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I am a mechanical engineer who recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. Writing is one of my biggest passions as it allows me to challenge myself to think outside of the box and explore the world with the various characters, whether they're from the show or fan made. I love minor details in things, especially in stories, because it allows me find new ideas for the bigger picture and keeps the audience on their toes and guessing what's going to happen next.

Coming Soon:
Rogue Rovers Episode 4 v2: Love Thy Enemy
This is going to be a different version of Cyber Love. Some of the plot will stay the same, but I'll be putting some things in that I orginally intended to put in. It will be posted sometime next year. This version would be the version I'll be using in the ongoing story arc.

Walking Down Memory Lane: Chapter 2 - Mrs. Retriever's Wild Ride

Rogue Rovers Episode 5: Transitions
Summary: The world is in a constant transition. Seasons. Weather. Life events. Regimes. Everyone in the world is affected by transitions in more ways than none, with some having a greater impact than others. In just a few days, the world will experience one of the biggest transitions ever.

Rogue Rovers Episode 6: New Beginnings
Summary: Like a phoenix born from its ashes, the world is restored to normalcy and that means a fresh start for everyone. Even with a fresh start, there will always be complications.

Rogue Rovers Episode 7: Origins
Summary: They say 'curiosity killed the cat', but in this case, 'curiosity led to revelation'. Is this whole situation bigger than originally perceived? Well, knowing is half the battle.

Rogue Rovers Episode 8: The Night Santa went Crazy
Summary: Christmas time is here, and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Everyone, that is, except the jolly old elf himself.

Rogue Rovers Episode 9: Hunted
Summary: When the hunter becomes the hunted, who can he rely on to aid him in this situation?

Rogue Rovers Episode 10: The Underground Part 1
Summary: What do you do when you meet your match? Would you appeal to them to join or would you take them out to prevent competition?

Rogue Rovers Episode 11: The Underground Part 2
Summary: The world is a stage, and someone usually steals the spotlight from other performers, who don't take kindly from being overshadowed.

Rogue Rovers Episode 12: The Underground Part 3
Summary: The enemy of the enemy is my friend, or is it the friend of the enemy is my friend?

Rogue Rovers Episode 13: Retribution
Summary: You reap what you sow, but what happens when forget what you sow and watch it come into fruition?

Rogue Rovers Episode 14: Aftermath
Summary: Life events can take a certain toll on everyone and can affect them in several different ways as they transition from one point in life to another.

Rogue Rovers Episode 15: Storm Horizon
Summary: There's usually a calm before the story, and no matter how prepared you are, you're unable to gauge the amount of destruction that it will cause when it arrives.

Rogue Rovers Episode 16: Rebirth
Summary: To be reborn means to be rejuvenated and have a new outlook on life. For some, being reborn gives them a second chance at life.

Rogue Rovers Episode 17: High Stakes Rovers
Summary: Las Vegas. Sin City. Viva Lost Wages. There are many names for the city where high stakes is king. Would you be willing to bet your life when facing off against an opponent who is likely to kill you?

Rogue Rovers Episode 18: Still a Few Bugs in the System
Summary: Scientific research has numerous benefits for the world, but even well intended research can lead to undesired consequences.

Rogue Rovers Episode 19: Betrayed
Summary: Betrayal, the ultimate trust breaker, where relationships between friends, families, and comrades are truly put to the ultimate test.

Rogue Rovers Episode 20: Fractured
Summary: Most fractures involve broken bones, but what if the fractures aren't physical and can't be mended so easily?

Update #35: A bit of bad news for everyone. The file for Love Thy Enemy got corrupted to the point of no return, and I did not have a backup (lesson learned), meaning I lost 700 pages of content. That means that Love Thy Enemy will not be posted soon. Fret not everyone, my story outline for Love Thy Enemy was not affected, so I still have that to assist in my story writing. In fact, I'll be revising the outline to a new format that should help me get this story written faster, since most of the hard work would've been done on the front end. Plus, I can add the new ideas and characters that I wanted to put in/added during writing the first draft into this outline, so my focus will be on the story outline for the time being. Once that's taken cared of and is to my liking, I'll begin writing the rough draft. Sorry I haven't been updating as often as I should, especially with life, but I haven't stopped writing the story. In fact, I've been building up ideas for future stories and new characters. Until next time.

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Parody of Apple's commercials.
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J is desperately looking for a date. He finds one on an online dating site, but his new girlfriend is hiding something. Parvo wants to build a new canomutator, but he needs the resources to complete it.
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