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HEY PEOPLE! I'M An Aussie and I love it. :) I'm Australian so I MUST hunt crocodiles and talk to kangaroo’s. When I read that I cracked up (FYI we don't)

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I LOVE my friends we are very random and according to everyone that has met or befriended me I am, Quote, 'The Most Sarcastic Person They Have Ever Met.' Or as my dad so kindly put it the other day a smartass. >:

Kat my BFF LOL she's been my closest friend for 9 years and we plan on keeping it that way. Just like my step mum said we have the type of friendship where if she leaves to go to Paris for a year, when she comes back we will click again immediantly. I say, if she goes to Paris at all, period, I'm tagging along!!

Okay I really really really want to go to AMERICA!! TO go to there school for a day to see how different it is and to go to a Barnes and Noble. YOU guys are so LUCKY i have to wait like forever for some books to come and usually cause GOD HATES ME they don't so i have to buy it via internet!! BARG BARG BARG!

For those who are considering watching the sisterhood of the travelling pants DON'T!! It almost killed me (I agreed to watch it cause I felt sorry for a friend BTW)

IF YOU GUYS haven't watched my awesome dance thing DO IT!! I have learned the moves and I really really want to do it with my friends, THAT MEANS YOU DOM!

READ TWIDARK GUYS!! It's the story Kat and I are writing, its full of smart ass comments, GIVE IT A CHANCE!

Anywho thats all I can think of ATM... but no doubt I will think of something else soon...I LOVE STORMS!!

When life throws you lemons make grapejuice then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it :)

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Relation or relationship by Stormy Bella reviews
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