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Author has written 4 stories for Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹.

First of all , I would like to say that I do not own any of the characters in ~Keroro Gunsou , especially the ~Life For Like story ... which is only going to be wrote in a Japanese writing ...

+ I would appreciate if you review before faving +

My authentic japanese name is 藤原 Fujiwara (wisteria fields) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance).
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I believe you should get to know me a bit ...

First of all , I am a fangirl with a imaginative mind . Most of me , my friends , mom , sister check out her profile ... her username is kururu123 and not exactly everyone ... I will show you explain to you what I imagined later ...

My most fave animes are ... SRMT , Keroro Gunsou , Lucky Star , Krby but it is mostly Keroro Gunsou ... Luna haven't got time to contribute to the rest ... ... I have OC's for almost all , besides SRMT Lucky Star and Krby ...

Hmm ... I gues that is all I can tell you for now ... now it's time to show my OC's and links and everything ...

My - imaginative - animal sign is a chipmunk ...

Character Sheet

( 1 )

Name - Vaati MoShiro

Age - about 13

Race - Human but I do not know why my mom and aunt keeps calling me a chipmunk ...

Likes - Singing

Dislikes - Other people

Height / Weight - 4' 9" 94 Lbs. ... about my size , but I am one inch taller ...

Bio -

Has grown up her life involving music everywhere , pensive she doesn't have a band ... She may be short , but has entered into martial arts to test her skill in some other imaginative ways towards her foes . She had ran away from her family and parents , since then they haven't heard a word from her since 1899 ...

First appeared - No appearance

Illustration appeared - None

Upcoming Story(ies) staring -

Vaati's rose

Vaati's Star

( 2 )

Name - Kerru

Age - Unknown

Race - Kiruru clone / alien

Likes - Keroro Shotai / Garuru Shotai

Dislikes - Superior , Machii

Height / Weight - 2"94Lbs.

Bio - Unknown

First Appearance - ~The One That Srvived

Illustration Appeared - ~The One That Survived

( 3 )


Age- Unknown

Race- Human



Height / Weight- 5" 64Lbs.


First Appearance- None

Illustration Appeared- None

Basics for OC's and such

Doing so in a non-cross over setting will be more difficult... (why is it easier in crossover settings? Super Robot Wars/Taisen's orignal characters are rather godly for hte most part and fans of that will let that slide) Since the risk of making him/her too flawed or too perfect... and dull at that.

In Lucky Star the lack of Male characters allows for male OCs... though in other ficdoms such as bleach with many characters of both genders, having an OC in will stick out like a sore thumb and an obviously cheesy self-insert attempt.

Of course if you're going for the supporting OC route, it's easier since mentor types aren't that hard to do, though if you make them too overpowered or too empowering people might have a fit.

My main OC, Rei Kurohagane while able isn't perfect (and in fact a few characters really don't like him due to parts of his personality; which is while confident, smart, is also egotisical, perverted, and is prone to doing good things solely for the sake of his ego)

I'm thinking about a OC/Miyuki story... and the guy in question would be Yukimura, an above average guy who generally is lazy and doesn't care for much effort... going as so far as to give off an impression of a thug as to get people to leave him alone. He's also a dabbler (not so much a wiki, but someone who looks into things some on a casual basis) Now that I think about if I ever get this idea going, He'd have his own image to go against. (Proving he's not a savage thug).

As the writer of the biggest OC story in the section, I do have my own advice on what you do want to aim for with an original character. (Especially Male)

1. Make your character likeable: Every character in Lucky Star, has a hook of some form. And that hook makes them cute/interesting/funny. Your original character should have something that makes them special. If your character is a guy, that doesn't mean he has an excuse. He/She needs to be fleshed out and have their own personality so they can blend in with the cast.

My OC, Kaito Yasuhiro, is kind of a modernized guy. He's lazy, he plays video games, he watches anime, he's usually relaxed and accepting, and he cooks. And while he is a nice guy, he isn't afraid to be passionate or manly with his issues. But even with these qualities, he has some issues and is very uncertain.

2. DO NOT make him boring: Your character should not blend in with the background. (Like Misao fears) He shouldn't be plain or normal. Maybe a little, like, he can blend in with society, but his life shouldn't be completely mundane and simple. You want to be able to think of him talking and he doesn't give off a vibe like Minami. You don't have to tell everything about him at the beginning, but you want it ease it out.

3. DO NOT make him a jerkass: I have this issue with a couple of stories here, but I think the message speaks for itself. You can't let him or her be a selfish jerkass. If you do, he should atleast pay for his issues or have him see the light. People don't like stories where the jerkass gets away with what he wants and he still continues to treat some people like . And it's annoying. So along with that, don't character hate either.

4. DO NOT make him follow harem stereotypes: Let's think about harem/ecchi characters from other animes: Keitaro, Tenchi, Tsukune, Rito, Kouta, Rin, Saito, Minato. Why do most of us hate some of these characters? They are complete dumbasses and/or total . DON'T BE LIKE THEM. You do not want to reflect on the major flaws of any of them. Sure, they can worry about simple things like school, money, and the future. Those are things many people naturally worry about. You want to aim for great male roles like Keiichi from the Higurashi series, Tomoya from Clannad, or Ryuuji from Toradora!

