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If you check out my stories, it's clear that I have a thing for pairing Hermione with Slytherins. What can I say? They make the juiciest stories! Although I kind of recently developed an affinity for Harry/Hermione when handled carefully. Which brings me to...

THINGS IN FAN FICTION THAT BOTHER ME (in no particular order)

1. Super-Tramp Ginny. Look, I'm not a huge fan of Ginny, but that's waaaay OOC. I don't mind Super-Nasty Ginny. In fact, I find super nasty, bitterly mean kind of fun long as she's given a good reason to be that way (the fic "Broken" by inadaze22 has an excellent Super-Nasty characterization of Ginny).

2. Super-Genius Draco and Super-Suave Draco. Look, there is nothing in canon to suggest Draco is more intelligent than Hermione. I don't mind when he's written to be just really smart and can kind of keep up with her, but there is no way in heck he is smarter than her. Sorry. And Super Suave Draco is just wrong. Draco is the kind of person who made faces at students from the back of the classroom. How does this equate to being a ridiculously charismatic adult Draco? I will admit, though, the Super Suave Draco works if the author has a good plot AND is a really good writer.

3. Dumbledore bashing. It's just heartless.

4. Super-Dumb/No-Talent Ron. I don't even know where people get this!

5. Poorly handled Harry/Hermione. I'm not saying I'm really good at this pairing, but I just find it lamentable that there aren't enough really good Harry/Hermione stories out there. People tend to go OOC when attempting this pairing, and it grates me.

6. Authors complaining about JK Rowling being misguided with the relationships. It was so obvious where the relationships were going I don't know why people compain about it. It was all set up. Yes, I understand the complaint about Ron not being good enough for Hermione because they bicker a lot and he doesn't always seem to fully appreciate her, but no, I don't think it made the relationship unrealistic. The fondness they held for each other was clear from Book 2, so I don't know why so many people got their panties in a bunch over it.

7. Authors dissing Book 7 because of JK Rowling's alleged misguided-ness concerning the relationships. Um, hello! The relationships were a minor plot arc! If people are that concerned with the romance part of the books than I personally think they don't deserve the books. It sickens me that people were more concerned over the ships than Harry saving the world. Seriously, I didn't like Harry with Ginny because I thought she was kind of a brat, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and harp on about how JK Rowling got it wrong, because she didn't. It's how she set it set it up and it's her effing story! You can't get your own story wrong!

8. Draco being part veela. Really? Cheap.

9. Hermione always needing to be saved. Yes, I do love seeing Hermione not always holding her head high and hiding her insecurities, but I don't like Hermione being completely helpless. Again, I will refer to "Broken" by inadaze22, where Hermione desperately needs saving but saves others in the process. That's how you do a vulnerable Hermione, people!

10. And, of course, I really, really, really hate promiscuous Hermione. I'm a raving feminist and I'm all for sexual independence and women being able to have casual intimate liaisons with various partners without having a nasty stigma thrown upon them, but, like Ginny, this is not in Hermione's character AT. ALL. Fic authors have every right to make their characters however they want to be, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. The only way promiscuous Hermione doesn't bother me is if it's in conjunction with Dark!Hermione AND if it's handled really, really well.

11. And, of course, all the little things: mispellings of canon character names, Hogwarts classes, places, etc. If you're writing fan fiction, I personally feel like you should have enough knowledge of the books to be able to spell these things correctly.

Draco/Hermione's my favorite pairing (if you look at my favorites list, all the stories are D/Hr).

I may be mainly D/Hr, but I've recently acquired an interest in Blaise/Hermione. Weird, I know, since Blaise Zabini is hardly in the books at all. But that was half of it's appeal! We hardly know anything about Blaise's character, so I don't have to worry about ever making him out of character. Especially since the story (It Should Have Been Me) is non HBP compliant, and the only thing mentioned before HBP is his name. I had to make the story non HBP compliant, because I really wanted to write the fic in seventh year and I couldn't put Harry, Ron, and Hermione back in school after they clearly decided not to at the end of HBP. So I threw HBP out the window to make my story work.

Fair warning: Like I said, I'm a raving feminist. If you don't like feminist subtexts in your fics (or slick Buffy the Vampire Slayer references), then I suggest you don't read mine. There will be no Hermione as a damsel in distress in my fics. Ever. She's not perfect and thus might need help every once in a while from the male lead, but overall she will be the one rescuing the boys.

