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Hey. I'm a 22 year old union carpenter out in good ol' Las Vegas, Nevada. I've just recently finished working on the Palazzo tower and low rise at the Venetian, but I have also done Town Center (Now Town Square), the Santa Fe's new sportsbook and Barney's of Las Vegas, to name a few.

I've only read a few people's profiles before, So I apologize because this profile will probably end with very little explained. I'm just going to go ahead and throw some likes and dislikes out with the hope with at least having a few line breaks, so it can hope to expand; closely camouflaging my attempt.

My favorite anime series of all time is Neon Genesis Evangelion by a long shot. To this day nothing has even come close. If you haven't watched it, find it, buy it and it will change your life (Unless your an emo kid. If you are, stay as FAR away from it as possible, it will push you over the edge and you wouldn't want to get your acoustic guitar and black nail polished fingers bloody, would you? Angst and Trauma by the bucket load). I first watched before it came out in the states over 10 years by downloading it (I in BY NO MEANS condone piracy, I bought the VHS as soon as it came out and now own the regular AND platinum version DVD sets; it was just because it wouldn't be available here in the states on VHS for about 5 years after the series finished for them. I watched the first episode and was kind of twisted on the matter. The visuals were magnificent and the back drop of sound were perfect down to a tee. No detail was left uncovered, and it continued throughout the story. Well getting back to the series itself, the first episode is an enigma and Gainax goes way out their way to do so. By the end of it, you're definitely left with a definite 'wtf' feeling. After that thought enters your head; you've been caught. You will come back like a junkie until the series ends and you watch both movies. Trust me, I know. When I watched the first episode 10 years ago, I downloaded it off of IRC with my 28.8 dial up modem. I would have to watch one episode a day, then leave the computer on overnight so I could watch the next one when I got back home from school. That's dedication. This series id DEFINITELY not for happy go lucky anime fans.

My others include
Naruto (Minus the ridiculous amount of fillers, never fails to disappoint in action. However I think they take the underdog thing WAY too far.)
Bleach (Great animation on the fights.)
Speed Grapher (Unbelievable storyline, very original and a little scary.)
Shakugan no Shana (Great animation and good storyline, punctually frustrating fights.)
Love Hina (Hilarious beyond compare animated and follows manga pretty well.)
Zero no Tsukaima (Magic, beat downs and drama abound. Plus I'm a huge fan of the female voice actress. Same as in Shana and Demonbane.)
Karin (There are very few vampire related anime with solid comedy every episode. Reverse nosebleed = win.)
Demonbane (Giant mech with magic as a weapon and main character transformations; score.), but not all in that exact order.

My favorite complete, keyword being complete, manga series of all time is a tie between A.I. Love You and Love Hina, both done by Ken Akamatsu. IMO, easily the best romantic comedy manga-ka. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with those two, especially A.I. Love You, but most of you have probably read Negima! That's him as well. Second complete would be Ai Yori Aoshi, a very melodramatic manga with a lot fluff and triangles abound. Ah! Megami-sama is another one. I like most of my manga to be romantic. What can I say, I'm a sucker for romance and WAFF (for the younger generation, warm and fuzzy feelings). For some reason, I like mostly action anime, and with manga it's a complete 180. I got started on action manga with Naruto and Bleach later on. My favorites now are.

Naruto (Even though it's got easily one of the MOST easily hateable characters ever invented in any anime. Sasuke makes Gendo look like a puppy.)
Bleach (Sword fighting, flash stepping, black robes and power ups, what's not to love?)
Fairy Tail (Extremely hilarious, just that simple)
Blazerdrive (Pretty original in terms of shounen)
Change123 (Lot's of fanservice and martial arts = win)
and Rosario+Vampire (fanservice and a great storyline without a COMPLETELY useless protagonist = win.)

I've read ALOT of fan fiction over the years. At first, it was every fic I could find on NGE; because if anyone's watched it, you wanted to see more, even if the end was pulled off perfectly considering it's content and purpose. Then I went to Love Hina fics. After that I moved onto Naruto fan fiction. I've sifted through a whole lot of it over the years. I mostly stick to the 'strong' Naruto and Naru/Hina fics. I don't particularly like Naruto and Sakura pairings, but there are some instances I've enjoyed it. I just can't stand her character, (I love Team 7 bashing) despite how she's getting much better now in the series. However, I'm a huge fan of awkward pairings that will NEVER happen. Women like Hana, Anko, Kurenai, Shizune and Tsunade. To this day I have no idea how MUCH yaoi Naruto fiction is on every website. It completely boggles my brain. The biggest pairing on any fiction website is Sasuke and Naruto, and it's not even close to anyone else, the two knock everybody else out of the ball park. Maybe I'm the only in the dark here, but Yaoi and Yuri fics just aren't up my alley.

Well, that's all I can think of. Enjoy. I'm working on some fiction that should make a lot of people entertained in one or another. They take a while cause anything under 10k is kind of frustrating to read AND write as well. I'm new to this and edit all of my own fiction so don't hate me for the occasional mistake.

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