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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

To start, I got the basic pixil art for my profile pic at TheMysticalForestZone, check out the origional there, I just edited this one. OK, now that that's out of the way, my New Years' Resolution is to update more regularly. Anyway, here goes. I do not like to give too much away, but I am a boy. I write about tons of things, but I like to stay within the boundaries of Sonic games and Super Smash Bros. Ummm... I may not update often because of the wonderous world of high school (hope you picked up on the sarcasm). I love spriting, that's actually how I come up with most of my O.C.'s, I'll just throw a bunch of different sprites together on the same image and mix and match untill I'm happy. I also do come up with a LOT of story ideas, but I prefer to write them one at a time (not really, but for now, yes). I usually write during breaks or days off, so expect new chapters galore around weekends and holidays! I hate people who will not stop pestering you with sub4sub things on youtube, people who do not shut up... EVER, and people who only care about themselves.

Character Bios

Name: Shade the Hedgehog

Personality: Being created from both Sonic and Shadow, he shares their personalities but suffers violent mood swings due to only being able to show one at a time. He can go from being happy, outgoing, and all-around pleasant to dark, angry, and serious in a matter of seconds. He is, however, developing a personality of his own, so it is unknown how many sides of him actually exist.

Appearance: Around the same height as Sonic or Shadow, his ten quills spike up with streaks like Shadow, but they are blue. He also has blue streaks above his green eyes. Wears shoes identical to Sonic's, but where Sonic's are red, his are black and where Sonic's are whit, his are red. He is mild-dark grey and has a black patch of fur on his chest. He wears black gloves and Shadow's old Inhibitor Rings.

Traits: Super sonic speed, matching and possibly surpassing that of Sonic himself.

Powers: All chaos abilities can be utilized at any time. Chaos Control, however, does require an emerald to activate.

Likes: Running, sparring, getting on Shadow's nerves, fighting Eggman, humiliating Eggman, water, chao, teasing Amy about Sonic.

Dislikes: Fire, Eggman, Sonic's happy-go-lucky attitude (Shadow's personality), Shadow's serious attitude (Sonic's personality), scientists who experiment on animals (Actually, just scientists in general. There are, however, some exceptions).

Fears: Amy's hammer (and she knows it).

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