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4/17/12: Name change. I'm now TwistedLime rather than SiriuslySouthern. Fics on this account have been deleted. My favorites list has been wiped because it grew out of hand; I'll rebuild it sometime. New fics to come.

It's been ages. I haven't written fic in I don't know how long due to both laziness and lack of inspiration, but now I'm back in action. New stories will come soon, so if you're interested, hang around for a little while. Old fics are, for the most part, going to be deleted due to abandonment or overall lack of, y'know, decency.

I'm also revamping my profile because it was extremely rambly and off-topic before (it's still long... but whatever). List format because lists are fun.

Name: SiriuslySouthern

Age: 16

Location: Southern US

Fandom(s): I only write Harry Potter, but lately I've read a good bit of Criminal Minds fanfic.

Favorite Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom.

Least Favorite Characters: Wormtail for being a traitor, Umbridge for being vindictive and cruel, Bellatrix for being a cold-blooded killer (but she is one of the best villians)...

Ships: Sirius/Remus all the way and for all eternity and Neville/Luna. Those are my favorites, but I'll read anything that isn't incest or human/animal.

Likes: Reading, writing, friends, family, animals, music, chocolate, fluffy pillows and blankets, rain, summer breezes, honeysuckle, books, spiderwebs, watermelon, fishing, laughing, Glee (Klaine forever.)

Dislikes: Hatred, bigotry, insensitivity, back-stabbing, mosquitoes, gnats, other annoying buzzing insects, tripping and other public displays of my own clumsiness...

General: I'm a Huffledore. I'm young, but not entirely stupid. I'm working on seeing the beauty in life. I've got an amazing family. I bicker with my brothers, but there's no one I will protect as fiercely. I can't spell and I need a calculator for anything that isn't addition or very basic multiplication. Mark is a straight-up badass. Dan Bergstein never fails to make my week. I'm writing these facts down as they pop into my head. If I could save one Harry Potter character from getting killed off, it would be Sirius Black (sorry Remus, but Harry needs his godfather, and Teddy's got Harry and Andromeda).

And finally, I'm like every other writer here: Reviews make my day and feed my plot bunnies. Give them and you will receive cookies and hugs from the Harry Potter character of your choice in return.

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Remus Lupin is a little-known music journalist working on a little-known music magazine. Blue Stag are his next Big Project - well, his first anyway.
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