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"Mad; adj.: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence."
-Ambrose Beirce

Grr, I hate summer. I like vacation. But I hate summer. I'm going to move to Canada.

Elliot!! I miss my Elly!!! Dx I want to blame Leo for his death, but... I can't... Leo's just awesome too... TTTT
Yeah, now that I got that out, Elliot's death was probably the saddest moment of the manga so far. I'm sure there will be much sadder ones to come (Glen and Lacie?) but... still... TT
So. On a random note, I'm now scared that my brother's going to end up chopping all our heads off. I probably shouldn't read Pandora Hearts right before I fall asleep any more. It's unfortunate that Elliot did kind of remind me of my brother, in regards to short fuse and physical looks, because that's not fair to my brother. Actually though, I can kind of see him chopping off someone's head in a fit of anger. (...)
Ignore the ramblings of a paranoid older sister...

LOTTIE! I have found my newest obsession. I. LOVE. LOTTIE. Not in a lesbian way, though. o.o
Has anyone thought of how Lottie must feel, now that Leo's been found? I mean, she was in love with Glen, but now Glen=Leo. So.
BreakLottie FTW. You know it.

Message me with questions or... you know... stuff...

On a more on-topic matter, I'm still alive. This account has died recently; as I've been moving into other fandoms and sutff.

My Penname: Prelude in Indigo. Durrr. Music (many pieces are titled by the key they are played in, such as 'Prelude in C') and my favorite color.
My Name-name: Anna! :D Or, that's what you can and should call me, rather than Prelude. Actually, though, I won't mind if you wanna call me Indigo. :D

I'm a writer! *le gasp*
I bet no one saw that one coming, did they?
Lol, anyway, all my stories are down there at the bottom. :D So, if that's what you came for, then this is where you can quit wasting your time with my random talk! :DD GO NOW!...
Still here?

Okay, don't blame me if you feel the urge to pour bleach on your eyes...

Um, hm... random things? I suppose that's a good enough label.
Random things it is!

I hate pineapples... and tomatoes. Pineapples are spiky and taste icky. Tomatoes are just gross in general...

I like candy, on the other hand. :D I especially like 3 Musketeers bars!! But I've been supposedly 'banned' from candy by my friends because of 'consequences...' Take that to mean what you will. Of course, that doesn't stop me from eating it.

I hate the color yellow. It's just gross. I hate pink almost as much, and orange is a close third...

I like kitties. :3 Well, I like cats in general, but kitties sounds cuter... after cats, I like birds of prey! }:D Haha, no. I like falcons, they're pretty... then after falcons, it's horses. Horses. On a random note... I should've bought a falcon!

I hate... dogs. I like one dog, and that's my very cute and small doggie. Other dogs are gross and slobbery and stinky and stupid. And annoying happy. ICK.

I like books... and I really really really hate when my brother steals from me. D: He doesn't even read them! He just takes books from my shelf and puts them on his and says that they're 'his books'! Ima get rid of him someday...

I like mood rings... and mood jewelry... and any of that color-changing stuff in general. :D They're always purple or blue... going by mood I'm either depressed or in love... or both. But in reality, I'm probably just a cold person. =.=

I'm poor. :/ Like, dirt poor. I get money... and then it vanishes. =.= It's really weird... I think there's a thief in my house. ._.

Favorite Books

Mortal Instruments- (Series) -Cassandra Clare

Lord of the Rings- (Series) -J. R. R. Tolkien

Maze Runner- (Trilogy) - James Dashner

Incarceron- Catherine Fisher

Sapphique- Catherine Fisher

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll (And logically, "Through the Looking Glass.")

Gone- (Series) -Michael Grant

Favorite Bands/Artists-

Sex Pistols


The Birthday Massacre

The Clash


30 Seconds to Mars

Florence The Machine

Favorite Manga/Anime-

Gakuen Alice

Fullmetal Alchemist

Shugo Chara

Pandora Hearts

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Fullmoon Wo Sagashite

Heart no Kuni no Alice

Nabari no Ou


Favorite Characters (of all time)-

Liem Lunettes (PH) -Sh-shut up! He's just cool!

Elliot Nightray (PH) -Poor Elly!! D; I could rant for hours on this subject... And the worst part is I don't even have a character to blame for his death... except Leo and I love Leo, so that doesn't work... POOR ELLY!! I think I'll blame Gil for this. Just because he's Gil and deserves to be blamed for everything.

