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Author has written 8 stories for Prince of Tennis, Card Captor Sakura, and Slam Dunk.

Name: it's a secret

favorite anime:

prince of tennis of course, samurai x, yu yu hakusho, tsubasa chronicles, ultra maniac, shaman king, fate/stay night, cardcaptor sakura, magic knights rayearth, dragon ball z, D.N. angel

Stories written:

" Letters and Romance".

Story background:

Actually in this fic Oshitari is a ladies man who dates different women. But he actually got bored dating those women because he know that whatever happens they won't resist him. My oc Kyoko Misaki is a nurse. She is somewhat, frustrated and feels empty. As the story goes on, the reasons why she's like that will be revealed.

When depressed Kyoko expresses her emotions by writing what she actually feels but she accidentally left the paper where she had written her emotions. Oshitari found it and wrote a reply (just crossed his mind without thinking). Kyoko returned to the coffee shop to look for it and found it with a written reply. Like Oshitari she also wrote a reply on a different paper and thus, the story started.

Choutarou Meets Girl

This my second fic. I decided to finish all the chapters before posting it and alas! I'm dome.

Story Background:

I always view Ootori as the polite, obedient, and pacifist type of guy. He is a sweet boy who doesn't like to be involved in troubles, fights and doesn't like hurting or being rude to others. When some regulars loses their temper, i always predict that he'll be the first one to stop them because he doesn't like trouble at all.

One day he meets a beautiful girl who fainted in front of their limo. It turns out that she was just starving because she did not ate anything because she doesn't want to gain weight. Choutarou gave her advice to eat because she's skinny and it also turns out that she knows his name.

As the story goes on, it will be revealed that they are somewhat connected. Just read it to make it more exciting.

High School Reunion

It's my Tezuka oneshot.

It's high school reunion and what happens if the girl Tezuka had ever loved shows up and realized that he's not over her. Will he just let her go or will he do anything to get her back. But the question is, is she still interested in having a relationship with him?

Her World, My World

This is my 3rd fanfic and it's an Atobe fanfic.

My heroine is Sachiko Okawa. Just like Atobe, she came from an elite type of family and is an overachiever but very opposite from Atobe. She is a loner type, very unfriendly and unapproachable but very emotional at the same time. She is always alone and seldom sees her parents. She always seeks their attention and is trying to earn them through achieving but Atobe is in her way of being on top of their class that's why she hates and dislikes him very much. As the story goes on, I will be telling you the way Sachiko's world goes and even Atobe's and how their very similar yet very different world will collide and give them a better view of each other.

It's Complicated

I have two Oc's but the main OC is Reika Kanzaki. She's childish in some ways, loves to read romance novels, trendy, conscious with her appearance, dreams of having a prince charming or knight in shining armor type of boyfriend. She fell inlove with Tezuka when he caught her when she was about to fall on the floor. She wants Tezuka to be her boyfriend but I'm not sure to whom I'll pair her with.

The2nd oc Nami Fuyuzuki is a bit boyish but she is a girl inside and liked Tezuka for a very long time. When she saw Tezuka caught Reika in his arms, she has sensed the start of the possibility of a rivalry between her and Reika. She is not ignoring the possibility that the two might like each other. Like Reika, I'm not also sure to whom she'll end up with.

Tezuka in this fic is the same old Tezuka but I'm planning to have him confused with his feelings.

Fuji is still smiling, mysterious and calm as always but I will not reveal who among the two OC he really likes.

Not sure how to end it but one thing's for sure, the two OC wiil do their best to have Tezuka.

Uncinderella and the demon prince

This is my newest fic. This my own retelling of Cinderella but a bit different though.

My Oc, Eri is like cinderella because of the flow of her life but her attitude is far from Cinderella. I'm planning to make her a tough one but with flaws of course.

Akaya is the so called prince charming but again, he's far from being prince charming. In this story, he is a playboy, sarcastic, rude and he loves to bully Eri. Definitely the opposite of prince charming. Actually, I'm going to reveal the story why he is like that. But of course, he will fall inlove with Eri in a Cinderellla-like style.

I'm also planning to make this a suspense type later since it's full of angst but I'll think about it. For now, this going to be a darker version of Cinderella.

Hello everybody! I'm back! I have lots of stories in mind and I'm actually planning to make crossovers with my other favorite anime aside from prince of tennis. but I'm still working on my present fics and it's not close to being finished. But we'll see.

My Unexpected Vacation

(crossover of Card Captor Sakura and Prince of Tennis)

My first Tomoyo-Echizen fic. I decided to make a pic using this pairing coz it's rare and I thought they would make a lovely couple. I also think that their personalities are a good match.

They're a goo match because:

-They are both good looking

-they are both smart and talented

-they are both calm and

-they are both popular

I'll be ending this within 3-5 chapters so this is going to be short.

A Cup of Coffee

The setting is in an office where Otori is the boss while my OC, Miyazaki, Reina is her secretary. Though the ages of the characters here are older compare to my other fics, I tell ya, this is probably going to be my lightest fic and probably one of the shortest. I'm just planning to end this within 3-5 chapters.

My Future Fics

I have a DN angel fic on the works but I haven't finish it and I don't have a title yet. I'm not even sure if this will push through.

-I'm planning on writing a Yukimura fic. I already thought of how my OC will be and how the plot will go on. It's going to be on romance/friendship like It's complicated and it's also going to be a minor Marui OC. Haven't written it yet and it might take a long time because I'm still thinking of ways in finishing my stories.

-I also want to write an Eijioc fic coz I think it's goinc to be interesting.

-I also thought of making a Jiro fic...

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