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Name: thexlightxwithinxthexdarkness



Anything from Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2

Anything from Final Fantasy X, X-2, VII: Advent Children

Paramore- That's What You Get, Crushcrushcrush, My Heart, Decode

Utada Hikaru-Blue, Exodus 04, First Love, Hikari, Passion, Kremlin Dusk

Trading Yesterday-Love Song Requiem

Sia-Breathe Me

Falling Up- Fearless (250 and Dark Stars)

Taylor Swift-Love Story, White Horse

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles, Ordinary Day


Stephenie Meyer- Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host

Claudia Grey- Evernight

Melissa de la Cruz- Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations

Betty Smith- A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Harper Lee- To Kill A Mockingbird

Cornelia Funke- Inkheart, Inkspell

Sarah Dessen- Dreamland

Jay Asher- Thirteen Reasons Why

James Patterson- Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Melissa Marr- Wicked Lovely

Scott O'Dell- Island of the Blue Dolphins


Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you.

If this is what the world really is, just this...then maybe I should fade back into darkness...If the world is made of light and darkness...we'll be the darkness. seems your hearts have led you to obliteration.

Maybe...waiting isn't good enough.

C'mon, Sora. You've got to pull it together.

Xemnas. There's more to a heart than just anger or hate. It's full of all kinds of feelings. Don't you remember?

This is real...

While I was trying to bring Sora back, I had so many plans in store. But once Sora was an acting force, they all fell apart. All my research amounted to nothing, compared with that one boy's heart.

No matter how far away you are... once you find your light... I'm sure it will lead you back here again. Right?... So I'll stay here - and I'll cheer for you - Okay, Cloud?

You and I both miss someone we care about...

I've been to see him...he looks a lot like you.

“This card is a door to the truth. Take it, and your sleep ends as you take the first step towards the truth. But know this: the truth will bring you pain. Will you still go?”

One day, it'll be the light, our light, that brings us together. I'll be in your heart until that time comes.

She is your light.

I'll never forget...making that promise.

This seems like a boring place to take a nap anyway...

--kingdom hearts--

F a v o r i t e C h a r a c t e r s

1. Riku

2. Sora

3. Naminé

4. Cloud

5. Yuffie

F a v o r i t e W e a p o n s

1. Way to the Dawn

2. Kingdom Key

3. Oblivion

4. Oathkeeper

F a v o r i t e W o r l d s

1. Destiny Islands

2. World that Never Was

3. Twilight Town

4. Hollow Bastion

R a n d o m F a v s

Paopu Fruit

Sea-Salt Ice Cream

Kairi's outfit

Sora's Necklace

Riku's eyes

Dearly Beloved (Theme)

Final Form

All's End (Riku's Limit)

P a i r i n g s:













--Stories in Progress--

What Becomes of The Broken Hearted?: Takes place right after Kingdom Hearts II. Having made a promise to a girl he hardly knows, Riku sets out with Sora and Kairi to find her. When they do, all may not be as it seems...:Sora/Kairi.:Riku/OC:.

Main OC: Takara Hisaishi

Age: Sixteen
Hair Color: Amber, with light blond highlights (what can i say, it's my hair color...)
Eye Color: Butterscotch

Personality: VERY quick temper, don't get her mad! Always equipped with at LEAST two .45 caliber pistols, and her Lurebreaker Keyblade. Warms up to people after she knows them for a while, and has the uncanny ability to control Heartless and Nobodies. (Yes. You read that right.) Very caring, and selfless.

Paired with: Riku

Theme Song- Love Song Requiem-Trading Yesterday

Story has been DISCONTINUED. (Sorry...with school and a broken finger, I just can't handle two stories at once. I'm actually thinking about rewriting it.)

Frozen Heart: I knew I was falling...that much was sure. But how far would I fall...until someone caught me? .:Riku/OC:.

Main OC: Aislinn

Age: Sixteen
Hair Color: Amber (reddish brown, sorta)
Eye Color: Aquamarine (remind you of someone?? coughRikucough)

Personality: Shy, yet outgoing when she gets to know someone. She has a quick mind, and always has her own opinion. Can be a little angst-y at times, but aren't we all? Not yet a powerful fighter, but she has untapped power that she doesn't know about...for a while, at least...

Paired with: RIKU!! XDD

Theme Song--"Decode", Paramore (fits her perfectly, and it's my personal fav right now! .)

Chapter 6 Status: Not even started yet.

I've got a friend on here!

PenName: Vampire Gaara Cheespuffs

Writes: Amazing Twilight Stories

Go read them!

Y o u T u b e V i d e o s:

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If link does not work: go to YouTube, type in x Namora Fearless xMayzNGemzx, thumbnail is a black & white picture of Sora with orange fireworks.

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If link does not work: go to YouTube, type in Sora and Namine Better Place to Sleep avidityy, thumbnail is a faded out picture of Sora from the end of KHII

Please Note: These videos are not mine. They belong solely to the creator--I only post their links and information here to give readers a chance to see these awesome videos. They are by far some of the best I have ever seen.

.: :.

This is actually one of my videos: F o r g e t T h e W o r l d. Pairing: Sora/Kairi. I don't know what it is, but I'm okay with VIDEOS of SoKai, just not FanFiction. Hmm...wonder why?

.: :.

Another one of my videos: I ' l l B e F i n e

The editing on this one is kind of bad: it's my first video. Ever.

And last but not least:

.: :.

My actual YouTube channel.

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