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"Music is my muse."

Simplexity [sim-plek-si-tee]

1. the quality, state, or condition of being both complex and simple.

2. an emerging theory that proposes a possible complementary relationship between complexity and simplicity: the more simple something is, the more complex it can become.

There’s not really much to know about me other than the fact that I hate talking about myself. I’m an author and I like reading and writing among other things. I value everything in life, the simple things and complex things. Religion, family, self-expression, freedom, and happiness are all things that are very important to me.

I made a new year's resolution in the beginning of 2012 to finish the Roll Along series. I still intend to keep my promise, however this time, it will be in the form of a remake of the entire series. I plan to call it Roll Along Remix. It will be much more condensed than the previous parts (i.e. more per chapter) but I don't plan to take years writing it. I want to bring this story that has had a special place in my heart since I started it to a nice conclusion. That being said, consider this a teaser. :)


Roll Along

A Jet Set Radio Future Fanfic, and my first published story on this site. I intend for this to be the first of a three-part series although that isn’t set in stone yet.

It is set approximately a couple weeks after the Gouji incident. The story follows a rudie nicknamed Pockets, who has lost his memory and doesn’t know who he is but somehow hasn’t lost his ability to skate well. Pockets seeks out the GGs in order to become one of them for lack of anywhere else to be. He is constantly tormented by his inability to remember anything past a few weeks ago but recent complications with the GGs prevent him from pursuing his lost memory.

Roll Along: Volume II

The second part of what I intend to be a three-part Jet Set Radio Future Series.

This story takes place approximately three months after the original Roll Along. Most of the GGs have gone missing and the three that remain, Yoyo, Rhyth, and Gum, are struggling to survive. Pockets has all but cut ties with the GGs and is now living comfortably in Candy's nice apartment, but with all the free time in the world to wonder, his amnesia bothers him now more than ever. He eventually resolves to at least make an attempt to recover his lost memory, but again he is interrupted.

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Roll Along: Volume II reviews
Three months have passed since the fall of the GG's and while the few of them that remain struggle just to survive, Pockets has been living a life of leisure with Candy. For once, there is some illusion of peace on the streets, but it is short-lived.
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