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I've began writing again after a very long time. I spent some time out of the country travelling around Southeast Asia with my friend, and a little time in the Middle East as well, and now I'm at some fancy school studying medicine (which is slowly draining the life out of me). Wards are great, but any more science and my brain may just turn to mush. Fanfiction is how I cope. I prefer to read stories, but when I get frustrated that there aren't enough stories of a particular pairing or idea, I begin writing my own.

I cringe a lot at my own stories- particularly my earlier stuff, but I can't bring myself to delete anything I write, even if it means password protecting a folder on my laptop so that people don't realise just how sad an excuse of a human being I am.

Political views would probably be Grabour. Green/Labour. I'm pretty liberal and socialist. I don't have any particular religious beliefs, except maybe that if you're an outspokenly bigoted atheist/christian/muslim/jew/other, you can keep your opinions to yourself and go away. I had considered myself a feminist since I was 11- which is about 10 years ago- after doing a school project on the suffragettes, and don't quite understand why everyone is making such a huge deal about feminism in the news recently. Even the huge gay-pride protests. I was very fortunate to grow up in a town where I never felt like I was facing obstacles because of my gender, and I knew some homosexuals, but genuinely never witnessed any homophobic, racist or gender-targeted abuse in my home town. Everyone was pretty liberal and openminded to everything (within reason). I guess that's partly why it was such a huge shock moving away from home for university and travels when I was 18. The world is full of people who need to just calm down.

I guess a profile should include personal interests etc? I like to read- I don't have a particular genre I prefer over others. I have a particularly sensitive spot for Oscar Wilde's stories and plays- my favourite probably being 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. It's witty literature that gets me, and there isn't much of it in modern books. A rather expensive hobby of mine is collecting vintage books. First edition is a bonus. I managed to get a couple of good ones- Gone with the Wind, Alice in Wonderland, the Game of Thrones set (which makes me giggle as I once slept with a main-ish character from the series- very embarrassing secret of mine. Nobody'll read this anyway), some Tennyson and one of the first translations of Anna Karenina (another favourite of mine). I'm terrible at team-sports, except maybe with the exception of rounders (the sort-of British version of baseball). I do some extreme sports (Rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, canoeing, skiing, jet-skiing, that kinda thing) and used to do martial arts when I was younger. I've tried to keep the extreme sports thing going at university so I'm in the relevant societies. I don't do much music anymore- but I do play the piano, flute and cello to grade 8, 5 and 4 respectively.

Travelling is fun. That's where I get a lot of inspiration for my stories from (although most of them I can't share on FF because they're on fanfictions, but original stories). I'm also very selfish with some of my characters- I won't publish a story online or show it to anyone other than perhaps one very lovely friend of mine, if it's a very good one that's close to my heart, because I get too attached to some of my characters. I travel for the culture (be it the historical aspects, traditions, music, food or the party culture) and because I like meeting new people. I've only been to 14 countries in my just over 2 decades of life, but to be fair, I was cut off at 18 and have had to find my last 6 travels myself, and on a student budget and shitty Christmas tutoring and summer bar job, it's really difficult to do.

I do a lot of work for charities. I've done women's empowerment projects in Afghanistan and India- both working and managing them; I've taught English to schools and nurseries in developing countries; a group of us did hut-repair work in Africa and I'm part of a wider, global medical charity, that I hope to work with soon. I'm the treasurer of a soup-kitchen that is university run, which involves a few hours on weekends. Also in England (where I dwell), I volunteer at a nursing home near my grandma's house over the holidays. Fun fact: last year for charity I did a sponsored hitch-hike (where you get sponsored for the number of miles away you can get from your starting point on a £1 budget) and got from England to Australia (Virgin airlines are awesome for charity things).

I've written enough. What else do I say?


Favourite fanfiction pairings are probably:

Harry Potter: Tom Riddle/[Hermione Granger or OC, Sirius Black/[Hermione Granger or OC, Dramione,

Vampire Diaries: Kol Mikaelson/OC, Caroline/Klaus, Damon/Elena

Lord of the Rings: Legolas/OC, Haldir/OC,


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