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Poll: Where should we go? I recently posted a new story called book tours that me and my friend are writing. we are in Gallagher Acedemy now and will then go to Hogwarts. Where should we go after that? Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Johnny Tremain, Harry Potter, and Gallagher Girls.

NOTICE: *so it's been over a year since i've been on here. school has completely taken over and i am officially on hiatus indefinitely. im just not that into this story anymore now that the gg series has completely switched gears. sorry to all my readers. if you miss me i wanted to let you all know that me and my friend have started a blog that reviews books and stuff. i dont feel like explaining it so just take a look. http:///*

This is my first book. i am writing it to get me through till June 9th(when GG3- Don't judge a Girl by her Cover comes out). Please review. I do not own these characters- Ally carter(who is awesome) does.

check out my oneshot and other crossovery story too please : )

UPDATE!: check out my upade down below(2/13/2010)

i will type random things on random days below.


by the way- check out Ally Carter's site at allycarter(dot)com

her blog is awesome- and sometimes loopy. speaking of whick(her blog not loopy) i need to go check it bye. :)


hi people,

my friend is writing a story too. It can be found at the link below. Im her publisher(i post the story). Its some what based off of the g.g. and twilight books. as well as a little h.p. and the uglies series. since it's not really based offf of one pertiular book i posted it on fictioncentral, not fanfiction.

Tell me what you think about it.



Happy Halloween and for those of you who dont celebrate halloween, happy Plush Animal Lover's Day


OMG- I cant wait for tonight. Going to the Oktoberfest with my school! German ruleswe have to wear t-shirts that say: Ich knein Dummkoff...Ich spreche Deusch!(i think i spelled that right)


First of all- Happy Veterans Day! Any of you who see a veteran today(or any other day) be sure to thank themOk- i just found the last one and realized, whoever made it doesn't know what year it is.

Also- sorry I haven't updated my story much. Blame the schools. Homework takes up a lot of my time, so I'll try and add a new chap. this weekend.


Hi Guys. Stupid me JUST realized that none of the pictures i added are showing up. Which is why the last blog i did is confusing. one of the pics i found had said happy veterans day 2001. oh well.

Anyways. just wanted to let you know that

1- I added another chapter to my story. I am also committed to getting another one posted by thanksgiving(maybe)

2- i have an idea for another stry, and i may add it. yes i know i'm already slow-going on the GG3 story, and i don't have time for another, but the idea came to me and I have an urge to write it.

3- scrambled eggs are REALLY good. According to my mom, vinegar is a good cleaner for the pots that you make them in. I don't care how good of a cleaner it is, now instead of smelling like scrambled eggs, our kitchen smells like viegar. In case you don't know this, vinegar does NOT smell very good.

So that's it. I guess i shoudld get back to work now. and in case i don't blog before then, Happy thanksgiving. oh and tday in national your welcomegiving day!-no lie


Happy Thanksgiving! I DID IT! I posted the next chpter before Thanksgiving(well, ok On Thanks giving) like i said i would. Yay me! Thanks to my beta Jasper1006 for getting the chapter back to me so quick. Ur awesome! Anyway, please reveiw. Oh and check out my latest poll. I need to prove my friend wrong about which aniimal is better, so please vote.



Its finally December. This means, along with holiday cheer, sickness is in the air. and guess what! cough cough im sick. :(

I recommend you all go see the christmas lights at that farm near by. You know what im talking about. We went with my cousins(twin girls age 4 and their 'older brother' age 7) It was awesome. except of course for all the stupid lighty thingies they have t put up promoting their sponsers. seeing a huge PECO building or garbage truck thingie in the middle of(thechnically before)a bunch of holiday lights doesn't help spreed the cheer. i mean really! anyways, even if your jewish its pretty cool to see although it costs like 20 a car load.

Funny story. My cousins knew we were going to see a light show so they were on the look out for lights on the way there. here's what happened when a particually crowded intersection was up ahead.(r and a are the twin girls. t is the boy. l my aunt. m my mom.)

a and t: I see them I see them.

R: (catching on) Me too! look its the lights!

L: Oh you see them?

r,a, and t: yeah yeah!

Me: guys thats just a stop light

R: turns around to look at a and t in the back seats: yeah its just a stop light. its not the lights.

A: oh

T: i knew that.

Little kids like to pretend they know it all. :

They're really cute and funny but, let's just say my sickness started with a sore throat and i starteed to lose my voice after only 2 days with them.

being sick is very boring. Happy Cyber Monday!

please vote on my poll (my friends are still debating so i told them i would make a poll)


hi guuys, i just updated a new chapter and i know i forgot to put my authors note, but whatever just deal with it.


one last thing.


hopeto update again soon, thanks to al my readers


um so a belated happy holidays/ happy neww year to all you guys.

um updating soon i hope i know its been a while but dont attack me k.

vote as to wether u want long chap less frquent or short chaps more frequent on the new poll.


wow i haven't posted in a while. anyways just wanted to let you know that I just sent out chap. 10 to be edited so i will be posting it soon.


i know i have been MIa lately but i sent out the latest chap. to be edited and i also wanted to let u know to go to http:///performers/ally-carter-/P0-001-000146728-3/demand to have ally carter make a stop near u on her tour


i just posted the next chap. and i know that it says its spring break in the AN and it isn't at the moment but when i wrote it it was. my editors just didn't get back 2 me. DONT 4GET 2 VOTE 4 UR FAVORITE AUTHORS FOR THE GALLAGHER GIRLS SPRING AWARDS. NOMINATE AND VOTE. IF U DONT KNOW HOW PM ME. oh and if u remember my rant about orthodontists (see 12/10) i have exciting news. I GOT MY BRACES OFF!! YAY ME : TTYL CHAMELEON333


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! hi guys, if you haven't noticed i added a new story and a new poll. please read and vote. let me know what you think. thanks gtg chameleon333


here is the top camme wears in chap. 11: http:///webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10251&catalogId=10201&productId=509573&langId=-1&categoryId=12607&parentCategoryId=12552&colorSequence=04

and her jeans :http:///webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10251_10201_526134_-1_12623_12552


so back!

so a late happy holidays, happy new year and early happy valentines day

oh and SNOW!! i have a 6 day weekend this week :)

okay so i'm gonna try and start working on my story more but im not promising much.

also my friend and i r gonna re-startup the book tours so i edited the poll on this page so please vote on where u want us to go next

oh and my friend who writes them with me now has a fanfiction accout. her penname is sandradite so check out her stories for percy jackson and maximum ride.

okay so i gtg but hopefully i'll b back soon.


So i justg finished my editing and will be posting the new version of Liscense to Spy SOON!


so it's been over a year since i've been on here. school has completely taken over and i am officially on hiatus indefinitely. im just not that into this story anymore now that the gg series has completely switched gears. sorry to all my readers. if you miss me i wanted to let you all know that me and my friend have started a blog that reviews books and stuff. i dont feel like explaining it so just take a look. http:///

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