Xerxes Break (PH) -Meh, lately, he gets on my nerves, but he's still cool...

Vincent Nightray (PH) -Ohmygosh, Vince!! :D My fangirl obsession...

Fai D. Flowright (TRC)

Kurogane (TRC) -Hah, epic ninjas pwn.

Alyss (PH) -I... I like Alyss... but not Alice... that's probably weird...

Leo Baskerville (PH) -GLEN!! :D But seriously dude... I was expecting some epic haircut and he just trimmed his bangs... =.='''

Raimei Shizimu (NnO) -Raimei and Kouichi FTW. }:D

Kouichi Azaiwa (NnO) -Creepy. Yet awesome. I don't need to repeat myself...

Raikou Shizimu (NnO) -Weird, but awesome. He's just cool!

Edward Elric (FMA) -Only manga where I like the main characters... =.='''

Alphonse Elric (FMA) -Reminds me of my brother... yeah...

Maes Hughes (FMA) -D: It's always the smart ones who die first...

Squalo Superbi (KHR) -Dammit, I want a Squalo!!! Fangirl obsession... =.=

Prince Belphegor (KHR) -...I always end up liking the psychos...

Mukuro Rokudo (KHR) -He's just... Mukuro. He's awesome. Period.

Kyoya Hibari (KHR) -Just cause. He's Hibari. He's too flipping awesome not to be on the favorite characters list.

Shoichi Irie (KHR) -Music geek!!!! :DDD Another fangirl obsession... =.=

Yuu Kanda (DGM) -He's just... so cool... I HOPE HE'S NOT DEAD!!

Allen Walker (DGM) -He's adorable, okay? X(

Hated Characters (I'm mean, aren't I?)-

Gilbert Nightray (PH) - Grrr... I can't express how much this spineless idiot annoys me... STUPID GILBERT! He definitely is number one on the hated characters list! At least he's more interesting than Oz...

Oz Vessalius (PH) -A-another main character... Stupid Oz needs to stop being a doormat! And stop being a psycho! Gosh! I don't really hate him. But he deserves to be on this list, dammit!

Lussuria (KHR) -He's... he's just creepy...

Ryohei Sasagawa (KHR) -Stupid noisy people with no common sense and brains the sizes of peanuts...

Tsunayoshi Sawada (KHR) -Er... same as Oz... he's just such a spineless wimp, but I really don't hate him. I'M PUTTING HIM ON HERE ANYWAY!!

Adelheid (KHR) -Ew ew ew ew EW! Ugh... sorry that you had to read her name and be reminded of her!

Kyoko Sasagawa (KHR) -She's just... so stupid... sorry...

Bookman (DGM) -He's weird... and mean!! And abusive... and the list goes on...

Solf Kimblee (FMA) -Oh, come on. Who doesn't hate this dude?

Favorite Pairings-

Elliot x Ada- (PH) -Sadly... never to be...

Vincent x Ada- (PH) -I-is it okay if I like them too...? They're both just cute pairings...

Raimei x Kouichi- (NnO) -SERIOUSLY!! When is this just going to become (even more) canon!? We all know it's happening...

Edward x Winry- (FMA) -It's canon! And adorable! You can't deny the love...

Alphonse x May- (FMA) -It's just... so... freaking... adorable!

Break x Lottie- (PH) -This is NOT crack! :D Lottie and Break just make such a wonderful pairing... And they have nice scenes together... :3

Liem x Sharon- (PH) -...Uh... I don't have an explanation for this... it's major major crack...

Oz x Echo- (PH) -Seriously cute... :3 I love Echo... Oz is meh, but they'd make such a cute couple!

Mukuro x Chrome- (KHR) -How could anyone NOT like these two!? They're practically canon... but maybe Mukuro just flirts with everyone like that. =_=

M.M. x Fran- (KHR) -Again... love-hate relationships... but I happen to adore both Fran and M.M as adorable minor characters. :3

Hibari x Hana- (KHR) -...I swear... I am the only supporter of this pairing...

Gokudera x Haru- (KHR) -Oh, come on! They're totally going to be canon someday, you know it!

Favorite Manga Quotes-

AANG:Is it a... slobbering sandmonster?
SOKKA: Nooo! It's Suki!
(Aang and Toph giggle)
TOPH: We'll all understand if you break up with him over this, Sweetness.

SOKKA:It was just a matter of time! APPA ATE MOMO!! Momo, hang in there, buddy! I'm comin for ya!

