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Hmm. Lets see... I have never done this before so I will make it quick. I'm a Taurus going to college that writes when bored or comes up with an insane idea that hopefully people will like. Favorite color is black series is mainly Naruto and anything with a good mecha in it. Though I am open to seeing and reading other things, which is something I haven't done in a long time. I'm considered a real mellow guy so don't expect much effort from me. Ja ne!

On 07/27/2011 I have return to update after having stuff happen... I wish to apologize to those that waited for my updates and hope you enjoy the work I put out I hope to publish something as soon as possible. Take care my people and remember I don't hate you I'm just lazy and overwhelmed to focus on too many things at once. I will Return this I swear!...Vendetta!!!

On 09/08/2011 I have decide to inform you my dear readers of a delay in updates... I hope to have my main stories updated in less than a week. Hopefully they will be ready to be posted on September 11. In honor of that day I will try my best... but please try to remember that I'm not going to fry my brain in worrying about spelling and grammar. However I will man up and admit that in the end of a Jailor's Bonus I did make a few key errors. the most noticable being the use of Kusagakure when I meant Konohagakure. Along with the accidental use of Yuugao for Yugito during the time that Kumo was learning about the Chuunin Finalist Interviews. I have also taken into a count how some of you have requested for certain characters to gain a Harem. This issue will be worked on a special that hopefully will help clear a few things up. For please forgive me for leaving many of you hanging for the next updates. Until the next time...Ja Ne.

On 11/09/20011 I am sad to report that my updates will be extremely pushed back. Unfortunately my front door was kicked in and I lost not only my only form to get on the internet but many more personal items. to make things worse another break in had occurred forcing me to abandon my old place of residence. This new moved drained my wallet since I reused to stay in place that more than likely was going be stricked again. in hopes of getting a new computer along with paying the deposit for an internet connection I have taken a new part time job that has left me very writting time. to make things worse the upadets that should have come out in october has been lost during the break in. I ask for you forgiveness for my lack of action has caused me to rewrite all my past work. The good news as that some series of my work will receive multiple chapters if not a more extended chapter than I had originally planned. I swear to do my best to put out something before THanks giving. Please be patient and I apologize if the next chapters are not to your liking. I hope to see all of you soon.

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