80 1910 concept of separate photos of different groups of people was not new to tv or film -ibid p. 64. de Meyer, ‘Still Life’ 1906, picture through glass to the other side of image n other side
-ibid. p. 37, 193
-department stores have been around since I can remember and while I used the term like an aquarium for clear but filled with elements moving [see fan fic story for the notes on this and the description in the story] but the clear cases box shaped were in department stores containing objects for display since music is a mainstay of such stores I don’ think I am doing anything that unusual but they are in the story on the ground not above and standing up like on public tv but then again my references for such things go back before that…
-‘Before Hollywood from Shadow Play to the Silver Screen’, Paul Clee, 2005 Houghton Mifflin, p. 32 frame around large film screen it says ’96 I think that must be 1896
-while there is a head detached from body the publication date of this book is later than that of my edition with the detached head and arms still moving and holding himself up by his hair, of Dante’s ‘Inferno’, which I listed previously
-ibid. p. 76 shooting from center to target, any references I had were earlier to the Bible…
-I already mentioned Muybridge’s camera’s in a row for photos of horse running, they are in a row here with a similar scene to what I meant for the rows of synthesizers but they are not connected together and they are not instruments
-p. 74 this is a toy and not a film, no one introduces it [the film with someone coming out is not part of the film, ‘The Ten Commandments’, and they are not photos even, but scenes depicted besides puppet shows would be the forerunner of this with a stage and curtains and some would be set on stages…Daguerre and depictions and other sources I had for ideas
-ibid. p. 47 screens for shows before 1960’s before 20 th century

-ibid. p. 165 stages comes out into audience
-ibid. p. 23 the small theater forerunner was puppet show...i did mention toys would be first for a lot of things

-just responding to something put out there nothing against the project, just defending other things: -they were talking about automated houses appliances etc. before the 1970’s…just to show that that too had its influences
-‘Wuthering Heights’ built in 1500’s…parchment relating curse ‘The Hound of the Baskerville’s’…voice from another room, intercom in BNW…drug effects from the person experiencing it there were drug films and series that had that, like ‘Ironside’ episode, there was a movie where people turn into macabre looking person on LSD I already referenced that…and either LIFE or LOOK or some other magazine had what you see on it as an picture…’Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’, if I recall that is the title drug effects seen and another movie I stated the actors name earlier
-person appears, then disappears, [I am not defending the whisper one] but Christ appears then is not there.
-as far as creatures enlarged and encountering humans, the Bible uses figuratively this idea, that angelic cavalry men on horses described as locusts and in the movie ‘The Ten Commandments’ the beetle-god is a statue that is large and is in the main area where Pharaoh and his wife sit in the same room where the falcon-god is so from thousands of years to 1956…
-Ezekiel digs through in the Bible to the other side to be seen by others
-the wall built with the person knocked out and walled-in in Poe’s ‘A Cask of Amontillado’, but it really is based on other fictional and real life stories from old times
-I already gave references for things that go on and off automatically and one of those came before the project referred to ‘2001 Space Odessey’…the Bible the bush on Mount Sinai burns by itself
-I listed a number of things were someone is harassed by someone they cannot see or events in the past: King Saul in the Bible is sent a bad spirit by god and David is haunted by his having killed Urijah, I have already discussed some of these things
-sending something in the future to oneself, time capsules by city leaders and others to open at a future date they will still be alive on like a millennium date 2000 and in the Bible John gives or is given a future prediction he writes down making in part his prediction in his writing to the people of his and every other time from then on in every present generation
-I was not talking about an imax screen and I found screens on stage were used in the 1800’s as the last references show
-Christ said ‘destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up’, which while figuratively put contains the notion of raising up a building and since he was removed from the place where he died to the tomb and raised up in the same body he could be said to have figuratively been as the temple of his body his temple was raised back up removed to a new location…Herod rebuilt the temple at Jerusalem brought materials in but as the old temple…the ancient temple of the Israelites in the wilderness is replaced by a permanent one but is modeled on the other containing angels on the walls like the angels on the cover of the temporary one and a ‘Most Holy’ portion divided from the rest of it…have not statues and parts of buildings ancient been removed from one location and rebuilt piece by piece into the original on another like the frieze of the Parthenon and the temple of Zeus
-Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’, 1970, tells about temporary structures builds on place and taken to another, ibid. p. 61-61 buildings that can open up and close up ‘to form any configuration desired’, I do not know if the other fellow is claiming that I am simply saying he if he did did not come up with it… the same with virtual screens the image projected from an apparatus is hundreds of years old so the concept was already out if the other fellow is claiming that I am simply saying he if he did did not come up with it, there I am not…
-my material is influenced by other things and I have cited them I do not copy things I showed how things differ in other things I have defended those who are on my side
-‘Before Hollywood from Shadow Play to the Silver Screen’, Paull Clee, 2005 Houghton Mifflin, is this not the last name of something in comedy, and you people complain about me when I list my sources
-‘Photography an illustrated history’, 2002, see Contents page, Edgerton Harold, there is a close up of a drop it is in a lot of books magazines etc…
-there have been many times we have seen grand pianos and other pianos close together and there are many musicians who can play more than one instrument at the same time I don’ think it was invented in the 20 the century
-people moving with the instrument, I think you might consider floats and roaming players in parades as well-something from the sky falling on someone, I think film in studios came before any tv show, rain, leaves, snow and if they are indoors the elements falling would probably be following them around…besides the old saying is ‘one has a cloud following them around’, either they are in a foul mood or else something about them is following them around or guilt are some trouble; I have seen cartoons with this idea…Wagner’s Ring the rainbow bridge and I am sure other productions of Opera etc.-the cake like stage set up with different levels, while it could be the ‘Step Pyramid’ in ancient Egypt I also have mentioned ancient Babylon Mesopotamia before of course the Ziggurat with the multiple levels with increasingly smaller squares with the smaller temple on top came before...
-I had an idea to drop a ball with the hand extended out so it smashes on the ground whether it was used or not I do not know
-as far as stages with ships I think you might consider Shakespeare’s ‘Antony And Cleopatra’: the play according to ‘The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works’, 1998, states that it was preceded by with realistic props and scenery by Dryden’s version 1678, I would imagine this may include ship scenery but I don’t think it was not before the 20 th century with ships on stages or parts of them or docks, I remember a singer from Britain had ‘Sitting on the Dock of a Bay’ and the setting was a dock I think in the 1960’s…this is just one considering ships in movies in the silent era, Shakespeare’s story has servants following and fanning Cleopatra and Pompey’s Galley scene
-Daguerre’s use of shadows and shadow puppet shows in Asia, there was a show featuring that type of thing on the film about the Chinese Revolution
-the jewel if followed down into the water and goes beyond the above Edgerton shot
-as far as in one’s image and God created man in his own image
-how many still photos from early photography have people with umbrella’s etc…same idea as above…the weather the back drop what protective clothing is recreated in the studio

-a room made of amber made by Frederick the First, Prussia, given to Peter the Great, Russia and put up since it was in pieces to be assembled, by Catherine the Great and later hidden when the Nazis came and sent piece by piece again to Konigsberg on the Baltic, and not found again, so the idea of a place made put up taken down and assembled and packed up was not new to the 1970’s…and since the kings an Queens of Prussia and Russia had castles and mansions it is not too far from the notion
-the only reason why some explanation may be explained in a certain way or their way is different than mine is that they change what I originally wrote to make it sound like they wrote it
-Theater of Ephesus still exists and has a rounded stage
-red is sometimes a royal colour even carpets covering the stairs up to a throne would be red, as in the depiction of the ‘Insight’ book in the Babylonian Empire, where the red steps up to the throne with an audience between the King and Esther is red and is a depiction based on the history of it…the steps in ‘Gone With The Wind’ are red if I recall
-Josephus ‘Antiquities of the Jews’ Book 7 chapter 3, ‘he also had veils of blue and purple and scarlet’, on Solomon.
-if the people putting out docs on either one’s own career or on the history of film and music are the one’s doing the research what is the point of ‘proofs’ of the people trying to say they came up with anything…

-the reason why i said i have not been speaking against other groups of colour race ethnicity etc is because someone keeps trying to say i
do that is all
-something like 'langela's eye' the other fellow was involved in is that not like a movie title with the name laura..something to do with eyes
-some more titles that are so original the other fellow has been involved with: 'Gimme Shelter' 'Roman Holiday' 'Hell is other people': i know he has not read Sartre's 'Being ;and Nothingness', 'Fit Punishment', is that for something he will get or got already, maybe by stealing some old relic writing of mine... in the knight he rides with a take on the comedy with a car by a different about his person who sharpens knives, say is that not a scene in 'Far From the Madding Crowd'
-as far as the comic i just found with easy access for thieves some of the things i wrote down that i said i came up with all of a sudden he says he came up with of course this is from a man with a mentor with whom he is as thick as a thief
-clear upright glass square shaped from museums in the 1800's

-poem ciii by Tennyson d. 1892 in a dream sees the dead alive “The man we loved was there on deck”
-I had a duplicate of somethings of one place in another place to do with sci fi I a already stated this though
-H. G. Wells ‘Time Machine’, p. 272 of the edition listed earlier, ‘Jamming myself molecule by molecule into whatever lay in my way and
bringing my atoms [exploding into new dimensions]’…having read that it reminds me of Leibniz monads the units of all things that can be made into all things and the ancient Greeks atomic theory, so these ideas are from ancient times to recent times: the notion of drugs dispersing the body into a fluid form is both descriptive from people in modern synthetic hallucinations and from naturally occurring substances but as I pointed out the idea seems exemplified by Moses rod turning into a snake which can be see in the movie ‘The Ten Commmandments’ and the Bible itself from which the notion stem
-the provincial public broadcaster has pictures of children without anything on and I think since the person associated with the other fellow is someone behind programming maybe that should be investigated the one project of a drawing of someone though the model is an adult that project was made before the recent law being instituted…
-again Wells has a museum like but not exact ‘latter-day South Kinsington’ so the other fellow who used my idea certainly did not come up with it derived from this…however this is not where I got it I just wrote it down…but it proves he did not come up with duplicate rooms or scenery
google images page 8. 'ten theremin Orchestra at Carnegie Hall 1930's
-‘Illustrated Encyclopedia of Opera’ Peter Gammond, Peerage Books, 1979, 1986: p. 186. smaller stage on stage…p. 162. city backdrop stage 1909…p. 91. Haydn, shipwreck on island 1779 the idea of something to do with ships and concerts is old
ibid. 84. runway into a crowd of the players but the idea is before the 1960’s depiction finale Halery’s ‘La Juive’ “as it was, scene at Covent Garden, July 1850”
’Abaris Opera’ [see full title elsewhere] Ships and concert stages: p. 463. p. 233, p. 158, ships p. 442 ‘Flying Dutchman, p. 244, p. 25,
p. 305
-ibd. p. 330 Strauss opera set not the glass…p. 432. not the screen in Shakespearean Opera production depicted n 1893
-‘Before Hollywood’, Clee, the Edison studio ‘Black Maria’ had a revolving stage so camera surround shots in circle idea is before a lot of things
"The runway is a decidedly Parisian idea, forming in 19th-century France.", google and 'the history of runway modelling' Thomas, J."
-'Kansas City Jazz: From Ragtime to Bebop-A HIstory, Driggs , Haddix, p. 38., "couple promenaded on the plank walkway stepping to..Smith's concert [1914 or around there, the description at least of runway/walkway/plank comes before 1960's...of course as i said the plank is an older idea in itself
-the comic's hair changed from dark to all grey in just one year or is that to make him look more mature to be taken seriously as an author...

-'Classical Music' Eyewitness Companions, DK Books, Burrows, 2004, p. 49. 'Medieval Nobles Dancing in Garden', performers are playing on raised platform/walkway/runway that surrounds the crowd...or the crowd can go around it it would seem...i think i already put this one down from a different source
ibid. p. 108, does not the head look like a cartoon head but i don't think the cartoon had it first...
-from 'Opera what is all the screaming about', R. Eglander 1986, Bayreuth, orchestra pit the curved portion above performers, p. 122

-the one cartoon like character with the horn/projections on its head I mentioned, I knew the one cartoon on the tube was not the originator of that I had made a scribble like it which is how I knew that but I did not claim it as mine I simply asked if it was theirs, besides since the thing like it is about the sea they had it in an aquarium
’Color Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments, 1980, [in ancient times people played more than one instrument at a time] p. 47 5 th century b.c. p. 48-9 1 st century/460 b.c. p. 250 horn and drum played p. 36. double shawm players 1410 b.c. p. 254
-the moving screens in my fan fic are not some other apparatus in music like speakers, besides I showed the Da Vince moving stages two parts coming together and other props form other eras that move and the light above the building comes in through the ceiling down like an x-ray…it is not just light on the top of the building, the clear runway-parts in the fan fic are also not clear instruments, like the ‘glass guitar’ the ‘spirit' in the song I mentioned the album it is contained earlier from the 1970’s...
-p. 59 ‘The Enchanted Isle 1848 depiction of stage and ship, I will put the book down later I did not write the source but here is the picture
-of course I forgot about Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’…I forgot about the rounded stage of ‘The Globe’ of the Shakespearean stage in Britain…
-now I forgot about two that had a ruffled shirt and how about the next batter up not to mention the other fellow did not study the Nietszchean’s philosophy
-horn/projections on the fact is I did not publish this they did
-from ‘Opera what is all the screaming about?”, Englander, 1986, the orchestra pit in Bayreuth not the curved portion above players below the stage, p. 122
-Tennyson d. 1892, ‘In Memorium’, [if I spelled that properly my copy is back at home] poem ciii in a dream he see the dead alive ‘the man we loved was there on deck” Oxford University Press, 1959…and in another place the impression of the one dead was something like ‘flashed on mine’ onto his own person…

