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Well, what is there to say. I'm a long-time writer, longer-time Star Wars geek. My Star Wars fandom has been mercifully refreshed by The Clone Wars. As such, I have dragged out all the old obsessions -- along with all the old movies, books, video games, and a Lightsaber or two -- and have dived (is that the right tense? it looks odd... ah well) back into the writing world. This will be my first experience with writing Star Wars fics for this website, so let's see how I do, eh?

As I see this has already started to become controversial in the fandom, a note. Yes, I am an Ansoka shipper (Anakin/Ahsoka, for those who aren't familiar). No, I have nothing against Padme... she merely becomes irritating sometimes, and I don't think she's that great for Anakin in the scheme of things (she kind of turned him to the Dark Side, however indirectly; no one can deny it). Nor do I have anything specific against the pairing, besides the aforementioned 'Dark Side' issue. I merely favor writing Ansoka, and as such, most of my Clone Wars era stories are likely to contain this pairing to some degree. I won't flame your OTP if you don't flame mine, deal? If you'd like a pairing debate I'm all for it, but please none of those 'eeeew, ansoka! ahsoka sucks, anakin/padme 4evur!!' reviews. Review the story, not the pairing; if you don't like, don't read and all that good stuff. Now that that's covered...

I should probably note that I get most of my Star Wars info from the movies, books, and of course the new Clone Wars series, but I also make much use of Wookieepedia. I do my very best to keep everything proper and correct as to the Galaxy, but I'm sure I will stray on occasion, especially since I have no qualms about flinging canon out the nearest spaceport when it does not suit my desires. Thus is the nature of fanfiction, gotta love it. If you spot a blatant error, though, I will not be offended if you point it out to me.

There's probably more to say, but I'll think of it later. For now... what are you doing reading me babbling? Go read the stories! They're much more interesting (I hope!).

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Aurora reviews
For every star, a story there is. The same goes for planets, even those no one's ever heard of before. Perhaps those are the ones with the most important stories. Anakin/Ahsoka, CW Era. *Temporary hiatus; see author's note*
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A Learning Experience reviews
There are many things to be said about being made to spend the majority of your time with one person as the Master and Padawan relationship demands, but one thing is certain: it is definitely a learning experience. Drabble series.
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