5. Don't be afraid to experiment: Seriously, don't fear about trying new things. Granted, not batshit insane new things that involve shooting people with lazers, but be open to new ideas. You don't want to again fall into cliches. New things and questioning your readers (Not confusing) will get people to continue reading. In fact, I'm still surprised no one has done a story with a FEMALE OC.

6. DO NOT insert sympathy: Don't try to put in anything like they have a life-threatening disease and we should treat them "nice" for that. This is similar with tip number four. You can give them realistic problems and issues. But they need to be smoothed over or handled in a lighthearted manner. Like Konata. Her mom is dead, but that doesn't get her down.

That's basically everything I can give. I've also read every Male OC story in the section too, and I have my own thoughts on what's smart and what's stupid

He sounds good, except for two things. When Konata hits him...this isn't going to be a recurring trend, is it? I don't really find one-sided violence in anime as it's an annoying cliche and it's usually done for stupid reasons. I can see it happening because Konata wants to defend Miyuki, but don't go far with that or anything. Sometimes characters can get annoying when they have to punch first, ask questions laters. (Like many tsunderes)

The other issue would be, how pious is he? Does he want to give advice and help the unfortunate? I just want to say that because making him into like a prude or a taskmaster would make him unlikeable. Usually morally-dominant characters are very irritating. The kind who sees two people kissing at school and goes. "THAT'S EVIL, THAT'S WRONG, THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE." Those kind of uptight people just get on people's nerves.

A) that first point is for Yukimura... well it's not as much... but it's something that he manages to work out... though he's a bit peeved at it. And Yukimura gives off a "big bad japanese schoolboy thug" vibe by his own design... and it's a case of it coming to bite him in the butt. Though I'd think he tend try to speak to Kagami (Not exactly an easy task considering how she likes to hang out with miss jumps to conclusions); one of the more sensible ones about what he was trying to do. Kagami would respond "Just like that time she beat up a foreigner asking my sister for directions" After things get straighten out, He does tell Konata, "For such a small girl, you certainly hit harder than many guys" This idea does have some fights in it, though I was planning him to be long time friends with Minoru (Student), and Minoru asks "Why didn't you go to Cromartie?" "Simple... I actually like learning things, and I wouldn't want to be in what westerners call... a sasuage fest"

A point with Yukimura is despite his appearence and attitude, he's a rather intellegent and very well read guy. "I'm a dabbler in many things" Though he does lean more towards games and anime, but he's no where nearly as hardcore as Konata is.

B) That's for Rei Shirogane (the character for that SP! fic); and that's a plot point, Chikaru tries to get him to lighten up some. But he's helpful, and part of the reason. But he's also understanding (He doesn't judge others, but wouldn't dare do that himself), but he serves as a contrast for two other OC's who have less than pure intentions. The planned flow has him and those two figuratively clashing since their misdeeds will come to stain his repuation and that of his mentor's. I intend this morality to point out. But I was planning on having his mentor remark on how it's a good thing how he's not so strict with himself... and only those of the cloth need follow such strict guidelines.


Good Morning -- Ohayo gozaimasu

Good afternoon -- Konnichiwa

Good evening -- konbanwa

Good bye -- Sayonara

Good night -- Oyasuminasai

How are you? -- O genki desu ka?

How do you do? -- Hajimemashite

Pleased to meet you -- Dozo yoroshiku - Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I am fine -- Hai genki desu

And you? -- Anata wa?

Thank you ( very much ) Domo arigoto gozaimasu

You're welcome -- Do itashi mashite

Say ! Listen ! ( to get attention ) -- Annoe

Excuse me ( pardon me ) -- Gomen nasai - Shitsurei shimasu

I am sorry -- Gomen nasai

Please ( when offering something ) -- Dozo

Please ( when requesting something ) -- Kudasai

Please show me -- Misete kudasai

Please write it -- Kaite kudasai

Please give me this -- Kore o kudasai

I'm sick -- Byoki desu

Let's go -- Ikimasho

Do you speak English -- Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka?

Yes, I speak a little -- Hai sukoshi hanashimasu

Do you understand? -- Wakarimasu ka?

Yes, I understand -- Hai wakarimasu

Oh I see -- As soo desu ka

No I don't understand -- Iie wakarimasen

Please say it again -- Mo ichido itte kudasai

Please speak slowly -- Yukkuri hanashi te kudasai

Please wait a moment -- Chotto matte kudasai

What is your name? -- Anata-no namae wa?

My name is _ -- Watashi no namae wa _ desu

Where is it? -- Doko desu ka?

What time is it? -- Nan-ji desu ka?

How much is it? -- Sore wa ikura desu ka?

I will take it -- Sore kudasai

No , thank you -- Iie kekko desu

Do you like it? -- Suki desu ka?

I like it -- Suki desu

I don't like it -- Kirai desu

It's beautiful -- Kirei desu

Hello ( telephone only ) -- Moshi moshi

Let me see -- So desu ne

Welcome - Irrasshaimase

Where is the toilet? - Toire wa doko desu ka?

All right!
Yoroshii! / Yoshii!

Anybody home!
Gomen kudasai!

Any problem?
Nani ka mondai arimasu ka?

Anything will do.
Nan demo yoroshii.

Are there any letters for me?
Tegami wa kite imasen ka?

Are these yours?
Kore wa anata no mono deshou ka?

Are you a Japanese?
Anata wa Nihonjin desu ka?

Are you an American?
Anata wa Americajin desu ka?

Are you busy now?
Ima isogashii desu ka?

