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HEY everyone!! *waves* I am The Beckster, call me Becks for short. Welcome to my page.

A little bit about me:
My name is Becky, Becks on FF. I am a college graduate with a BS in Biology. I love science, it was always my favorite class, English class, not so much. But I've been mobbed by those damn plot bunnies for the past few years. So in an attempt to satisfy them I decided to try my hand at writing because my hands do not do art very well (though I do knit). Check out my DeviantArt page if you want proof (just click on the link to my home page)

If you can't tell by now: I like humor, I like silly, whimsical things, and I love to joke around. I'm fluent in Sarcasm, and speak Spanish some. Aside from writing, which I don't do as often as I feel I should *shame, I also love video games. I basically grew up on Playstation and Sega (Sonic The Hedgehog cartridge games FTW!) I am into music and I have played the clarinet since 5th grade. I was in various band programs throughout all of high school including Marching band, Wind Ensemble, and pit orchestra. I also swim. I love to swim, it's the only sport I'm kinda good at. And that is me in a nutshell.

One more thing:
I am completely into constructive criticism. I know I am not perfect, I am far from perfect. My writing will have flaws, please if something sticks out as wrong, point it out. Wave a flag in my face, jump up and down and do a dance if it is a repeating mistake. The only way I can become a better writer is by receiving feedback from my readers. Also, reviews are a nice way to motivate me to write more, so if you like a story and want more tell me in a review and I will to my best to get the next chapter up ASAP.

(Check out my newly organized story page!)


-- (multi-chapter stories)

(equal sign if it doesn't show up) (one-shots)


-- Faith, Hope, and Love: A three chapter story that focuses on Sigyn as she copes with the roller coaster of emotions she's stuck on all for being Loki's lover, and all the other backlash that comes with it. Obviously a Slogyn fic. Follow her from Asgard to Earth in an attempt to keep her away from forces that wish to use her as bait and a tool for punishing the universe's most wanted trickster.

= Another Stolen Relic: A short one-shot I wrote up when I couldn't get a song out of my head. Influenced heavily by the opening scene of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney's) I took an alternate look at just how exactly Odin could have come to find Loki in the ruins of Jontunheim. It definitely gives a new meaning to Laufey's words "Your father is a murderer and a thief." I only ever intended for this to be a one-shot. but I've had a couple requests to continue the story. That's not going to happen, sorry. However, if you want to know how the story continued just watch Thor. I always had it in my head (and kind of hinted to it, but I could have been more obvious about it) that Odin made up the story of how he found Loki abandoned and that is what he told everyone. There really was no other alternate story that spawned from it.

= Kill the Spare: A story in which I explore Norse mythology and write one of the myths in my own way. I've listed it as a crossover because I try and stick as close to the original myth as I can but I do it with the Marvel characters. The myth I took was one I knew before I ever saw Thor and became familiar with those characters, but once I did I couldn't stop putting them into the original myth. It is the one where Loki kills Balder, which is the first event that will lead to the end of the world, and he is punished very harshly by Odin.


-- Indoctination: This started as a one-shot when I went back to play with my doctor OC from my other Jak stories. It picks up well into her adult hood when she is recruited to work for the Baron in the Dark Warrior Program because she is one of the leading experts on eco and how it works with humans. On occasion, I will return to some of her chapters and work on them because I'm not done writing this part of her story, but it is not my main focus either. Chapter updates will be sporadic, and I honestly don't know how far I will take it. As with any writer, positive feedback will inspire me to write more, if it kind of fizzles out and dies in people's interests then Lucie and co. will probably move back to their corner in the back of my mind.

-- The Promise of Living: A small child is rushed into the ER with Dark Eco Poisoning. Who is this child and how could he have possibly encountered such a dangerous substance? Post-games universe. COMPLETED

-- Viva La Vida: This is a story based on the life of my OC Dr. Lucie Grzvynski from "Promise". It is pre-Jak 2 starting about 30-40 years before Jak comes through (I haven't done the exact math yet). I hope it is different from most OC stories and please give it a chance.

-- Don't 'Cha Know? : (ON HOLD, may be discontinued) I'm trying to form a story with each chapter ending in a question "Don't you know ...?". It takes place in the Jak 3 time frame. And I can't say much else about it without giving anything away. It is a "human ends up in Jak's world" story, but I'm trying to make it different than most I have seen, there are no JakxOC pairings (for those of you who do not like them personally I don't either). It kills me to think about deleting this story, but I have just run out of inspiration to write it and I don't remember much about what I was going to do with it except the end. If you want go and check it out, the first few chapters are up and if you think I should take another crack at it then send me a message, maybe some positive feedback will inspire me to write more on it again.

= It's All Coming Back: It's about hurt, and comfort, and love, and forgiveness. Based off a song I just love. If you want to know more check it out. See if you can guess who the ambiguous couple is before you reach the end.It is fluffy and cute, bound to leave you smiling.

= Paradise: It was a gift for Captain Hilts. She ask for Jak and Keira fluff in the Wasteland, so I wrote her a lovely, fluffy story. I love it, she loves it, and lots of others love it. If you like it and would be interested in maybe trading I would be more than happy too, just send me a message.

= Crack on High: This is the brain child of two overly tired, hyper, nerdy girls who were very bored one night. I wrote this with my friend JJ, and it was tons of fun. Check it out if you want a laugh. If you don't grin once during the story you get your money back guaranteed!


-- Poor Thing: If you loved the movie/musical/play/story of Sweeney Todd I suggest you check it out. It's a pre-story fic centered around Lucy and the dastardly Judge Turpin (no pairings! he's a pedophile rapist creeper like usual)


-- Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?: "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?" It's an age old question and truthfully, I don't know the answer. I'd ask the poultry but it has become roadkill. Someone wasn't watching where he was driving. Oopsies. Now there's chicken shit all over the road and a lovely, chicken-shaped dent in his bumper... Actually my fic has nothing to do with chickens and roadkill, but if you like Transformers please check it out. I would love some feed back on it.

= Seymour: a side story from my WDTCCTR universe that I whipped up in an attempt to counter writers block. A cute, humorous little story. You should check it out.

= Unpredictable: A short little thing I wrote in dedication to the victims of the awful storms that ripped through the South in April 2011.

= Washing it All Away: A very short "What if...?" kind of thing. What if Ayla died? Sadness ensues.


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