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Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by my page! It's not much to look at, but hey, it's a page. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing - practice makes perfect, right? So I may or may not be rewriting my older works as well as writing new stuff. Hopefully. If all goes according to plan. Mostly one-shots, I think, though I might try writing a longer piece (or finishing the long piece that I started forever ago, what a thought!).

Anyway! Enjoy my stories...and if they suck, assume they're old. Even if they're not, assume they are. ;)

Think I'm gonna give Beta Reading a shot. If you're interested, check out my Beta Reader profile to see details!

Name: Danielle (feel free to call me that...I really don't care either way :P )

Age: Early 20s, as of right now.

Grade: College Senior, Nursing major (with a penchant for English-Writing).

Profile Picture: My little beta fish, Kenny (2.0)

Stuff I enjoy reading: My tastes in reading (genre and category-wise) differ as much as my taste in music - I dabble in a bit of everything and what I'm reading now is greatly influenced by my mood. :) (Although Fantasy holds a very special place in my heart.)

Thanks for dropping by my pitiful little profile page!

A little something for humor's sake. I guess my little brother is good at making parodies, because I just stumbled upon this little beauty. It's Lord of the Rings-based. Try singing it aloud to "Savages" from Pocahontas.

Bagginses! Bagginses!

Filthy little hobbitses!

Bagginses! Bagginses!

We'll kills them in their sleeps!

They stoles from us our Precious, so we'll wring their little neckses!

The Precious will be ours once more!

Bagginses! Bagginses!

First we kills the fat one!

Bagginses! Bagginses!

Precious will be OURS... ONCE... MOOOOOORE!

Oh Lord...I love him to bits. *rolls to the ground laughing* Anyway, enjoy the Fics. (Oh hey there, unintentional rhyme! How have you been?)

My Stories:

A Composition of Shorts: I figured it's about time to upload the little one-shots I have had sitting in my harddrive for the past few months or so. These little snippets about Aric Jorgan and my Trooper Taellyn are definitely too short to be uploaded by themselves, so I'm creating a compilation of mini one-shots that will be updated whenever I crunch anything else out. If it's long enough to stand alone, it will. Otherwise, it'll go in here. Some of them are based off of the vanilla game; others are completely unscripted or just my take on how something should go. Enjoy!

A Guessing Game: Finally reworked! A brand-new rewritten version of my very first FanFiction, "Battle of the Bards" for Baldur's Gate II. New plot, new main character, same pairing. I, personally, think it's quite funny, but then again, I have an odd sense of humor. It does, however, look much better than its original (which was just plain bad). If you're bored and want to see something so horrendously bad that it's funny, PM me and I'll send you a copy of the original story.

Stupid Triangles: Formerly "Choices, Choices..." from Neverwinter Nights II. Now new and improved! I'm very pleased at how it turned out. If you're interested in seeing a comparison, I kept the old version, so PM me. Just a thought. ;)

The Journal: Set in the movie "Sweeney Todd." My first longer piece, definitely needs to be redone. Probably not as bad as I think it is, but then again, I haven't looked at it recently. Need to finish it too. *Adds that to the list*

Late Night: Set in Star Wars: The Old Republic about Aric Jorgan and my Trooper Taellyn. I'm rather proud of this one, so if it's bad, be a nice little black raincloud of doom, if you please. If it's not...well then. Enough said. Only hope is that I kept Jorgan in character. *crosses fingers*

Remarkable: Just a little something I came up with during class (when I was supposed to be listening to the professor. Ah well, it's English class anyway, haha). I think it's kinda cutesie, actually. Also about Aric Jorgan and Taellyn.

A Promise Kept: Based off of Kulyok's Xan Romance Mod for Baldur's Gate. It's incredible, and that's putting it lightly. There are only a couple of tales that can affect me physically while I'm reading, and this was one of them - and I've read a lot! The fic is sad and doesn't truly have a "happy ending," so don't look at it if you're interested in something livelier *smirk*. I'm quite happy with how this turned out, though. It might be among my personal favorites.

More to come (hopefully)! I'm welcome to any tips that can be offered - just nothing hateful, please. I know there's still a lot for me to learn. Message me if you have advice. :)

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A Composition of Shorts reviews
A growing collection of very short one-shots about Aric J. and F!Trooper. Content will vary and will be updated whenever I crunch something out.
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