Are you free now?
Ima ohima desu ka?

Are you free this evening?
Konya wa ohima desu ka?

Are you going to inspect my baggages?
Watashi no nimotsu o oshirabe ni narimasu ka?

Are you happy?
Ureshii desu ka?

Are you hungry?
Onaka ga sukimashitaka?

Are you married?
Kekkon shite irasshaimasu ka?

Are you Miss Tanaka?
Anata wa Tanakasan desu ka?

Are you okey?
Ogenki desu ka?

Are you ready?
Youi wa ii ka?

Are you serious?
Kimi wa honki ka?

Are you sleepy?
Anata wa nemui desu ka?

Are you still single?
Mada ohitori desu ka?

Are you tired?
Tsukareta desu ka?

A thousand thanks.
Makoto ni arigatou.

Ki o tsuke!

Attention, please.
Minasama okii, kudasai.


Be careful.
Ki o tsuke nasai.

Best wishes!
Go koufuku o inorimasu! / Go takou o inorimasu!

Beware of pickpockets!
Kaichu butsu go youjin!

Beware of dogs!
Mouken chuui!

Be yourself.

Bottoms up!

Umaizo! / Dekaeshita! / Burabou! / Appare!

Breakfast is ready.
Choushoku wa dekite orimasu. / Shokuji wa dekite orimasu.

By all means.

By and by.
Sono uchi ni ne.


Can I have my bill?
Watashi no biru o kudasai?

Can we go there by bus?
Basu de ikimasu ka?

Can you drive?
Kuruma no unten ga dekimasu ka?

Can you drive for me?
Watashi wo kuruma ni nosete kuremasu ka?

Can you eat Japanese food?
Anata wa Nihon no tabemono ga taberaremasu ka?

Can you eat Korean food?
Anata wa Korean no tabemono ga taberaremasu ka?

Can you fix it?
Kore wa naosemasu ka?

Can you speak English?
Anatawa wa Eigo ga dekimasu ka?

Can you speak Japanese?
Anatawa wa Nihongo ga dekimasu ka?

Can you speak Spanish?
Anata wa Spanish ga dekimasu ka?

Care of (c/o)

Certainly. ( Answering questions)
Kashikomari mashita.

Certainly not.
Ton demo nai. / Dame desu.

Check your things.
Mochimono wo kakunin shite kudasai.


Cheer up!
Genki o dase! / Genki o dashite kudasai!/ Shikkari shiro!

Close to traffic.
Tsuukou dome.

Close your eyes.
Me o toji nasai.

Come and join us.
Anata mo isshoni douzo.

Come here, please.
Kochira e kite kudasai.

Come in.
Ohairi nasai. / Douzo haitte kudasai. / Douzo agatte kudasai.

Come on!
Saa koi!

Come this way, please.
Kochira e, douzo.

Come what may.
Nani ga attemo.


Omedetou gozaimasu!

Congratulations on your marriage!
Gokekkon omedetou gozaimasu!

Congratulations on your success!
Seikou omedetou!

Cordially yours,

Could you translate this for me?
Kore o honyakushite kudasai.


Did you bring your camera?
Kamera o motte kimashita ka?

Did you feel the earthquake?
Jishin o kanjimashita ka?

Did you watch the show last night?
Yuube wa shibai o mimashita ka?

Do as you please.
Go zuii ni.

Don't be ashamed.
Hazukashii nai de kudasai.

Don't be in a hurry.
Asera nai. / Awate nai de.

Don't bother me!

Don't bother yourself.
Okamai naku.

Don't come here.
Konaide kudasai.

Don't disturb.
Jama shinaide kudasai.

Don't forget.
Wasure nai de kudasai.

Don't get mad.
Okoru nai de kudasai.

Don't give up.
Ganbatte kudasai.

Don't hesitate to call me.
Enryo naku watashi o yobi nasai. / Enryo naku watashi ni denwa nasai.

Don't mention it.
Dou itashimashite. (also used when saying "you are welcome", a reply when a person says "thank you")

Don't mind it.
Kinishi nai de kudasai.

Don't worry.
Kuyokuyo suru na. / Shinpai nai yo.

Don't you agree with me?
Watashi ni sansei dewa nai no desu ka?

Do you drink liquor?
Anata wa sake o nomimasu ka?

Do you eat vegetables?
Yasai wa tabete imasu ka?

Do you enjoy your vacation?
Yasumi wo tanoshinde imasu ka?

Do you feel homesick?
Houmushikku desu ka?

Do you feel okey?
Daijoubu desu ka?

Do you go to office every day?
Mainichi kaisha e ikimasu ka?

Do you have an ID?
Mibun shoumeisho wo omochi desu ka?

Do you have a pencil?
Anata wa empitsu o motte imasu ka?

Do you have other color?
Hoka no iro wa arimasen ka?

Do you know?
Shitte imasu ka?

Do you know her?
Kanojo no shitte imasu ka?

Do you know him?
Kare no shitte imasu ka?

Do you know Tanaka's telephone number?
Tanaka no denwa bango mo shitte imasu ka?

Do you know how t o swim?
Oyoge masu ka?

Do you know when is his birthday?
Kare no tanjoubi wa itsu ka shitte imasu ka?

Do you like it?
Suki desu ka?

Do you miss your family?
Kazoku ni aitai desu ka?

Do you play golf?
Kimi wa gorufu o shimasu ka?