RIMA: Well, if Amu is going, I suppose I'll have to come.
AMU: What!? I haven't even said yes yet!!

ALICE: *bites Oz's cheek*
ALICE: Ahh, don't you know? It's said you can make a man more energetic this way! In the book Sharon showed me, the man became more energetic after his cheeks were bitten!

EDWARD: Who are you calling so short you want to squish like an ant!?
ALPHONSE: Brother... calm down, he never said anything like that...
EDWARD: No, but he was THINKING it!!

HUGHES: Lay off! I'm as normal as they come and this is a contest of freaks. What do you want me to do, fire my slingshot at him?

Thoughts on FanFiction?

ARRGH. I hate the new login thingy. You know, the account page. IT'S SO ANNOYING. FFN people, if you're reading this, IT SUCKS.
Particularly the messaging system. It's really annoying; and I can't find my old messages. I also hate the colors... ick. Green and orange are so icky. =.= Does anyone else hate their message system?? I just want the old version back... TTTT

I have a confession to make... I turned off the favorites alerts because it was cluttering up my inbox, and now I can't figure out how to turn it back on. I feel like an idiot and it's annoying.

-Reviews/Faves/Alerts- It always makes me happy when I get anything... but I like reviews more than favorites. We all do. I don't care if it's some crappy two word review, like 'Nice job,' but please do! If you've got the time to favorite, you can type two words...

-Yaoi/Yuri- I don't care for it... I don't write yaoi, nor do I really support it, but I'll read fics if they're good. And I get where you're coming from, I really do. Mangas just don't have enough girls these days.

What I'm Writing-

Saviour-...Ugh. Seriously. How long has that been up? I just need to go ahead and finish it... I'm such a lazy person...

Amaranth- Oneshot, because I should really just stick to those, for NnO about Kouichi. Basically, it's headcanon stuff, about his, you know... life. About becoming immortal, about romance, about family, just... stuff. I so suck at explaining. Kudos to those who know what the title means!

Beautiful People- ...Mukuro and Fran fun! Cracky. =.= Yeah.

Fall From Grace- ...Another Glen fic. Seriously. I can't leave Glen alone, he's just too epic... still have a hard time thinking of him as Leo... But, this time it's not about Glen and Lacie, it's more just about Glen's life in general. I'm addicted to that kind of fic...

The Great Clothing War- Echo!!! Echo!!! She's so cute!!! Yeah, this has been in progress for almost a year. It's not even very long. As the title states in a rather sarcastic way, it's about... clothes... =.='''

The Boy With the Dragon Tattoo- ...Well. Does the title not give it away?? I so ripped it off that one book... Raikou Shizimu. Story of his tattoo?

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A Very Polite Invitation by Dream Charmer reviews
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Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Suspense - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,948 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 11/5/2010 - Published: 10/30/2010 - Riza H., Roy M.
Moments reviews
It was these moments that her lived for- the moments when her words were soft and he was able to touch that fragile beauty like he had only dreamed. Those bits of light in those last dark days. BreakxAlice ONESHOT!
Pandora Hearts - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,135 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/18/2010 - Xerxes B., Alice - Complete
W r o n g reviews
Because it wasn't just now- not this one time. It was a million times that Xerxes Break had pushed him around and degraded him, and Sharon was just the peak of the iceberg. Just the thing that finally made it overflow.
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It turns out that Elliot is bad at romance, Oz lacks the older-brother-protectiveness gene, Gilbert HAS it, Sharon and Leo are trashy-romance-novel addicts, and Xerxes Break appears out of thin air. Oh, and Ada Vessalius is stupid. Very, very, stupid.
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It was a normal day in the Nightray Manor- Vincent was cutting up innocent stuffed animals, Elliot and Leo were playing piano, Vanessa was shouting at them- a normal day. Except for the girl is is picking up Vincent's stuffed animals for an ORPHANAGE. OOC
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the doors you opened long ago, you know remain unclosed/ say your prayers child, now we lay you down to rest/ all you can do is hope for the best/ the good live on, the sinners will die/ but what is the fate of those left behind? Vincent-centric ONESHOT!
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Look Persona-sempai," she said quietly. "I can hold your hand. We'll always be together, right?" "Right," he said. "We'll always be together..." The tears on his face mixed with the water. "Look, Nobara," he gasped. "I can still hold your hand" DRABBLE
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