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Yo there to everyone who’s bored enough to check out my profile xD haha

In the Fanfiction world, you'll all know me by Sakari :)

Well to tell a little about myself, I’ll be just typing it in list form… so enjoy?

Name; R. Sakari

-I have one older sibling

-I’m 5’5’’


-Watching clouds is what i love to do.

- I tend to sleep on the floor next to an open window.

-Stuffed animals is Kawaii! But i don't have much money to collect so i usually get it for my B-day ]

-I'm a mixed blood.

-Is apparently a SasuTen Lover :)

-Can't start the morning without singing the shower

Favorite couples:

Naruto: SasuTen, NejiTen, GaaraTen, KibaHina, ShikaIno, ShikaTema. (Yeah, i only read Naruto fanfictions, but if you know any great fanfics, let me know! xD)

Least Favorite couples:

Naruto: SasuSaku (I'm sorry for those who are fans of this couple.. i have my reasons why i hate it.) SasuHina, KakaSaku, NejiSaku (Tenten is meant for Neji!!)

Okay! End of the list about myself.

Hiya there! Please to everyone who reads my stories; Please leave me a review! Seeing that I have reviews pushes me to write more, and get in the chapters a lot faster. PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW. Any kind of review is fine with me :D you can even give me a random review and i'll still be happy. Any kinds of reviews, i will totally take! and acknowledge! So please, take a little of your time to give a review! I really appreciate it!

Fanfic Information Yo.

Current Projects in Process

"Cherished Memories" SasuTenNeji- Sasuke life been turned upside down because of what happened in the past. He doesn't care what career he's suited for, he doesn't care about girls-heck, he doesn't care about life at all! To him- life is boring, meaningless and just a waste of his time. But will that all change after meeting a mysterious girl? Who exactly is this girl? And why is Sasuke so interested in her so much? Is it love at first sight? Or mere curiosity?

Comments: Not as much reviews as i liked, but its cool! Anyways, I really wanted to write a SasuTen chappie from the very beginning i joined Fanfiction.net. Haha. Well, in this story, Sasuke is the one telling the story, and giving you guys a glimpse to how this guy thinks. I have to admit- Sasuke is a total jerk but come on-- this guy is always a jerk. Anyways, even though Sasuke seems like a jerk now, i'd really hope that readers can see how muched he changes as the story progress.

"Change" SasuTenNaru- Renu is living a life of grief and betrayal. Her parents are divorced, she has to put up with her step mom, and she's moving into a new territory. A new highschool. Right at that moment- she really hated her life... until she met two boys. Being the new student in her junior year, she meets -what seems like her guardian angels- Sasuke and Naruto. She's friends with Naruto, and she hates Sasuke. Why you may ask? Psh there doesn't have to be a reason. But going through the highschool year, will their friendship bond? Or will one leave with a relationship? Three different people telling they're side of the story. They're own opinions. And they're own beliefs. Through their words.

Comments: OH COME ON GUYS? No review? Heh... i'm very disapointed that this wasn't a big hit, but maybe i'll get some reviews when i update. But anyways- i really like writing this fanfic because, I can change who's point of view in the story. In the mind of Renu- her words seems sarcastic. In the mind of Naruto- his words seems like... well Naruto! haha. And in the mind of Sasuke- is of course the words of Sasuke. Reading this fanfic, you can experience three different point of views but with one story. You hear three different voices in this fanfic. And the best part is- if you're bored with one character who's telling the story, there are two more character to listen to!! LoL

Finished Projects

"Wanna Bet?" SasuTen- Sasuke was having a hard time asking a certain person out on a date, but soon finds a way how... to make a bet. Sasuke soon gets his movie date with Tenten-- but someones out there to destroy it. Who exactly is it? Naruto? Neji? No...It's in fact, Tentens younger little brother. You may think a tiny ten year old kid can't do such a thing... but you'll find out that you're clearly mistaken. (Shines an evil grin) OneShot

Comments: Hahaha I loved writing this one! It was funny- and I just love Tenten's younger brother! I basically wrote this Fanfic to share to you guys, of what I thought how i thought Sasuke would ask Tenten out on a date since he couldn't do so verbally.

"Sudden Push" ShikIno- "She stayed absolutly still... my eyes widen as the thought sank through my mind. I ran towards her, terrified that today... I might actually lose her." OneShot

Comments: I wanted to write a Shikamaru and Ino fanfiction because i really think they're cute together! Hehe. Anyways, writing this fanfic, i wanted to add a little twist in the story. Instead of Shikamaru being hit- it ended up being Ino who pushed him away- saving him. I hope that I got everyone in character as the original.

"Kiba's Story" KibaHina- "I'm sixteen years old... and died at sixteen... My name is Inuzuka Kiba, and this is my story..." A story about a young ninja who's life is at his breaking point. Before his life come to an end, he wants to help Konoha, one, last, time.

Comments: Man... writing this story was a killer! I was seriously depressed when writing it! Its disapointed that not many people have reviewed this story, but I guess it can't be helped. Either way though, even if I was growing depressed when writing this-- I honestly enjoyed it. :) This was the first time I've decided to write about Kiba. It took a lot out of me, trying to create the scene in my head and being as descriptive as I could, and figuring out Kiba's medical problem but man... overall- LOVE THIS STORY :) For those who are Kiba fans, Read this! See his cool side since he doesn't get much film time in the actual anime.

Okay- I'll continue this later, my hands getting tired from typing. haha. xD

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Cherished Memories reviews
Sasuke doesn't care about his life or for his future, all of that is just a waste of his time. Will all that change after meeting a mysterious girl? Who exactly is this girl? Why is Sasuke so interested in her? Is it love at first sight? Or mere curiosity
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Secret Library reviews
Tenten comes across a very old Library and uses it as an escape from all the choas that revolves around Sasuke. Little does she know... a little piece of the choas will follow her into the library. Who may that be? Sasuke Uchiha himself.
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I’m sixteen years old… and died at sixteen… My name is Inuzuka Kiba… and this is my story..."
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Renu is living a life of betrayal and grief, can Naruto and Sasuke change that? Will their friendship bond? or will one leave with a relationship? Three different point of views, but one story. Hear three different voices in this fanfic!
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She stayed absolutely still. My eyes widen as I ran towards her, terrified that today… I might actually lose her." - A one shot of Shikamaru and Ino.
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Nowadays Tenten seems kind of…. down. Neji wonders why, and wishes to bring that bright smile back on her face. He seeks for advice, even if it means taking advice from the most idiotic person in the village. But what he doesn’t know is, maybe, he’s the
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,026 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 7 - Published: 10/1/2008 - Tenten, Sasuke U. - Complete
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