Do you remember me?
Anaa wa waashi no koto o oboete imasu ka?

Do you smoke?
Tabako wo suimasu ka?

Do you understand?
Wakarimasu ka?

Do you want to eat now?
Ima oshokuji nasai masu ka?

Drive carefully.
Choui shite hashitte kudasai.


Either will do.
Dochira demo yoroshii. / Dochira demo ii desu.

Enjoy your meal.
Douzo, go yukkuri.

Enjoy yourself.
Tanoshinde kudasai.

Even though.


Excuse me.

Excure me, this my seat.
Shitsurei desu ga, koko wa watashi no seki desu.

Excuse me, what place is this?
Sumimasen ga, koko wa doko desu ka?

Excuse me, you're stepping on my foot.
Ashi wo fumanaide kudasai.


Faithfully yours,



For a while, please.
Shibaraku jikan wo kudasai.

Forget it.
Sonna koto wa wasure nasai.

Fragile, handle with care.
Koware mono, choui.

Omoshiroi ne.


Get out of my way!
Doite kudasai!

Get up!
Oki nasai!

Give me something cold to drink.
Nani ka tsumetai nomimono o kudasai.

Give me two hamburgers, please.
Hanbaagaa o futatsu kudasai.

Give me your address, please.
Juusho o oshiete kudasai.

Go ahead!
Zen shin!

Go easy.
Aseru na.

Sore wa ii!

Good afternoon!


Good day!

Good evening!

Good for you!
Dekaeshita! / Umaizo!

Good luck!
Kooun o inorimasu!

Good morning!
Ohayou gozaimasu!

Oyasumi nasai! ( for bed time only)

Go straight.
Massugu ni iki nasai.


Handle with care.
Tori atsukai chuui.

Hands off.
Te wo hanashi nasai.

Happy Anniversary!
Omedetou gozaimasu!

Happy Birthday!
Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!

Happy New Year!
Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu! / Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

Happy trip!
Yoi otabi wo!

Have a good time.
Tanoshinde rasshai.

have a nice day.
Gokigen you.

Have you even been to Japan?
Nihon ni itta koto ga arimasu ka?

He doesn't eat meat.
Kare wa niku wo tabemasen.

he is my friend.
Kare wa watashi no tomodachi desu.

He is my older brother.
Kare wa watashi no oniisan desu.

He is my younger brother.
Kare wa watashi no otouto desu.


Hello! (on the telephone)
Moshi! Moshi!

Help! Help!
Are tasukete!

Help me!

Here it is!
A, arimashita!

Here it is.
Koko ni arimasu.

He rested for a while.
Kare wa shibaraku yasunda.

Here's your change.
Otsuri desu.

Hi! I'm home.

Hold it!
Ogoku na! / Sono mama!

Hold on!

Hold the line, please (on the telephone)
Denwa o kirazu ni oite kudasai.

Hold this, please.
Motte kudasai.

Hope to see you again.
Mata aimashou.

Hope to see you again.
Mata aimashou.

Hope to visit your country soon.
Okuni wo hayaku tazunetai.

Hope you don't mind.
Kamaimasen ka?

Hope you like it.
Oki ni iruto iin desu ga.


How about you?
Tokoronde anata wa?

How are you?
Ogenki desu ka? / Gokigen ikaga desu ka?

How are you these days?
Kono goro wa dou desu ka?

how cold is the weather?
Samusa wa dono gurai desu ka?

How do you do?

How do you find Japan?
Nihon wa dou desu ka?

How do you like it?
Sore wa ikaga desu ka?

How do you sai it in English?
Sore wa Eigo de nanto iimasu ka?

How do you say it in Japanese?
Sore wa Nihongo de nanto iimasu ka?

How do you say it in Filipino?
Sore wa Firipingo de nanto iimasu ka?

How do you use the chopsticks?
Hashi wa donoyou ni tsukaimasu ka?

How far is the station?
Eki wa dono gurai tooi desu ka?

How is it?
Dou desu ka?

How is he?
Kare wa ikaga desu ka?

How is she?
Kanojo wa ikaga desu ka? / Kanojo wa genki desu ka?

How is that?
Sore wa dou desu ka?

How is the weather?
Otenki wa dou desu ka?

How is this?
Kore wa dou desu ka?

How is your baby?
Akachan wa genki desu ka? / Akachan wa dou desu ka?

How is your family?
Kazoku no kata wa ikaga desu ka?

How is your father?
Otousan wa genki desu ka? / Otousan wa dou desu ka?

How is your mother?
Okaasan wa genki desu ka? / Okaasan wa dou dese ka?

How long have you been in Japan?
Nihon ni kite dono kurai ni narimasu ka?

How long have you been in the Philippines?
Firipin ni kite dono kurai ni narimasu ka?

How long must I wait?
Dorehondo mattara ii deshou ka?

How long will you stay here?
Itsu made kochira ni irasshaimasu ka?

How many?

How many children do you have?
Okosan wa nan nin desu ka? / Kodomo wa nan nin arimasu ka?

How many do you want?
Ikutsu onozomi desu ka?

How many kilos is that?
Nan kiro desu ka?

How much?
Ikura desu ka?

How much does it weigh?
Sore wa dono kurai no omosa desu ka?

How much do I have to pay?
O ikura desu ka?

How much do i owe you?
O ikura desu ka?

How much is it?
Sore wa ikura desu ka?

How much is it to going there?
Ikura gurai kakarimasu ka?