-disembodied hand: ‘Beowulf’
-Toffler, ‘The Third Wave’, 1980, p. 269. ‘The Do-It-YourSelfer’
-ibid. p. 173-5 term for our homes/environment etc., “‘The intelligent environment’” when machines, appliances and even the walls are programmed to speak [various people on jobs;] as a voice tells from the machine tells them, step by step…”
-I showed a hand around the neck from ancient times
-any story about people rising back up from the dead: John in Revelation in the Bible: in the ‘Revised English Bible’, Oxford/Cambridge University Press, 1989, p. 233 Rev 19:11 [heading] ‘More Visions’
Revelation 20:1 “And I saw a [in a vision/dream]
Revelation 20:4-5 “And I saw [the first of those resurrected] ‘They came to life again…though the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended…[this would include those whom John himself knew and therefore precedes the last century]
Revelation 20:12 “And I saw [all] the dead small and great stand before [God] and the dead were judged by what they had done.” [his would include those whom John himself knew and therefore precedes the last century]
-and on this subject also the Koran the reincarnation of various Eastern religions, and also again the Bible the rich man and Lazarus who are both resurrected and in the one in hell the other at the side of the other Biblical figure to illustrate the consequences of the rich man’s life: it is a parable or story of bringing ones back for judgement…Shakespeare, several ghosts of the dead come back like Hamlet’s father, Banquo in MacBeth…Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’ the great beings and the demons are alive in hell, Dante, ‘Inferno’, the dead are back and speak and live…Mark Twain sees his funeral and sees who will come and is the reverse of coming back from death…Christ raised back up…the story in the sea stories compilation of the dead is back on the ship to haunt the crew…Tennyson ‘we saw our friend again’…Poe has character’s come back even in his dreamy or dreamed opium state the dead one is revived and in another story one dead who looks at some point different but the next one is in the position of love interest and at some point changes into the first one and is inhabited by her and looks like her and fulfills more than one notion and is not quite but related to a facelift…the characters in many stories are as in Dante, historical figures but in a fictional setting
-there are several stories where characters in stories look like the characters in paintings, Sherlock Holmes for example…
-something like ‘Lie to [My Face]’ is that not like another title: ‘Tell Me No Lies’
-turning on its creator, how many ‘Frankenstein’ stories, ‘2001 Space Odyssey’, the computer turns on the people managing it but it is in effect turning on its creator’s representatives
-the head of an artificial person with something inserted into it that would also be able to be withdrawn, the bolts in ‘Frankenstein’s’ head,
-the head being held up by hair and the body moving independently of it in the picture I already mentioned the ‘Inferno’, Dante
-the chip in the head is preceded by the bolts in ‘Frankenstein’s’ head, and Delgado’s bull with electrodes in its head, chips in people’s heads and would have to be surgically opened up in order to put it in but also to extract it or the electrodes, and I showed various robots with openings and circuitry, before the 19810’s
-and I listed various android like robotic characters and actual robots, besides Tesla’s robot remotely controlled in the water boat
-“…Mr. Evelsham.” Wells, ‘But to exchange memories as we do umbrellas.”
- I already stated that I heard a gunshot in the woods and ran out and also referred to a film indie, of that very thing on the national broadcaster, the man who runs out had a long coat on…and the other fellow who had been in trouble for using a gun and the comic were in the industry not me so one of them may have been involved in the movie or else had passed on the story; besides, if there is something about two brothers who get in trouble for a double shooting these two were in the business associated together and I never saw the other fellow much when we were younger and since I was not there in the 1970’s situation and since he was in trouble I have not seen him when he was or after that time so these two have so ask them about that not me the one is trying to put me in a situation I had nothing to do with after all they accused me of several things not one of which were true and I disproved them all besides the one has been a body guard and probably has had a gun and the other would be around people with body guards who would have guns…I have never used a gun in my life…
-as far as the use of the word tear my poem was tear as in drop not tear as in tearing something like fabric and I did not use the word as a name or part of a name so any attempt to state I used the word from something else is not true I have not copied anything here
-as far as movable portions of stages, or screens etc., I cited Leonardo Da Vince’s moveable stages as the source for my idea not anything else which would be a different idea for the stages are also like screens if you look at the drawing in the book I listed I only stated the thing I saw to show I have seen that but noted the difference…besides stages have come together on shows before on tv and they in fact come closer to the audience so the idea is before this thing I mentioned which itself was a good idea but my idea is based on something hundreds of years ago
-I said I scribbled a little cartoon-like thing that I thought was used by a cartoon but I was wrong and I never stated that I thought it was from that I only mentioned it because I knew they got it from a movie-cartoon, and that tv cartoon is on today with the wild person behind the scenes on it I only pointed it out but did not claim it as my idea someone has given only part of the information about what I said, you might need to read it over to see what I said and what I did not say…I have not copied any idea but I have listed all my influences.

-someone thought I was watching people in here what I was actually doing was, if I had a book in my hand or was looking at if anyone came my way I looked to see where they were going and going in the opposite direction to protect my sources that is all so no one can relate a title or anything written by phone or net to someone else and get it out there first... someone thought I was doing something else…it was most likely a mistaken impression that is all…unless it was a false claim…I did say I suspect anyone and everyone could be against me or for me so I keep on the look out for anyone who might try to steal my writing or ideas written down or books I am using so they do not send out what I am writing or looking at and send data out there to someone who could use it for themselves or against me…unfortunately I did not explain this too well the other day and gave the wrong impression this is what I meant to say …or someone made something up and was mouthing off about me behind my back but by stating only part of something one can give the wrong impression withholding the entire thing and turn people against me or mouthing off behind my back with a wrong impression or a false claim...i have been trying to explain that people twist things around all the time
-concerning the above, some against me may have heard about this and sent out the word to make me look bad and get all their friends and themselves in a good position
-as far as one here who I thought was on my side I have never talked to them…i am getting tired of these claims

-Shelly ‘Revolt of Islam’ Canto iii 12-34, “…[the character is taken to a rock…column…distant sea…the platform…the grate of brass…white chains with brazen links…my limbs the bound…the far sound of retiring steps in…gloom…ship bore Cythna o’er the plain of waters …to her slavery sold…I…sought to sever…its…links…that starry night with its clear silence [he wonders if he’ll live or die]” being chained with metal near a ship in water, tries to cut through it on a clear starry night…this is 1817 before ‘Ben Hur’ which I long ago referred to before a recent radio show did and I mentioned the rhythmic motion of the pounding out the beat, the close up of hands on the oars and the hands pounding and the feet chained to the ship, and so galley ships are from ancient times mention in Isaiah, ‘Insight’ p. 933, and Sennecharib’s day ropes or chains in connection with ships…’Abnormal Psychology’ text p. 21 in asylum woman chained in many stories people are chained by arms legs body in dungeons as in Byron, ‘The Prisoner of Chillon 2 “…in each pillar there is a ring and in each ring [a] chain…these limbs its teeth “a thousand feet below its massy waters meet and flow…wall and wave…a living grave lies where we lay…and I have felt the winter’s spray” here they are below water in chains in winter’s cold; separated from his love and left to die I think this covers any claim against something, for there is a ship, a captive chained, metal, same idea as cuffs, and is something like the ancient tale where they are bound to the mast to keep from reacting to the sirens song
-before face lifts like Bogart, in one film, ancient tales relate gods/goddesses changing themselves their looks to spy or to sabotage the opposing army or anyone…Ahab went to war disguised, King Henry V he disguises self to spy on troops to find out the mood for war and concerning himself and their mission
-if I recall Etruscans had near look alike statues and ancient Babylonian statues looked not dissimilar and similar at the same I already listed the ancient Chinese military me
-‘Poe, ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, where one better not move so they will not be killed is the same notion as not moving with a bomb strapped to oneself-Joshua in the Bible sends 2 spies to Jericho so the idea of 2 spies was not new and as far as more Moses sends 12 spies a team and Absalom to subvert sends someone to gain support for his rebellion not for data… ‘Insight’ p. 1017
-Sherlock Holmes changed his looks with make up and fake nose, etc…in ‘I Lie for a Living The Greatest Spies of all Time’ A. Shugaar, National Geographic, p. 98. Virginia Hall dyed her hair and the OSS wanted her to ‘modify her looks racially’ so the idea of changed looks and spying agents who provoke is from earlier than the 1960’s who are sent in to various places …p. 59 a computer disk was in the computer lap top that was evidence against a spy named Earl my idea of computer disks and data was not far fetched nor as i showed earlier by different types of ways to store data was the idea taken from something else it is an older notion as old as hiding and transfering data itself…and as I said ancient looks were altered to subvert or get data sabatoge etc…before face lifts and I think the Bogart movie is from about the 1930’s-1940’s…
-again someone has either had the wrong idea or was out to make me look bad and made something up so if you see the above explaination you will understand the absurd notion someone has successfully pulled off and has turned those already against me against me with what they think is some justification and i there is a lot of hypocracy going on here so i more than suspect that this person did this on purpose unless i am mistaken..
-earlier i discussed face lifts and if you type in spies and rhinoplasty which i was looking into for a story earlier in time you will come to 'special topic plastic surgery in the cinima 1917-

-i said the word admit and it was taken out of context that is all...
-my fan fic story ‘a small invasion’ has nothing to do with ‘a personal tiny battle’ something like that title these are different words and the word for personal is not in my title any and it is not a sci fi story the proposed use of certain means to help stimulate sight is based on the actual experiments and data on the brain… besides if I recall Waugh in ‘Brideshead Revisited’ said something like ‘an indecent little victory’ and as far as use of private conflict, private ‘tet a tet’ [if have the correct spelling] and Nietzsche, ‘Nietzsche Contra Wagner’
’Insight into the Scriptures’ vol 2, 1988, p. 751, the apostle Paul in chains is at a desk and ibid. vol 1, p. 351, Paul allowed to write at a desk in chains…in the same set of the book “in Bible times various means…restraint prisoners…fetters, stocks, shackles, hand cuffs…” if Paul was transported by ship he may have had on or not any of the above but I doubt he did not have some sort of restraint
’Insight into the Scriptures’, p. 690, [of one of them] ‘the prophet Jeremiah was held in the house of fetters and 1st century c.e. Roman jailers responsible for prisoners as in Paul’s case prisoners had feet in stocks or had their hands chained
-the ancient hand cuffs had a closed circle at the top for rope to be put around and that could even have been around something other than the neck like a pole or some rail or something on a wall…and at sea people have roped themselves to a rail or mast in order to prevent going overboard
-term ‘artificial man’, Thomas Hobbes, ‘Leviathan’, 1651
-’The Universal World Reference Encyclopedia’ [which I have been using for years on the fan fic profile/notes as a reference. Chapter title: “14 The Eleventh Hour”
-Chicago Encyclopedia I listed above vol 5.6, World’s Fair, and spherical shaped building
-‘Magoo’s Private War’, 1957
Private War of Major Benson’, 1955 movie, Charleton Heston
-‘The Little War of Cuba’, 1789-1880 sometimes called small, but that is not an invasion as in my title
-‘The Private History of a Campaign that Failed’, Mark Twain, 1885 essay
-‘I lie for a living’ the word lie is in a title I did not lie about anything someone has taken that and the other word I said admit OUT OF CONTEXT and what I was talking about out of context they have tried to say one of the women was stalking me and that is not true now they are trying to say that about someone else and that is nonsense in other words they have done this before
-what I was doing was watching out for anyone who would see anything I wrote or a book title and concern for anyone taking that and sending out before me…I went in the other direction away from anyone and I think my interest in one of the people who I gave the right to represent me and use my writing has been misinterpreted or else misrepresented on purpose ...I have only made statements here not elsewhere and anyone not on my side bringing you what I said or meant could alter what was said or meant…

-confidence trick: Shakesepeare, someone else for Hero…Hamlet’s mother and the king…the Bible: King David, wanting to make it look like Uriah has been killed in battle but not by him so he can make Uriah’s wife his wife when she has David’s child a trick to give him honour in battle, that David is conferring honour
-well to show precedents that will go off without a Hitch, the fire in “the Tell Tale Heart’, and ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, with the fissure that portends the end of the house…Sherlock Holmes, the gas in the house that nearly kills and the Holmes story with the poison powder on the lantern, that nearly or else kills by driving mad the occupants so the one can get the house…not to mention many house hold potions that turn out to be poison, like Agatha Christi stories, there are many traps in houses that turn deadly or intended to be deadly
-Consider these two types of stories and I do not think the retro tv series show with the confidence trick of the older man who wants to kill his wife who lives with fake pills and the woman he wants to end up with is part of the trick with the man who tells the older man how he can kill his old wife so he can be with his new wife…and it is interesting it is stated his company that harms is like ‘Killer Inc.’ the show on last year I cited as copying Mitchener’s story of a confidence trick with a man and wife conning the would be love-interest of the wife, is different from the retro story: first, the wife is the wife of the one tricked and there is no baby like the Biblical story and there was in the copy, second the Biblical story came before the retro story so it is more of a copy of stories earlier than the retro tv story and these are the people that have tried to say I copied things when I have given proof after proof of where I get my ideas…however since the retro story had the term something like ‘Killer Inc.’ and other fellow has a title for a show which is a little too close to ‘John Ltd.’ And ‘Comedic Ltd.’, this is interesting since when I put something on the fan fic earlier that was refuting his claims on stories and ideas the next day my relatives car blew up and the house was on fire with two occupants inside…and as far as the house that an turn dangerous or cause other problems like things going on and off when not touched the above and other stories and data are references not to mention the Toffler in the walls ability of the house that runs itself, so i have support by references for my ideas and that the other's copy without reference

-flat roofs were and are common in ancient times and today and are meeting places for people in the Middle East…meeting in the temple on top of ziggurats in ancient Babylon to have tryst with someone as a matter of divine act, is factual…
-King David first saw Bathsheba from his roof she was below
King Herod has sent soldiers kill children of women in Christ’s time to kill of a potential rival when he grows up…horses not a vehicle like a cart knocking people down: soldiers in
‘Dr. Zhivago’ knock down protesters with horses and Lara’s future husband becomes a revolutionary general, like an ancient general, these things together with the entry above should suffice as forerunners of two later projects, as well as in the in the ‘American Heritage…World War One’ book I have listed previously, p. 256 ‘a battalion of women…1917..of largely war widows determined to avenge their dead husbands’, I think this should cover something
-Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Disorder is listed in the text ‘Abnormal Psychology’ and in the DSM 3 listed in the book as well as R. D. Laing who worked at Tavistock as far as manufactured disorder of this kind Satan manufactured this in ancient times making people be inhabited by demons who say in Mark 5-9, ‘My name is Legion, for we are many.’, so possessed or not they believe they are many beings and therefore have multiple personalities and Mathew 8-28:33 ‘two possessed with devils’ and in ‘Abnormal Psychology’ p. 151 Dissociative Disorder DSM 3, sleepwalking also fits criterion of this, and Shakespeare, ‘MacBeth’ [1600’s, his wife’s sleepwalking; which I believe is probably like this that the one not sleepwalking is not cognizant of their own self, being in this state a distinctly different personality itself unaware of the normal waking self/state, and that much can be said for the self inhabited or who has become another or more demons they are not with awareness of the normal self or the not-possessed self and vise versa, the normal personality being replaced by the demonic spirits, p. 54 ‘Abnormal Psychology’…but also same source, ‘Miss Beauchamp’ who had the disorder, 1905 I think I have cited some of these things through the years…’Mr Evelsham’ H. G. Wells, created a potion that switches the two people’s personalities and live thus creating four two in one personalities, thus ‘manufactured personalities’ not to mention ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, again a potion and therefore manufactured multiple personality in one person
-grabbing neck, taking someone by surprise and force by some means Ehud in the Bible, the one conceals blade in one hand and uses it, there is another who grabs the beard when they go to greet one another, and the neck I showed an ancient depiction of this earlier
-severed feet/legs, shoes have shown up on the West coast, and doctors in war and in ancient times cut legs of as a common practice when they could not be saved this is established fact so I do not think it necessary to prove, they did it in ‘Gone with the Wind’ but then again it is a common practise before modern times, it is not something the fellow with the name of a city in italy came up with
-if you look above I listed how many instances of use of props of ships in Opera, and music, from hundreds of years ago to present, too many to criticize anything, Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ and ‘Pompey’s galley’, ‘Anthony and Cleaopatra’…’Ben Hur’ and ‘The Ten Commandments’ the ship in the background when Moses comes from the mud puts to Pharaoh’s daughter, ‘Ptompkin’, Eisentstein, not to mention the soldiers and civilians on the steps scene
-experimenting with consciousness is not new it has been going since I can remember, in more remote times they used drugs for this
-attacks by unseen creatures, well, ghosts have been in stories since ancient times and spiritual beings, whether devils or even God against men who are doing wrong but unseen as well as gods and goddesses and demons in many religions myths and stories who attack
-the mirror at the back that reflects the entire scene and which I cited being on before something on the other side and that shows two sized views is before Valequez
-and for other things I already cited Bosch
clear barrier, Biblical celestial vehicle and roof and canopy over creatures below and canopies go back to ancient times for events and music, whether clear or not, the modern bull fighting stadium and the canopy over top is preceded by ancient Roman theaterso
-pats on head of young by old blessings on head are ancient
-as far as financial people and other leaders meeting together that has been going on for ages and I simply have not revealed all my references
-daredevil riders climbers on wings of planes from early flights to today the recent air show here had a person on the wings who was hanging down waving her hands obviously strapped in by her feet or legs who is saw in the binoculars

