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Author has written 16 stories for Black Stallion, and Ninja Turtles.

Lets see... where to start with this. LOL

My name is Katie. I am a high school student from the USA. I am 16 years old and have been writing on this site for almost a year. My favorite cartoons and show is TMNT, my favorite turtle being Raphael. I can most compare to him, being the rough and "in your face" type of person. Most of my friends, if asked, will say I start most of the fights we have, but that's just the type of person I am. My next favorite would be Donatello, just cause like him, I'm a geek and love to spend a good portion of my day on the computer.

Besides writing, I am into almost anything horses, and riding. I love hanging out with my friends and talking with my amazing boyfriend. You can most typically find me musing over a new plot bunny or screaming at my computer for acting up, again, while listening to good old country music. I do like a little bit of rock, my favorite bands being NSYNC and Westlife, but I love country the most. My favorite singers are Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Lonestar, and Carrie Underwood.

I do plan to pursue writing as a career, so I do accept constructive criticism from people, but I despise flames so none of those.

Being the total TMNT freak I am, I have watched almost everything with TMNT from the real-life movies, 80's cartoons, the newer versions, as well as the ones with them and the Power Rangers and even the Japanese shows (with English subtitles, of course) and the movies. I can answer almost any question about them, so beta reading and answering questions for them will be easy.

Well, that's about it. Please feel free to PM me with questions, comments, or just to say hello. I love hearing from everyone on the site.


Behind Bars Trilogy

Raph has been captured and sent to a circus... only to escape and find himself on the run from old and new enemies, hunters, and to find his brothers, who believe him to be dead. With a little humor, romance, and loads of on-the-edge-of-your-seat action, the Behind Bars series is a guaranteed fun read for any Raph lover. Check them out on my profile page below!

Please note that Caged will be re-written at a later date.

Behind Bars

Book one- Caged - Complete!!

Book two- Imprisoned - Complete!!

Book three- Jailed - Complete!!

No Matter What

This is a story about Raph and the idea of parenthood for him. After being in captivity for five years and having untold horrors cast upon him, he now has to deal with one of the biggest fears and joy of any adult...kids.

Carley: a pretty young redhead with sparkling amber eyes. She also has a strong will and temper like her father. She is youngest of the three, but doesn't let her small size get in her way. She favors the sai like her father and hates anything pink. She loves playing pranks and is a natural sneak. Her favorite color is also red, but her mask is a darker red than her father. Her favorite uncle is Mikey.

Dominick (Nick): a brown headed,brown eyed boy with a shy personality and a love for science, like his Uncle Don. Tall and slim. His mask color is brown. His favorite uncle is Don, but he favors the nunchucks and bo staff.

Jayden: Brown/blond boy with blue eyes with an outgoing personality, but a serious attitude for ninjistu and a strong will to protect his younger brother and sister. He's the eldest out of the three. His favorite uncle is Leo. His mask color is teal. He prefers throwing stars, and a single blade instead of two.

Forever Loved (sequel to No Matter What)

An enemy returns from the past to haunt the turtles once again. However, a few more than three may be added as the take on new friends, family and enemies.

Girls of Forever Loved:

Macy - with her raven black hair and matching eyes, she is the quiet leader of the group. Her tall, lean frame makes her the tallest of them all, but she is by far the gentlest and would rather break up fights than start them. She loves all of her family, but has a special relationship with Tammy.

Courtney - if her looks don't turn eyes, her cocky attitude will. With curves and wavy blond hair and deep blue eyes, she is by far the prettiest of them all but would rather spend her time starting fights and making messes than grooming herself. Her special love of bikes makes her the wild one of the group.

Tammy - her strawberry blond hair makes frames her face just right and brings out the hazel in her eyes. She loves books and anything science, but is very shy and hates anything that has to do with fights. Very easy to hurt, she is by far the fragile one, but loves her family deeply.

Shay - her light brown eyes always flash with mischief as she finds new ways to decorate their home. Loving anything beauty, she often tries several new hair styles on her brown highlighted hair and loves to dress up. To go with her good looks is usually some type of prank book. Her goal is not only to be a good member of the family, but to make them all laugh.

Children of Forever Loved:

Arek: a spunky young boy who spent the first four years of his life with Gruber, his mother and little sister Trinity. He has dark brown eyes and black hair with light green skin. He is very serious about life and cares deeply for others. He hates hurting people and will most often be found alone in his room or spending a quiet evening with his family. His weapon of choice is the double Tonfa, which is a nightstick like weapon made of metal and wood. His mask color is rust.