How much is my salary?
Watashi no kyuuryou wa ikura desu ka?

How much is that?
Are wa ikura desu ka?

How much is the admission fee?
Nyuujouken wa ikura desu ka?

How mush is the fare?
Ryoukin wa ikura desu ka?

How much is the ticket?
Kippu wa ikura desu ka?

How much is this?
Kore wa ikura desu ka?

How much is this in dollar?
Doru dewa ikura desu ka?

How old are you?
Nan sai desu ka?

How's your work going?
Oshigoto wa ikaga desu ka?

How was your trip?
Goryokou wa ikaga deshita ka?

How young you are!
Nanto kimi wa wakai no daro!

Hurry up!
Isoide kudasai! / Isoge!


I agree.
Doukan desu.

I am a factory worker.
Watashi wa roudousha desu.

I am a Japanese.
Watashi wa Nihonjin desu.

I am a Filipino.
Watashi wa Firipinjin desu.

I am busy.
Isogashii desu.

I am deeply grateful for your kindness to me.
Goshinsetsu ofukaku kansha shimasu.

I am full.
Onaka ga ippai.

I am going to the airport.
Watashi wa hikoujou e ikimasu.

I am going to the post office.
Watashi wa youbinkyoku e ikimasu.

I am happy to meet you.
Ome ni kakarete ureshii.

I am hungry.
Onaka ga sukimashita.

I am in a hurry.
Watashi wa isoide imasu.

I am lost.
Michi ni mayotte imasu.

I am Koichi.
Watashi wa Koichi desu.

I am Iwata.
Watashi wa Iwata desu.

I am married.
Watashi wa kekkon shite imasu.

I am Mr. Takishima
Watashi wa Takishimasan desu.

I am not a Japanese.
Watashi wa Nihonjin dewa arimasen.

I am not a Filipino.
Watashi wa Firipinjin dewa arimasen.

I am not busy.
Isogashiku arimasen. / Hima desu.

I am not hungry.
Onaka wa suite imasen.

I am sick.
Watashi wa byouki desu.

I am single.
Watashi wa dkushin desu.

I am so happy.
Watashi wa totemo ureshii da.

I am sorry.
Gomen nasai. / Shitsurei shimashita.

I am sorry.
gomen nasai. / Shitsurei shimasshita.

I am sorry for you.
Okino doku desu.

I am sorry that I can't come.
Zannen desu ga mairemasen.

I am sorry to disturb you.
Goshinpai okake shimashita.

I am so tired.
Taihen tsukarete imasu. / Sukkari tsukare mashita.

I am still single.
Mada dkushin desu.

I am surprised to see it.
Sore o mite bikkurishita.

I am thirsty.
Nodo ga kawaita.

I am tired.

I am twenty-seven years old.
Ni juu nana sai desu.

I am thirty years old.
San juu sai desu.

I am very happy to see you.
Oaishite taihen ureshii desu. / Oaidekite taihen ureshii desu.

I am worried.
Watashi wa shimpai desu.

I am your friend.
Watashi wa anata no tomodachi desu.

I beg your pardon.
Mou ichido itte kudasai.

I bet you.

I can drive.
Watashi wa kuruma no unten ga dekimasu.

I cannot wait.
Mattema sen.

I can speak Japanese.
Watashi wa Nihongo ga hanasemasu.

I can speak English.
Watashi wa Eigo ga hanasemasu.

I can speak Filipino.
Watashiwa Firipingo ga hanasemasu.

I can speak Japanese a little.
Sukoshi dake hanasemasu.

I can't believe it.
Shinjirare nai.

I can't forget it.
Watashi wa wasurenai.

I can wait.

I catch cold.
Watashi wa kaze wo hikimashita.

I didn't order this.
Kore wa chuumon shite imasen.

I do not dye my hair.
Kami wa somemasen.

I do not understand what you say.
Anata no ossharu koto ga wakarimasen.

I don't care.
Dou demo yoi desu.

I don't eat dessert.
Watashi wa dezaato wo kekkou desu.

I don't expect something in return.
Okaeshi wa kitai shite imasen.

I don't feel well.
Kibun ga waru.

I don't have an ID.
Mibun shoumeisho wa motte imasen.

I don't know.
Wakarimasen. / Shirimasen.

I don't know Japanese.
Watashi wa Nihongo ga dekimasen.

I don't know her.
Kanojo o zonjimasen.

I don't know him.
Kare o zonjimasen.

I don't know English.
Watashi wa Eigo ga dekimasen.

I don't know Filipino.
Watashi wa Firipingo ga dekimasen.

I don't know when I'll be back.
Itsu kaette kuru ka wakarimasen.

I don't know why.
Doushite nanoka wakarimasen.

I don't know yet.
Mada Wakarimasen.

I don't like.
Kirai desu.

I don't like it.
Sore wa kirai desu.

I don't think so.
Watashi wa sou omoimasen.

I don't understand.

I don't wear pants.
Zubon wa hakimasen.

I exercise every day.
Mainichi taisou shite imasu.

I feel blue.
Yuutsu desu.

I feel cold.
Karada ga hiete imasu.

I feel dizzy.
Watashi wa memai ga shimasu.

I feel ill.
Kibun ga warui.

I feel lazy today.
Kyou wa nanimo shitaku arimasen.

I feel sleepy.
Nemui desu. / Nemutai desu.