--going to the roof to meet someone, there is an obscure film that was on a retro station across the boarder, I never saw it and someone in their twenties who lives in another part of the U.S. would not have seen it since I doubt has been shown in too many places in the last decades of the last into this century; so her idea based on my mentioning looking for someone even though I did not go to the roof and she thought I meant the roof is original given the story and the characters all different from the above, and since people go to a fameous landmark to meet on the roof in the city where she is it is not an uncommon thing especially when high rises were built in the era of the movie above and since I have worked in the mountains going up a little higher is not new…consider in ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’, Boldwood meets Bathesheba on the hill far up and when Gabriel meets her to ask her to marry her they are up on the hill, and that novel is in the 1874, so that and King David seeing his Bathsheba for the first time in the Bible I think came before a movie in the 1930’s…. I am sure there are others besides ‘Metropolis’ takes place in part in a high rise so the idea is not from the above movie that people meet up high somewhere…in otherwords I am in defence of the young woman who had people meeting up high from my own antagonists who are trying to say anything against myself or anyone else, I was not claiming it as my idea
-as far as a series where two meet on a dock that is not where two meet on the ship for she says at the rail on the boat, ‘…this is where we first met…’ and the ship is already out to sea far from a dock the dock is a different idea-making someone do what you want without touching them, cartoons where the artist behind the scenes forces the character to do what they do not want to do…’Oz’, Baum and the film, the good witch takes the shoes off of the wicked witch and puts them on Dorothy, the wicked witch the other one is opposed to her so right there are two superhumans fighting as it were…Christ encounters the Satan near a cliff and both have super powers Christ being encourage to through himself down so angels will come to his rescue but Christ later stills the sea and a storm showing the elements moving and stopping at his will…God has coming from his throne lightning long before Tesla’s coils that emit artificial lightning…Christ forces demons out of men and out of one man lets them go into the abyss below, he will in the future send them all and the devil into the Abyss for a thousand years…Tesla holds bulbs that do not burn his hand and they emit sparks from the bulb in his hand and seem to come out of his hand and the discharge runs through his body much like actual natural lightning going through a body, so the idea of hands out putting out a discharge of energy or flame is anciently preceding the modern era…others with special powers in war or fighting between two, Greek gods and others…Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Ceasar’, Casca: “A slave…held up his hand which did flame and burn like twenty torches…yet his hand which was not sensible of fire remained unscorched” which actually sounds like a man with a taser in his hands…and I think ray guns have the same idea as a gun in a sci fi from the 1960’s anyway…the talk of men as gods: Bible, Psalm 83 “YOU have heard it said ‘Ye are gods.’” Not t0 mention the men the race of supermen comes from history: Amazons, et al the Nephilim the children of fallen angels and Nietszche, the ‘Overman’ mistranslated as ‘Superman’, which where the idea of superhumans, [the comic and its movie and tv counterparts are original] but Nietszche’s notion of a race of men who will go over [‘Overman’, ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’] and above the common herd of men in accomplishing their ‘Will to Power’ comes from him and a number of people over the ages, not to mention ‘Raskonlikov’s’ theory on the race of great men, in Dosoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ …also being forced by some power: the Psychological malady known as ‘Catatonic Schizophrenia’ where a person stays in position not moving and what about children’s games like ‘Simon Says’, and others like it where one does something when they stop everyone stands still in the postion they were in when told to stop…getting someone to do what they do not want to do, Milgram, before if I recall the above sci fi…broadcasting thoughts to others, and outside world, and thought insertion putting ideas in others heads [which is also an old saying] and withdrawl of thoughts from out of others heads so they know what people are thinking, p. 329, Abnormal Psychology, these are actual parts of the condition of delusional and paranoid thinking and were known to Psychiatry and Psychology, novelists and thinkers of the past before the 1960’s, and are natural phenomenon… Christ knew the thoughts of others and many have been possessed by demons and force to even think against their will and some like Herod, who thought he should get credit for God’s works had taken applause and had a grandiose view of himself…there is a woman in the bible who relates Christ knew all about her, he knew obviously all about her from just looking at her… the sudden appearance of a grave or at least a graveyard, Dickens, ‘A Christmas Carole’ the graveyard appears in his dream with the ghost of the future which is not really there and has his name on it…which is different from one buying a grave and putting one’s name on it which is different idea
-also on getting people or animals to act against their will Delgado, see ‘Future Shock’ (Toffler), p. 194 where the bull is forced to stop when charging, and also experiments on an 11 year old youth. Toffler, in either ‘Future Shock’ or else ‘The Third Wave’ the house that runs itself, the series sci fi started in 1966 to 1969… the article by Peter Reyner Banham, ‘A Clip on Architecture’, ‘Architectural Design 35’, November 1965 p. 534-535, first published in Design Quarterly, 63, Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 1965 1965, cited in Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’, 1970…ibid., machines take on our tasks, Drucker, refers to page 141, 1968/possibly 1955, if you look at the notes on the back p. 269, on mass manufacturing of things [consider robots, cyborgs, etc.] p. 269
-I already stated the voice sounding massive and an echo is like God’s in the Bible, you cannot see him and he sounds like a multitude of waters, or greater voice, here one example is from John 12:28-9
-greg curnoe b. 1936, 'Spring on the Ridgeway', 1964, painting and multiple screens, 'Art Gallery of Ontario, selected works, 1990, book does not leave the room here.
-now someone was at the computer i was using so don't be suprised if they tried to put this out there before me

-the roof the one who i looked for that many years ago, i thought might be where the young lady go the idea for her story, i am not talking about the ship...
-some early photographers took pictures of people on roof tops and the Daguerre picture of the shoe shine is from above either on a roof or on a floor out the window and the first photo by Niepce was taken from above as well in 'The Ten Commandments' Pharoah's wife watches him go after the Israelites from above

-Ehud and a knife in the opposite hand taking someone by surprise that was to show that idea in a different form than the hand around the neck when they think a character is dead or is taken by suprise this is all I meant nothing more…
-story something like ‘1968’ looks like the ‘Foolscap Chase’
-I was talking about the roof her story on her series not the ship, different story, which, on the ship the two also go up to the upper deck and to the lower and they go to the bottom floor as well and one sees the other from below and the other is seen from above I am not saying I have not been influenced by docs and water but not from a film we have water and docs in the region as I stated before
-the revolving stage in Edison’s ‘Black Maria’ which is named due to the black colour to keep light out so it would not affect filming, has nothing to do with modern concerts from the mid-century last century since it was about silent film but because music would be played and since ballet dancers were featured in silent film both actual footage and stories, e.g. ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ silent film, I cited the revolving stage for the scene in the ship picture where they dance and the camera spins around but from each dancer’s perspective as they extend arms hold hands and spin, which is different from a recent retro film shown across the boarder where they dance but not from each dancer’s perspective, as far as revolving stages and music how about the musical box where a figurine move around as the music plays…I did mention other stories and films but that has nothing to do with the young lady and her show, like ‘Gone With the Wind’ , Astair, etc. as far as being up top I have worked in the mountains and in hotels but these are different from her story I thought some experience of mine might have influenced her… certainly any story in another era, well, one can have ideas independent of the things some might think one could be influenced by
-while there have been some cases of mutual suicide, my main reference is Kurosawa, one of his films, but also the real life case of Aurther Koestler and his wife, and other cases it is not uncommon for murder-suicide to take place so it is ‘natural’ enough a phenomenon that I think does not really need a reference…not to mention the movie of ancient Egypt where the Queen has herself and then her servants get bitten by the snakes in the basket and is a similar case of mutual-suicide…these are some of my references besides cases heard about through the years and this has nothing to do with or against any retro movie shown recently
-one of the books from National Geographic on the Body [which I have referred to before a few times] has a series of photos of a woman morphing from old age to youth/youth to old age…so on the subject of going from one age to another, sometimes even in different time periods and becoming different people, ‘Green Darkness’, A. Seton (if I am spelling that correctly), ‘Orlando’ Virginia Woolfe I think had something like that if I recall…the album cover by the rock band ‘Genesis’, 1976, ‘A Trick of the Tail’, an old lady looks in the mirror at a young lady, herself…’Mr. Evelsham’ the switch of an old man to younger and younger to old man, H. G. Wells
-as far as old photos in books I cited how many times with smaller insert photos in boxes of circles, including stereophotos…
-and a number of old photos with modern people in them or old and new photos together, ‘Life Magazine’ March 29 1963, pgs. 70, 73, 74 …ibid ad nest page after p. 74., from inside-out…ibid. p. 40. dressed alike with different faces on soldier in grey the time period and on in colour below,…page 1. close up of hands/hands held close up ‘Life June 7, 1968, the page next to the one with caption ‘A Favorite of the Queen in the Company of Great Gods’…ibid, similar faces on different statues in Ancient Egypt page with ‘Sells and Wonder’ stars indoors and square pillars life, ibid. 1968, foreheads touching an hand on side of face
-from each dancer’s perspective, ‘Crosby Stills Nash and Young’ album, ‘Déjà vu’, 1970
-‘Life’ magazine 1969 September 12 p. 71 lights light shining on supports for cameras ibid, see words in cartoon-like part above head, the other fellow did not come up with that…’Life’ 1969 April 11, p. 96. biid p. 53-54 polaroid ad; p. 37
-‘Look’ magazine June 12, 1965, old photos and new together, p. 78; ‘Coke’ ad woman with black and white photo copy of herself; page night and day…
-extending the hand to make things happen by magic: the use of the ‘Therumum’ [if I am at all spelling that properly] which was a stick that had an ability if one waved one’s hand over it to make music and was a forerunner of the synthesizer,
-on top: sacrificing and praying on mountain/hilltop in many societies: Judges 9:7 Jothom addresses land owner on top of Mount Gerizim
the archeologists who dug out ancient Babylon fout out about the people having ‘romantic’ interests in the top of the Ziggurat temple, like L. Wooley, earlier either last century or the 1800’s found this out is in many historical books and books on archeology religion myth etc., long before any movie later in the last century
-reference for seeing love interest from above or below, Hero mistaken for by some who is really someone else, and is like someone who is about to get married but this would be to someone not the one and only as it were…’Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare…’…’Brideshead Revisited’ two on the roof
-the light or energy from the hand: ‘Niclola Tesla a spark of genius’, p. 77/78., ‘ Nicola’s body conducts the electricity that lights up the e…tube in his hand, thus conducting energy from his body the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy did not come up with that and just in case one of the other fellows brought a show the notion of using Telsa lightning coils for concerts indoors a movie already had that if I recall…two coils on the stage...i do not know if it was ever used before...

-I was not commenting on concerts at all when I mentioned Edison’s stage for filming and I was not claiming anything about them when I did the other fellow was crying wolf to gain people on his side by turning them against me I only refute or argue on points that are necessary not unnecessary and I do not try to gain people I simply tell the truth …he did something like this before
-Camus punctuated his statements in one story with ‘grrr’ but I was not claiming anything I just was exclaiming and instead of saying a word made a sound instead, like some people say ‘shhh!’ and in hockey they use a choking motion for an infraction during play and some use a finger in the air, index and another or even thumbs up/down not to mention I could have referred to the comic-musician myself but I was not referring to that anyway and I could have referred to the comedian Charley Callus, if I am spelling that properly
-as far as someone that can tell just by looking at you Sherlock Holmes could tell by looking at someone what they had been up to as in the ‘The Red Headed League’ when he uses his observational skills to tell what the red headed man was all about and doing not to mention “he sees you [asleep] knows [at what point you have awoken] knows if [the individual has been] bad or good]”, in other words he can tell just by looking at you (or if you prefer he puts children under surveillance, in other words he is a creep!!
-I did not see the musician’s movie before and did not know they were dancing so I could not have been referring to that and I was not criticizing anyone else or claiming anyone in music on this point
-while Newton had a chart overhead so did other astronomers and for a chart over someone’s head see Huff, ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ and for moving across virtual screens with hands from the military use of that in vehicles not to mention computer sensors on screens and sensors period, and the idea the other fellow thinks is his is really just a hologram version of a chart and I don’t think he came up with the hologram and obviously not the chart, just like he did not come up with ‘win-win’ though he keeps using it
-Liebniz grave stone has the same type of separation of dates with dots for his birth-death and so is like the numbers and dots that are used to match the text-based addresses on-line
-one thing is for sure the other fellow and the people on his side especially want to turn people away from me in music especially since i put that concert fan fic on...
-since the one young woman gave back or indicated that she would she obviously did not take advantage of anyone
-of course i do not know what anyone is saying out there and i do not know what they are making it sound like or look like i am doing either...or about anyone else, if it is not here then i have not said it unless it is said by someone on my side that is if it is not done anonymously
-my fan fic story on the 'crusoe' show on Robinson cursoe, 'Mutiny' is still getting viewed...
-why did a national anchor show up with the financial people???????????

