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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

This in its own right is my story and thus is the truth... as far as I remember it

What was I supposed to do? Here I sat alone again. Wesley had been my only friend from first grade through to six and at the tender age of eleven he had died. No one cared about me, his other friends shunned me now that he was gone. Everyone simply thought that the bubbly, athletic girl was too young to understand... so she therefore would quickly recover from his death.

I never did.

Two weeks after his death I attempted to kill myself. A lot of people think, 'what does an eleven year old know about killing herself?' I reserve that story for a later date, perhaps I'll publish it. Try to make a point.

At any rate I walked off the roof of a one story building, not knowing what else to do. Suffice to say it didn't work, I fell on some classmates instead of hitting the ground. They were shocked, stunned and didn't know quite what to do with me.

It seemed everyone just kept giving up on me.

I was a library monitor and had formed what one could call a working relationship with one of the other monitors. His name was Jason. Sweet kid, totally addicted to Power Rangers which I found endearing.

One day in the library he was reading a book and asked me if I had read it, it was the latest craze. I wasn't in the mood for a popularity contest, and no one had realised yet the depression I was suffering through day by day. I snatched the book out of his hands and read the title with a sneer, one I alike very much to Rowlings Character Snape, "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. What crap" and with that my life changed. I hurtled the book across the room just as the librarian walked out. I was her absolute favourite but seeing me so casually throwing a book across the room sent her into a rage, not unlike Rowlings other Character McGonagall. I couldn't believe my luck, she had just just caught me in the act. With that she made me fetch the book and as I made to hand it back to her she shook her head, "Now Sian, you listen to me. You go home and read that book beginning to end I expect a report on it." Now don't get me wrong, I loved to read, I could read at the age of two as most of my siblings had been to taught to do, and I was no exception. But to have to read this dribble?

I walked home as one doomed to death. The walk wasn't long but I had a lot of homework to do and thought I'd get a head start on the boring dribble of the famous Harry Potter so I'd have less to do at home. The first ten to fourteen pages killed me.

But then, it happened. I read about Harry and identified with him. With all the characters. I mean, I wasn't orphaned but it felt like it at most times since I was the youngest of eight and was practically invisible to my mom. Now most people would think it was Ron I identified with. In a way, yes. But mostly it was a combination. You see I saw a bit of myself in each character.

Now, I didn't, no, couldn't tear my eyes from the book. YES YES YES my room was as small as a cupboard and I always found it strange at the little things I managed to do (No not magic, just the way I could do everything, I mean, everything I set my mind to I accomplished). Yes I too knew what it was like to have to live up to expectations, I knew what it was like to be a nerd, to be shunned, I knew what it was like to be stared at, the be taunted by the so called popular kid and even by teachers. I knew all of it.

I was hooked, I'm often considered one of the biggest Potter fans in South Africa. I'm not being big headed trust me. Just ask all my friends. I know every book off by heart, every song, every riddle, every detail. I practically stalk Rowlings site. I own everything there is to own. Or try to at least.

Simply put, I found something to dedicate my life to. And I did, and because of that, Harry Potter was the thing, the person, the story that dragged me out of my depression.

When Wesley died at age eleven.

When Danny died at age fifteen (for me) eighteen (for him).

When I spent two years watching cancer kill my father.

When my family turned to alcohol and abused me.

It was that magical world that saved me.

Thank you Joanne for saving me, and Harry in the end.

Oh and just for fun... I ALWAYS knew Snape was good... after all, he is my FAVOURITE... can't be liking the bad guy can I? And he is definitely the character I connect with most...

My life continues on today...

I am also a huge fan of Angel Sanctuary and Gravitation.

I love PS I love you and The Notebook

I have come to realise that I should so be a writer and that where I am now is only temporary :)


I now have an available facebook page where I give updates and have discussions. so add me under my facebook name Twombie Awdur! Thanks to Dazzling Rockstar for the idea and HEY! go check out her stories!!!!

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