I feel warm.
Atatakai desu.

I forgot.

I gained one kilo.
Taijuu ga ichi kiro fuemashita.

I got used to hard work.
Watashiwa tsurai shigoto ni nareta.

I guess so.
Sou omoimasu.

I have a driver's license.
Unten menkyosshou wa motte imasu.

I have a fever.
Watashi wa netsu ga arimasu.

I have a headache.
Atama ga itai desu.

I have a stomachache.
Onaka ga itai desu.

I have a toothache.
Ha ga itai desu.

I have enjoyed it.

I have a good neigbors here.
Kinjo no hito wa mina ii hito bakari desu.

I have just arrived.
Ima kita bakari desu.

I have never been to Japan.
Watashi wa Nihon e itta koto ga arimasen.

I have no money.
Okane ga arimasen.

I have to prepare my things.
Jumbi wo shinakereba narimasen.

I hope for your good health always.
Itsumo ogenki wo inotte imasu.

I hope for your prompt recovery.
Hakaku naotte kudasai.

I know.
Shitte imasu.

I know Mr. Tanaka.
Tanakasan wo zonjite orimasu.

I like all of them.
Zembu ga suki desu.

I like basketball very much.
Basuketto bouru ga dai suki desu.

I like it.
Suki desu.

I like it, too.
Watashi wa sore mo suki da mata.

I like this place.
Koko ga ki iri mashita.

I like to eat salad.
Sarada wo itadakitai.

I live in Tokyo.
Watashi wa Tokyo ni sunde imasu.

I live near the school.
Watashi wa gakkou no chikaku ni sunde imasu.

I'll be leaving next month.
Raigetsu shuppatsu shimasu.

I'll be leaving next week.
Raishuu shuppatsu shimasu.

I'll be leaving tomorrow.
Ashita shuppatsu shimasu.

I lost my key.
Kagi wo nakushi mashita.

I lost my passport.
Pasupooto wo nakushi mashita.

I love sports.
Watashi wa supootsu ga suki desu.

I'm coming.
Watashi wa kimasu.

I'm coming home.
Watashi wa uchi ni kimasu.

I'm coming right now.
Ima sugu mairimasu.

I'm doing nothing.
Watashi wa nani mo yara nai. / Nani mo shite imasen.

I'm fine.
Genki desu.

I'm here.
Koko desu. / Koko ni imasu.

I missed the train.
Kisha ni noriokure mashita. / Densha ni noriokure mashita.

I miss my family.
Kazoku ni aitai desu.

I miss you.
Anata ga inai to sabishii.

I miss you very much.
Watashi wa anata ga inai node taihen sabishii.

I'm not in the mood.
Sonna ki ni naremasen.

I'm ready. (willingness)
Watashi wa yorokonde.

I must go now.
Watashi wa ikaneba narimasen.

I'm very glad to hear it.
Sore o kiite taihen ureshii.

I'm very sorry, I can't.
Zannen desu ga, dekimasen.

I'm very sorry to hear that.
Okinodoku desu.

I need a blanket.
Moufu ga irimasu.

I need an interpreter.
Tsuuyaku ga hoshii desu.

I see.

Is everything ready?
Jumbi shuuryou desu ka?

I shall be pleased to go with you.
Yoronkonde go issho shimashou.

Is he a Japanese?
Kare wa NihonJin desu ka?

Is he a Filipino?
Kare wa Firipinjin desu ka?

Is he present?
Kare wa irasshaimasu ka?

Is he your relative?
Kare wa anata no shinseki desu ka?

Is it correct?
Kore wa tadahii desu ka?

Is it finished?
Sumimashita ka?

Is it important?
Taisetsu na koto desu ka?

Is it near?
Sore wa chikaku desu ka?

Is it true?
Hontou desu ka?

I slept well last night.
Watashi wa sakuya juubun ni nemutta.

Isn't it?
Desu ne?

Is she absent?
Kanojo wa rusu desu ka?

Is ten thousand yen enough?
Juuman en de juubun desu ka?

Is that all?
Sore de zembu deshou ka?

Is that so?
Sou desu ka?

Is that yours?
Are wa anata no desu ka?

Is there a bank near here?
Kono fukin ni ginkou ga arimasu ka?

Is there any discount?
Waribiki ga arimasu ka?

Is this okey?
Kore de ii desu ka?

Is this seat vacant?
Kono seki aite imasu ka?

Is this yours?
Kono wa anata no desu ka?

It depends.
Sore wa ba ai ni yorimasu.

It doesn't ift you.
Ni awa nai. / Ni ai masen.

It fits you.
Ni au. / Ni aimasu.

I think so.
Sou Omoimasu.

It is beautiful.
Kirei desu ne.

It is cheap.
Yasui desu.

It is cold, isn't it?
Samui, desu ne?

It is difficult.
Muzukashii desu.

It is easy.
Yasashii desu.

It is expensive.
Takai desu.

It is five thousand yen.
Gosen en desu.

It is important.
Kore wa daiji na koto desu.

It is interesting.
Omoshiroi desu.

It is 9:30.
Kuji han desu.

It is not beautiful.
Kirei ja arimasen.

It is not important.
Sore wa daiji na koto de wa arimasen.

It is one hundred pesos.
Sore wa hyaku peso desu.

It is right.
Tadashii desu.

It is seven quarter.
Shichiji juugo fun desu.

It is ten o'clock.
Juuji desu.