-'Insight Into the Scriptures', vol 2, 1988, a reference i have been using here and for years: touching foreheads in the 'Babylonian Empire' section, p. 321, "Greek Games..." two wrestlers is says gymnasium in Jerusalem, but then again Plato who i studied mentioned young men in the gymnasium and i have seen this depiction before anyway...
-‘The Great Empires of the Ancient World’, Harrison, The J. Paul Getty Museum, LA, Themes and Hudson, 2009, Herodotus: “customary for a woman once in her life to sit in the temple an wait for a man… [in a Babylonian rite, this is a custom of many places in the ancient world according to ‘Insight into the Scriptures’, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society...for example it is a Tibetan traditional greeting..while the joined together that happens to some they are not coming together to touch their foreheads together and it is genetic and that goes back to the gene pool of humanity not someone writing about two people but it is not the same thing as going to touch foreheads and was written as an account after the notion was in something ...for that to be genetic and be a relevant proof it would have to be a coming together first being separate which is what was in the story...besides the already joined is the woman's story not his [the fellow with the same name as a city in italy and it also is not a love interest which is what we are talking about
-ancient cultures had snake heads touching in rings is a motif
-someone in my presence described what Dr. Laura said a number of times they were saying what she said not what anyone here said what Dr. Laura said on radio…this is something like what i meant earlier...
-I only stated if anyone goes to the financial people I would not be interested in what they do I did not really mean that but I am simply concerned for secret meetings in a democracy and for anyone who has I have not spoken against them anyway except to be concerned over journalists and government but I was not saying anything except that I think what I actually said was altered along the way to sound like something else, so I hope that clears up anything
-I have mentioned Triune/Double headed gods/goddesses of ancient East and Western culture religion myth, for quite a while but their forheads are touching and are together, but comedy producer writer from across the pond I do not think made that point when there was a multiple headed depiction by them besides my sources are very ancient and as I said I took philosophy and even religion as courses I think this should show I have been aware of this for a long time not to mention I have all seen catholic Trinitarian depictions, though I am not Catholic
-around 113 B.C. the Queen Dou Wan and the King Lui Sheng of Zhongshon, wore in death a suit of jade armor that would replace their bodies, so transforming/morphing and the person in a robotic-like shell [I am thinking of metal bodies] and the spirit inside the body of another thing which would become immortal is from thousands of years ago this among other proofs on this topic, p. 272, ‘The Great Empires of the Ancient World’

the tape thing all i said was that there was not tape that was what did not happen, i never said on here anything about a tape, except i did say to get a tape off
-i already showed the photo from the 1800's where the woman photographed was being painted and the painter is on one side and the woman is on the other side posing that comes before any film from the 40's to the 1960's, 1980's
-person talking before image on screen: the 'Wizard of Oz' image while he is behind the screen
-i already mentioned in the early photo book the large ape and the encyclopedia, chicago in the 1940's the men and the prehistoric creatures...not to mention museums where people in the modern era observe prehistoric creatures

‘The New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language’ vol 1, 1965, Grolier, ‘Alias. Alias adv. [L.] otherwise; used especially of a persons who assume various names (John Smith alias Thomas Jones –n. pl. aliases an assumed name; another name. [my note: if there is an English equivalent of a Latin term as listed in the Oxford Reference Dictionary, 1991, then there is probably an older term for it: “alias-called (by a certain name at other times; an assume name [L= at another time.]
-“Structured Programming in dBase 43 version 2.0”, 1995, Robert L. Buchanin p. 288 [and elsewhere] Alias is a computer programming term for using the same term and less other terms to denote more than one listed item of the same type for example instead of a long term for an area that requires a specific name of an area in memory for an item amongst, others files, types of data, plus its extension you would simply say ALIAS no 2 rather than yname2.db and instead put the name as an alias, I am putting it in too simple terms so you get the idea rather that yname1.db yname2.db yname3.db yname4.d …now SQL structured query language itself is an offshoot of database creation from 1970, so the term probably has been around for longer…so from the above the word has been around for a long time and probably has been around from before the 1960’s, I am not sure if Sherlock Holmes used it however the above is before a 1960’s mention of the term of a young criminal and the term was not used for a criminal in the series anyway so what is the point against it…and since I took courses in programming naturally I went to an old text book
-numbers in title: from novel ‘The Great Blizzard’ Holt and Co., 1948:
”Part One: January, 1884 to May, 1885
”Part Two: May, 1886 to September 1887
”Part Three: March 10 to 15, 1888”
-so the above before a tv show with the title and 1970, but that is before something later-I already listed Leonardo Da Vince’s man with his arms out I said in regard to it his name and it is in more than one source like the stages book and Nat. Geog., Life, etc. but I had references from ancient Babylon and of course Christ and various depictions not all with a cross of his arms out et. al.
-‘The New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language’ vol 2, 1965 Grolier lists Minerva as the goddess of wisdom and is often represented as an owl she is sometimes goddess of other things as well as it is an owl noted in one of Robert Bateman’s books of art as the god/goddess of wisdom accompanying a depiction of an owl...’Julius Ceasar’ in Shakespeare the owl is a portent of doom or disaster
-the retro movie had handcuffs to a chair different idea
-how many ship stories: ’Mainsail’s’ compilation of great sea stories…’The Great Blizzard’ has a ship, H. G. Wells, Crusoe, Mutiny on the Bounty where men and women are on ship and an island and the crew is stranded and burn their boat so a reference for something as these all are and that one series showed where they got their ideas from…most of Melville’s writing and men and women on boats, stories about the first settlers to America, Sherlock Holmes, numerous books on Lusitania, Titanic, world war one and two stories factual/fictional, Shelly ‘Revolt of Islam’ and Byron in ‘Childe Harold’, ‘…Pym’ Poe, ‘Showboat’, I have seen some of it and it had been on documentaries before, Shakespeare, Dickens wrote some stories both at sea and on shore, I live only 6-7 miles from a river with the Great Lakes all around we see ships from spring to December all the time even massive sea freighters…and I have been on boats in the river and between Point Peele and Peele Island, been to Niagara Falls, on boats on rivers and lakes in the Mountainss in the past, the Bible, ‘Ben Hur’, ‘The Ten Commandments’ Bogart movie, Homer, Virgil, Chaucer, Shakespeare all had stories on the sea, lakes, rivers, D. W. Griffiths movie where Lillian Gish walks dangerously on ice in river, documentaries, movies stories poems, et. Cetera……
-i have not said anything about weight this is nonsense and i have not spoken against anyone in the arts except the fellow with the same name as a city in Italy, his comic and other associated con artists, what they do is take what i say edit some part of it out add something to it say from years ago and out of context and having nothing to do with anyone in the business and make it sound like i spoke against someone and just recently when that is simply not true in otherwords if i said today it is a terrible thing about the weather and someone had a book that i read and i mentioned the book but only that i read it they could put the two together and make it sound like i said the book was terrible when i never said anything at all

-‘Cassell’s Compact English-French Dictionary’ Alfred de Curzon, London, 1904, 1954, “alias n. faux nom, pseudonyme, nom de guerre m; adv, dit, aurtement.”
-I already stated Da Vince’s man with the arms out a long time ago and there were already books and magazines I used that had it in there
-‘Silver Blaze’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Doyle, Penguin edition I already listed through the years
-‘The Red Headed League’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Doyle, “John Clay, the murder, thief, smasher, forger…I would rather have my bracelets on him” [handcuffs]
-“The Gloria Scott’ chained on ships convict ships: “The partitions… were thin and frail…
-“The Empty House”, Sherlock Holmes, Doyle, the use of manikin/dummy in window creating shadow in form of Holmes who in the same story uses a wig to change his appearance like the character in ‘The Yellow Man’, Sherlock story who poses as a poor man “The Empty House”, ”he seized Holmes by the throat’ [besides Mark Twain] Holmes has played dead for 3 years cited in Octopus Books version of Holmes 1986, in same story is the description of a tether
-part man/machine: people using prosthetics forerunner of mechanized devices; the iron lung became the lungs of the person who had to stay in the machine in order to live and is a bit like the character tied to the apparatus who is a cyborg in tscc...the ‘Tin Man’ is something like a forerunner of the mechanized man in Baum’s ‘Oz’ in the early 1900’s…’Metropolis’ Laing, the machine man who is turned into a woman in the likeness of the main character…the embodiment of the person in the machine [see other references from earlier in time]; ‘R.U.R.’ Capek, robots replacing humans an in their likeness see some of the references concerning chess and computer forerunners and computer in game playing and artificial intelligence…which I also gave examples of
-stars in sky and communicating with space ships with flashing lights, I saw when it went by the space station in binoculars, planes in the distance look like stars with their lights…’Star Man’, Bowie, they could signal to him…John/Taupin, ‘I’ve Seen the Saucers’ ‘I’ve seen them I’ve been there with them…sending information…both the 1970’s
-Toffler, ‘Future Shock’, 1970 [but many of the references are from earlier than and they would be for some thing published in 1970...i cite these as examples for references for the one story chapter of a fan fic where someone thinks a star then it is really a ship but they are two different songs the star man is one being the other is about ufo's different subjects, p. 209, Dr. Walter’s ‘tortoises’ behave as if conditioned…chess playuing machine and artificial intelligence, ‘Cyborgs’ p. 209 machine-man and see earlier references for robots in the 1930’s on
-I should mention slave ships from the slave trade in Europe and chains but I already mention ancient Biblical times and the ‘Insight’ book mentions tiremes of ancient times and slaves besides I mentioned ‘Ben Hur’ and other sources but the use of chains and handcuffs is referred to in the Bible which was the point of it and I mentioned ‘Ben Hur’ before the others did that, they are simply putting things out there long after i have

-I referred also to the ancient celestial vehicle with God’s throne on it this rules out ufo’s even NASA on the subject of being first in space craft and flying machines but also the ancient boat the flew into the sky in ancient Egypt and stars in the pyramids depicted…Elijah ascends in the chariot in the Bible and the ancient Babylonians sought the gods in the stars the stars giving signs and so did the ancient Greeks but Ziggurats with the temple on top were capped with phosphorus and the Egyptian pyramids were capped as well this attracted lightning and therefore communication with the gods so the idea of a ship in the sky and signals from space was not new to out time…besides any communication with aliens and ships is well documented and anything ‘out there’ [‘X_Files’, so while acknowledging songs with an alien or ufo’s there are also series like ‘Star Trek’ with communication with a ship, ‘Taken’ Speilberg’s series has a historical-fictional look at the subject so I do not think since I have cited some sources for the idea in my story I have not simply copied the story itself is different and yet is a fan fic and my story has an alien being signaled by the ship above not someone thinking someone is ‘out there’ or someone watching ‘them’ ‘out there’ so the songs are different from one another and my story is different from the songs…so my story is from a composite of things…but these are my sources However if I list sources how is that plagiarism? Especially since this is recently put out in August 2010 not earlier without any references but I already have stated sources for ideas from sci fi history religion myth and stories in this mass media era not to mention H. G., Wells
-Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’ an illustrated edition, Prentice-Hall/Penguin, 1986, Bragg, forward…p. 227 foreheads of two together in love in garden not near water, but together in the middle ages just the same, ‘The enclosed garden of traditional courtly romances…” and page 287 the source for it is from the ‘Le Roman de la Rose’, Paris 1520-1 this is the same book I have been using for a long time now besides an even more ancient one I also listed one from this book earlier, page 153 and opposite page 101.
-the dragon in medieval and earlier tales is similar to prehistoric or in some myths is prehistoric and is depicted with warriors battling them see page 124 of the Chaucer above
p. 215 ‘[the lantern with holes shapes projecting and like communication between the shapes if of people and the observer] as if they were really shadows of human forms and not the actual substance.”, form ‘Jane Eyre’, Charlotte Bronte
-as far as stories being put on the screen in Brave New World, of ‘John, The Savage’ who is cornered by authorities and in a sense is a captive of the BNW and like his mother is as well and then gives herself an accidental overdose of the drug
-‘Insight into the Scriptures vol 2’ p. 932 God says Israelites if not obey to go back to Egypt in ships, meaning slave ships
-Rosenblum, "A World History of Photography', 1984, 2007 p. 307, 'the Artist and His Model', 1914 Richard Polack, not on a vehicle i already listed this, and the picture is in other books from earlier as well...besides it is not drawing but painting and it is also not in a room alone for romance and it is not unusual to pose for artists since that has been going on for centuries so it simply is a typical scene but a has a different sense in a story and the story is original ...the other fellow with the same name as a city in Italy had someone in a story that had someone with the letters in the name so he must have given them the idea and they put it in a different context ...

-i meant above all they do is take my writing and hand it off to someone or use it themselves, concerning the statement just above this one

‘Egypt 4000 Years of Art’, Malek, Phaidon Press, 2003, two headed long necked lions, citied in above but I have seen it before in other sources and I think I already cited this one…
-‘Myths and Legends an illustrated guide to their origins and meanings,’ Wilikinson, 2009, DK books, p. 32., Satyrs one grabbing the other by the neck with the hand… ancient Greece.

-the following is not criticism of the projects concerned with I am refuting claims against my or others material:
-Sherlock Holmes ‘Bruce-Partington Plans’ blue print of ship…’World War 1’, Willmott, p. 17 blue print of whistle for miners, a period picture…’Metropolis’, Laing, had a blue print, 1920’s
-Vogue scene on dock arm outstretched against the water …the Statue of Liberty…Colossus at Rhodes arm outstretched against the water…the Christ figure in Rio from certain scenes and photos arm outstretched against the water…a retro film recently had two on lower deck not at the rail with hands held but I already showed many instances of that from ancient times to 1800’s both depictions and photos…the big ship picture had them up and arms out not held by waist…’American Heritage History of World War One’, American Heritage/Simon-Schuster, edit. Alivn M. Josephy, 1964 p. 141 hands out over the water…Opposite is…Above, survivors of a torpedoes British…” I already cited ancient to 1800’s close up of hands and the deck and being together, Charles and Julia in “Brideshead Revisited’ both novel and series…and at the front of ships standing with even arms out or just standing above the rail statues of women sometimes men and I have seen one of both man and woman together in statue in either Nat. Geog. or Life or another publication and that idea is from ancient times…up top on top, man and wife on wedding cakes
-offering money, in my fan fic is not new idea it happens all the time especially when in the 1960’s more hitch hiked than today
-the plane on the retro story does not land and they parachute down unlike the big ship picture where the helicopter lands on the ship but the men in wet suits that was not new to the early 1970’s but if I recall one idea was they do not like this story go up ladders dangling but have suction cups that they go up with on side of ship…ladders on ships goes back to the early days of sailing
-’World War 1’, Willmott, D.K./Penguin, headset for two different channels into ear but that idea goes back to telegraph and that was on ships in the early part of the last century…the old telephone operators could use two ear phones of ear plugs…’Nicholas and Alexandra’, Massie Tsar uses headphone or ear plug to listen to Tchaikovsky
-as far as water going into separate tanks or parts of ship while not a ship same idea is in “Metropolis”, Laing when the water starts to go over and flood: I believe Laing must have seen actual accounts of the shipping disasters of the previous decade and similar scenes are related by people on the ships in more than one disaster
-ibid. p. 138 ‘On the High Seas’ scene from above the lower decks with people men below of course is a typical scene from the time but this is war and not luxury and men and women…above hands over the water they are leaning over a rail but then again you can see similar scenes from film and photos of ships like ‘Lusitania’ from leaving or coming to/from away, dock
-ibid. p. 61, 141 telescopes in hand/subs on/in water looking through lens just like a pair of sights to see what is small and far away and enlarged
-I already gave instances of infrared from National Geographic and other sources
-’World War 1’, Willmott, D.K./Penguin, p. 129 see bombs goggles and woman operating tools on bomb
-ibid. p. 207 people on docks
ibid. p. 214 ‘British breathing apparatus tubes and head gear ‘skull cap’ for breathing compressed oxygen looks forerunner of cyborg attached to wall I already cited a few things like this
-if I recall Henry 5 takes Queens hand
listening and monitoring for bombs: sub detecting on ships subs had torpedoes
-watching someone live on screen, predated by ‘Wizard of Oz’, “Dorothy’ and others watch and someone is remotely controlling behind another type of screen that separates the two on this type of stage-like setting, the curtain, not to mention the sound is magnified…
-I have already mentioned the ‘Valley of the Kings’ and anything there is already referenced by the mention of it….besides the ‘Insight into the Scriptures’ has one ancient Egyptian god with male/female features…but I think maybe the first few kings came before gods but after the kings came after the gods
–sky goddess ‘Nut’ has not quite arms stretched out but if not in the building the way it is it probably would be that way, similar scene same book, from the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’…Moses and Aaron stretch arms and staff against the waters both Bible and ‘The Ten Commandments’
-I am only defending against claims not against anything here: Masada and mass suicide, ancient; ‘Shogun’ ritual suicide, novel and series…Saul asked aide to kill him refused, kills self...that is because some things have been either mass death or mutual suicide or seeming death-like state en mass...
-’World War 1’, Willmott, D.K./Penguin, p. 132 inside look outward
-ibid. p. 289 insert in larger picture from period newspaper
-ibid. p. 105 seeing from out of window like shortened or clipped/cropped view “Early British ‘Hypo’ gas helmet 1915
-ibid. p. 223 adapted head hear looks medieval…’bullets hitting the tank’ ‘Leather tank and adapted British helmet with ‘chain mail guard’, both together but there are other instances of that type of thing…
-I think there is actual footage of men in ships and the doors that slide up to open or down closed…sealing up parts of ship would be a standard I would think
-dancing in retro ship is the man only has his head by her eye not the forehead and not foreheads together
-magnifying glass while I have them for ideas I think the close up with that and as a close up of filming is not the same as a close up with a camera and a character using it...see above note on magnification and microscopes…Sherlock Holmes used magnifying glass in more than one episode, both series and stories
-blood from sinus no one ever got a nose bleed the blood in some other stories is black not red
-sensors are not land mines close enough to that idea and a forerunner and do not people get up close to them and are there not devices to detect them and are there not wires in bombs in stories before the 1970’s, I am not putting down the use of these things but the criticism against myself and others is not correct
--of course there are films and stories of the sea, pilgrims to America, Crusoe, world war one and two stories footage etc., romances Agatha Christie, Wells, the story by years I listed earlier, ‘Mainsail’s compilation, Dickens, Poe, various period dramas, I think I have covered enough of this area…Dumas, ‘The Count of Monte Christo’ I cited this earlier and speaking of Dumas, his ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ has the character talked to from outside mask but he is looking from inside out of the mask
-i am in support of one even though that on, the cybr has a different situation, has a boyfriend, but she can use my material and represent me, this is an explanation for others