Trinity: the baby sister of Arek, Trinity is very easy to pick out with her bobbing curly black hair and almost black eyes. She has a high energy level that can match her Uncle Mikey's easily. She loves to play jokes on others and is very loud and hyper. Her mask color is umber, and her weapon of choice is the Nuntebo, which is a bo with a star shaped point at the end. Thanks to her Uncle Don, the sharp points can be removed to train with but is used in battle, making her a deadly opponent.

Jade: the eldest twin of Amber by only a few minutes, she can easily be picked out with her unusual white hair and bright jade colored eyes. She is very quiet, but loves to be involved and is a natural follower, but makes up for it with her quick thinking and creativity. Being a natural athlete, she loves to try new things, often combing gymnastics and ninjistu together to make her a tricky opponent to beat. Her mask color is black and her weapon is the Kyoketsu Shogi, or Shogi for short, which is a chain like weapon attached to metal point.

Amber: the youngest of the twins, she can match her elder cousin Carley in attitude and in sheer power. She loves to pick fights with others and is the natural leader of her sister. With her strawberry colored hair and glowing amber eyes, she is quick to react on things and to defend those she loves, especially her sister. She loves sports and though she'll never admit it, her voice is powerful making her the singer of the family. Her songs are about as rare as a hug from her Uncle Raph so she lets people know that they're special if they hear her sing. Her mask color is white, a total opposite of her personality and her sister. Her weapon of choice is the Kusari Gama (or Gama for short) which is also a chain like weapon with a sickle at the end, making every slash deadly.

Colton (Colt): the eldest of the three with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He would rather spend his time locked in his room rather than training, and loves anything art. With his lean frame and natural ability like his father at ninjistu, he is often nagged by others, but like his father, he ignores. His mask color is khaki and his weapon of choice is the Kama, which a is metal/wooden weapon with a sharp curved blade at the end.

Miya: the second eldest child, she has chestnut colored hair and bright blue eyes. She's a quiet girl who loves to snuggle up with a book, and has a deep spot for animals and can often be found bringing home a lost kitten or petting abandoned animals on patrols. Her mask color is peach and her weapon is the Yari, a long spear-like weapon.

Sage: everyone in the family would agree on who's daughter she is with her wild copper colored hair (when not dyed) and her unusual eyes, one eye being brown and the other blue, she is the prankster of her family. When she's not cooking up a wild prank in her room, she's usually in the kitchen trying hard not to break everything. Matching her wild side, her mask color is hot pink and her weapon of choice is the Jutte, which is a metal sick-like weapon used for jabbing and trapping blades.


Deadly Numbers

Hello turtle... if you're reading this, you know that you're the last one. You have exactly eight hours to find and collect all eight items below and collect the clues and bring them to me or else your brothers are going to find themselves eight feet under. Eight hours, eight clues, no time. The clock is ticking...

Abandoned Treasure

Don knows living in the city, it comes with many horrors that many young souls should never have to see. After witnessing a mother abandon her new born in the dumpster, Don is faced with a whole new responsibility and whether or not to listen to the world, or listen to his heart.


- Survivor (TAKEN)
Raph is captured and when he wakes up he's left with nothing but his wit and courage when he's abandoned by an unknown enemy. Struggling to survive in the wilderness in easier said then done.

- Binds (TAKEN)
After a horrible fight with Mikey, Raph runs off. But he's captured by an enemy - another turtle who just happens to be his twin and the brother Raph knows his family always dreamed about. But Raph knows he not all he makes himself to be...he knows the truth. But it's up to him to save his family but the real challenge will be when his family seems to adore his evil twin more than him.

- New Shed Pain (TAKEN)
Life has reached a breaking point for Raphael. After a particular ugly fight, Raph decides it's time to end it all...permanently. But as the knife raises to his throat, an enemy decides to take him into a new life - a life where makes his old one seem like a piece of cake. Now he has one real goal - to get home and show him brother's he really loves them. But now he may never get the chance.

If you have any interest in writing these, please let me know! My story list is crammed full and thses 3 won't leave me alone until someone writes them! HELP ME!! AHHHHHHHH!!

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Leather reviews
He was taken young... he was rescued in his teens and now the question is, will he be able to fit in with his family again? Or is he still bound to the life of the pet? It's going to take all of them to win this war. The price of loosing? A life
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