It is three o'clock.
Sanji desu.

It is wronng.
Sore wa chigaimasu.

It's a good idea.
Sore ga ii.

It's bad.
Warui desu.

It's big.
OOkii dese.

It's clean.
Kirei na desu.

It's cold. (thing)
Tsumetai desu.

It's cold. (weather)
Samui desu.

It's correct.
Tadashii desu.

It's delicious.
Oishii desu.

It's dirty.
Kitanai desu.

It seems delicious.
Oishisou desu.

It's enough.
Juubun desu.

It's far.
Toui desu.

It's forbidden.
Kore wa dame desu.

It's good.
Ii desu.

It's heavy.
Omoi desu.

It's here.
Koko desu.

It's hot.
Atsui desu.

It's impossible.
Fukanou na desu. / Sore wa dekimasen.

It's late.
Osoi desu.

It's mine.
Sore wa watashi no mono desu.

It's more than enough.
Kore wa oui desu. / Mou takusan desu.

It's my first time here in Japan.
Nippon ni kitano wa jajimete desu.

It's near.
Chikai desu.

It's nice.
Yoi desu.

It's none of your business!
okei na o sewa da!

It's not me.
Watashi wa ja arimasen.

It's not nice.
Yoku nai.

It's not painful.
Itaku nai.

It's not raining anymore.
Ame ga fura nai. / Mou ame wa futte inai.

It's not you.
Anata ja nai!

It's okey. / It's all right.
Daijoubu desu.

It's painful.
Itai ga desu.

It's possible.

It's raining.
Ame ga furu.

It's snowing.
Yuku desu.

It's still early.
Mada hayai desu.

It's still raining.
Mada ame ga futte imasu.

It's there.
Soko desu.

It's too high.
Amari takai.

It's too low.
Amari hikui.

It's ugly.
Minikui desu.

It's unbelievable.
Shinji rare masen.

It's unfair.
Fukouhei desu.

It's up to you.
Omakase shimasu.

It's very cold today.
Kyou wa amari samui desu.

It's very nice of you.
Goshinsetsu arigatou gozaimasu.

It's warm.
Atatakai desu.

It's wet.
Nureta desu.

It's yours.
Sore wa anata no desu.

It tastes good!
Aa, oishii!

It was very hot yesterday.
Kinou wa amari atsui deshita.

I understand

I want a book.
Hon ga hoshii desu.

I want this letter registered.
Watashi wa kono tegami o kakitome ni shite morai tai.

I want to buy a TV set.
Terebi wo kaitai to omotte imasu.

I want to close my account.
Kouza wo torikeshitai no desu ga.

I want to deposit money.
Yokin onegai shimasu.

I want to develop these pictures.
Genzou onegai shimasu.

I want to eat an apple.
Ringo wo tabetai.

I want to go to Disneyland.
Dizuniirando ni ikitai desu.

I want to open an account.
Kouza wo hirakitai no desu ga.

I want to withdraw.
Hikidashitai no desu ga.

I want to work abroad.
Gaikou de hataraki tai.

I was born in 1990
Watashi ga umareta no wa senkyuuhyaku kyuujuunen desu.

I was born on Septermber 7, 1998.
Watashi wa sen kyuu hyaku kyuuju hachi nen kugatsu nanoka ni umare mashita.

I was impressed.
Kandou shimashita.

I will accompany you there.
Achira made otomo shimasu.

I will always remember you.
Kesshite anata no koto wo wasuremasen.

I will be back.
Kitto kaette kimasu.

I will be back soon.
Sugu ni wa modori masu.

I will be there for three months.
Kochira ni sankagetsu taizai shimasu.

I will call you up.
Denwa shimasu.

I will come later.
Watashi wa ato kara mairimasu.

I will come tomorrow.
Asu mairimasu.

I will do whatever I can do.
Dekiru koto wa nandemo shimasu.

I will go to the bank tomorrow.
Ashita ginkou e ikimasu.

I will go to the marker.
Ichiba ni itte kimasu.

I will go with you.
Goissho shimasu.

I will introduce you to Mr. Hirai.
Hiraisan o goshoukai shimasu.

I will leave.
Watashi wa shuppatsu shimasu.

I will leave early tomorrow morning.
Asu no asa hayaku shuppatsu shimasu.

I will leave today.
Watashi wa kyou shuppatsu shimasu.

I will meet you on Sunday.
Nichiyoubi ni oai shimashou.

I will pay cash
Kyasshu de oharai shimasu.

I will pay for the excess.
Choukabun wa haraimasu.

I will pay weekly.
Watashi wa isshuukan barai ni shimasu.

I will rest for a while.
Sukoshi yasuminasai.

I will send you some pictures.
Shashin o oukuri shimasu.

I will see what I can do about it.
Zensho shimasu.

I will start working tomorrow.
Ashita kara shigoto desu.

I will take this room.
Kono heya ni shimasu.

I will think about it.
Kangaete mimasu.

I will try.
Yatte mimashou.

I will wait.
Omachi shimashou.