-‘Prodigal Genius The Life of Nikola Tesla’, John O’Neill, 1944: Tesla noted that soldiers crossing a bridge in unison would vibrate and wreck it so it stands to reason from his statement: it would disturb a bomb contained in something….
-ibid. p. 165 Tesla, notion of an oscillation device that could reduce a building to rubble ‘in a short time’, refers to instantaneous destruction of buildings in something…Tesla also stated ‘I never saw fireballs’, so the other fellow did not come up with the notion of fireballs
-Since Sherlock Holmes and Watson teamed up to take on Moriarity and others in their adventures and went to Germany and did a certain amount of spying in Britain, Wales, etc., they were the first spy duo/team and had international incidents to deal with that would effect Europe and had encounters with the explorer who went to Africa, the Greek Interpreter, the Italian in the Napolean’s case they were international in scope, not to mention the associates they had even children to help them they had their own spy organization for good against evil and I already showed Biblical characters to have been spies
-Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Six Napoleans”, [first in ‘The Strand’, 1903-1905] with a pearl inside the bust one of mass produced Napoleans smuggling it/concealing the contraband pearl and part of an international scandal, with people of other lands and organized crime: it had a tall man with a name beginning with P. …one has to consider the ‘Chinese Opium Wars’, 1800’s and the many ways past and present people hid contraband…consider Hiram Walker, they put alcohol in many things cases, on a person inside containers in pants etc….Al Capone had a hideout for his mob and fellow criminals on an island in Lake Erie, Ontario and no doubt would be a stopover for the alcohol,/[considered a banned substance]
-ibid. p. 30. Tesla had wanted to make lightning that would help produce rain, this refers back to a fan fic, so couple with his notion of ‘space weaponry’, satellites, etc., you might say he was the one who came up with the idea of taking over the world by manipulation of the weather
-Busby Berkley, circular part of stage…and early Greek stages, anc circular steps at Solomon’s Temple… I already stated runway use from it was either earlier last century or 1800’s and earlier versions before from hundreds of years ago, besides mention of Cobo Hall, Detroit the two parts of the stage that come out that can be surrounded by concert goers, there since I can remember
-“Acolyte’, the white coveralls with the square front at the forehead hood covering copies a 1960’s series, something about a thief…
-people have scaled boat wearing wet suits before the 1970’s, and ‘Robinson Crusoe’ “there was nothing in my reach…I spied a small piece of rope…hung down by the forechains…got hold of it…got up into the forecastle of the ship”
-Melville, ‘Omoo’ chapter xxv ‘after putting him in double irons the mate had locked him up in the Captain’s state room.”
-someone either performing on screen or talking to someone on a screen, either 1960’s/70’s, Bobby Goldsburough, I do not know the spelling if I recall was the one talking to a cartoon character on a tv screen…that and see above ‘Wizard of Oz’
-circular decoration at concert different to mirrors, and for more than one circular thing in a row, you can go back to the Queen’s coronation for that
-‘Insight into the Scripture’ vol 2, p. 933 [in apostle Paul’s time but really comes before] “ships after had a figurehead [of] gods or goddesses”, so someone or a depiction of someone above the water is from ancient times
-my old ‘Abnormal Psychology’ text referred to above: p. 152. ‘generalized amnesia: person forgets entire past…this…kind turns up in novels.” ‘localized” all events in a circumscribed period of time blocked out while [p. 153] a person ‘wakes up’] from amnesia, one has to presume ‘if the amnesia begins on Monday’ that they may well have woken up with it as well…And on p. 152, they, in their amnesiac state they cans still type of build something [or have a professional skill to work at, this idea embodies the notion of not being cognizant of their skill, having previously had a skill, they may find they have a ‘new’ skill, exactly the notion of ‘The Dollhouse’
-sleepwalking, not knowing what they did when awake, therefore is amnesia about those activities when woken up
-amnesia of another identity when one wakes up and has a new identity, so the idea was already there in natural dissociative disorders this would be the case with indoctrination and amnesia due to induced amnesia…
-so from the above instances, it is not inconceivable that people wake up with amnesia in the history of the problem…
-the idea of an American takeover of Canada has been a constant consideration from the time Canada was a colony and as a separate country, as in 1812 war, the British, Canadian and Native people fought the Americans…and the rebellion of the mid 1800’s not to mention many depictions have there been like a political cartoon of Uncle Sam trying to get Miss Canada to get closer to him in another century…so that idea is not from recent times and has been the subject of many conspiracy theories
-i am in support of one even though that on, the cybr has a different situation, has a boyfriend, but she can use my material and represent me, this is an explanation for others
-the the two jane austen movies one is only 20 the other 40, two different things...

-2 Chronicles 22 the mother of Ahaziah, Athallia kills all the royal children except Jehoash who is kept with his “nursing woman in the inner room…and he continued with them in the house…hidden for six years…” so the idea that they put up against the proof I had, this is quite before us but as you can see this would be another influence…
-the troops and bridge was in support of the story where they end up in the desert with the car but Tesla’s idea was just that and not part of a story and the two are independent of one another…as far as lightning to induce rain or having to do with weather, satellites etc., I had more than one source for these and they were Nick Baggitch, if I am spelling that properly, Tesla, and the seeding clouds controversy between two cities in China and this was a different story from what was out there…as I explained earlier in time…Tesla had the idea in theory of disintegrating a building with a device in an instant but the idea in a story was different having to do with two different times places and the other side of being which Tesla had nothing to say about and would be independent both of one another however Tesla came before the one group that had a problem with the story and I gave other proofs from the Bible and Zeno and Dodgson for the other ideas in it
-I have not given up anything the one’s I said could represent me use my ideas and writing nothing has changed in that regard , All claims Still claimed
-if they are trying to claim the comment one never leaves where they are he will always be there, and speak against it with someone else having it first, I doubt no one ever said that before but Emily Dickenson in the 1800’s never left her home for many years and at the end never or rarely went out of the house
-the comic in the spy series, whatever it was they thought I or someone else had something similar too, I refuted that claim a while back you would have to back to the proof I put out there, some are coming in late to this business and have not seen the earlier proofs
-the triangular arrangement of characters for a description of something I got from a photo in the 1800’s but the painting by Da Vince in a travel show that mentioned the position of characters in it I have listed Da Vince as an influence seen the painting but that is not where I got that configuration, besides it would be a technique of artists from before that time and many would use it whether influenced by others or not so I discount that as a proof at all that kind of thing is open to anyone, however the photo also was of a mother with a child or children it has been years since I have seen it
-something like B. Jouser, someone in the area had the name if the other fellow brought that to them he simply took it and used it
-Psalm 82 was the one that had ‘Ye are gods’
-the wet suits in something in the earlier one all they did was haphazardly climb up during daylight not in a line up at night
-the provincial broadcaster put up depictions of children that are illegal here and the one who is one of the wild bunch is in charge so why can they do that?
-more than one show about history supports there having been hot or other volatile liquid thrown from above onto assailants below in ancient times
-as far as talking without seeing the other i definately am not talking about the comedy taking place in the office

-Tesla’s device to reduce a building and his satellite system, robotics run by remote control, and other device with movement capabilities came before devices in the sci fi [I am not arguing against them I am just proving a few points] of the 1960’s, stories to move people from here to there remotely or nearby, tat together with Biblical traveling to the future or to the heavens in dreams, visions an d real-time to another time/dimension [since the Heavens are a different dimension precedes the 1960’s sci fi through to back the future concepts which I discussed at length, this was just another way to argue the point
-as far as bombs inside something, I already showed dead animals have had explosives put in them, mines have traditionally used explosives inside and any movement of the explosives itself would set it off and, that is before any 1970’s movie [I am not putting any of it down I am just proving a few points]and often the [I am not putting any of it down I am just proving a few points] is inside the mine shaft but also in between rocks inside a crevice or even ins some containment device, so that in order to stop an operation one would have to have the same skills as those in the movies, and there have been many with these same ideas in them
-Tesla in ‘Prodigal Genius’, it relates how he had an oscillator: a piston inside a cast iron cylinder, he had had this oscillator against a pillar, which when vibrating affected other buildings and his so he smashed it with a sledge hammer, the first time, not with a practice swing and the other thing in I think the 1970’s took an axe to wood a chest or wall or partition[and yet is preceded by this but this is not like a circus where the bell is hit when someone hits the bottom sending the weight up to the top to ring the bell since that is not to smash it but to simply move it] of some sort not to handcuffs [and this is not a ship and not an axe and not a story but a real life incident besides slave chains would have been cut by an axe, stone smashing and saws so that precedes any claim the idea was from the 1960’s-1970’s, and that would be from history so I don’t think anything in a story precedes actual history on this point since men have been in chains in ancient times and as one philosopher said something about ‘men are everywhere in chains’]; it had the effect of a bomb, which had the main moving part inside the cylinder; Meanwhile the police searched for where it might be…Now, oscillation with the piston inside the cylinder because he could detect vibration the visualization of such vibration/ oscillations by monitors came later, and by observation of different types of vibrations like heartbeats , sound with their up and down motion showing up on the monitor [and this was preceded by the pen-like motion of detection of vibrations/oscillations so they show up with jagged continuous marks much like taking a pen and running it back and forth lengthwise on the page…] this is something in hospitals and old film the use of such devices as radar on ships and watching a monitor to observe it, while that came later, the pure notion of watching for oscillations is found with Tesla nevertheless…the bomb in the building Tesla was experimenting at, inside is the piston inside the cylinder attached to a column like the bombs in cans by the wall in a story, [p. 63] Tesla, later “The oscillator [driven] by compressed air [by a] motor [forcing] air into a tank to keep [it] going, even if the motor ewer shut off…” So the idea of a container and a ‘bomb’ or something capable of like-effects that is related here. There is tank , like a can, something that even if turned off, can still be dangerous [like the turning off of part of a device]…people would have to stand on a special platform in Tesla’s lab in order to feel the effects of his oscillator, and to get off the device would not be detected by them but the idea is there of standing on something that is virtually a bomb, that could go off, Mark Twain was a friend of Tesla’s and stood on it, …yet in order to keep it form causing any more harm [when policemen followed the problem of the vibrations causing damage to nearby buildings to its source, chasing him down throughout a building] he took a sledge hammer and hit it the first time smashing it thereby saving life and limb…Sperry’s gyroscope, if giving a downward thrust causes vibrations as well, [which could have been used to induce minor earthquakes to prevent larger ones, this pressure, the pressure of a person standing on the platform, the bomb-like oscillator, not to mention Tesla’s own use of it to detect subs he proposed which detects with oscillator/vibrations, is like a monitor detecting the subtlest motions of a bombe or else of a person standing on something that, if moved would set it off, in this case we have the rudiments of the bomb, a person to whom it is attached, then weight on a platform is to feel vibrations but is a forerunner of pressure by a person attached to a device [not attachment to a column] set off to go by slight movement, and monitoring of the pressure [a person would feel it] the device contained in something, [this is in 1898]and its potential to affect life en mass [many people in buildings]…that and Tesla’s remote controlled robot-boat, ‘iron-hulled’ like a big ship “the interior of the hull was packed with a radio-[receiver] and…water driven mechanisms or mechanical brain [taking] orders [remotely]” Even though it is wireless, the stopping of a wick of explosives is before Tesla therefore is like or acts like a wire conducting energy with fire sparks along its length until it reaches the explosive…some saw this demonstrated by Tesla at Madison Square Gardens in a large tank of water, and thought it could be used to send the boat with explosive to another ship and blow it up…though Edison had an electric torpedo [powered] by a cable connected with the ship, so wires were used with explosives and ships, and wires were of some concern in one story so all the elements that made up bombs and ships are contained within the notions of Tesla, Sperry and Edison. [This is in ‘Prodigal Genius’ in the chapter ‘Fortune and Fame’ ibid. p. 274 ‘memory files’, term used… ibid. p. 166-167 ‘race of robots, mechanical men’ and even Tesla even saw them in use for warfare, so the early sci fi shows were preceded by Tesla and the war with cyborgs and computers since he mentions the robot ship brain, and so I do not see as relevant any criticism of TSCC ibid. p. 310

-“The Great Empires of the Ancient World’, Harrison, J. Paul Getty Museum, p. 43 Napoleon, his robe with bees ‘the ancient Hieroglyph for “king”’ and therefore correlates with ”Queen Bee” as a designation for a person and of course another disembodied hand on his royal scepter in the late 1700’s but I stated something about a text describing Queen Bee from more ancient times
ibid. p. 269
ibid. p. 278 since the owl came up: from the bibliography, title “The Empire of the Owl: Athenean Imperial Finance” Samons, 2000
ibid. p. 250-1 Krishna’s enemy takes the form of a horse; this is to show morphing in the religion of ancient times and the spirit going into another being
ibid. p. 120 coin, one side Athena, the other the sacred owl
Bible Judges 23-26 1249 B.C. “And Gideon said, every man the [gold] earring of his prey, and they cast in [all of them and that weight of all of them was equal to] 1,700 shekels of gold and either all earrings all of the same type of thing, if not exact duplicates or, the likeness to how many shekels which would be all the same type of money if it were to be contained in a treasure box the shekels would be impossible to tell apart…
-Bible the difference of the word shibboleth and a similar term, and the password tells who would be on which side is similar to the pirates use of a term that would pass for inclusion the word or its proper pronunciation…it makes a difference whether tear or tear as in crying
-a typical character in the past was the Harlequin, who was a character invisible to other characters…so the attempt to say anything about copying a cartoon or a ghost story is not true this goes back to ancient times
-Judges 9:8-15 ‘And the trees said to the figs “come thou and reign over us.”’ Bible the Gideons, the National Bible Press, Philadelphia, The Gideons International in Canada, 146 James Street, Toronto Ont.
-once again the other fellow is trying to say he is like De Bergerac, I have repeatedly stated I am not interested in anyone who is or has been in his life there was someone I was interested in but he only dated her in another era but this business is nonsense and he is trying to use anything to make me look like I say said or do or have done anything to use against me….
-as far as screens while i showed how they go back even a few centuries i must include Karl Stockhausen in this...although i completely disagree with his statement on 911 and i have said i listened to a lot of classical music before even the far out stuff...i showed screens going over a distance from farther back before and that they go back in opera even a few centuries
-'Her Majesty's Spymaster', Budiansky, in Elizabethan England, Francis Walsingham was the spymaster, form the front cover: "Planting or recuiting agens in every foreign court in Europe ...pioneered the techniques ...of international espionage today, so you see nothing from the 1960's had the idea of international spying first...besides the use of missionaries in centuries past in lands as far flung as China and stories about these and others from the past to the present show spying and international intrigue is from ancient times and i of course went back to the Bible for that so far back as thousands of years, before 'The Art of War'...not to mention Christopher Marlow was a spy and contemporary writer of Shakespeare...
-my TSCC story is getting the most views maybe they should bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-the other fellow(s) keep sending people about to mouth off about me and turn people against me...

