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Please note: the profile below is no longer valid. I do not really concern myself with hp world anymore (sad I know) but have left these wafflings up for nostalgia :) and also in the hope that one day I will get into it again.

Good Day!

This a new account and so I've only written the first fan fic (Crossing the Line) I warn you, it is Drarry and of course Boyxboy so if you it's not quite your cup of tea just don't read.

What could you possibly want to know about me? Hmmm...

I'm a slave to my reviewers whims

I don't review half as much as I should.

I rarely read In-Progress stories, I don't like to wait.

Harry/Ginny bores me to tears.

I remember the good old days, before the films, when Draco was a hell of alot sexier than Tom Felton.

I'm still waiting for J.K. to publish another book in which Draco and Harry declare their love for each other.

I devour anything fantastical or out of the ordinary.

I have four other FF acounts and laugh when someone reviews two stories by me unknowingly.

I'm English, and have the accent to match. It's actually a curse.

Every birthday I pray for a Hogwarts letter although I am far past 11 years old.

I despise stories written in the present tense, with one exception.

I cried when Dumbledore and Snape died...

But not for Dobby...(although it was sad)

I have no pity for those who complain about spoilers, just read the fricking book already then!

Although the fith book was ruined for me by a stupid git.

I write when I should be doing other, drastically important things.

I cannot draw. At all. But if I could the pictures would no doubt be stunning.

I laugh at innapropriate times, at innapropriate things.

I vow to one day write a book.

I swear wizards do exist...

I'm still searching for a fanfic that matches the pictures in my head

I welcome any fanfic suggestions.

I laugh whenever anyone says 'You-Know-Who' not referring to Voldemort.

I reply to all reviews I can.

I HATE overdone Angst, unless its sweet and results in some good romantic fluff.

I try and hex people regularly, it never works.

I find myself unable to re-read any HP books since at any mention of Draco Malfoy I go crazy and am then dissapointed by the lack of Drarry.

I have great trouble with my profile since it always seems so bloody lame as I read over it.

I get annoyed when I see 99 people have read my story today and yet not one of them reviewed.

I am a review whore.

I almost always sign off..

Classical Conundrum

Writer, Reader, Pidgeon Feeder

You know you've taken Harry Potter too far when:

get fanfiction cravings

have, at some point in your life, drawn a scar on your forehead

have the words Dumbledore, McGonagall, Quidditch, Expelliarmus (and other wizardy words) in your M Word

4. You actually try and cast spells with sticks

quote the books/films whenever you can

challenge people to a duel

have a house scarf (I don't..but I WANT ONE)

go through the books trying to find secrets

get excited when anyone mentions Kings Cross and hope to one day find THAT wall...been there.

have dressed up as a character from Harry Potter

're sure that one day you will get a Hogwarts letter

've tried to apparate

If four or more of these apply to you post this in your profile

Coming Soon!
A new fantastic (hopefully) Snamione story! Abundant in sexual tension, general smexiness and, of course, Snape/Hermione situations that I dream of regularly...There may even be a plot you can follow! Miracles do happen =D

Look out for it.

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