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PROFILE!_ iluvcandy15:

Code Name: Candy-chan

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (But lemme tell you, I'm not one of those old pervert stalker people!! XD I'm young-ish... This is about how far I'm gonna go with personal info!)

Birthday: Unknown

Location: The Emerald Isle. On the Planet Benson.

Basic Description: An almost crazy girl living in the U.S. I love writing and hope it will someday become a profession along with being a Magical Hero that blasts fire wolves at mean people who call me a cow in disguise... (cough cough Brunkle Kensters!!cough cough) I constantly battle zombies and egotistic kings to save Planet Benson from the Evil Lord Arwyn.(Not from the Suite Life, you stupid Modern Disney fans!!) My partners are Sansa, my wolf geist, very caring of me and constantly puts herself in danger to protect others, Jacinda (my sister's geist. A giant tiger... Loves eating eggs), racorth, my brunkle's Golden Eagle Geist, who is, might I say, bossy and strict!! Well, they say birds of a feather flock together... And finally my sissy Jazzy and Brunkie Kenster. (Obviously fake names... PROTECTION!!) I am able to transport between two worlds so far: By using a book I enchanted, I can travel through several dimensions! Hail Me!!


Color:(obviously, I've GOT to put this here!!) Pretty much every color except pink! I'll wear it... If every other piece of clothing and anything else that I could possibly cover up with was burned to a crisp...

(Apologies to you pink girly girls... I'm just not one for pink...) And Gray... Usually very gloomy...

Food: CANDY! PIE! LEMONS! MORE CANDY!! (Yes... I have a chronic version of the Sweet Tooth... :3)

Snacks: Candy, Chips, Cheez-its, anything fruity, coooooookkkkiiieess... hypnotic stare at cookies willing all of them into her mouth...

States: Lima, Peru. New York, New York. (I mean, honestly! It's the easiest name to remember! NEW YORK NEW YORK!!), Kentucky. FLAT OUT!! (SING WITH MEE!! Kentucky Fried Chicken! Kentucky Fried Chicken!!

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing(Obvious!), Dancing crazily to "I Love to Laugh" from Mary Poppins and "Why can't the English" from My Fair Lady..., Singing to songs when I'm bored, Crazily dancing whenever I feel like it, Watching anime, reading(manga, mainly. But I like good books too!), collecting manga stuff. Basic Otaku.

Buttons:(Weird..) Buttons within buttons!! They're cute!

Animal:All of 'em except Mosquitoes and Silver Fish!! (I mean, come ON!! They're freakish!! And Mosquitoes make you itch!!)

Fantasy Creature: Dragons!! Unicorns too! Maybe zombies, but their creepish. Definetly Chimeras! They killed me and my sibs, but their cool.

Video Game: Call of Duty(COD ROX MA SOX!~), Quake 4, Cooking Mama, Super Smash Brawl, Mario Kart, Izuna: The Unemployed Ninja.

Movies: My Fair Lady, All Classic Disney Movies, State Fair, Harry Potter Series, Wall-E, Kung fu PANDA!!

Favorite: (Yup. I have one of those...) Ooh! Buttons and Snacks!!

Okey dokers!!

Here are my Characs!!

Firuru: Keronian that took Giroro's place when he disappeared. Seems kind, but seems to have a dark side... (There is an answer, but better not let this profile become a spoiler!!)

Itsumo: Giroro's human version.

Musei: Dororo's human version

Ame: Multi-use character. Appears in all stories as both villian and assistant.

Ami: Cute little sister of Ame's in Summer Moon. Bent to world domination

Amu: Tom-boyish sister of Ame's in Summer Moon. Loves skate-boarding and anime.

Mr. and Mrs. Hirote: Ame's parents in Summer Moon... No part except for supervision...

Yoshi: Ame's Brother in Summer Moon. No part... except for being a comedy relief character in some situations!

Okay, I know lots of people out there read my story, and I want FEEDBACK!!

The more feedback I have, the faster I can get the story out and the sooner I can start on a new story!

I know I've been sqealish with my entries.. FORGIVE ME!! X( It's something called have almost all Accel. classes and working at a scholarship!! XD

(Enough pleases?? MY HAND IS SORE!!)


IF YOU DO I SHALL LOVE YOU AND SAY YOU ARE A GOOD SouL!! If you want... sigh I'll even give you one of my cookies... You can see how desperate I am...

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