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There are a hundred different ways of writing an online "profile". I'll just go with the direct route.

I'm 30, German, male, single. My English is good, my Spanish is terrible and I've forgotten just about everything I knew about Russian. I started writing stories in English over 10 years ago - ah, the innocent days when I had no audience and didn't know what the hell a "Mary Sue" was. These days, I am older and wiser (mostly older) and much more aware of how to construct a good story, but I know I've got a ways to go before I can rest on my laurels or even make money off it. (Insert standard-issue "LOL Twilight got published, rite?" joke here.)

I made the jump onto for the express purpose of publishing my Bionic Woman fic. I have to honestly admit that I don't write fanfic normally, but watching the 2007 show, I was struck by - well, let's be charitable and call it a gap between possibility and reality. I began working out how I would tell the story, and what you see spread before you is the result, as I attempt a literary exorcism of all the "Hey, wouldn't it be cool?"s and "There should totally be"s. Should I feel the urge to expand my portfolio, I will update this profile accordingly; for now, I'm comfortable with a singular purpose here.

So, what are the "Rebuilt" stories all about, and are they right for you? Well, the motto is "Technology, Tradecraft, Transhumanism". On the technology front, you will find me gleefully holding forth on - well, just about everything high tech. I like technobabble if it makes sense (or at least looks like it does), and I bring a lot of it. In my opinion, it doesn't overwhelm the narrative, but you will hear rather a lot about guns, computers and equipment of all sorts. I think that when you're looking at a show that has bleeding edge technology firmly established in its title, it would be a bad idea to ignore or handwave the technology aspect. Tradecraft may not mean anything to you; it's a word for skills relevant to the intelligence field, but in a larger sense applies to all covert operations. Now, I'm no international superspy, but I've done my share of research. It's all filtered through the unique situation of the series and my own preferences for an action-oriented story, of course. I still endavour to get things right where I can. Transhumanism is a bit of a philosophical darling of the net - you can read up on it and the technological singularity, posthumanism and extropianism and cyberpunk and what have you on Wikipedia. What I'm talking about here is considering the transformative effect bionic technology of the sophistication evident in the show would have, and how people deal with that.

Now, I've probably made it sound dreadfully dull and flat, so let me loop around to the other extreme and say that "Rebuilt" is a story about sisters. Because, ultimately, the preceeding paragraph is all about the window-dressing around the characters - this, however, cuts to the heart of what I want to do here. So if you're in the mood for that - and don't mind being told how a lot of cool stuff works along the way - then give it a read and tell me what you think.

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