-Self-Prounouncing Editions The Holy Bible, The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and N.Y. at the back “The Bible Reader’s Aids. How To Study the Bible, by Dwight L. Moody I put this I cannot find the copyright date…p. 128 ‘Jacob’s Dream’ depicts the brightness, almost blinding of the light illumination emanating from the angels climbing the stairs…p. 136-7 top of page, ‘spies sent into Canaan’ and ‘Report of the spies’
-Stockhausen partition is not clear, however, ‘Before Hollywood’, Clee p. 32 partitions separating audience from the images, similar idea as the Stockhausen but still would have sound in this case explosion…yet the clear part of the celestial vehicle on which God’s throne sits above the sounding creatures
-‘Before Hollywood’, p. 132 from around the still picture, not film and round stage…p. 47 screen and audience separate p. 46 p. 23 stage and small curtains/frame p. 18 wall to wall/ceiling to ceiling separation partition idea originates from a number of early sources and ancient ones as I said, like ancient Israel, curtain/[screen] separates the two sections of the portable temple…Da Vince’s stage shells with go across entire back of stage but are at sides before coming together…not to mention it is curved but see earlier buildings from ancient times I put down, there are others but the point is these are just some of the things I put down I could have put others
-‘Opera’, Abaris, Eaton [I have put some of these before: p. 4432 screen p. 330 glass/clear p. 268 p. 44 quite a partition p. 460 curtain across p. 439 partition t back of stage p. 158 ship with people on deck raised above stage, there are others I listed earlier p. 1446 overhead p. 132 framed stage and pillars p. 86 glass/clear part about 1961 but others I listed before…like the orchestra pit which is separated both by a stage above with the singers and others and the audience so it serves both the purpose of esthetics and sound separation it is not a full blast right next to others as I indicated was one of the reasons I mentioned this idea
’Insight’ Deuteronomy 32:9-12 [about 1451 B.C. according to the Gideon Bible listed above] Moses relates God’s leading Israel to be like the eagle taking its young on its back so the idea of riding on a birds back is not new and has some either fact/mythical notion [not as in myths but could be simply a myth of sorts, unsubstantiated but it is in the Bible thousands of years ago] so a man riding on a giant birds back is not an unreasonable fictional idea
--from 'Wonders of the Ancient Past Ancient Inventions', James, Thorpe, Ballantine, N.Y. 1994...p. 586 'a long wooden booth [partition] had entrance for actors and a platform -the first stage- was added to the front of it and sides...behind which actors could disappear behind it instead of the doors" so a partition, platform, doors, all have ancient references...p. 589 trap doors...p. 252 dunce caps...anciently the robotic type being was found in the Illiad the god who made mechanical servants and Philon and Heron 'organized to mimic human movement... Archemides and Ancient Egyptians who made mechanical toys Heron had theater thunder and lightning for stage effects a play called the 'Nauplius' had the 3rd act with ships and a sea and p. 432 two heads touching or nearly

-I already listed a book on Horror films and showed a head separated from the body that had tubes in either side of its head or what was left of its neck…I think it was a ‘Frankenstein’ type of story, the page and the date of publication etc… and before that in history the ancient character ‘Morpheus’ the head was still singing and ‘Frankenstein’ itself came before the above story in Cryogenics I think the history of that is before…in a story on retro tv the head is kept on a plate with tubes in it but the tubes in it is from medicine and is after the picture from the earlier horror film and a dish-like or plate is from the story of the head of John the Baptist but for frozen heads cryogenics to reattach in the future are on ice in various places like Timothy Leary they would have to start reviving it in a sense before reattaching it to a body and ‘feeding’ it with liquids like blood infused back into it...and the headphones are preceded by the pictures of headphones i showed from world war one…however, the iron lung which kept people alive, you would only see their head and while not severed from the body it looks like it and since the body would be inert the head would keep talking and kept alive in a sense though the lungs would be the part being kept alive…so the whole idea of severed heads, besides heads on pikes in war, revolution, and the ‘Cheshire Cat’ on the edition of the Lewis Carroll, Bantam, 1865/1871, 1916, 1944, 1981 the cat’s head is smiling and alive kept alive by what means we are not given so the whole idea is really not new…the idea of freezing tissue started with at least in this time James Lovelock freezing red blood cells in the 1950’s so the whole idea is before that idea but in Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’ which while published in 1970 would have research earlier than that researcher Pickering in the book is listed in 1966 p. 207-8 concerning replacement body parts and on p. 213 ‘link up of the human brain-stripped of its supporting structures-with the computer…Professor White, Dir. Neurosurgery [in] Cleveland, has given evidence the brain can be isolated form its body and kept alive after the ‘death’ of the rest of the organism” p. 502 notes p. 214, “The Dead Body and the Living Brain”, Fallocio, ‘Look’ magazine, November 28, 1967 p. 99… the 1950’s movies had a severed head see site ‘The Drunken Severed head photo left side…’How Russian Scientist kept a Severed Dogs Head Alive’, in the 1920’s Sergi Brukhoneko connected it to a heart-lung, whether this is true the report would be from that time and therefore the idea……from wiki: the first iron lung October 12 1928 Children’s Hospital, Boston…and others from the 1930’s-1950’s
-the partition in a class room separating two classes for sound and separate classes lectures etc with a folding partition, also one in the gymnasium which could also section people off for concerts and at the local church they had at one time small partitions to separate groups of people they were about head or taller size …ancient Israel portable temple curtain separating and the celestial vehicle separating clear portion and the rest, Da Vince’s separating stages would be partitioned off one part of the stage from the other with a back drop that would split in two…I never stated what length size shape the screen/partitions would be like I did mention clear but those go back before the 1960’s and could be glass plastic etc.
-‘The Brain the Last Frontier’, Restak, 1979, ‘Golem’, p.368, in a book I listed quite sometime ago
-the confidence case I cited copied the James A. Mitchener story, I say it comes closer than the Holmes tv series as there is no singer in it and it is a different team that does it…the faces together by the window reflecting on one another’s face is different from another story which would be closer to but not quite the same since the faces are not superimposed on one another, in ‘Broken Blossoms’ when the man from China first sees Lillian Gish in the window…and that is not on a ship
-I already listed deities that are both or take the form of male/female and other ancient characters are there and later in time: both ancient Japanese Noh plays and plays in Shakespeare’s time women’s parts were played by men…
-I already showed instances of close ups of hands before the tv film era…
-I have already shown hybrid people/animals and that idea goes back to ancient god/men/animal hybrids and later ‘Metropolis’ etc, with robot/human hybrid ideas…
-as far as a retro story with an electric barrier, that sounds more like a fence to shock animals with besides the notion of a person who cannot hear the other and vise versa comes from stories...besides the one way mirror room and the soundproof room for recording had that idea

here is what i said above read the bold and compare what someone made it sound like i said and you will see i did not say i copied but that confidence case I CITED I DID NOT SAY I COPIED AND I MEANT BY DIFFERENT GROUP MAKING SCHEME IN THE hOLMES STORY IT IS A GROUP OF CONFIDENCE MEN NOT A MAN AND WOMAN AS IN THE mITCHENER STORY
"-the confidence case I cited copied the James A. Mitchener story,"
-the head in the retro story is not revived i think i did not see all of it whereas another story had an ancient frozen head revived by scientists and does not speak and it is also induced to bring back its memories ...besides the retro story simply is a rehash of other stories before it and did not have its memories revived by scientists...besides that the Cheshire Cat in Alice speaks
-i have not given up anything writing ideas for anything and anything derived from it i have certainly NOT given it to the FELLOW WITH THE SAME NAME AS A CITY IN ITALY so if he stole it give it back...he is the fake here not me i have not put all these proofs on here because i fake anything and i am the one who mentioned the History of Vogue book ...i already explained that so don't bother saying anything about it

-as far as a woman changing attire to attract a man in a room, Scarlet changes her work clothes for Rhett when she goes to see him for money but that idea is in a lot of things
-space espionage, you think they are just sending satellites up for no reason and what about spies and exchange programs in stations and closer to earth the monkeys flying in Oz to spy on Dorothy and sabotage her and her friends similar idea
-Sumarian Kings list one king was 30,000 years old predates 1800’s A.D. and even Tolkein, not to mention as another reference ‘Lost Horizon’, Hilton, and the 400 year old patriarch of Shangrila
-I already cited the two hands almost touching of Michelangelo’s Adam and God but that was in a movie opening and before the 2000’s and I do not know if an 1800’s author drew attention to it as a close up of the hands
-while an 1800’s author, the documentary on him [this has nothing to do with the documentary or its maker but the subject matter] cited tubes in walls for sending messages messages before his time would be by wires and bells [I am presuming they were wires connected with bells] and the ringing by the cloth hanging down which when pulled brought servants and the messenger and the bells and servants would not be seen and could be used for the same purpose I am supposing this has to do with the subject of harassing with technology in the home hidden behind walls but that was not the subject that the tubes in the walls before and as I just indicated this was a variation on the theme but I already cited haunted homes set up to do the same and surveillance could be by listening at doors holes in walls or behind a curtain as in Hamlet
-as far as en mass bodies in the sea and no doubt before death or at death many bobbed up and down the Egyptians at the parting of the waters covering them…”When the Israelites saw the Egyptians lying dead on the seashore…” at the hand of God…but I think there are enough accounts and photos and film of ocean liners in the 1800’ and the early 1900’s to show that one account by an author was not needed to show such sites and I do think accounts of factual a ship incident and others like it around that time period is enough to show where the ideas for that came from they need no bolstering, or photos or accounts from or acknowledgement of earlier incidents on the high seas…besides Poe, Dickens, Holmes and others had stories of the sea and I already showed how even opera hundreds of years ago had enough scenes as well as Shakespeare for stories and references National Geographic which has numerous ship accounts form Cook to Columbus to the big ships last century and yet to satisfy critics an old book from childhood: ‘A Picture History of Canada’, Jessie McEwen, Kathleen Moore, Thomas Nelson and Sons (Canada) Ltd., Revised Illustrated Edition, The following from this:
-plate 7, p. 22 “Hudson Set Adrift’-plate 4, p. ‘Cartier At Stadaconda’ look up the spelling later
-plate 2, p. 13 “Columbus Sets Sail’
-plate 8, p. ‘The Pilgrim Fathers’ George Morrow
-plate 3, p. ‘Cabot Embarking’ Ernest Board
-plate 38, p. 85 “Landing the Atlantic Cable at Hearts Content’
-plate 32, p. 73 “An Early Canadian Steamship’ Permission Rous and Morrow
-plate 27, p. “Landing of Settlers at York Factory” T W Mitchel
-plate 22, p. “Landing of Loyalists, 1783” Henry Sandham
-plate 24, p. “Captain Cook at Nootka”, Charles W. Jefferys
-if Hudson fell in or others would they not be frosted over and frozen water on them in that water, the author mentioned above was in more temperate waters when he saw bodies not freezing…different account besides the accounts of shipping disasters is enough were hypothermia has set in you can read of such accounts there are enough of them online and elsewhere…the photos on decks I have seen some photos from the 1800’s but again, why is the factual account not enough? In this case it takes precedence over any account past/present since it is fact
-as far as not letting anyone know one or someone is dead, Romeo and Juliet, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Shakespeare and also there are those in both who are in enemy territory…bouey [I am not looking up this right now for spelling, markers to note the depth of waters the head of it bobs up and down…there are if I recall either monkeys or else large otters in Japan in Nat. Geog., or some other publication who bath in spring water heated ponds who are frosty looking when in winter their heads are above water
-sherlock holmes story the one who is in the water with the blow dart his head bobs in the water…various wars past and present accounts of similar thing
-‘dialectics’ came from the late 1700’s and early 1800’s with Fitch and Hegel, ‘Phenomenology of the Mind’
-old term ‘the walls have eyes and ears’…
-not to mention the landing and leaving scenes and getting the ship loaded are factual there are photos of these so why would an account from the 1800's or photos from then be needed to say the scenes from the actual ships in the early 1900's would not suffice?
-steamship 'Arctic' disaster, just one of so many, September 7, 1854, in frigid waters, but then again you cannot beat the facts of the ship i am thinking of they are already there not to mention the sister ship disaster...i think we could list more do not forget disaster has also loomed on the great lakes going back to the 1800's and of course the 1812 war we have many disasters in history here not to mention the Edmund Fitzgerald ...
-there is an eye doctors conference across the boarder, they should see my fan fic on the other fan fic site i talk about sight...
-the extra tax some provinces have is vicious, the hst...

