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Hey guys,

Well what to say... I'm 20 something from the UK and a major movie and book fan. I started out watching Charmed got hooked (of course) so now own the box set season 1-8 yes yes sad I know but it easily passes the time.

I think the main character of chose in the show had to be Chris dunno he just sort of drew you in, his witty comments always a plus!!

My next love has to be CSI the original series of course Miami and New York don't have the same feel about them. But I was so gutted when Warrick died he sort of made the show you know.

Well at the moment I'm watchin or should I say catching up with Supernatural, I never really watched it till this season (4th) cause to be honest was a little gutted about it being on air as this ment that the Charmed Sons couldn't exactly go ahead as there was already something like it out there.

Anyway aint I glad I did cause those two are h.o.t.t. HOT I mean wouldn't you just like to ... (cough cough) well lets put it this way you wouldn't kick them out of bed in the morning!! :-)

Right enough of the drooling, lets get on to my books oh heck where to start. Well one things for shore I'm a HUGE Twilight fan!! Have read and loved all four books and for once enjoys reading them again, I've also decided to go against the masses and take a liking to James the baddy in the film, theres just something about him.

I'm also in another Vampire Series called The House of Night, completely different to Twilight which is why its probably appealing to me. Well from these you can prob guess I'm a horror book fan, don't get me wrong I do read other books for instance I'm a big fan of James Patterson's Women's Murder Club, but I think horror and thillers are far more gripping then period drama's or soppy romances. Maybe its cause I don't mind a good scary film.

Just so you know I don't just have these books i have about 60 books in total an have prob ready all of them, well most of them, so I am not just in to Vampire (even if I find them interesting)

Anywho I think that's enough waffling for today. If you fancy sayin hi feel free. Im the mean time ill be on the look out for some good stories to read.

Take care!!

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