So I'm expecting to be able to make regular updates, but I'm not going to promise anything. I am in college, after all. Sadly, college papers take precedence over fanfiction...but barely.

Oh, and I also have a life.


10/9/08: So I added a new one-shot today. I was pretty much sitting here working on the next chapter of Page Eleven (it's a tricky one) and realized how very, very hard it is to write a D/Hr story that is compliant with both DH and the Epilogue. Especially considering how long it's been since I've really written anything other than essays and narratives that didn't have any dialogue and minimal descriptions of things like setting and movement. So it's seriously taking every ounce of my creativity I contain to produce Page Eleven AND It Should Have Been Me. So I decided to blow of some steam by writing a one-shot. A D/Hr one-shot, and it has zero dialogue and no setting descriptions, because it's completely stream of consciousness. It's just an excerpt from the mind of Draco Malfoy, written as if he were writing a chapter of his autobiography (he's not, that's just how I'm describing the style). And again, it's pretty angsty. Lots of swearing and I hate my life type stuff. But really, I just need to practice writing happy endings that aren't really fluffly and then I can start writing some D/Hr fics that aren't compliant with the DH Epilogue. So until then, it's angst all the way.

10/10/08: Another one-shot, just because I felt like it. And there's just about ZERO angst in this one. It's from Hermione's POV, and that's all I'm saying.

12/24/08: Merry Christmas Eve, and also I know Hanukkah's in full swing, so also Happy Hanukkah. And Merry/Happy everything else.

Anyway, I've been doing some serious bashing of that Twilight series recently. You know, that book series about the "epic love" and what all. Twilight sucks, and one of the reasons is the dialogue. It's awful. It's cheesy and always question/answer/I love you/question/answer/you're in danger/question answer. Anyway, this is the problem I'm having with PE and ISHBM. One of the reasons I haven't updated in so long is because I've gotten to the point in both stories where more developed dialogue will be needed than what's already been written in both, and I really don't want to fall into the Smeyer dialogue trap. I can write stream of consciousness for days on end, but complex dialogue (you know, real conversations that aren't just asking and answering questions) is quite a challenge for me. While a lot of people are like OMGZ I LUV TWILIGHT EDWARDZ SO HOTTTT! and probably think Smeyer is a total genius and writes awesome dialogue...I don't. And I really don't want to write dialogue like her. It's a thing. But I am totally working on both, so no, I haven't abandoned them. I'm trying. Really.

9/8/09: New chapter of ISHBM up. I know, it took forEVER to update. Sorry for the delay, but life got in the way. Hopefully it won't take another seven months to get a new chapter up. This chapter leads into the main action of the story...or interaction, at least. That's right folks: next chapter will have the first confrontation between Hermione and Blaise. What's gonna happen? Your guess is as good as mine!

6/4//10: WHOA. Sorry, it DID take another seven months - I know, that's pitiful. It's been so long since I updated ISHBM that it literally took me half an hour to figure out how to post a new chapter! Anyways, yeah. A new chapter for ISHBM is FINALLY up. I know, I took way too long. Hey, what can I say? Life happens. As per usual, anyway, my muses kicked in when I should have been working on something else. See, I have this HUGE presentation that I'm giving at this Harry Potter thing that's happening in July, and I got kind of nervous about it and randomly decided that hey, I think I know how to end the eighth chapter for ISHBM! So there it is. It could be awhile until I update again considering I haven't started on that presentation yet, but who knows?

9/01/10: Okay, here's the scoop: I know where ISHBM is going, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to updating. I have a loads of reading this semester, and that's going to soak up a lot of my free time. BUT...we all know I tend to write fanfiction at inappropriate times (like when I should be working on schoolwork), so my muses could kick into high gear once I start feeling the pressure.

In unrelated news, my muses made a nice appearance in this really juicy dream I had the other night about Harry Potter. It was all dramatic and kind of angsty and all that good stuff, and thank ye Zeus! It was about my favorite pairing, Draco and Hermione. I already made a background/general plot arc outline, and I kind of can't wait to get started on it. What that means for progress on ISHBM, I'm not sure. I don't think it will impede progress, since I only work when I get inspired, and if I get inspired about ISHBM I'm not going to be weird and try and work on something else. That just wouldn't make sense.

In sum, an update will come when it comes. Cheers.

