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Author has written 16 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Supernatural, and Steven Universe.


I'm Isela, I'm 19 years old, and I'm lowkey obsessed w/ steven universe.

i haven't written in eons but i think i might start it up again, at least for the duration of summer vacation.

i have a tumblr (for some reason this site is refusing to link it--it's and twitter.

Also I'm in love with Pearl and I will fight you over her.

Okay so ignore everything below this. I posted all that stuff when I was 13. And I just don't have the heart to delete it because it's hilarious.

I'm Isela, I'm 17 years old, and I love Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

Obviously I love many other things, but why bore you with a never ending list.

I have a tumblr and a twitter.

I'm in love with Leo Valdez.



Profile Updated: 02-12-09

i HOLA! My name is... uh, just call me Java. I got my name from ( for all you pjo fans, its in battle of the labyrinth) a book.

so, let me tell you little about what i read, my favorites!: PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS, ARTEMIS FOWL, HOUSE OF NIGHT NOVELS, INKHEART(even if the movie sucked),UGLIES, THE HUNGER GAMES, GONE, YOU DON'T KNOW ME, EVERLOST, UNWIND, FLIPPED. and more i don't remember.

now, let me tell you my LEAST favorite book: TWILIGHT

sorry for you twilight fans, but Breaking Dawn killed it for me. the first three were awesome though. and my the way, i'm team Jake.

i am so excited about the lightning thief movie and the final book: THE LAST OLYMPIAN coming out may 5 2009.

O MY GODS!! in the DEMIGOD FILES, the sneak peek for THE LAST OLYPIAN was so shocking! with rachel KISSING percy! i was in shock for a while. i still am.

if any of you have info tell me! ( pjo fans: go to, its an awesome website.)

O MY GODS! i CAN NOT wait till the fifth, the final, the best book in HISTORY to come out! yes, you've guessed right, THE LAST OLYMPIAN! o my gods on mount olympus, what the hades does that mean?! last olympian. umm... is that good? what ever, i just want to get that book. in my own opinion, i think the last olympian will be a half-blood...percy maybe? i CAN NOT wait to read the PROPHECY. i also imagine the prophecy involve some PERCABETH stuff, since in lightning thief p.371, paragraph 5; percy says somethin like:

'chiron...your prophecy from the oracle... it was about kronos, wasn't it? was I in it? and ANNABETH?'

and then chiron says yes or soething.

My name is Apollo

I use to fly

higher and higher

up in the sky.

But now I'm a prisoner to

my grandfather

for he killed off

my mother and father.

Now I sit in a

bronze cell

listening to

tourture too bad to tell.

My twin sister sits next to me

and crys

wondering why all

of those people had to


And all because we could not


with our children

hand and hand.

My name is Apollo

and now I must go

But thank lord Kronos

for all the torture you know.

And hope the world will

never knows this

but for now enjoy your young bliss

and remember through

all of this.

Love all you

know and

don't think of this.

My name is

Apollo master of the


and please my children don't ask


I predicted this would happen

and I will explain.

But this is a warning

you must remain

alert but calm

and tell me when

something is wrong.

But until that dark dark day

feel free

run around and play.

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