-to explain something, I have nothing to do with the idea for, unless otherwise noted by one of the people, that there may be something... i have representing me it but it may be referenced by the fact I had been looking for someone to come back…the other fellow and someone in his life tried to make it look I was interested in that person [which I was NOT] to try to get me to give up everything I was working for, so they could get hold of it and so I would look like I was mouthing his words [which I was NOT]…that I knew what they were doing…I said that instead of these machinations against me we could have worked together, and meaning that not that I wanted to work with him, the one looked for above thought I wanted to work with him and so had him work with her…which looked like I had sent him to her but I knew he might try to do that when I said that and since they have typically assailed her unless he worked with her I said that it might be better if we did not meet again so we have not but they took advantage of this…so these things are where an idea might have come from though it is not my idea
-as far as a sci fi that a person is merely unconscious and is not and suddenly comes back to consciousness but not life since they were not dead…there are real life instances of coming back to life from death: like the dead coming back to life and being seen when Christ dies and it seems no one revived them…and other instances of revival from death like Christ and apostles reviving them and Christ coming back to life…also some have come back to life when dead even reports at funerals
-there are enough stories of someone being shot, hiding out and not coming back that as been a standard in stories with people looking for them: ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Shakespeare….as far as people leaving everything and assuming a new identity that is both what some do who do not have a mental condition and those who have amnesia///not to mention spies , criminals as well do that…’The Man with the Yellow Face’, Sherlock Holmes, a man assumes with wig and clothing different from his usual attire the semblance of a beggar, and a new identity while his wife is looking for him and he is hiding from authorities as well and fakes his death by putting his clothes weighted down in the river…
-a man shot and in hiding from authorities in ‘Gone with the Wind’ Ashley is shot and then other hide him, even the women want to find him and the one’s with him when they avenge Scarlett’s being attacked, and they hide from authorities and then take him home to hide him there when they cannot find him...

-Toffler, ‘The Third Wave” p. 109. “curved walls and no-right angles [rare] in industrial era buildings]
-Nat. Geog. Bricks in Asian transport of drugs with the number 666, see past decades issue I do not have it here…
-i said i do not see why the ships own history cannot suffice for evidence of where some things are derived from i mean why would an account from the 1880's be even considered a proof seeing as how it was not in cold waters and the author who witnessed it so he saw something that is a different account and yet most bodies have heads in the water bobbing up and down in disasters...even in the cold on land if you are out long enough you get frost on your own head, eyes water, the water drops freeze into little frozen droplets...your whole head and shoulders will look like the scene in no time if you are out long enough, it is a natural phenomenon, if you absolutely have to have a reference, 'Dr. Zhivago' looks like that when he comes back to Laura's apartment and along the way there...there have been enough stories with drowning people that show similar things...and Zhivago is quite alive...Native North American's go out into the open at the end to die in the cold and they look like that... why was this ever questioned???? many times i have had frozen boots if i get them wet in winter it is a fact of the season...i am only responding to a possible claim against it by the showing of the author's account which has nothing to do with the 1900's...this was just another attempt to say something they saw in something was where it came from...also, 'A World History of Photography', Rosenblum, p. 612 Galina Sanko 'Fallen German Soldiers on Russian Front', 1941 SarLoto magazine,
ibid., p. 589, 760, Jerry W. Uelsmann utitled, ('Cloud Room'), has fire on ceiling in room
-i said i would not listen to anymore, words to that effect, some people material if they were associated with a secretive group of power brokers i only said it as an off the cuff statement and should not be taken seriously and i did not mention or criticize those who did..sorry if anyone got the wrong impression i do not know if what i said was edited with even different things than i thought they put out there and it might not even be me they can do wonders in editing things...
-'The Detroit Free Press', October 21, 1916...subtitle: "Blizzard hits...' '[disaster crew on boat was' [both] encased in ice, December 3, 1874 "two frozen bodies aboard" Painesville Telegraph "one] found lashed to windlass" ...these are from different accounts...but it is known that the Great Lakes has had many disasters...'15 Face death...Gale Sinks Lake Erie, Marshall F. Butters plunges to bottom of Detroit river Blizzard that hits state ends ill starred tripo...Cleveland October 20...50 mile gale"heavy storm...they were the last to jump fro the Butters ...sand 12 miles...near nmouth of Detroit River...water gained in hold"
-there is a Nat. Geog. of the big ship and the life boat against the boat saving it with survivors and it looks cold...
-'The Military History of World War One Navel and Overseas War 1914-1917", Trevor Dupry, Franklin Watts Inc., 1960:
p. 477 "Battle of the Falklands', December 8, 1914, survivors heads bobbing up and down
p. 84 'Crew of German Sub', see what they are standing on
p. 68 crew packed into one side as it sinks
p. 77 "The Blulcher's last moments', 'crew sliding off hull into the sea'
-that but i worked up in the mountains and even in summer the glacier fed lakes one can only stay in the water 10 minutes before hypothermia sets in and i have seen the Detroit river for years loaded up with ice floes crashing into below the boardwalk and ships in the cold into December, large freighters ...

-'Frankenstein' has cold ship scene part in it...see above for last most recent notes just yesterday
-i am not into the occult but it is necessary to refer to influential things related to it
-of course i already mentioned Noah's ark the people would be heard by the one's inside that is the first great flood and people would no doubt be in cold areas as well especially up in mountain areas but i already listed books on ships with accounts of hypothermia and as far as the author in the 1800's, that was not in cold weather... however, i have been listing references for ships for quite a while now...i also listed National Gographraphic, one year i sat down to read as many about the sea from past decades as i could...also Robinson Crusoe, Poe, Melville, which has accounts of men who are in the water and drown...also, the man who nearly drowned saved by my relative, not to mention the ship that went down that i went to see on the Detroit River as a child, i do not remember the name of the ship or what year, while Noah's ark is not watching the drowning flood it is the first great ship story...while the Pharaoh's army is not ships the bodies en mass are seen by the people who survive and the chariots would be floating for a time and would be like ships going fact i cited Noah's ark through the years here...see actual telegraph and newspaper accounts on the great lakes and of course 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' Gordon Lightfoot's song is from a long time ago and that was in cold waters...and the above 1800's author's account would be not with frosted frozen bodies...
-as far as in house surveillance: ancient greeks used light to show areas and would see intruders...ancient chinese methods of detecting earthquakes with object falling from one thing into another could no doubt have been used for 'an ancient surveillance system, Baali, Bira, Bada Imambara, Lucknow india' which dates to 1784 a building there a complex in Lucknow India had underground retreats for people from heat the reflection in the pool would watch for intruders ...ancient castles had not just high places from which to watch the underground would have places to retreat but they probably could have heard the enemy...castles go back to ancient time in the Bible...'Eavesdropping and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures', eavesdropping in Anglo Saxon anciently at a hole under the eaves to listen in on those trying to gain entrance into building called the Eavesdrop...'The Art of War' has surveillance techniques in it...ancient cyphers would be in homes no doubt letting people know whether anyone was home or not and spies could use in 'Ben Hur' there is something they pull on... 'panoptic' device

-pools in middle of rooms: ancient baths to modern
-floor opening in middle of room in basement of building Sherlock Holmes ‘The Red Headed League’ and in another Homes the trap door falls on the man killing him leaving him underneath dead
-sinking under and dissolving Sherlock Holmes ‘Baskerville’ I already mentioned this several times, quicksand…the Bible, lime burning bones and I already mentioned a cold case book on actual cases where a body was dissolved by some acid in a tub…Poet Shelly died and his body burned with lime, relates to cyborgs exoskeleton
-Skeleton alive and moving ‘Revelation’ in Bible one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and I already mentioned the movie by that name and I already mentioned the horsemen before
-‘Fifty Famous Sea Stories’, Mainsail, Burk Pub. Co., 1961 ‘The Mariner’s Ape’, p. 35
-ibid p. 130 & 133 sea monsters ‘The Kraken’, a cuttle fish/Squid as large as a whale
-ibid p. 151 ripping up the stomach, box inside…
-ibid p. 151 “When Flores threw them overboard they must have been swallowed by one of the sharks” black and white did not have it first it is a natural consequence of being in infested waters and as you see documentaries they do attack men and try to eat them…-ibid p. 154 the ‘trap hatch…in cabin floor’ this is a ship in water-ibid p. 154 the prisoners ‘obtained…relief by stretching themselves full length on barrels in the hold’ sounds like the Illiad
-ibid p. 176 ‘H.M. Brig Dominica Fights a Privateer’ “our commander thrust his hand into and the skull of a man…” attempted boarding
-ibid p. 205 ‘Mutiny in the Vittoria’ men pose as regular crew and attempt to take the ship (1830) and they need the ships navigator alive
-ibid p. 222 women and children on ship
-ibid p. 257 pirates aboard, seemingly thirsty men suddenly attack when coming on board
-ibid p. 293 women on board
-boarding ships men with beards is not new” ‘Intolerance’ D.W. Griffiths-the bricks with 666 they had drugs in them in Asia…see also Holmes and bust, ‘Milverton’…’Maltes Falcon’ movie, Bogart.
-spies have been on boats before world war one and in wars
-the edition of Chaucer listed above: ‘p. 141 “Chanticleer sang free…Medieval
-the ‘Abnormal Psychology’, Bootzin text above, p. 335 ‘representation of tactile hallucinations looks like the ‘Acolyte’ in different role copied that/I am not speaking against everyone in the story
-head off, giant bust of Constantine, but I have others, the Bible I listed from 1881 has the depiction of the sphinx in Egypt up to its neck with layers of sand at that point it had not been uncovered and its head only showed
-speakeasy police raid in ‘Brideshead Revisited’ besides Hiram Walker had his business here and smuggling alcohol was a business during prohibition and it was not unknown that speakeasy’s were in business
-speakeasy police raid in ‘Brideshead Revisited’, chasing/following each other and calling out during moving around police during raid, this is not against anything else my enemies want to assail others
-setting up another who is innocent to commit crime/scaring someone into giving something up/framing them and they kill one or more, Betty Davis/ Joseph Cotton/Olivia de Haviland movie where they scare Davis’ character
-‘The Group’, there is a group of the powerful known as ‘The Group’
-people locked into room forever, King David puts his wives away in their building never to come out again, they will fall asleep and not be able to get out again…and the dead and living locked into tombs like pyramids in ancient Egypt, and movie where they are put in pyramid and locked in forever till they die and ancient greece, 'Antigone', who goes to her death in tomb alive never to come out...
…that should close the door on that issue
-‘Insight into the Scriptures’, vol 1 p. 657…”[in proverbs] [on intoxication in modern language] hallucinations appear Proverbs 23:29-33
-that a criminal studies in prison and learns academically is that criminals are not exactly known for telling the truth otherwise they would not be there
-‘Insight…’ vol 2 ‘were it God’s purpose to awaken people from the sleep of death, they would never wake up.” Were the idea of such a debate comes from
WHAT I WROTE THIS PAST SATURDAY 18 2010, was on [tv discussion forums]
-‘Ancient Greeks Gadgets and Machines’, R. D. Brunbough, Apollo Edt., Crowell, 1960
-p. 10 “combination of doorbell and burglar alarm, a trumpet that blares whenever a temple door is opened” this is I think in b.c.
-revolving platform p. 48, so today’s owes the ancients and is in the public realm
-round layer-cake towers p. 19
Takeda Shingen, 12 century afraid of ninja’s so put another bathroom with door out to escape so he would be spying on/on-look-out-for them
-Rahab in Bible let spies on roof so roof was for surveillance
-Chevalier d’Eon spy for Louis iv 1756, posed as woman in Russian court
-NOW AS far as negative statements and untruth about others, the other side against me was the group relating 'secrets' that were untrue no one has slandered them and i go by facts only...not rumours hearsay and i do not relate private things but sometimes it is necessary to relate facts to stop people from claiming things and pointing to you and others to show what they are covering up as as far as articles picked up to put somewhere else not what they were saying or editing or saying i said
-i already mentioned spy trawlers for government and listed that a while back also: 'Spy Ship', 1942 movie and in history timeline on line 1917...but then i mentioned this and some of the books i mentioned state things from history and spying as well...
-romance google book results: joseph conrad "O'Brien knew nothing; his spies might report a hundred uncertainties. I said desperately, "Search and be damned--whatever ships you like.

-ancient Sumerian King's List, after the flood, the first king is Kish
-small creatures: Gulliver's Travels, and let us not forget sea horses are miniature horses, smaller than Shetland...and i gave examples of large sea creatures larger so the opposite case with insects...Job 'sea monster' 1520 b.c. Gideon's Bible...besides there are little beings in fairy tales, leprechauns, etc.
‘Watchtower Bible and Tract Society ‘Insight on the Scriptures’: p. 817, outstretched hands 6 feet (4 cubits) the Fathom measurement is from finger tip to finger tip of the hands stretched out, so this ancient measurement is another reference to the hands and arms stretched out and is an ancient...
-Epha, a container in the Bible with a lid in which the woman named 'Wickedness' has been put, before garbage cans were invented...looks like the other fellow didn't come up with that one afterall
-"Lewis is happy to admit, there is a world where someone named Sherlock Holmes lived at 221b Baker Street in Victorian times, there is another world where pigs fly, and there is even another world where both Sherlock Holmes exists and pigs fly" concerning the subject 'Actualism' in wiki an of course the comment in Holmes...
-small pool of water in ancient Roman building after typing in 'small pools in ancient buildings' in google page 16 third photo 'Roman_interior.jpg "interior of ancient roman house said to be that of Sallust b.c. 20 to a.d. 20...shows small pool in the middle of the floor with the rest of the floor surrounding it...

