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Will try any fanfic once.

I have a sweet tooth for Severitus/Sevitus.

I hate H/G and H/HR with a passion.

I like slash but only if its well written.

Not critical about much.

Writing is an outlet. I did this for me but I wanted to share my stories with others,

so please be nice. I do like constructive criticism however.

If something is bothering you about my fics, tell me.

I can't guarantee that I will change the fic,

But I will improve it.

Update on HOTI:

Accio Chapter Ten. Ah. Here it is. Yep. Back. Thank you for all the reviews. I really appreciate you taking your time to review my story. :D Chapter ten is loosely based on the Occlumency lesson in OOTP by JKR.

A Reviewer:

Hello. I am not angry. I do understand the meaning of 'constructive criticism' and I have taken your ideas into account. I am sadden that you did not put your name because I would have liked to discuss with you further about your ideas and answer some of your questions. NOT in an angry way because I am not that kind of individual. However, I believe that you are not the only one with these questions so I will put this information here to help others as well.

Firstly, Harry's appearance is feminine. His appearance is exactly as I want it to be. Partly, it is this way because it is not making it so obvious for Severus to put two and two together. He looks a LOT like his mother. Constant mood swings are not a singularly 'female' trait. Children have MAJOR mood swings. In my experience as a daycare worker, many children that are not getting what they actually need, i.e. proper food intake and sleep, will be cranky one second and happy the next. Furthermore, there is no strictly male or female ways. What is wise, is wise.

Secondly, Trinti is my character. She is going to be in the story. She is not going to be a love interest. She does play a part in the series I am planning. When reading a story, a character DEVELOPS. I understand that it is hard to see a new character in an already established story but this story will not follow canon. Trinti like any other character needs time to develop. You already know about Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Which is easier for me really. And no, she will not be taking Hermione's place.

Thridly, my depiction of Harry in this story is actually based on a six-year old child I am raising. Maybe you have not been around abused children. I have. A child when looking for approval will go through great lengths to get it. This child I am raising, in particular, is stubborn and refuses to give up. Or be discouraged. She is extremely intelligent and does not say things without thinking. Her life experiences have taught her that if she did, she would get punished. Which is how Harry is. He wants approval so desperately that he is willing to do almost anything to get it. Harry does not act like a 11 year old child because he is not a child. He is a small adult and extremely intuitive. He thinks like and talks like one. He has grown up to fast to understand what a child should be. He has had to think for himself and be for himself.

Fourthly, the letter idea was the best way and most logical way I could think of. The letter might need work, of course. The birth certificate idea does not make sense to me. one, Petunia wouldn't have one. And two, his biological father isn't listed. Only James and Lily knew what was going on. Severus knew what happened but not what the repercussions were.

Lastly, Harry knows about sex. I had the talk when I was nine. So I am basing it of off my own life experience. Maybe that is not realistic to some. But in today's society, boys and girls are having babies at 11 and 12 years old. Because times have changed, the way we approach things with children should change to. Harry needs to know about understanding, love, and strength. And what is right and wrong.

If you have any questions, inbox me. Please. Do not flame me reviewers. If you do not like my story, do not read it. I appreciate 'A Reviewer's' questions. It was well thought out and intelligent. I will not waste my time reading nasty review such as "Your story sux." etc. etc.

~ITrustSnape ;) BTW: Helpful: http:///quizzes/marysue.htm

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