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I have recently taken to writing fanfiction, or any kind of fiction, for that matter. In a way, I am a fish out of water in this world. I still don't understand a lot of the jargon/acronyms or 'lingo' of the fan fiction universe - it took me a long time to figure out what AU, OC, OOC, lime, lemon etc. meant!

I have only seen a handful of anime, and I discovered the world of fanfiction sometime in 2008. Since then I have read many fics on the site. I started writing around the beginning of 2009; as you can see below it is a novel based on Samurai Champloo, titled Kitsune in Koshu.

The experience has been great so far. Living in an imaginary world and writing about it is very therapeutic, in addition to being a great deal of fun. I haven't finished my first story yet, but I am pretty sure I will, given that I am enjoying the process so much. It is also a very addictive process, so I know that I will be updating on a regular basis. Of course, work and life will get in the way now and then, but hopefully I won't be keeping readers waiting too long between updates.

I am not terribly critical of myself when I write; I think that it would have been impossible for me to write a word if that was the case. I am a novice as far as fictional writing is concerned, and the story below may even be regarded as part of the learning process. So what you see is essentially a first draft. I am probably going to edit and revise substantially when I get towards the end of the novel, but I don't know when that time is going to arrive. This is because I only have a very rough outline of a plot and the story's plotlines have so far evolved in an organic way. I can only edit and revise after the final form of the story is revealed, or takes a concrete shape, so to speak. Of course, as those of you you have read the novel know, the plot is a loosely based adaptation of Agatha Christie's "The Pale Horse", and in that sense there is an outline of some sort to guide me. However, the larger story, or shall we say, the main plot of the novel, is about Jin, Fuu, and Mugen, and particularly about Jin and Fuu.

I have surprised myself very often during the process of writing; I usually don't know what is going to happen in any particular chapter until I have written it! But the feeling of posting a new chapter is great. So is the feeling one gets when one sees the ffnet data on the number of people visiting the site to read it once it has been posted. I guess a story-teller loves an audience, especially one that is so international in its nature.

Many thanks to all those who have been reading and/or reviewing my work, and putting it on their list of favs and story alerts. All these things give me a lot of encouragement. I am particularly grateful to all my reviewers, as they have been very thoughtful and generous in their feedback.

My hobbies:

(1) Watching anime of course, but I am rather selective about them - I like the ones that have some historical basis, but there are exceptions. My favourite anime character is Jin from Samurai Champloo. Apart from Samurai Champloo, I liked Samurai 7, Peacemaker Kurogane, Cowboy Bepop, Wolf's Rain, and Bleach. My favourite pairing is Jin-Fuu. (Actually, at the moment I am quite obsessed with Samurai Champloo and its characters, so my first fic, and probably others that follow will be based on it!)

(2) Reading books of all sorts, both fiction and non-fiction.

(3) Training in martial arts, particularly jodo/jojutsu, but also kenjutsu, iaido, and karate.

(4) Studying yoga.

(5) Fractal art. (See my deviant art gallery, mentioned below).

seven samcham

Link to my deviant art account:

seven samcham

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