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Author has written 9 stories for Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms, and Alexander.

Well, after years of being addicted to fanfiction I'm finally a member.

About me

My dream is to write a book, someday, I already know what it's going to be about, all I have to do is get in on paper, which has turned out to be rather hard.
I also like to draw but I'm not good enough to make my profession out of it, I have posted a few things though, http:/// . Here you can find also some poems or other stuff I've written that aren't fanfiction. I also have a fictionpress account, there isn't much to see over there yet, but anyway

First Things First:

I did some just-for-fun extreme beta’ing (a.k.a. rewriting) for my dear friends Reinamrie Seregon’s story In Alfheimr College. I sent her the results and she incorporated it into her story. It made me happy to know my opinions are valued. Go here for the story:

Stories I've posted

- So far I have posted Last Moments which are short stories about the end of ...something. ch 1-3 are about three years old and 4 and 5 are recent ones. The order in which your read them is of no importance. Chapter 6 I wrote half a minute before posting, but it's based on something a bit older, which was based on something a lot older. Chapter 7 is short and messy, but I had a crappy day so live with it.

- I also have written Dust to Dust, which is about Aragorn who betrayed the fellowship and thinks of it 4 years after the war. No names are given so if you like Aragorn too much, just imagine it to be some one else. No a lot of people read this compared to 'Last Moments', please tell me what's wrong with it. Oh and, it's supposed to be sad.

- Thoughts is the result of a boring lesson and a long ride home. I never thought I'd write about Forgotten Realms, but this wouldn't stop bothering me and so I wrote it down, it went better than I had expected.

- Then there is All Days of Arda: Elrond misses his brother and writes about him. Not a character I thought I would ever write about.

- Doubts is about Aragorn who doubts himself and his and Theoden's actions. He tries to write everything down in a letter. He also has some critisism on poets who turn a terrible battle into the romantic scene of a hero. I realise that my description is also rather poetic which is quite understandable since I have never seen battle and can but strive to become a poet.

- After many months I have posted Changes in the Wind a Forgotten Realms fic. Drizzt thinks about a lot of stuff, like he usually does :) personally I think it's rather longwinded

- The Proskênê is written in Alexander(the Great)'s point of view. A/H fans (= everyone into this fandom) probably will have some problems with it. First and probably only one in this fandom.

- Lifework is not my typical genre. I was looking for a nice lotr story and I kept comming across 'girl falls into ME' stories, and then suddenly I came across a parody of it and got the idea for a parody myself. I've never read that kind of story, nor have I read the parody, but do not fear! My story doesn't resemble either...I hope. It was upposed to be humorous, but the end is very sad again.

- No one likes waiting overly long, and neither do the elves in I'd rather die. No one comes out of Mandos' Halls unchanged.

Things I post just to let evryone know I'm alive.

I've changed my name, formerly I was Laureic.

I am still alive! Not much creatively active, but alive.

Reviews will be welcomed with open arms. When something is good I want to know it and when something is horrible, I want to know why.

Well I had hoped to keep this short, but it seems I ‘m not doing a very good job.

Bye, and till next time, whenever that might be.

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