-the sequence of chapters despite the chapter heading in the one in the 'Algorythm'story is correct

-‘Insight’, vol 1, p. 275 two women had the name Deborah, meaning bee
-this is not on behalf of the other fellow or his jester, reference for pigs flying Sherlock Holmes, just in case someone overheard me refer to it and put it out there which I do not think so but just in case,
-I already cited ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.’, 1865, 1871, 1916, 1944, Rand McNally, and Bantam edition, 1981, p. 210…and the caterpillar smoking a hookah is the same size as Alice and is another reference for small creatures turned large not to mention besides insects Alice swims alongside a rat or mouse as large as herself…not to mention a lizard in one picture and lizards are miniature dinosaurs a similar look about them, and Alice becomes large and small and regular in the story…but there is a turkey or chicken depiction in it that looks well done with a face and it looks like another case of copying by the same people who had the handicap vehicle chase scene which copied a book by a humourist and yet that could be a reference (not for them) for other food that is anthropomorphic, they simply copied the depiction in the Alice tale…
-just a note Tesla had the first remote transmission
-I said, after my name: a group could be if I was in music:
‘the new old b_s which is not unlike
’the new advntrs of old something’ so I think I know where the source of that came from
-I said I had ideas and writing for another ship disaster but it was not using think about any one individual but was purely fictional besides ideas from it were used in a different story(s), I think some may have thought I was using or going to use more fact in the books I would cited for it
-the retro show had something a creature not a large fish killing people from under the water [see my above reference to show that off course show movie did not have the idea first see mainsail story...of course the thing i am thinking of course since they keep showing things my enemies will try to say i or others copied i am defending things not connected to me as well like that one...
-the circus on the off course movie is something like a reality series the new one coming i think is not a reality thing
-Greta Garbo made a dramatic entrance so did many as in these fashion books i am referring to the one where she swings her beads: 'Costume Reference 8 1918-1939', Marion Sichel p. 38 beads in hand 'Costume Reference The Edwardians' see cover necklace
-'FaSHION IN THE 1930'S jULIAN rOBINSON The Two Continents Pub., Group, Dresko Books td., London, Ermin, 1978, p. 104 Blumenfeld 'in Paris for the last fashion magazine as the Decade Harper's Bazaar ', december, 1939 last page woman is in precarious position p. 10 women and men near water, p. 15 p. 64...
-Mata Hari the famous spy as an dancer would have infiltrated night clubs and dinners with the powerful
-'Fashions of a Decade the 1920's p. 41 holding beads in one hand

-if I recall at Seigfreid’s death Brunhilde dives to her death into the water in Wagner’s ‘Ring’ opera (1852-1874)…Dido if I recall dives to her death when her loved one is gone a more ancient tale...Lear, Gloster wants to go to the cliff edge, Byron’s Manfred a character is at the edge…Sherlock Holmes story the child or the bad guy in one story is up high in a cave…how many stories both real and fictional of suicides in New York where they yelled ‘jump’ and would there not be rails on some places up high…the child dropped from the top of the stairs in ‘Wuthering Heights’…Joseph Conrad story, a woman commits suicide jumping into the water…so it is not an unusual thing for someone to be on the precipice contemplating the fall and it happens in real life…there have been such scenes of suicide into water by a rail on the Detroit Bridge and that no doubt has been the case with some since it was built in the 1930’s...and of course at Niagra Falls people have fallen down... not all deaths would have been reported or known one has to imagine as well that that is the case i have had scenes on cliffs in some stories or ideas i am not saying whether they have been used or not…so it would not be unusual in the case of ships ships going down, there are such scenes in the big ship disasters, and ships in the history of sailing and in fiction..and also scenes from above Ulrica in ‘Ivanhoe’ on the top while the castle is burning
-Lillian Gish movie on the frozen waters, nearly fall in while walking on ice floes that are moving towards the falls her love interest goes to save her, she nearly freezes to death and has her hair wet and freezing and her clothes and is something that was in documentaries and excerpts on tv before ‘youtube’
-there was a poster in the 1970’s with a man in 1920’s clothing if I recall is twirling his watch chain at his hip and the caption reads ‘Keep On truckn’ and there are many things like that seen through the years and as I showed women twirl their jewelry like that earlier last century…through the years I have seen many fashion items in books magazines there was a retro trend in movies books commercials back to earlier last century in some of the fashion items in the books above there are things reminiscent of this type of entry into a room with one other in there or just a scene…the point is they are twirling a fashion accessory before this era…
p. 120 ‘Alice in wonderland’, above while it is a different food item we normally see the paper cap on chicken and ribs so it looks like something basted and the scene on that show looks too much like it to be original
-Mata Hari the famous spy as an dancer would have infiltrated night clubs and dinners with the my fan fic story is not without some references...
-I MEANT: above a 1970's project about voracious fish and people was not anything to do with myself because my ideas and writing had not come out there yet with my name on it but that is nothing i wrote or had anything to do with i was simply saying something about it because retro stations are putting out things from the past that i need to refute, AND since i think some may be getting them to put out things to say i or others did not come up things original which is not true i am even t r y in g to refute claims against others ...I DID NOT MEAN WITH ALL THIS THAT MY IDEAS WERE NOT IN THE BIG SHIP PROJECT The comments concerning this had nothing to do with the big ship picture... \

-I have not been in video anywhere doing anything I would not otherwise do and any audio and I am only guessing from what two were saying, and things i am picking up from the things out there... I have been having trouble breathing on certain days with pollution and possibly because of high blood pressure…and two female relatives have the problem as well yet it is not something I have all the time but that is it any article of something and I am only getting this from things out there, is nonsense unless I am simply removing it from one place to another to clean up the area…someone may have taken what I said or may have made it look otherwise or more likely edited something to make it look like something else…I do not use a gun, and I have not faked anything I submit my writing as proof and my proofs of my writing and ideas that I have been putting on here and I never said I did not have anything to do with the big ship project but I was not involved in a something about sharks in the 1970’s I never indicated I was and my name had not yet been associated with anything yet…someone took the statements on this and used it to mean I did not come up with ideas for something else, so what ever they have tried to pull it is nonsense...what do you think i am making compromising audio and video of myself? this is just another attempt to get me out and replace me with a group that will do anything to stay in there...including false accusations of anytype anyone will believe
’Insight’, ‘kingdom first in Kish’
-suicides/attempted in literature and elsewhere: Nicholas Nickelby, Anna Karenina, in ‘Crime and Punishment’, if I recall there is an attempted or suicide a woman in the river, or else a woman falls in the rivers…’Sebrina’, movie in garage and carbon monoxide…’Brideshead Revisited’, “We paused at the parapet looking down into the dark water…I once had a governess who jumped off this bridge and drowned herself”…Shakeapeare, ‘Hamlet’, Ophelia drowns herself…which I mentioned already as well as numerous references to all these stories we all have seen cliff divers in to water, diving boards who has not been on one and hesitated or had someone tell us to get off…how many jumpers have there been in movies etc…I already mentioned Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ (1883) and in the first part is the tightrope walker who falls to his death from on high...Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia of Russian royalty tried to drown herself in a canal 1922...Virginia Woolf in the water..1941...of course there are various places in the past that have been called 'lover's leaps'
- already cited ritual suicide in ‘Shogun’
-i have not said the others came up with anything before me...
-actress Rita Jolivet, who was on Lusitania, whose brother in law drowned his wife committed suicide in building of course instead of trying to save themselves knowing they would die many jump off of ships faltering anyway committing suicide

-I have referred to Fred Astair how many times?: the woman at the rail in the most recent public tv showing of a film is a depiction and I think the woman at the rails on luxury liners early last century come much before and it was the liner was about 17 and was a maid or nanny for children and there are a few pictures on a few liners of women at the rails
-the arms from the elbow inward towards the center of the body moving outward extended full length is a typical movement in ballet (which is hundreds of years old) before that movie which is 1948, they are not on the water and are not standing on something standing still but dancing and the dance scene in the 1940's is a different scene, they are dressed in formal attire at a show the other is improvised and one is not dressed up and with the lower classes in the other where the two are dressed poor they ar in a show and are professional dancers playing a role in front of the well to do despite the lyrics in the other the song is not the same and not sung by a professional singer and is also impromptu and in a different setting and lines spoken and for a different purpose…besides think of tango, the arms extended out think of life size puppets that the puppeteer moves with their arms in the same fashion moving the hands and arms in and out along with his or hers…there was in the 1960’s,1970’s or later where dancers have their own image superimposed on them so they form a double image that looks like the same thing but is simply the same person…and one person shows another from adults to children how to move their arms in some activity like hitting with a bat, holding a hockey stick, moving a tennis racquet, using a pool cue this one being the one that young men usually use to get close to young women…the old dance routine of a manikin being moved by the dancer when he or she moves the manikin moves with it with arms in and extended out holding the hands so it is not altogether uncommon but not new to 1948 besides in that movie they do not extend their arms out
-in the Bible Old Testament the old leaders arm is extended holding up and others hold his arm up so long as his arm is held up they continue to win the war
-the stage and painting of women by a woman well, they are dressed to the teeth and a woman who is not actually painting is there in front of them this contrasted with a man drawing a woman, a completely different scene and not on a stage
-there are photos of Renoir and Gabrielle his model and the photo I cited from the 1800’s still holds up
-the same face and dress in the movie is preceded by the Sherlock Holmes episode where someone is dressed and has hair the same style and colour as the one that is locked away somewhere else…besides I mentioned BNW which has many workers who look identical dress identical and have the same hair etc..
-looking into another’s eyes is not new to last century
-dramatic entrance I was thinking of the entrance by a woman
-the framed picture I showed the 1800’s had that first on a stage in fact one stage is a large screen and there are screens on stages with people in front of or behind the screen, and I already showed clear screens including glass partitions screens frames from before that
-on the roof, out west up in the mountains where on a mountain called Whistler in Jasper Alberta i have been on is a restaurant that has a rail and men and women go up there togethers…
-as far as something hidden inside animals people in wars past have hidden bombs and Jonah the whale he is swallowed up in…goats eat anything including metal and stones and dogs eat up so they say the precious homework and I am sure people have hidden things in animals forever but also in cakes people put small gems trinkets etc., for a surprise but many a routine has people accidentally swallowing it and before routines I am sure the danger was that they would so it was not a new idea even to the 1800’s and for how long have people hidden things in food for criminals and prisoners????THEY USED TO PUT A COIN IN THE MOUTH OF THE DEAD in ancient Greece and that would be the toll for the ferry man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is inside of a being whether man or animal it is the same is an element of value
-more than one channel for sound: we hear birds and anything from many directions and hence more than one channel for sound is a natural phenomenon besides stereo and tv shops have more than one speaker and screen and so different stations emit different sounds at the same time…Stockhausen experimented with this decades ago and more than one choir, symphony etc., have had more than one tune going at the same time and I remember from when I played an instrument lessons and in class more than one instrument would be playing more than one tune simultaneously
-boring a hole in the wall to see the other side Bible, Ezekiel 8:16
-dramatic entrance there are to many to say just one is an influence for anyone I gave one example which comes before the 1940’s
-the 1930’s film star with a depiction of herself comes before this
i think God gave me good research skills
-the 'Pyramid of the Capitalist System' while it is in the public domain it is not where i got my idea since it is not music but i already listed sources for this that come before 1911, and after this time besides there are many ancient reliefs like the 'Trajan's Column of ancient times it is a similar idea and ancient Greece the one listed above that has miniature people on it that revolves and the revolving part it in the public domain as well as the wedding cake with man and wife on top there are other examples from history but i think that is enough...there are others i listed a while back...

-my references to height are to the ship or else other stories and the ideas and the fan fiction and my own having been up in the mountains in Jasper, where Whistler’s mountain and the restaurant, and various buildings I have been on or hills etc…so the precarious position of a woman on a mountain side is about one of these or all to defend them and show there are many influences for things
-freezing/heating the nitrogen references…there was a real account in one film of someone frozen to death by water poured on him but that is not the idea from nitrogen I put down in stories and ideas…I am sure there are others as I indicated earlier and other references as far as eyes going out and the light in them goes off there are robot toys from when I was a child, when the battery is turned off the eyes go out
-two people who create something that kills many then enhanced by another group: there were theorists on nuclear fission like Einstein, and Sakarov who turned against the bomb and Oppenheimer and ‘The Manhattan Project’ who turned it into a reality, thereby enhancing its potential
-there was a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode where the man goes into a room falls asleep and comes out and the world has been exploded and he is alive and in ‘Wuthering Heights’ the Lockwood has locked himself into a closet with books and dreams he and the servant Joseph have become part of the accounts he has been reading of an actual sermon…the opening in the ground see the earlier references to this and a grave that appears from nowhere is in ‘A Christmas Carole’ as I said earlier, in Scrooge’s dream and in Jacob’s ladder the angels appear going up and down in the dream as a said all these earlier plus there are openings in the ground in real life tunnels etc., moat, the drawbridge opens up a hole that is the moat between the two parts of the road to the castle appears and is closed when the drawbridge closes
-scenes of large groups of people running in an old depiction of ancient Egypt by someone Martin in a Life magazine people are scattered and running and in various stories and real life on the French Revolution and other World Wars one and two and other depictions film and photos the same and Elijah on foot beats Ahab’s chariot given superspeed by God to go fast forward-like not to mention early film footage due to the reels as in 1895 Lumiere Brothers, the first really long film post Edison where they go fast in the same manner and other depictions even with part of the area seen like scenes in buildings in actual war and other disasters and on the big ships there are depictions and photos of people and actual accounts of what happened, going fast Benny Hill, the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ goes slow indicating great speed this is the opposite case but it goes back thousands of years there are many pictures and photos of mass panic not to mention of say the Russian Revolution…’Metropolis’, ‘Ptompkin’, if I have the name right-I have given examples right from references I have been using for more years than when the other two started to claim certain things of foreheads together, like ‘Insight’ and the ancient Greek wrestlers heads together, and a 1960’s National Geographic of an 1800’s two foreheads together and I have seen both elsewhere as well something from when I was five I don’t think I am going to remember [the same with square but thin pillars, I have given other references] but it is a natural enough phenomenon…and close ups of hands see above likewise stages with runways I gave enough examples for that from hundreds of years ago even some going up or down in more remote times and from opera like a criss-crossing one in a photo from before one shown recently and I showed from opera to recent times that and from ‘Before Hollywood’
-the temple taken down and put together in a different location is one reference from ancient Israel in the Bible so the idea of a building with castle-like pillars and a forerunner of stained glass of angels depicted it is in effect, like the 1700’s ‘Amber Room’ building of Russia which was taken apart piece by piece and reassembled more than once in different locations not to mention Japanese businessmen goaded on by their success started to disassemble European castles in the 1980’s and reassemble them in another location as well as the Herod rebuilt a temple the old one was taken down piecemeal and new material brought in but the idea is close to it and the temple in Israel rebuilt by Nehemiah not to mention in Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’, 1970 reassembled prefab parts of buildings to be completed anywhere…something last century I believe was for a museum but these all precede that or else show where such a project has its roots
-two staircases in hotels or large buildings there are many in the world I do not need to give a reference for a fan fic for that
-animal calls calling to others by people it is something some cultures have been doing since they came to exist or if you need a reference, ‘The Three Stooges’, one of them barked like a dog…but that no doubt is an ancient thing people have done for a variety of reasons…
-affected by the wind and its direction to indicate memory, states of mind and emotion, Dickens if I recall in “Nicolas Nickelby"
-pantomime hanging self: Archie Bunker did that in the 1970’s but I think others did that no doubt before, i have a hanging scene in one fan fic, it is not taken from any new account in real life
’not-being’ to be not dead, as a category of being, Martain Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time’ written 1927, it is part of the phenomenology of Being
-female masts most have been I read about in I think National Geographic or there is one of men and men and women together on a mast head wood or other sculpture
-I once saw a broadcast of spring break and people who did not want to drink did pantomime sports instead in seeming slow motion and I think people have no doubt silently shadow boxed and other things from probably ancient times since the ancient Romans did pantomime for theater…but i don' t think i see anything that the Bard's time had pantomime sports and i think probably Marcel Marceau did something like that...since silent films showed people in a variety of activities i think there must have sports activities in them and in news on film and that would be silent sports...i have seen silent film of hockey so while it is not pantomime like pantomime artists this silent viewing of sports came before anything in the 1980's, so i do not think there is anything that is not really in the public domain on this idea...

-'The Three Garridebs', Sherlock Holmes story states the word 'Alias' three times as various alias names for a character criminal...however my finding the term in the New Websters Dictionary edition i listed above i think i copied out the word alias [L] the L standing for the Latin term from which it comes which came before the Sherlock story
-the term for pseudonyms the letter in it was highlighted then standing out went to the place where they went somewhere in the world the place name containing the letter in the pseudonym general term...
-i only was critical of a project on retro tv that had pantomime and anything someone else put in a later project unless they said i said that is there idea to put it in but i do not think since Shakespeare had pantomime and it goes back to ancient entertainment i do not think anyone has a monopoly on the use of it ...even marcel marceau

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