9/19/10: New chapter of ISHBM is up! And hey, it was only a little over three months this time. That's an improvement over seven, yeah? In case anyone was worried my slow updates were cause for concern that I would be abandoning the story, you have nothing to be worried about. I'm just a really slow updater. I actually have a really tough course load this semester, so I probably shouldn't be working on fics at all, but I find time when I can. and you all know I can't just sit down and make myself write a chapter - it has to come to me. I know that sounds stupid, but it's how I work. I have my plan set up and then I let all the things that fill it work their way into my brain on their own time. So there you go. Hope you enjoy the new chapter!

UPDATE: What do you know? I posted another chapter of ISHBM only hours after the previous chapter was posted, that's what you know!

9/22/10: An angsty little Harry/Hermione one-shot came to me in a moment of inspiration, so I whipped that out and posted it. Kind of weird since I'm not a huge Harry/Hermione shipper, but whatever. Can't ignore inspiration!

9/24/10: Okay, I've been on a pretty good roll with updates, so I think updating my profile to let you all know about it no longer necessary. At least until my muses run away again for seven months, I won't be updating my profile about new chapters.

I will, however, update when I post new stories. Which I just did. You know I said I had a Dramoine story floating in my brain? Well, I've posted the first chapter, and the second will be out shortly. I already know exactly where the story is headed (due to a lovely dream I had and then subsequent daydreaming how it would have ended if I'd stayed asleep long enough to get to the end of it), and trust me when I say that it is a beautiful tale of companionship. The basic idea is boy find girl, boy needs help, girl agrees to help boy, boy and girl become great friends, boy falls in love with girl, boy eventually woos girl through his newly improved ways. Well, I know I'll love it, at least, since I already know the whole thing. Anyway, my other Dramoine fic, Page Eleven, is on haitus. I do plan to finish it, but I've lost the notebook where I had it plotted out, so I'll have to go back and reread what I have in order to start planning the rest of it. Don't hold your breath on it is what I'm basically saying.

10/15/10: I was pleasantly surprised at how my Harry/Hermione one-shot turned out (though, as usual, I think it could have been much better) and the positive response I got, so guess what? After I finish one of my two WIPs, I'm going to be writing a Harry/Hermione story. As it turns out, I actually really like the pairing when done right, so I'm going to try my hand at it. And it won't be that angsty, either. I don't consider myself a humorous writer, but it's going to be more romantic comedy than romantic drama. Humorous premise, humorous interactions as a result of the humorous premise...that's all I'm going to say. I'm really excited about it, and I already did the initial planning bit, but I'm not going to be posting anything until, like I said, finish either ISHBM or CBD (ISHBM will probably be done first). Just a heads-up!

11/28/10: Saw the new film three times, twice on the first day, and...WOW! I thought it was by far the best film in the franchise so far. It's not necessarily the most entertaining, but it's definitely the best "film" and my personal favorite. And how cool did they make Scabior? He was like a total BA. I was like whoa, who is this guy and why do I find him so attractive? Ah, good stuff.

3/28/11: Have been Ms. Absentee again, my apologies. It's one of THOSE semesters. You know, multiple papers/essays due every week that aren't necessarily hard but tedious and time-consuming, major educational decisions to make, mental fatigue of being in school for 15 years and counting, etc. etc. In addition to all that crap, I've been writing an essay that's going to be published in a book so I've been having to pretend to sound academic in such while writing that. Also had to plan like a million trips for various purposes and deal with a deadbeat sister. Honestly, my brain is no longer functioning on the higher levels for more than a couple hours a day, and I haven't had the energy or interest to continue ficcing while so burnt out. I'm starting to regain a modicum of steam so I'll be trying to work on some updates, but as usual I'm not making any promises.

6/14/2012: Hmm. So. Yeah. I'm now a college graduate with a super-cool degree in history. But not, that doesn't mean I can promise regular updates, because my flighty muse is still, you know, flighty. Oh, and I finished It Should Have Been Me recently. Yup, that's my first complete, non-one-shot fic. So now all I'm working is Come Back Down, and I have another fic planned for when that's done. But I'm working literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this summer...except for the week I'll be gone for the Harry Potter conference. I'm also applying to grad schools preparing to move halfway across the country, so my being done with school doesn't mean I'm any less busy. My summer work schedule actually makes me miss school. STUPID WORK.

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