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Author has written 9 stories for Blood And Chocolate, Twilight, Harry Potter, Sweep, and Vampire Academy.

UPDATE November 16, 2014

So you guys must hate me by now. I cannot believe two years have gone by since I've been able to update. So much has changed in these past two years. I've graduated from college, took a couple of writing workshops, traveled around the world, and moved to a new state. It's been a very crazy roller coaster for me and I apologize for not finishing Moonlight when I said I would. It's been so long since I've had a chance to look at it I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it with what I had originally planned with. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to email me at kaiailorraine@hotmail.com

If you are here for the 'contest' then I'm sorry to say it's no longer running.

Kaiai Lorraine

How to pronounce my name: Kai-uhh

I hope that cleared up any confusion.

Okay guys, I have a new email address. If you'd like to chat, ask a question, or get some advice, feel free to email me whenever. I check my email constantly. I love emails so again, feel free.


So I'm Kaiai, I'm a sophomore in college studying anthropology. I'm not going for a career in writing because it's just something I like to do, I don't want to make it a job.

My profile is filled with stuff about my stories that it has me confused. So if you'd like to know anything, ask questions or whatever message me on here or add me on Facebook to get updates about fanfics and my originals. I'm hoping to publish my first book soon :) Name's Kaiai Lorraine by the way if you look for me on FB. Just make sure to say you're from here.

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
Ones I like: Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, House, Monk, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Greek, Gilmore Girls, Bones, True Blood, Smallville, Law and Order SVU, Life on Mars, New Amsterdam and How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park and Pretty Woman
Ones I like: Pirates of The Caribbean 1-3, all the Harry Potter films, Van Helsing, Iron Man 1-2, Avatar, The Last Airbender, Toy Story 1-3, 2010, The Mist, 1408, Australia, Star trek, August Rush, The Blindside, Disturbia, Eagle Eye, Chronicles of Narnia, Hitch, Aladdin, Karate Kid, The Three Ninjas, I am Legend, Hancock, Transformers 1-2, Robin Hood, The King and I, Princess of Thieves, Turner and Hooch, Splash and Milk Money

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and Vampire Academy
Ones I like: Sweep, Twilight Saga, House of Night, the Hunger Games, Strange Angels, Vampire Diaries, Den of Shadows, Chronicles of Narnia, Wicked Series, Mortal Instruments, The Immortal Series, The Touch Series, Nightworld, Skinned Trilogy, The Seven Deadly Sins, Dark Visions, Wuthering Heights, Call of the Wild, White Fang, Blitz, The Host, Shiver, Mistwood, The Pale Assassin, General Winston’s Daughter, Academy 7, and Aurelia.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Flower: Orchid

Favorite Stone: Tiger Eye

Oh and I’m a Scorpio

(When I get bored I randomly change my profile so it will probably be different every few weeks.)

Things I've learned since I started driving.

Wait until all cheerleaders, walking and driving, have left the parking lot before you start to leave the parking lot. They tend to not pay attention very well while driving, and the urge to run one over might be hard to resist.

Squeezing through traffic is bad.

Don't get in front of a grandma late for a garden club meeting.

Most old men are really slow.

Some rare old men when in a hurry will pas seventeen cars, and a racecar to get to the tractor parts store.

Eighty in a fifty-five zone is dangerous. Especially on Fridays.

Racing is a bad idea.

Old men on tractors will pull over when they get a phone call.

Deer are on the most suicidal animal list. Followed by opossums and armadillos.

Watch for attacking squirrels. (Not kidding)

Dogs are stupid around highways.

Police hide behind bushes. (Seriously)

Just one word to explain a squirrel, pancake.

People who jump out in front of you probably deserve to get ran over. (cough Cody cough) Just kidding, but he does jump out in front of me like everyday in the parking lot.

State troopers...nothing else to say.

Steam and hotwater randomly shooting out from below your dashboard is not good...and it burns.

Oil changes...are absolutely necessary. DO NOT forget!

Tuck your elbows in while flipping through the air...oh and might as well close your eyes because you really have no chance to get control of the vehicle...

There are tons more.

Chart of the Pups names and meanings in Fire and Ice.

The story starts at the end of May. Kole has just turned one, and Alex turns three in June.

Ethan:5 years old, name means: firmness, constancy (only one that's not french oriented.) (Jenny and first husband)

Alexander: Almost 3 in 1st chapter, name means: mans defender, warrior (Gabriel and Vivian)

Brigitte and Marc: 3 in October, name means: Brigitte means strong, spirited and Marc means warlike (Bucky and Jenny)

Austin: 2 in August, name means: great, magnificent (Tomas and Esme)

Aurelie and Audrie: 2 in November, names mean: Aurelie means golden, and Audrie means noble strength (Willem and Aveline)

Jaime:2 in March, name means: I love (Ulf and Amelia)

Kole: 1 years old, born in May, name means: well, coal (Gabriel and Vivian)

Novalee: 3 years old, born in July, name means: new field (unknown, adoptive parents: Tomas and Esme)

Chase and Liana: Chase means Hunter, Liana means Vine, To bring youth (Finn and Aimee)

Felicite and Destinee:Felicite means fortunate, Destinee means destiny (Gregory and Madeleine)

Juliee: means youthful, pretty (Gabriel and Vivian)

New Chart Over Here!

Later in Life Chart

Ethan Garnier 17 (Jenny) Born on April 16th

Alexander Sylvain 15 (Gabriel and Vivian) Born on June 12th

Novalee Bristow 15 Adopted (Esmé and Tomas) Born on July 4th

Marc and Brigitte Dideron 15 (Bucky and Jenny) Born on October 3rd

Austin Bristow 14 (Tomas and Esmé) Born on August 15th

Aurelie and Audrei Wagner 14 (Willem and Aveline) Born on November 19th

Jaime Bontecou 14 (Ulf and Amelia) Born on January 21st

Kole Sylvain 13 (Gabriel and Vivian) Born on May 18th

Bryant Montgomery 13 (Margaret) Born on August 28th

Chase and Liana Wagner 12 (Finn and Aimee) Born on July 9th

Felicite and Destinee Wagner 12 (Gregory and Madeleine) Born on August 13th

Travis and Russell Montgomery 12 (Margaret) Born on December 12th

Juliee Sylvain 11 (Gabriel and Vivian) Born on September 20th

Baylei Bontecou 11 (Ulf and Amelia) Born on February 8th

Andrew Wagner 11 (Willem and Aveline) Born on November 29th

Mason Wagner 11 (Gregory and Madeleine) Born on December 2nd

New Additions

Bret: means native from Brittany
Darell: means beloved
Corbin: means raven, black hair
Aleron: means knight armor

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