Left -- Hidari

Right -- Migi

Straight ahead -- Massugu

A lot / plenty -- Takusan

A little -- Sukoshi

Why? -- Neze desu ka

When? -- Itsu desu ka

Fire -- Kaji

Ambulence -- Kyukyusha

Police -- Omawarisan

Help! -- Tasukete

Watch Out -- Abunai

It's all right -- Daijobu desu

Quick -- Hayaku

Cheap -- Yasui

Cold -- Samui

Hot -- Atsui

Cake -- Kehki

Chair -- Isu

Child -- kodomo

Cigarette -- Tamako

Coffee -- Kohhi

Coffee with milk -- Kohhi gyunyu

Fruit -- Kudamono

Good -- Yoi

Girl / Woman -- Onna

Man -- Otoko

Hot water -- Oyu

Hotel -- Hoteru

Key -- Kagi

Money -- Okane

New -- Atarashii

Old -- Furui

Paper -- Kami

Pencil -- Empitsu

Room -- Heya

Stamp -- Kitte

Station -- Eki

Store -- Mise

Taxi -- Takushi

Telephone -- Denwa

Ticket -- Kippu

Tea ( green ) -- Ocha

Tea ( black ) -- Koh-cha

Water -- Mizu

Small -- Chiisai

Large -- Ohkii


0 -- rei

1 -- iti - ichi

2 -- ni

3 -- san

4 -- si / yon

5 -- go

6 -- roku

7 -- siti / nana - sichi / nana

8 -- hati - hachi

9 -- ku / kyuu - ku / kju:

10 -- zyuu - ju:

100 -- hyaku - hjaku

1,000 -- sen

10,000 -- man

100,000,000 -- oku

1,000,000,000,000 -- tyoo - cho:

10,000,000,000,000,000 -- kei

12 -- () juu ni

20 -- ni juu

23 -- ni juu san

45 -- yon juu go > si juu go

78 -- nana juu hachi > sichi juu hachi

98 -- kyuu juu hachi

123 -- () hyaku ni juu san

234 -- ni hyaku ni juu san

234 -- ni hyaku san juu yon

345 -- san byaku yon juu go

678 -- roppyaku nana juu roku

1,234 -- () sen ni hyaku san juu yon

2,345 -- ni sen san byaku yon juu go

12,345 -- ichi man ni sen san byaku yon juu go

12,345,678 -- () sen ni hyaku san juu yon man / go sen roppyaku nana juu hachi

123,456,789 -- ichi ni sen san byaku roku sen nana hyaku - oku yon juu go man hachi juu kyuu

-1 -- mainasu ichi

1 + 2 = 3 -- ichi tasu ni wa san

3 - 2 = 1 -- san hiku ni wa ichi

2 3 = 6 -- ni kakeru san wa roku

6 / 3 = 2 -- roku waru san wa ni

7 / 3 = 2, 1 -- nana waru san wa ni , amari ichi

PM and AM

PM -- gogo

AM -- gozen


Where is the _ -- _ wa doko desu ka?

EXAMPLE: Where is the telephone? -- Denwa wa doko desu ka?

Do you have _ -- _ ga arimasuka?

EXAMPLE: Do you have black tea? -- Koh-cha ga arimasuka?

Please give me _ -- _ o kudasai.

EXAMPLE: Please give me a fork. -- Fohku o kudasai.

The _ does not work. -- _ ga ugoki masen.

EXAMPLE: The toilet does not work. -- Otearai ga ugoki masen.

I am _ . -- Watakushi wa _ desu.

EXAMPLE: I am an American sailor. -- Watashi wa America no Kaigun no suihei desu.


Good morning -- Magandang umanga ho / Magandang umaga

Good morning ( responce ) -- Magandang umaga naman

Good afternoon -- Magandang hapon

Good evening -- Magandang gabi

Hello -- Kumusta

Goodbye -- Paalam na

Yes -- Oho / Opo

No -- Hindi

Excuse me -- Mawalang-galang na nga

Sorry -- Iskyua / Sori

Thank you ( very much ) -- ( maraming ) salamat

You're welcome -- Walaa hong anuman

What's you're name? -- Anong pangalan ninyo?

My name is_ -- Ako si

Do you speak English?: Marunong ba kayong mag-Ingglés?

Do you understand?: Naiintindihan ba ninyo?

I understand: Naiintindihan ko hô.

I don't understand: Hindi ko hô naiintindihan.

Where is the.?: Nasaan hô ang.?

What time does the . arrive/leave?: Anóng oras hô áalis/darating ang.?

Boat: bapór

Bus: bus

Plane: eroplno

Train: tren

I'd like a . ticket: . tiket nga hô.

One-way: isáng one-way

Return: isáng round-trip

1st class: 1st class

2nd class: 2nd class

Go straight ahead: Tuloy-tuloy lang hô

Turn.: Liko hô .

To the right: kanan hô

To the left: kaliwá hô

Behind.: sa likod ng.

In front of.: sa harap ng.

Opposite: katapát ng

North: norte/hilagà

South: sud/timog

East: silangun

West: kanluran


Bathroom: banyo

Bottle of water: bote ng tubig

Key: susi

Shower: dutsa

Toilet: kubeta/CR/toilet

Towel: tuwalya

Water (cold/hot): (malamig/mainit na) tubig


Pork: baboy

Beef: carne

Vegetables: gulay

Chicken: manok

Bread: tinapay

Butter: mantikilya

Cheese: keso

Eggs: itlóg

Milk: gatas

Yoghurt: yoghurt

Banana: saging

Orange: dalandan

Pineapple: pinyá


One: isá

Two: dalawá

Three: tatló

Four: apát

Five: limá

Six: ánim

Seven: pitó

Eight: waló

Nine: siyám

Ten: sampû

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