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Author has written 5 stories for Gargoyles, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Far more of an Illustrator by trade, I have several fandoms that I follow off and on in my spare time. Mostly series from my childhood. Occasionally I'm struck by the writing bug and I decided here would be a good place to house such products.

Currently up for reading:

- A spin-off Alternate Universe of Gargoyles based on the canon episode of Future Tense. I always loved the episode and often wondered what would have happened if it had actually taken place. So I drew up a replacement character to fill the voids left by the missing Avalon Travelers and let my imagination wander.

So far five "episodes' of the Future Tense Series are completed (counting the two parter 'premiere') and were actually written back in 2002, but were lost when my hard drive crashed. I have since salvaged and tried to revise them to my more current writing style, but sadly only the first five were able to be saved.

On the waiting list:

-Some Transformer fanfics featuring a slew of original characters I made to fill the gap between the end of the second G1 season (1985 by my own internal calendar) and the movie that was set in 2005. Those were also salvaged from my hard drive crash and were for a short time featured on my website, but have since been removed since the site's redesign. One is complete and the second is undergoing revision.

-A sequal series to the Animorph books, focusing on the second-string recruits featured in book #49, The Ultimate. It's set to take place right after the end of the original series, and follows the exploits of the handicapped kids after the war and after the original Animorphs go missing. So far it features only two original characters, a pair of Andalite warriors that accompany the kids as they search for the Animorphs. The first is currently half complete.

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